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#quakelive.focus 9 AUG 2014

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Aug 10th, 2014
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  1. <Drayan> sponge
  2. <Drayan> your design sucks
  3. <Fragmaster> ah only there
  4. <Fragmaster> i used browse matches
  5. <Fragmaster> and didnt find it anywhere afterwards
  6. <Fragmaster> and why is there no specific play ctf now
  7. <Fragmaster> :|
  8. <Fragmaster> and why cant i chose which map
  9. <Fragmaster> and why is the server already full when i get connected to a server
  10. <Fragmaster> that play now isnt really a queue is it
  11. <praxismo> because it's a play now function, meaning that you're not fussy and you just want to play now
  12. <Fragmaster> its just checking on a server where there is a slot
  13. <praxismo> but getting connected to a full server sucks
  14. <Fragmaster> the function as it suxx
  15. <Fragmaster> i'd expect to be placed in a queue
  16. <Fragmaster> with other ppls
  17. <Fragmaster> wanting to play the same mod and map
  18. <Fragmaster> and maybe also playersize
  19. <Fragmaster> teamsize for example
  20. <praxismo> that's not play now, that's matchmaking
  21. <Fragmaster> and once the queue is full, a game stars
  22. <Fragmaster> yea
  23. <Fragmaster> exactly
  24. <Fragmaster> i was hoping for that
  25. <praxismo> so perhaps it would be better to ask why there is not a matchmaking function, instead of asking why play now isn't exactly like a different function
  26. <Fragmaster> well, last time i discussed that function with them
  27. <Fragmaster> (which is some months ago thou)
  28. <Fragmaster> it was ment to be a matchmaking function
  29. <Fragmaster> so i thought they did that
  30. <praxismo> cs:go has both for example, the play now function works pretty much the same as the one in quake
  31. <praxismo> apart from the fact that the quake one obeys tiers
  32. <Fragmaster> yea
  33. <Fragmaster> i, personally, only find matchmaking usefull
  34. <Fragmaster> but thats just my humble oppinion
  35. <praxismo> yeh if I still played it I'd be the same. If I wanted to play on a community server I'd be fussy.
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  41. <Lorfa> heh, who is teen queen?
  42. <noctis_> <Fragmaster> i'd expect to be placed in a queue
  43. <noctis_> then it wouldnt exactly be a "play now" now would it?
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  45. <noctis_> oh, already mentioned
  46. <noctis_> :D
  47. <PredatH0r> zu langsam!
  48. <noctis_> one of the more active admins and usually reasonable people on esr Lorfa
  49. <noctis_> iirc anyway
  50. <Lam> aka Anhedonic
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  52. <Lam> I guess that's what he was asking about really :)
  53. <noctis_> oh well
  54. <Lorfa> seemed to indicate he was in focus, so curious if he was in the chan under some alias
  55. <noctis_> no idea
  56. <Lam> guess not, he's on #quakelive but not here
  57. <Lorfa> maybe just doesn't join the chan
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  59. <PredatH0r> ¡hola zoot_!
  60. <zoot_> :))
  61. <ika> !a
  62. <Dingbot> Available for playtest: P​redatH0r i​ka
  63. <ika> !p
  64. <Dingbot> ika wants people to play with! !add to join him.
  65. <PredatH0r> duel?
  66. <ika> something team based pls
  67. <ika> but I won't refuse if you are in the mood for duel:)
  68. <Drayan> !a
  69. <Drayan> I can 2v2
  70. <Dingbot> Available for playtest: P​redatH0r i​ka D​rayan
  71. <ika> but I must warn you that I played like 100 in my entier life
  72. <ika> so I'm pretty much clueless
  73. <PredatH0r> not sure if i played that many
  74. <PredatH0r> and my loss rate is about 80%
  75. <PredatH0r> 900 Elo or so
  76. <PredatH0r> and that only b/c i won 150 points in zoot's 1-frag-wins tournament
  77. <ika> I actually played 57, but 40 from that was teaching some dude in Canada
  78. <ika> so it was like standing and talking:)
  79. <ika> with 180 ping:D
  80. <PredatH0r> is anyone else seing just a grey box in chat when there are no friends online?
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  82. <PredatH0r> there used to be a green keel with a RL on a white background
  83. <Drayan> !active
  84. <Dingbot> Duel Ikaruga Amsterdam, NLD ( 2/16 IN_PROGRESS on Aerowalk @
  85. <pecka> !man
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  87. <Drayan> man?
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  89. <pecka> manual
  90. <pecka> !active
  91. <Dingbot> Duel Ikaruga Amsterdam, NLD ( 4/16 IN_PROGRESS on Aerowalk @
  92. <pecka> !passive
  93. <pecka> !help
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  95. <dAw00d> why does focus say
  96. <dAw00d> quakelive is offline
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  101. <ika> dAw00d it's online here
  102. <ika> !w
  103. <Dingbot> 3 player(s) available: P​redatH0r i​ka D​rayan
  104. <ika> !active
  105. <Dingbot> Duel Ikaruga Amsterdam, NLD ( 2/16 IN_PROGRESS on Aerowalk @
  106. <dAw00d> yeah
  107. <dAw00d> i had to restart my pc for some reason
  108. <dAw00d> the focus website wasnt even opening
  109. <dAw00d> dunno why
  110. <ika> so if the devs gonna stay with the loadout thingy , don't you huys think it would be better if the pick would be announced?
  111. <ika> it could give some tactical aspect to the pregame, some drama into the warmup
  112. <ika> I do not like the whole loadout thingy, but I'm trying to think about ways how could it be better if it's gonna stay after all
  113. <ika> guys*
  114. <ika> like player1 picked lg as primary weapon
  115. <ika> etc
  116. <ika> players could alter their loadouts based on the opponent's picks, caster could talk about the choices, etc... just a little some extra spice
  117. <ika> -some/
  118. <Lorfa> nah, would just wait until some other player picks first
  119. <Lorfa> and try to pick right after
  120. <Lorfa> would be silly
  121. <Lorfa> and the announcer drives me nuts as it is
  122. <ika> I meant announced as a chat
  123. <ika> not in voice
  124. <ika> or like ready is announced
  125. <Lorfa> shrug, I would probably just ignore that, maybe try to find the guy in-game and see what weapon he's holding
  126. <Lorfa> at most you could do some icons in the score box
  127. <Lorfa> does it really matter that much what weapon he has though?
  128. <ika> no it doesn't ofc, but I think people like to think more and deepness into these kind of things, so it would be easy to add something to the game
  129. <ika> but I just realized that you can change it midgame too
  130. <ika> so it's kinda useless that way indeed
  131. <Lorfa> heh what I found playing those short ffas when we were testing scoreboard was that you can change up your loadout
  132. <Lorfa> then die
  133. <Lorfa> then put your loadout back
  134. <Lorfa> and pick up your dead body weapon
  135. <Lorfa> so then it is like you have an extra gun
  136. <Lorfa> and you can effectively add guns to the map that way
  137. <Lorfa> so there is some strategy there, albeit small
  138. <ika> I was thinking that if they gonna add loadout then they should get out of it as much as possible
  139. <ika> nvm then
  140. <Lorfa> I think uhm, just cv ruleset classic
  141. <Lorfa> ------> :D
  142. <ika> that's not why we are here:D, we are here to test new stuff and perhaps make some comments or suggestions
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  144. <[Q50]> honestly
  145. <[Q50]> this fucking shit new client
  146. <[Q50]> in prod
  147. <[Q50]> where the hell is CTF!?
  148. <[Q50]> can i play fucking CTF?!?!
  149. <[Q50]> :p
  150. <[Q50]> if i can't work out where CTF servers are newcomers going to :/
  151. <[Q50]> just argh
  152. <[Q50]> "team grab bag"
  153. <[Q50]> fucking hell
  154. <[Q50]> seriously
  155. <[Q50]> :(
  156. <[Q50]> :///
  157. <[Q50]> go to "browse matches", every server 0/x
  158. <[Q50]> CTF ? god knows where it is
  159. <[Q50]> i dunno :(
  160. <[Q50]> how is this at all easy to navigate :/
  161. <[Q50]> previously it was so so so straight forward.....
  162. <PerpetualWar> PredatH0r
  163. <PerpetualWar> you there ?
  164. <PerpetualWar> anyone can tell me shoudl I disable hook.js or is there some other method for custom scripts?
  165. <kanzo> PerpetualWar:
  166. <PerpetualWar> tnx kanzo
  167. <PerpetualWar> ;)
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  172. <ika> Q50 set to ctf in filters
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  174. <ika> and your daily conspiracy theory edition for today is :
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  176. <ika> !r
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  180. <PredatH0r> sponge: QL is down!
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  183. <PredatH0r> production
  184. rehepapp [] has joined #quakelive.focus
  185. <szr> yep its down :(
  186. <Drayan> ofc it's the weekend
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  188. <szr> yeah, the only time that most people get to play
  189. <KingPsychopath> Rail damage - 90.
  190. <KingPsychopath> I just saw that.
  191. <Drayan> best thing ever
  192. <Drayan> so
  193. <KingPsychopath> I'm practically fine with everything else as it's for the sake of the game ;c
  194. <Drayan> now prod is down
  195. <Drayan> we can all play focus!
  196. <KingPsychopath> Let's go on lol
  197. <szr> RL and RG is overpowered now imo
  198. <KingPsychopath> I want to try this new rail, but 400mb to downlod
  199. <szr> LG should be kept at 7 dmg
  200. <KingPsychopath> I'm fine with rockets more to my advantage
  201. <Drayan> the LG nerf works really well actually
  202. <szr> LG is so weak now though
  203. <KingPsychopath> SZR it will force people like heart and you ( to a lesser extent me ) to focus on other weps :DD
  204. <KingPsychopath> Even though you're op with everything..
  205. <szr> heh :(
  206. <KingPsychopath> 1on1 CA? Focus
  207. <szr> im ok with RG being 90
  208. <szr> I think
  209. <KingPsychopath> I know you're fast.
  210. <szr> just RL seems a bit over the top to me
  211. <Drayan> !active
  212. <Dingbot> No active servers right now.
  213. <KingPsychopath> What do I have to copy - drayan.
  214. <szr> also the knockback is pretty insane
  215. <szr> xD
  216. <KingPsychopath> 400mb to download..
  217. <Drayan> you can't avoid that 400
  218. <Drayan> the pk3's have been reorganized
  219. <KingPsychopath> Why -.-
  220. <Drayan> or something
  221. <KingPsychopath> ffs
  222. <szr> anyone wanna duel on focus?
  223. <Drayan> the numbered ones anyway
  224. <KingPsychopath> Shoulda left it overnight ffs.
  225. <KingPsychopath> 374.5mb..373.8mb..372.9mb...
  226. <KingPsychopath> Moaaarrr powah.
  227. <KingPsychopath> Wait
  228. <KingPsychopath> Is the full update today?
  229. <[eXodus]> hey guys, any more reasons for play world of tanks?
  230. <KingPsychopath> What?
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  232. <[eXodus]> its a cynical way off asking if sponge did more spongestuff
  233. <Drayan> it's the weekend
  234. <[eXodus]> u think that will stop him?
  235. <Drayan> sponge has a girlfriend now
  236. <[eXodus]> oh
  237. <Drayan> he probably took her to chipotle
  238. <[eXodus]> maybe chick a fil
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  241. <KingPsychopath> <Drayan> sponge has a girlfriend now
  242. <KingPsychopath> Acting like it's shocking lol
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  245. <Drayan> i never got around to checking out his okcupid
  246. <KingPsychopath> 217mb left
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  248. <PredatH0r> anyone got Sponge's phone number?
  249. <PredatH0r> please leak it here and now
  250. <KingPsychopath> 186mb left.
  251. <PredatH0r> i start to feel the cold turkey
  252. <KingPsychopath> pred
  253. <KingPsychopath> No more hook.js ?
  254. a|wiseguy [~a|wiseguy@] has joined #quakelive.focus
  255. <KingPsychopath> Using you're exe now :P
  256. <PredatH0r> works both ways
  257. <KingPsychopath> mmk any new updates for the new site layout
  258. <PredatH0r> .exe has a few advantages, but hook.js also works without it
  259. <PredatH0r> it will then connect to the .exe on my server
  260. <PredatH0r> which works, but is less reliable
  261. <KingPsychopath> Yeah, I already asked about hosting it on my localhost before
  262. <KingPsychopath> 1. Like what? 2. The userscript that allows the fullscreen on joining a game
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  265. <KingPsychopath> It adds onto the ql overlay but looks fucked up in the current version
  266. <PredatH0r> i'm confused. must have overlooked something. re-reading now
  267. pony [] has joined #quakelive.focus
  268. <PredatH0r>
  269. ia [] has joined #quakelive.focus
  270. Q [] has set mode +v ia
  271. <PredatH0r> explains the difference between using the .exe and not using it
  272. <PredatH0r> the script for auto-fullscreen is "GameStart AutoExec/FullScreen"
  273. <dAw00d> so
  274. <dAw00d> quake is broken
  275. <PredatH0r> filename autoExec.cfg
  276. <dAw00d> and sponge and sync are away
  277. <dAw00d> ?
  278. <PredatH0r> autoExec.usr.js i mean
  279. <[eXodus]> they ran
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  281. <dAw00d> awesome!
  282. <dAw00d> :D
  283. <pony> cmss is taking over as head dev
  284. <dAw00d> maybe we can get some testing done today then
  285. <dAw00d> if prod remains broken for sometime
  286. <Drayan> !a
  287. <[eXodus]> at least he can make it noob friendly from own experience
  288. <Dingbot> Available for playtest: D​rayan
  289. <PredatH0r> !a
  290. <Dingbot> Available for playtest: D​rayan P​redatH0r
  291. <KingPsychopath> 93mb
  292. <KingPsychopath> pony lol.
  293. <KingPsychopath> <pony> cmss is taking over as head dev
  294. <KingPsychopath> Best quote ever.
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  298. <dAw00d> szr, !a here
  299. <szr> ? ;p
  300. <dAw00d> !w
  301. <Dingbot> 2 player(s) available: D​rayan P​redatH0r
  302. <szr> pred, wanna duel?
  303. <KingPsychopath> Are quake forums down?
  304. Martinh [] has joined #quakelive.focus
  305. <KingPsychopath> 52mb until I wipe the floor with people.
  306. <szr> anyone want to duel? bored shitless atm :D
  307. <KingPsychopath> yes
  308. <KingPsychopath> SZR i'm on my way in 7.7mb.
  309. <szr> kk
  310. <rehepapp> tbh instead of messing with the damage values they could have just fixed the ammo system :/
  311. <szr> add me
  312. <szr> when its instaled
  313. <rehepapp> rail was op because of ammo, shaft is op because it has too much ammo
  314. h8m3 slaps sponge around with a large trout
  315. <dAw00d> rehepapp, they plan to fix it
  316. <Drayan> !active
  317. <Dingbot> No active servers right now.
  318. <KingPsychopath> yesh
  319. <KingPsychopath> SZR, CA?
  320. <szr> add nme
  321. <szr> add me
  322. <szr> on focus
  323. <KingPsychopath> kk
  324. <szr> KingPsychopath: whats your nick in game?
  325. <KingPsychopath> eerrr
  326. <PredatH0r> what will it be? 2on2? ca? tdm? ft?
  327. <PredatH0r> dunno if anyone ever playtested RR with these changes
  328. <baaked> i think sponge said they played infected
  329. <baaked> which is effectively RR afaik
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  331. h8m3 slaps sponge around with a large trout
  332. <@sponge> is the site still down
  333. <@sponge> sure is
  334. <@sponge> ugh
  335. <+ia> what's the current mg damage?
  336. <+ia> i mean normal mg
  337. <noctis_> 0, since the site is down
  338. <Drayan> 4 for CTF
  339. <+ia> ;) in q3 it was 7, and ql reduced it to 6 or 5?
  340. <noctis_> 5 iirc
  341. <Drayan> 5 for all else
  342. <+ia> ah ok
  343. <+ia> i think that in gametypes with the "loadout" option it should go up by 1
  344. <+ia> so that mg is more even with sg, gl and pg
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  346. <+ia> btw i remember viju's big suggestion for quake live was that mg should be more powerful so spawns can defend themselves, but he was just saying that to help his 55% mg
  347. <+ia> rail and rl dmg going up is fun, dunno about the lg change
  348. <KingPsychopath> What the fcuck
  349. <KingPsychopath> I have to download stuff again..
  350. <KingPsychopath> Sorry szr..
  351. <KingPsychopath> 25mb.
  352. <+ia> does the new mg have a new skin or sound yet?
  353. <KingPsychopath> dunno but the loadout looks nice even though I don't like it
  354. <KingPsychopath> The only thing I probably dislike.
  355. <+ia> i'm not really a fan of it but i don't care too much
  356. <KingPsychopath> I like the timer stuff :D
  357. <+ia> at first i thought it meant you could only use the two weapons you selected
  358. <h8m3> sponge any news on when it's going to be up?
  359. <KingPsychopath> Yeah, gonna be annoying for spacectf
  360. <+ia> yea that will definitely be the worst of the problems spacectf has
  361. <KingPsychopath> What probs :P
  362. <@sponge> we can disable weapons in maps
  363. <@sponge> it depends on how often we wish tou se that ability
  364. <KingPsychopath> Great then, I'm sorta fine with it.
  365. <@sponge> and it'll be up as soon as i login
  366. <+ia> well i guess the strat is hit 80% rg and then /kill after 5 shots
  367. <+ia> which is perfectly logical
  368. <KingPsychopath> :p
  369. <+ia> ;)
  370. <+ia> i like /kill in ctf
  371. <KingPsychopath> ia where you from?
  372. <+ia> makes it most strategic
  373. <+ia> better etc
  374. <KingPsychopath> Yep
  375. <+ia> where are you from??
  376. <+ia> i'm from earth
  377. <KingPsychopath> A smarter way of dropping the flag.
  378. <KingPsychopath> What split part of pangea was you born in?
  379. <KingPsychopath> and or do you currently live in?
  380. <+ia> this isn't a dating website
  381. <KingPsychopath> ima go ca now
  382. <[Q50]> :D
  383. <+ia> ;)
  384. <[eXodus]> quiet now col is here
  385. two [] has joined #quakelive.focus
  386. <[Q50]> omg you are so ripping off my lines from yesterday
  387. <[Q50]> ! :)
  388. <praxismo> !w
  389. <Dingbot> 2 player(s) available: D​rayan P​redatH0r
  390. T1E [] has joined #quakelive.focus
  391. <PredatH0r> website is back up. yippieee
  392. <PredatH0r> 350day kernel panic?
  393. Drayan [] has quit IRC: Signed off
  394. <@sponge> 220 days
  395. <@sponge> but yea
  396. <PredatH0r> even better
  397. rell [sadasd@] has quit IRC: Signed off
  398. Drayan [] has joined #quakelive.focus
  399. rell [sadasd@] has joined #quakelive.focus
  400. <@sponge> oh great *now* im getting hte down notifications
  401. <@sponge> as my phone blows up with text messages
  402. <T1E> :D
  403. <KingPsychopath> szr why you disappear
  404. <PredatH0r> did you select "deliver all items in one package to save shipping costs"?
  405. <szr> im bakc
  406. <KingPsychopath> Ah wb
  407. <ika> thanks sponge for fixing it (again) on the weekend
  408. <KingPsychopath> PRed, Szr join
  409. <ika> !active
  410. <Dingbot> CTF KIDKEIS ARENA Maidenhead, GBR ( 3/16 PRE_GAME on Space CTF @
  411. <+ia> i think running faster with gauntlet out needs to go
  412. <+ia> that's just dumb
  413. <ika> I think it's fine
  414. <ika> loadouts on the other hand are dumb
  415. <+ia> and a blatent cs rip off... quake can do better
  416. <+ia> *blatant
  417. <+ia> i dont even know what a loadout is from anything besides ql focus
  418. <@sponge> you know many shooters will have different speeds per-gun? also cs has guns slowing down your base speed, we have one weapno that speeds it up
  419. <+ia> well what i meant in more detail sponge, is i think it's ok if you only have gauntlet or maybe 1 gun, then you can walk faster cause you have less mass
  420. <+ia> but if you just copy them and change movement speed based on weapon that's out
  421. <+ia> i mean i think that's stupid in cs too
  422. <+ia> so i don't think just copy/pasting it is a good idea
  423. <@sponge> how about because its fun and lets you chase people down more easily
  424. <@sponge> neither of us thought of cs once while talking about it
  425. Sevenix|2 [] has joined #quakelive.focus
  426. Q [] has set mode +v Sevenix|2
  427. <[eXodus]> its never been a part of quake and it doesnt add anything
  428. <+ia> it's just going to mean people with good movement can gauntlet anyone
  429. <[eXodus]> and that 75 damage gauntlet
  430. <[eXodus]> its just horrific
  431. <@sponge> who gives a shit if its been a part of quake
  432. <ika> well I think we do:(
  433. <[eXodus]> ppl that played it the last 15 years
  434. <+ia> quake can do better
  435. <[eXodus]> basicly the only ppl playing ur game
  436. <ika> bit I don't mind the gauntlet change
  437. <[eXodus]> i mean if u think throwing away ur playerbase is fine
  438. <@sponge> shit we should probaly get rid of the plasma gun and railgun because those weren't a part of quake 1
  439. <[eXodus]> for some stupid changes like that that dont add anything
  440. <[eXodus]> fine by me
  441. <@sponge> get rid of q3 entirely, man how different that was from what quake is!
  442. <[eXodus]> right
  443. <[eXodus]> hf
  444. <ika> <@sponge> plus yall can just go back to quake 3
  445. <+ia> there's a difference between making quake more accessible and just copying other games
  446. <ika> :D
  447. <@sponge> ia: just because another game does it doesn't mean its copying. it would be copying if it served no function in ql, but it does
  448. stv [] has quit IRC: Read error: EOF from client
  449. <PredatH0r> guys, it's weekend and sponge just came to the rescue
  450. <PredatH0r> please dont drag everything down again
  451. <+ia> serving a function or not has nothing to do with it being copying or not
  452. Sevenix [] has quit IRC: Ping timeout
  453. <+ia> it's copying if it's... copying
  454. <@sponge> copying implies it was done without any thought, which it wasn't
  455. <+ia> no, copying doesn't imply thought or not
  456. <Fragmaster> and how come
  457. <+ia> that requires assuming motives
  458. <Fragmaster> u never thought of that before
  459. <Fragmaster> weapon balance hasnt been an issue for the last years
  460. <+ia> i can't copy someone's term paper and then say i thought about it
  461. <Fragmaster> and all of the sudden, with the release of steam support
  462. <Fragmaster> you start touching it :>
  463. <@sponge> because quake 3 gameplay isn't perfect
  464. <@sponge> and touching the gameplay when we have no reason to would be pointless
  465. <[eXodus]> what is the reason?
  466. <[eXodus]> make it noob friendly
  467. <[eXodus]> thats not a gameplay flaw
  468. <+ia> i think if you want to change movement or dynamics there's plenty of other ways to go about it that are more original, and better, than copying cs
  469. <@sponge> holy shit counterstrike is not the only game that has ever done that
  470. <@sponge> you're just using cs because you're trying to use it as an insult
  471. <@sponge> which is dishonest
  472. <Drayan> suggest some
  473. <+ia> no i'm using cs because it's the 1st game that did that, and it's also the only one i've played where that was possible
  474. <[eXodus]> cod which copied it from cs?
  475. <@sponge> i'm having a hard time thinking of a shooter recently released that *doesnt* have multiple player movement speeds
  476. <smove> R.I.P. Quake
  477. <[eXodus]> ye
  478. <@sponge> since most shooters are of the realism variety
  479. <smove> this all has nothing to do with Quake anymore, and that's a bit unfortunate
  480. <[eXodus]> lets hope u return to classic quake when the playerbase takes a dive
  481. <+ia> hmm
  482. <Drayan> QL has multiple player movement speeds
  483. <Fragmaster> which quake isnt
  484. <Drayan> walk and run.
  485. <@sponge> which is why we didnt do it because of realism
  486. <[eXodus]> rocketjump is a movement speed
  487. <@sponge> we did it because it was fun
  488. <Drayan> add prone
  489. <smove> Drayan: :D
  490. <@sponge> if there you could prone slide, that'd probably be fun
  491. <Fragmaster> helicopters are fun
  492. <@sponge> we can't do vehicles, nor do we find them particularly fun
  493. <[eXodus]> trampoline powerup
  494. <Fragmaster> who cares what you like
  495. <Fragmaster> its about the players
  496. <Fragmaster> :>
  497. <+ia> honestly if you want to make a fun weapons change that nobody has done, give grenades linear momentum
  498. <blau> problem I see with gauntlet speed is that it makes the game even more difficult for new players.
  499. <Fragmaster> to be honest
  500. <Fragmaster> if you really wanted to bring in something good
  501. <ika> PredatH0r it's like this (IMHO): we have a park where we meet every day after hard work and play some soccer/basketball/(insert random game here)/etc, and now the owner of the park told us that we can stay but they gonna change some things because they want more visitors, so they will repaint the field with a different size, replace the goal with a smaller one and also the ball will
  502. <ika> be 25% bigger from now on.... it's not about "dragging everything down", but about how can we make this work, so the owner and us both gonna be happy and keep playing our fav games.
  503. <[eXodus]> faster targets are harder to hit
  504. <+ia> or give players momentum so if you run into someone you don't instantly stop
  505. <Fragmaster> that is also noobfriendly
  506. <[eXodus]> and ur trying to make it easier?
  507. <Fragmaster> you should have done a matchmaking system
  508. <blau> and all the difficult jumps need to be re-thought: with or w/o guantlet
  509. <Fragmaster> instead of that useless play no match :D
  510. <Fragmaster> play now
  511. <@sponge> we don't have anyone in the company that has the knowledge to do something like that
  512. <ika> so you just modding:D
  513. <+ia> sponge i don't really mind occasional weapons changes or whatever, i'm just commenting on the gauntlet run speed in particular
  514. <Fragmaster> of a matchmaking system?
  515. <@sponge> everyone just uses steam
  516. <Fragmaster> you basically have all you need alreaedy
  517. <PredatH0r> ika: nope, its not like that. you can still spawn your "classic" servers and play there
  518. <@sponge> nobody writes their own
  519. <[eXodus]> if u spend all the time u used on making shitty modifications on learning matchmaking, u wouldnt have had to
  520. <+ia> sponge you were replying to me talking about momentum?
  521. <@sponge> ia: no, matchmaking
  522. <@sponge> doom 3 does momentum on projectiles, it sucks
  523. <+ia> hard to tell with all the comments
  524. <Fragmaster> i you already have done segmentations on players
  525. <@sponge> [eXodus]: sync has done most of the gameplay code so that's actually not really true
  526. <ika> PredatH0r that would mean no progression from now on for us, just rotting away til we all drop dead
  527. <Fragmaster> otherwise you wouldnt have tiers
  528. <+ia> movement dynamics in doom 3 are pretty weird
  529. <Fragmaster> so not much to do there
  530. <[eXodus]> ql will not be free to play anymore
  531. <+ia> i'm not suggesting 1400ups rockets or anyhting
  532. <Fragmaster> and all you have to do now to setup a matchmaking system
  533. <Fragmaster> is use those ones, keep players in a queue
  534. <Fragmaster> i mean
  535. <@sponge> Fragmaster: please don't tell me how to code something you have no idea the amount of effort that goes into it.
  536. <[eXodus]> cos ql will be behind the paywall
  537. <[eXodus]> fucked up ql will be free
  538. <smove> [eXodus]: it's not ql anymore anyway. they should rename it to something else tbh
  539. <Fragmaster> i can basically paint the process for you
  540. <+ia> Fragmaster that'll be like weird talking about netcode
  541. <@sponge> Fragmaster: great, but that is frankly absolutely worthless
  542. <Fragmaster> well
  543. <@sponge> everyone knows how its supposed to work
  544. <Fragmaster> whats the issue then
  545. <[eXodus]> quakelol maybe
  546. <+ia> but if you want to code it in c++ or something then do it
  547. <+ia> and put it on github
  548. <@sponge> its a hard programming problem? so hard that services like steam have came up to do it for you?
  549. <Fragmaster> i doubt that
  550. <Fragmaster> even HoN has it
  551. <Fragmaster> and did it themselfs
  552. <@sponge> this is why you don't know
  553. <Fragmaster> wow has it
  554. <+ia> Fragmaster it's fairly involved
  555. <[eXodus]> if u never start on it, ull never have it
  556. <@sponge> yes keep pointing out these games that have many more people working on them that have these things
  557. <+ia> it involves making an NxN matrix of all players
  558. <Fragmaster> well
  559. <+ia> and then figuring out how to make it sparse
  560. <Fragmaster> matchmaking has been spoken about since the beginning
  561. <[eXodus]> they have more ppl cos they have matchmaking
  562. <+ia> if you want to properly rank everyone
  563. <@sponge> yea well bloodline champions has matchmaking too
  564. <@sponge> and nobody plays that
  565. <[eXodus]> oh so 1 failed game means its bs?
  566. <+ia> otherwise it's just done with local variations
  567. <+ia> which isn't globally accurate
  568. <Fragmaster> ia you only have to do that matrix for the players added
  569. <@sponge> oh so 2 successful games has it that means thats why?
  570. <[eXodus]> 2?
  571. <[eXodus]> LoL Dota sc2 wot wow
  572. <+ia> Fragmaster it's been done a couple times already, also by microsoft for xbox
  573. <[eXodus]> need more?
  574. <[eXodus]> fifa
  575. <+ia> i'm just outlining it
  576. <@sponge> i can go down my steam list and point out all the failed games that have matchmaking too
  577. Corinth [] has quit IRC: Ping timeout
  578. <@sponge> its a dumb argument
  579. <[eXodus]> any modern game has matchmaking
  580. <+ia> it's possible but it's not a weekend project
  581. <[eXodus]> cos its a basic thing u need
  582. <Fragmaster> no one doubted that
  583. <smove> ia: 2 should cut it though
  584. <smove> :)
  585. Corinth [] has joined #quakelive.focus
  586. <@sponge> everything worth doing in computing can be done in 2 weeks
  587. <+ia> also you can just give everyone a # and not tell them how they get it
  588. <+ia> then you have matchmaking $
  589. <Fragmaster> aha
  590. <Fragmaster> says who? :D
  591. <pecka> if there will be MATCHMAKING make it only for PRO
  592. <@sponge> ia: i'm thinking more of the making evenly numbered matches of groups of players that are multiple sized
  593. <+ia> hmm
  594. <@sponge> i could probably do duel matchmaking in a couple of weekends
  595. <@sponge> but that would not be all that useful
  596. <Fragmaster> well
  597. <Fragmaster> if you could do it for duel
  598. <Fragmaster> whats the big difference for team games
  599. <@sponge> the teams part
  600. <@sponge> mainly
  601. <Fragmaster> i mean what specifically
  602. <Fragmaster> holding them in a quueue
  603. <Fragmaster> calculating avg team strenth
  604. <@sponge> well here's a large whitepaper of very smart people trying to solve this problem
  605. <Fragmaster> what exactly is the probelem
  606. <@sponge> maybe they should've just asked you to sum it up in 3 sentences
  607. <Fragmaster> szr uses trueskill for qlmbot
  608. <Fragmaster> well
  609. <Fragmaster> no one claims the system to be perfect
  610. <PredatH0r> in duel its easy to assign responsibility to each winning / losing player
  611. <@sponge> (we can't use trueskill because it's patented and they don't allow it for commercial apps)
  612. <Fragmaster> basically
  613. <[eXodus]> not a single mm system is perfect
  614. <Fragmaster> you already have the algortihm for it
  615. <PredatH0r> in a team you have to split the result up
  616. <@sponge> lol
  617. <Fragmaster> ./shuffle
  618. <[eXodus]> but a 80% good one is better then a non excisting one
  619. <+ia> that's cool but to be honest i think they're using college math, i'm not impressed unless someone's talking about ricci flow
  620. <Fragmaster> shuffle probably does something like taking players elo (or whatever its called for you, like skillrating)
  621. <Fragmaster> and calculates the best avg teams based on that
  622. <Fragmaster> right?
  623. <@sponge> based on 10 players where the match was already made, yea
  624. <@sponge> that's easy
  625. <@sponge> you clearly do not understand the full scope of the problem though
  626. <Fragmaster> im trying to
  627. Buck5 [] has joined #quakelive.focus
  628. <Fragmaster> so your problem lies before alredy
  629. <Fragmaster> like finding out who in the queue would fit in best?
  630. <+ia> i'd map everyone onto an N dimensional manifold, then do a stationary phase approximation
  631. <pecka> sponge may be some kind of penalty for players who leaves mid game?
  632. <pecka> it kills all the team modes public games
  633. <[eXodus]> half an hour unable to join games
  634. <@sponge> on prod? where
  635. <[eXodus]> that should be the penalty
  636. <@sponge> oh
  637. <Fragmaster> i mean, im happy that you admit that you have no clue how to implement it
  638. <@sponge> meh
  639. <Fragmaster> but on the other hand
  640. <Fragmaster> we've been asking for matchmaking already years ago
  641. <ika> exodus it's a video game not a concentration camp
  642. <Fragmaster> maybe when you still had the budged to buy expertise for it
  643. <@sponge> lol we haven't had the budget
  644. <[eXodus]> works in LoL
  645. <[eXodus]> just fine
  646. <@sponge> ever
  647. <[eXodus]> u get even longer bans
  648. <@sponge> they were going to kill the game outright a couple of years ago
  649. <@sponge> they weren't going to hire more people
  650. <Fragmaster> hmm
  651. <Fragmaster> not hire
  652. <[eXodus]> years ago
  653. <Fragmaster> consultants
  654. <[eXodus]> like in beta
  655. <@sponge> and in beta they couldn't do it because the site couldn't manage more than 2000 people online at once
  656. <@sponge> shit happens
  657. <@sponge> this is how software/game dev happens
  658. <@sponge> we've been fighting our infrastructure ever since day 1
  659. <@sponge> and it still sucks
  660. <+ia> needs more ttimo
  661. <[eXodus]> so was ql supposed to be a success with the 0 marketing done for it?
  662. <@sponge> this is why im trying to push for steam exclusive
  663. <Fragmaster> steam is a good choice
  664. ia [] has quit IRC: EOF from client
  665. <Fragmaster> really is no doubt about that
  666. <@sponge> the marketing didn't happen because the advertising dollars didn't come in while we were in beta
  667. <Fragmaster> yea
  668. <Fragmaster> you never really had a good marketing
  669. <[eXodus]> its called investing
  670. <@sponge> oh they invested a shitton
  671. <@sponge> millions
  672. <[eXodus]> not in marketing
  673. <@sponge> you're not gonna market the game when the game is half broken as it was during beta
  674. <[eXodus]> and ur not gonna get advertisers with that either
  675. <[eXodus]> sounds so logical
  676. <@sponge> we didn't sell our own ads
  677. <@sponge> an external company did
  678. <@sponge> (that went under, multiple times)
  679. ia [] has joined #quakelive.focus
  680. Q [] has set mode +v ia
  681. <@sponge> so spending money on marketing would be stupid because no money would be coming in from those users
  682. <@sponge> you don't just spend money on something and call it investing
  683. <Fragmaster> well
  684. <Fragmaster> there is always a business case
  685. <@sponge> lol there was no money coming in
  686. <@sponge> because the in game ad market ceased to exist
  687. <[eXodus]> u dont not spend money and then are suprised nobody knows about the game
  688. <Fragmaster> if its positive, you do it, not all businesses are positive on revenue thou
  689. <Fragmaster> but on other things
  690. <@sponge> holy shit now you're just outright ignoring what im saying
  691. <Fragmaster> i think i just didnt understand
  692. <[eXodus]> im not ignoring u
  693. <Fragmaster> what you meant by [18:11] <@sponge> so spending money on marketing would be stupid because no money would be coming in from those users
  694. <@sponge> back when money was not being made on the game, advertising for more players would *hurt quake live*
  695. <[eXodus]> i just dont understand the logic
  696. <@sponge> having more players would be BAD
  697. <@sponge> because they would COST US
  698. <[eXodus]> it seems broken logic
  699. <[eXodus]> just as this steam release update
  700. <[Q50]> :o
  701. <[eXodus]> most of the changes seem broken logic
  702. <Fragmaster> well
  703. <Fragmaster> if it was and is like that sponge
  704. <Fragmaster> then the game was dead from the start
  705. <Fragmaster> something was totally wrong then
  706. <@sponge> yes, the something was in game ads was a really bad market
  707. <+ia> original idea was to have advertising
  708. <Fragmaster> how were you supposed to raise money out of it
  709. <Fragmaster> if you cant increase the playersr
  710. <@sponge> and web ads started dying out shortly afterward
  711. <+ia> it seems like the new thing is to get sponsorships from big companies in various forms
  712. <+ia> even the berrics skateboarding site doesn't have video ads anymore
  713. <@sponge> which is what campgrounds intel was, that went right to quakecon
  714. <KingPsychopath> Sponge - r_mapoverbrihgtbits seems to take power over r_mapoverbrightbits
  715. <+ia> they just have big companies like mountain dew or gopro cams that fund stuff
  716. <+ia> like building a new park, competitions stuf like that
  717. <+ia> same as intel funding quakecon
  718. Cyberstorm [] has joined #quakelive.focus
  719. <Fragmaster> the problem with ingame adds is
  720. <@sponge> KingPsychopath: did you accidentally set the cvar name wrong and now its in your config file?
  721. <+ia> then people see it that way
  722. <Fragmaster> that you really cant measure their revenue corretly
  723. <+ia> the intel ql map is a great example
  724. <Fragmaster> and i didnt even mean those actions with marketing
  725. <Fragmaster> i mean, social networks, community events
  726. <Fragmaster> lan parties
  727. <+ia> so basically, that's the new online funding method
  728. <+ia> it's more like stuff in the past
  729. <+ia> idk about lan parties though
  730. <ika> Fragmaster that's a lot of work
  731. <Fragmaster> advertising on other plattforms
  732. <+ia> lan parties seem more outdated now
  733. <KingPsychopath> maybe brb
  734. <Fragmaster> yea
  735. <+ia> maybe intel buying flights for 10 people to go to texas and play for a weekend
  736. <Fragmaster> then online tourneys
  737. <Fragmaster> or whatsoever
  738. <+ia> with high res streams and stuff
  739. <Fragmaster> hosted by id
  740. <+ia> that's the future
  741. <Fragmaster> also commentated by id
  742. <Fragmaster> or soemthing
  743. <+ia> that's what everyone else does
  744. <+ia> in all sports
  745. <Fragmaster> i mean
  746. <+ia> like look at redbull for example
  747. <Fragmaster> if you take a look at lol streams
  748. <Fragmaster> those fuckers have like 20k viewers
  749. <+ia> idk about lol or dota personally
  750. <Fragmaster> with a non official game
  751. <+ia> but check the redbull site for example
  752. <KingPsychopath> Anybody want to spacectf 1on1?
  753. <Fragmaster> i hardly doubt quakelive even has 20k players
  754. <+ia> actually they had quake live content a wihle ago, i was surprised
  755. <+ia> think it was crossposted on esr or something
  756. <KingPsychopath> frag
  757. <KingPsychopath> It has lol
  758. <[eXodus]> dont think it does
  759. <+ia> but anyway redbull is giant for some reason, and they're sorta dumb, but that type of sponsorship is basically the future
  760. <@sponge> we have way over 20k active users
  761. <KingPsychopath> told you
  762. <KingPsychopath> ;p
  763. <KingPsychopath> on qlm alone - messages 10k players
  764. <Fragmaster> also
  765. <Fragmaster> what i never got and always complained about was
  766. <Fragmaster> the communication part of ql
  767. <Fragmaster> users have always been left in the dark with changed
  768. <Fragmaster> s
  769. <Fragmaster> until they were shipped to production
  770. <KingPsychopath> Probably because of the arguements that come of it
  771. <KingPsychopath> I think that's what focus is for.
  772. <Fragmaster> yea
  773. <Fragmaster> but i cant remember of someone really beeing active in the focus forums
  774. <Fragmaster> from id
  775. <Fragmaster> that really took up the advices
  776. <Fragmaster> or the proposals been made
  777. <Fragmaster> and ocmmentad on them
  778. <KingPsychopath> IRC
  779. <Fragmaster> on a regular basis
  780. <@sponge> because we are not design by committee
  781. <Fragmaster> yea
  782. <Fragmaster> thats the point
  783. <KingPsychopath> Fragmaster
  784. <Fragmaster> you never really gave too much about what the players wanted
  785. <@sponge> design by committee is shit and no worthwhile game does it
  786. <KingPsychopath> Did you play q3?
  787. <+ia> idk, there's been lots of stuff over time Fragmaster
  788. <Fragmaster> from the beginning yes
  789. <@sponge> but lol at the notion that we don't take feedback from focus on stuff
  790. <KingPsychopath> Guessed so.
  791. <@sponge> this is the first update where we really aren't
  792. <@sponge> if you think that then you clearly haven't been around focus a lot
  793. <[eXodus]> well design by ur own thought when u play 3 hours a month
  794. <[eXodus]> might not be the best way
  795. <+ia> well not really
  796. <Fragmaster> this is what i mean
  797. <+ia> i mean jones and sync basically designed lg 1-1
  798. <KingPsychopath> What do you mean?
  799. <@sponge> maybe we should let the pro players design games. that worked out pretty well w/ severity
  800. <KingPsychopath> Most q3 players moaning against the game are their own demons.
  801. <+ia> like jones isn't part of id or anything
  802. <Fragmaster> what exodus said
  803. <[Q50]> i just wish there was some possible way of doing proper matchmaking with the steam release imminent now :/
  804. <noctis_> design by your own thought when you play 3 hours a day aint the best either
  805. <noctis_> cause of bias
  806. <[eXodus]> oh thats not what im saying
  807. <+ia> but it was basically his feedback to sync that made it what it is for like... years
  808. <[eXodus]> but ignoring things they bring
  809. <[eXodus]> and add idiotic other things
  810. <[eXodus]> is another
  811. <+ia> same with rocketjumps, although that was someone else
  812. <Fragmaster> i never said all proposals are good
  813. <noctis_> oh come on sponge, you gotta have a better example
  814. <noctis_> :D
  815. <+ia> we were testing on t4
  816. <Fragmaster> you can probably still forget about 60 - 70& of it
  817. <KingPsychopath> noctis
  818. <KingPsychopath> CA 1on1?
  819. <noctis_> or did severity ever make it further than that one art piece
  820. <@sponge> noctis_: well just look at the new ut. they *say* they're listening to the community but they're still designing the game on their own. see all the people getting mad at halftime ctf. that didn't come from the community
  821. <[Q50]> i've never even heard of severity :)
  822. <@sponge> also that was the only example i coudl think of that existed
  823. <noctis_> but its not an example
  824. <noctis_> since nothing was ever made
  825. <[eXodus]> halftime in ctf is retarded though
  826. <@sponge> otherwise fatal1ty should be the world's foremost game designer
  827. <Fragmaster> what i meant
  828. <+ia> can we have a noctis_ game mode in ql
  829. <+ia> where the lights go out
  830. <Fragmaster> we had some kind of that discussion about 1.5 years ago or something
  831. <@sponge> we already have a noctis game mode, this patch is all his
  832. <Fragmaster> when syncerror said
  833. <+ia> and you get neon outlines of everything
  834. <noctis_> didnt you read esr?
  835. <KingPsychopath> ia> where the lights go out
  836. <KingPsychopath> This patch is all his?
  837. <noctis_> its my game now
  838. <+ia> and some kidn of metal music in the background
  839. <Drayan> sponge: are weapon respawn times in TDM changing?
  840. <Fragmaster> you are not giving out stuff that is going to get implemented
  841. <KingPsychopath> lol is it?
  842. <+ia> and his movement+weapons
  843. <[Q50]> :D
  844. <Fragmaster> cause you might scratch stuff and dont do it then etc.
  845. <[Q50]> i never read ESR!
  846. <[Q50]> :/
  847. <@sponge> Drayan: the tdm pubs up on focus are what we are testing
  848. <[Q50]> unless some hackers thread :p
  849. <[Q50]> that someone links me to on irc
  850. <[Q50]> :))
  851. <noctis_> everything in this update is my fault
  852. <KingPsychopath> Of course q50 :p
  853. <@sponge> so those settings should be reasonably close
  854. <Fragmaster> and i always said, thats what focus maybe for
  855. <[Q50]> true story!
  856. <[Q50]> satanic place!
  857. <noctis_> im not the hero you deserve, but the one you need right now
  858. <noctis_> taking all the blame
  859. <[Q50]> lol
  860. <noctis_> or smth
  861. <Fragmaster> well whatever :>
  862. <[Q50]> we'll add it to noctis's list, along with PQL :/
  863. <@sponge> turbo!
  864. <noctis_> turbo is awesome
  865. <@sponge> Drayan:
  866. <Dingbot> TDM Maidenhead, GBR ( 0/16 PRE_GAME on The Edge
  867. <[Q50]> :D lol
  868. <noctis_> you shut your whore mouth
  869. <Fragmaster> hhehe
  870. <Fragmaster> thanks for pql !
  871. <PredatH0r> id is a company and QL is a business after all. stuff must happen to make profits and not because it's on Santa's list
  872. <KingPsychopath> Noctis_
  873. <ika> guys when QL was born it was a twisted bastard creature unable to even breathe on it's own, let alone to compete with other games.... and because of sponge and sync (+the dedication and the wallets of the community) that hopeless crosseyed mongo did man up after all and became a good game.... I think you are expeting too much from it now, the two devs won't make it super perfect for
  874. <ika> sure imo, even if they would try:)
  875. <Fragmaster> my god
  876. <Fragmaster> write short sentences
  877. <KingPsychopath> I agree with ika.
  878. <Fragmaster> i wont read that long stuff°!
  879. <KingPsychopath> Fragmaster, you're your own demon.
  880. <[Q50]> omg ika! what a kissass!!! :D
  881. <KingPsychopath> QL isn't Q3. :D
  882. <ika> :(
  883. <[Q50]> lol
  884. <[Q50]> some things in QL are far better than Q3 :p
  885. <ika> Q50 I don't even like the changes and you know that
  886. <[Q50]> rockets ffs
  887. <KingPsychopath> Rocket power
  888. <[Q50]> does anyone really want them shit slow q3 rockets back? ever?
  889. <[Q50]> :D
  890. <ika> but I respect their work even if I don't agree
  891. <[eXodus]> so what ur saying is, its finally a playable game, time to fuck it up properly
  892. <Fragmaster> i dont know what you are trying to tell me KingPsychopath i never said it should be
  893. <KingPsychopath> No..
  894. <[Q50]> nobody mentions the good things in QL! :)
  895. <KingPsychopath> ^
  896. <[eXodus]> theyre soon gone [Q50]
  897. <KingPsychopath> Fragmaster that's the idea I'm getting.
  898. <[eXodus]> that might be why
  899. <KingPsychopath> I like the changes, thought I'd hate them.
  900. <Fragmaster> what of what i wrote made you think that
  901. <KingPsychopath> Played SZR with them, and their decent, apart from the power of rocket.
  902. <+ia> someone in ca complained my lg was like strenx yesterday
  903. <+ia> so that's a plus with pub ca
  904. <KingPsychopath> Frag, I just read a lot of constant complaining.
  905. <KingPsychopath> IA, is that a good thing?
  906. <Fragmaster> about marketing strategy
  907. <+ia> i guess??
  908. <Fragmaster> what does that have to do with q3 beeing ql
  909. <Fragmaster> and no, i also gave ideas how to improve it
  910. <Fragmaster> and i doubt q3 had a matchmaking system
  911. <Fragmaster> your arguments make no sens
  912. <KingPsychopath> You was moaning about how QL is.
  913. <Fragmaster> no i wasnt
  914. <Fragmaster> not in a single line
  915. <Fragmaster> i was moaning about what it will become
  916. <Fragmaster> or what it wont become
  917. <KingPsychopath> snippets -
  918. <dAw00d> KingPsychopath = kidkei?
  919. <KingPsychopath> <Fragmaster> if you could do it for duel
  920. <KingPsychopath> <Fragmaster> whats the big difference for team games
  921. <Fragmaster> exactly
  922. <Fragmaster> and did you also read the lines before
  923. <Fragmaster> we been talking about matchmaking
  924. <KingPsychopath> Nope, I started reading mid-game.
  925. <Fragmaster> yea, scroll up then
  926. <KingPsychopath> Mmk
  927. <Fragmaster> but thanks for joining :>
  928. <KingPsychopath> <Fragmaster> u never thought of that before
  929. <KingPsychopath> <Fragmaster> weapon balance hasnt been an issue for the last years
  930. <Fragmaster> yep
  931. <KingPsychopath> All of a sudden you start touching it
  932. <Fragmaster> whats that from your point of view
  933. <KingPsychopath> <Fragmaster> and all of the sudden, with the release of steam support
  934. <KingPsychopath> <Fragmaster> you start touching it :>
  935. <KingPsychopath> <sponge> because quake 3 gameplay isn't perfect
  936. <Fragmaster> [18:28] <Fragmaster> i was moaning about what it will become
  937. <KingPsychopath> Mmmk
  938. <PredatH0r> guys, get a room. or a PM channel for that matter
  939. <Fragmaster> and evne sponges argument wasnt valid
  940. <Fragmaster> since we dont have quake 3 gameplay
  941. <Fragmaster> in ql
  942. <Fragmaster> weapons have been completly rebalanced
  943. <Fragmaster> and no one complained about that
  944. <Fragmaster> at least no one on servers does
  945. <KingPsychopath> Yeah, because they were decent.
  946. <Fragmaster> both are
  947. <Fragmaster> q3 was, so is ql
  948. <Fragmaster> and now its gonna get redesigned but not since its broken
  949. <+ia> i dont really care about the weapons changes that much
  950. <KingPsychopath> To attract new players.
  951. <+ia> they're all pretty much the same thing
  952. <Fragmaster> yep
  953. <KingPsychopath> ^
  954. <Fragmaster> and that isnt the right way imo
  955. <Fragmaster> i doubt ppl will have more fun
  956. <KingPsychopath> You tried playing with it?
  957. <Fragmaster> cause it gets easier to chase
  958. <+ia> i mean 2 of the guns are moving from where they were in ql to 1/2 way towards their q3 values
  959. <KingPsychopath> Fragmaster
  960. <KingPsychopath> Have you tried playing with it?
  961. <Fragmaster> nope
  962. <+ia> if you take the range from the weakest ql or q2 weapon values, up to the strongest qw values
  963. <+ia> anything generally in that range and i won't really care
  964. <Fragmaster> which is why im trying to be objective
  965. <+ia> the dynamics are still gonna be similar
  966. <Fragmaster> i mean
  967. ESDF [] is now known as esdf
  968. <Fragmaster> if i was in a meeting
  969. <Fragmaster> and my boss asked me the following question
  970. <+ia> 1v1 dm6?
  971. <+ia> or 1v1 cpm3a?
  972. <Fragmaster> "guys, we are going live on steam soon, how can we make the game better to attract the players
  973. <+ia> fear?
  974. <PredatH0r> lol ia. +1
  975. <Fragmaster> i doubt my first answer would have been "lets bring im movement changes, and weapon rebalance"
  976. <esdf> movement changes are nice (aside from the gauntlet bs)
  977. <esdf> weapon changes also
  978. <[eXodus]> and add a paywall for anyone who wants to play ql
  979. <Fragmaster> and do yout hink
  980. <esdf> i only don't like weapon loadout system
  981. <+ia> they're basically just making the other modes a little like ca
  982. <spenzer> its kinda bs to make the game more railheavy
  983. <Fragmaster> tbh
  984. <Fragmaster> if i was their boss
  985. <esdf> if they put rail ammo down to 5
  986. <Fragmaster> and they came up with those redisign stuff
  987. <esdf> instead of 10
  988. <esdf> 90 is ok
  989. <Fragmaster> i'd seriously ask them
  990. <+ia> esdf it is 5
  991. <Fragmaster> "why didnt we do that then before steam"
  992. <+ia> lol
  993. <esdf> ia, then it's fine
  994. <+ia> although pickups are thankfully still 10
  995. <QBall147> :o
  996. <+ia> i find starting iwth 5 really annoying in cpm
  997. <spenzer> doesnt change to much. if u got 5 or 10. on maps where u just stand on rail anyway like cp9,c2,infinity
  998. <Drayan> !active
  999. <Dingbot> TDM Maidenhead, GBR ( 4/16 PRE_GAME on The Edge @
  1000. <@sponge> Fragmaster: because theres no point, nobody new was coming into the game
  1001. <+ia> if it were up to me
  1002. <Fragmaster> yea and the underlying problem
  1003. <+ia> rather than making hitscan weaker i'd just make the models even smaller
  1004. <Fragmaster> never was the ewapon balance
  1005. <+ia> and put lg and rail back up to their q3 values
  1006. <esdf> only thing it's missing is matchmaking with lobbies, leagues etc :<
  1007. <+ia> but have hitboxes be 25% smaller
  1008. <Fragmaster> it was the marketing, community handling, and that it was much too hard for ppl to get in
  1009. <KingPsychopath> What was their q3 values
  1010. <esdf> also clan customization and what not
  1011. <KingPsychopath> ia
  1012. <KingPsychopath> What was it
  1013. <Fragmaster> [18:36] <esdf> only thing it's missing is matchmaking with lobbies, leagues etc :<
  1014. <Fragmaster> that would have attraced players
  1015. <@sponge> Fragmaster: you are so far off base that i don't even know where to start
  1016. <@sponge> people dont finish their first match, they quit and never log in again
  1017. <Fragmaster> if you guys hosted leagues
  1018. <+ia> 7mg, 8lg with movement cripple, 100rl, 100rg
  1019. <+ia> ?
  1020. <@sponge> they didnt do that because of community handling lol
  1021. <Fragmaster> yea, that was the last part of my sentence
  1022. <KingPsychopath> ia oh shit
  1023. <KingPsychopath> ;x
  1024. <@sponge> they didnt die 50 times in a match and think HMM I SURE WISH THEY TALKED TO ME AS A COMMUNITY MEMBER MORE
  1025. <+ia> i experimented with making hitboxes a lot smaller back when it was variable
  1026. <Fragmaster> cause it was too hard to play for noobs :)
  1027. <spenzer> and this will change now?
  1028. <+ia> it gets to the point where it's impossible to hit a rail in bot ffa games
  1029. <Fragmaster> yea, but on the other hand you think
  1030. <@sponge> not as much as i'd like it to change, but we are still an old game
  1031. <Fragmaster> making it easier to pummel
  1032. <Fragmaster> will make them die less
  1033. <+ia> but idk, w/e
  1034. <[eXodus]> they died and though, damn it would be nice if there was matchmaking so i could play with other noobs
  1035. <Fragmaster> exactly
  1036. <Fragmaster> playing against ppl on their skilllevel
  1037. <@sponge> but maybe if we *think* and *believe* hard enough we can do things that we couldn't do before!
  1038. <Fragmaster> is what makes them stay
  1039. <@sponge> just put your mind to it!
  1040. <@sponge> and all your problems wil go away
  1041. <[eXodus]> ql will be gone soon ye
  1042. <[eXodus]> no problems
  1043. <+ia> ql will stick around
  1044. <Fragmaster> matchmaking would solve your problem :>
  1045. <+ia> the update isn't really going to be a big deal or affect that much
  1046. <Fragmaster> which is what i was trying to tell you for the last 3 years
  1047. <+ia> it's not going to affect pickup channels
  1048. <[eXodus]> its gonna be a big deal when u have to pay to play ql
  1049. <Fragmaster> and in the end of the discussion it was always a money problem
  1050. <[eXodus]> every free player will be gone
  1051. <+ia> as for pubs... maybe it will be a small plus or minus
  1052. <+ia> hmm
  1053. <+ia> [eXodus] do you really think it's going to have a large effect?
  1054. <Fragmaster> and in the end, i gave up
  1055. <[eXodus]> yes
  1056. <+ia> i don't think the changes are really even that noticable for outright beginners
  1057. <[eXodus]> cos u when u make such big changes
  1058. <[eXodus]> and force ppl to use them
  1059. <+ia> basically it just means you can spawn with lg in ffa or sometihng
  1060. <[eXodus]> ur gonna have a bad time
  1061. <+ia> otherwise they'd probably play ca anyway
  1062. <+ia> i don't really see it having a giant effect
  1063. <[eXodus]> so loadout is the only change?
  1064. <+ia> the movement stuff is honestly minor
  1065. <[eXodus]> and the other stuff?
  1066. <+ia> i think it's a plus for beginners, personally i'd like to disable it for myself since it's too automatic
  1067. <+ia> you mean the weapons changes?
  1068. <[eXodus]> for instance
  1069. <+ia> q3 has seen much bigger weapons changes than ql adding a medium strength mg
  1070. <+ia> i mean think of all the mods
  1071. <[eXodus]> and fucking up rl splash
  1072. <[eXodus]> weakening lg
  1073. <winz> [18:39:26] <Fragmaster> which is what i was trying to tell you for the last 3 years
  1074. <winz> 6!
  1075. <+ia> rl splash is just going back to it's q3 value
  1076. <+ia> perfectly natural to me
  1077. <[eXodus]> since when is ql q3?
  1078. <spenzer> noobs will have starting weapons now, but still getting outaimed. noobs will be quicker now because of the movement changes, but compared to experienced players that raped them before, they are still slow. they got now timeing support, but experienced players still time exact, so in the end, nothing really changed
  1079. <+ia> and anyway, it's still weaker than q2 and qw
  1080. <[eXodus]> rockets fly a lot faster then in q3
  1081. <[eXodus]> its not fine at all
  1082. <+ia> they fly slightly faster than q3..
  1083. <+ia> basically the ql rockets are now identical to cpm rockets
  1084. <PredatH0r> spenzer: Amen!
  1085. <spenzer> if u dont make a system to seperate players by skill accurate, all that is actually meaningless
  1086. <[eXodus]> well
  1087. <+ia> same speed, same splash. oh wait... cpm 1.0 to 1.2 rockets
  1088. <[eXodus]> all these "small" changes being forced upon
  1089. <Fragmaster> [18:43] <spenzer> if u dont make a system to seperate players by skill accurate, all that is actually meaningless
  1090. <+ia> it's not really a big difference
  1091. <Fragmaster> reminds me of a matchmaking system
  1092. <Fragmaster> :>
  1093. <@sponge> new players aren't in tier 4
  1094. <@sponge> its not perfect but it will work
  1095. <@sponge> its called a compromise
  1096. <[eXodus]> new players also dont buy subs
  1097. <@sponge> oh so lets cater to the old q3 players some more
  1098. <@sponge> that's worked so well for us so far
  1099. <+ia> [eXodus] it'll change the weapon choices a little bit in leagues/high level 1v1s
  1100. <@sponge> the players who are constantly coming up with excuses to not subscribe
  1101. <PredatH0r> these changes are not inteded to make beginners compete against t4 veterans
  1102. <[eXodus]> lets cater to all the ppl that dont make u revenue
  1103. <+ia> but other than that it's not really going to be too noticable
  1104. <[eXodus]> see how that works
  1105. <+ia> even the 80 or 90 rg damage is basically nothing
  1106. <[eXodus]> and u know
  1107. <+ia> still means you have to shoot someone 2x
  1108. <PredatH0r> its about letting have the new comers fun when they play eachother
  1109. <[eXodus]> with ur lack of matchmaking
  1110. <+ia> or 3x if they get yellow
  1111. <[eXodus]> those new players will still play vs tier 4 ppl
  1112. <spenzer> matchmaking and proper tutorials in game could make ppl stay and evolve in the game
  1113. <+ia> there's different levels of things you can do
  1114. <Fragmaster> if u want a bigger playerbase, push leagues, raise interesst from noobs to become better, make it easier for them to play against ppl on their skilllevel (matchmaking) and
  1115. <+ia> adding a fully fleshed out matchmaking/tutorials/etc isn't really something you can do without a team of 10+ people
  1116. <+ia> otherwise it'll be half-assed
  1117. <Fragmaster> well
  1118. <@sponge> 10+ is even being generous, even 5 is realistic
  1119. <Fragmaster> its not like time it ticking
  1120. <InFerNo_> I bet there's plenty of volunteers
  1121. <@sponge> lol time is ticking
  1122. <@sponge> how much time do you think quake live has left
  1123. <Fragmaster> well
  1124. <InFerNo_> and even the smallest compensation can mean a lot to those people
  1125. <[eXodus]> depends when the update comes out
  1126. <Fragmaster> since we are discussing that for over 3 yeras
  1127. <Fragmaster> you could have started back then
  1128. <Fragmaster> when time was already ticking
  1129. <+ia> probably 2 years till ql 2.0
  1130. <[eXodus]> i'd say that + 1 to 2 months
  1131. <Fragmaster> no one said, it has to be done within 2 weeks
  1132. <InFerNo_> I'd say you support the websites that have been there for Quake Live since beta and still do news reporting
  1133. <+ia> otherwise it'll last another 8 or 10 years with slowly declining population
  1134. <+ia> without any real problem
  1135. <+ia> going on steam will probably help
  1136. <+ia> i don't see it ever dying really
  1137. <InFerNo_> the ones that have tutorials that will need a serious rewrite when this comes out
  1138. <spenzer> i mean when i just see the simple tutorialvidoes done by zoot, smth like this is done quick and can help noobs a lot
  1139. <+ia> also don't see it ever becoming giant
  1140. <@sponge> ia: steam's bump only lasts a week or so, not years
  1141. <@sponge> quake live does not have 8 to 10 years left
  1142. ia [] has quit IRC: Read error: Connection reset by peer
  1143. <[eXodus]> 3 months or so
  1144. ia [] has joined #quakelive.focus
  1145. Q [] has set mode +v ia
  1146. <InFerNo_> in any case or current case?
  1147. <InFerNo_> because I'd say any case
  1148. <@sponge> any case
  1149. <spenzer> well why not die with a boom :D
  1150. <InFerNo_> it's too dependant on Id
  1151. <+ia> i don't mean a bumb due to a ton of new people sticking around sponge
  1152. <+ia> but even when q3 went on steam there were new people trying it pretty often
  1153. <+ia> that would find their way to #uscpmpickup somehow
  1154. <+ia> some of them are still active
  1155. <+ia> if it's on steam and you can just click 2x to download and play it
  1156. <Fragmaster> tbh sponge
  1157. <Fragmaster> if its all about expertise
  1158. <+ia> i'm sure that'll be mroe accessible than figuring out how to download the 1.32 update, cpm and threewave maps
  1159. <Fragmaster> the maybe do the things that you can
  1160. <Fragmaster> a league system for example
  1161. <Fragmaster> powered by id
  1162. <+ia> sponge i agree the surge will only last a week or so
  1163. <Fragmaster> if you hosted leagues on your website
  1164. <+ia> but steam is so giant people will jsut find stuff on their, basically forever
  1165. <Fragmaster> that would probably motivate ppl to play
  1166. <[eXodus]> its about 3 years too late for a league system
  1167. <+ia> so there's a small flow of people
  1168. <Fragmaster> yea
  1169. <@sponge> people who play quake live now have been playing for 5+ years, or 10+ years since q3
  1170. <Fragmaster> but what will you do
  1171. <@sponge> i dont think we need to do things to keep them around
  1172. <@sponge> because they arent going anywhere
  1173. <Fragmaster> always saying its too late now
  1174. <InFerNo_> yes sponge
  1175. <Fragmaster> doesnt help, then you can quit direclty :>
  1176. <InFerNo_> open your eyes
  1177. <InFerNo_> they will go somewhere
  1178. <+ia> the negative talk about ql seems kind of weird
  1179. <Fragmaster> they are
  1180. <[eXodus]> ur trying ur best to make them go away
  1181. <Fragmaster> i went.
  1182. <InFerNo_> and it isn't the new quake live
  1183. <Fragmaster> :>
  1184. <@sponge> InFerNo_: its a 15 year old game!
  1185. <+ia> it's bigger than q3 was after like 2006, when q4 came out
  1186. <+ia> or 2008 even
  1187. <@sponge> expectations really need to be put in check here
  1188. <winz> except that, there is batch of new decent fps coming up
  1189. <PredatH0r> sponge: something off-topic: did that green/white Keel-with-RL picture in an emptry friend list disappear on purpose?
  1190. <winz> more than in the last 10years
  1191. <+ia> so it's basically maintained itself more or less since like 2001
  1192. <winz> at once
  1193. <[eXodus]> league wise ql is already dead
  1194. <+ia> don't see it going anywhere
  1195. <@sponge> PredatH0r: yes removed it completely it was dumb
  1196. <PredatH0r> all i get now is an all-gray window
  1197. <[eXodus]> both tdm and ctf are dead
  1198. <winz> quakers will have options soonish
  1199. <+ia> winz i think that's just because people have recognized the genere has staying power, and still offers something worthwhile in comparison to realism shooters
  1200. <Fragmaster> yea its 15 years old somehow
  1201. <@sponge> winz: and theyre not picking quake live already
  1202. <@sponge> so whats the harm
  1203. <PredatH0r> ok. first i thought i messed up my chat-resize script, but then i noticed it was gone even without scripts
  1204. <+ia> that whould be taken as a plus for quake live, not a minus
  1205. <Fragmaster> but whats that supposed ot mean :>
  1206. <[eXodus]> id rather play wot then the monster thats being created
  1207. <@sponge> people who are excited about the new ut aren't looking at quake live and going hm this might be fun
  1208. <InFerNo_> yes they are
  1209. <Fragmaster> in the past they probably didnt even know about ql
  1210. <+ia> i think the games all kind of overlap a little
  1211. <Fragmaster> cause it wasnt promoted anywhere
  1212. <@sponge> we did not get any significant increase in registrations from anything this year but quakecon
  1213. [a2m]det [] has quit IRC: Signed off
  1214. <Fragmaster> see
  1215. <InFerNo_> that's because you don't do anything besides quakecon!
  1216. <Fragmaster> first promotitional event
  1217. <[eXodus]> and what other reason was there?
  1218. <Fragmaster> and you get subs
  1219. <winz> registrations =| subs
  1220. <@sponge> we didnt get subs
  1221. <Fragmaster> what did i write 150 lines above
  1222. <@sponge> we got registrations
  1223. <@sponge> so, wrong again
  1224. <Fragmaster> well k
  1225. <winz> "again"
  1226. <winz> :D
  1227. <Fragmaster> but that is a step at least
  1228. <QBall147> mkay
  1229. <@sponge> lol its not a step
  1230. <@sponge> those accounts are already inactive
  1231. <Fragmaster> raising interresst
  1232. <@sponge> our daily logins didnt increase
  1233. <[eXodus]> ye
  1234. <@sponge> because they dont like the game
  1235. <[eXodus]> what a suprise
  1236. <[eXodus]> u get raped instantly
  1237. <Fragmaster> ye
  1238. <[eXodus]> cos theres no matchmaking
  1239. Sephis [] has joined #quakelive.focus
  1240. <@sponge> yea because the game design makes it so you do
  1241. <Fragmaster> they are noobs, they play, get raped, uninstall
  1242. <[eXodus]> no
  1243. <[eXodus]> the lack of matchmaking does that
  1244. <InFerNo_> there need to be more events regularly, I'm not saying there has to be something all the time, that would be overkill
  1245. <Fragmaster> no fun, ppl are too good, you get flamed cause u suck
  1246. <InFerNo_> but qcon in US is just once per year
  1247. <@sponge> idk how hard it is to understand that people will get matchmade against the same people theyre getting matchmade with now
  1248. <@sponge> people in the middle of the scale
  1249. <@sponge> tier 3
  1250. <InFerNo_> dreamhack is just once per year in northern EU
  1251. <QBall147> *you get kicked
  1252. <@sponge> but i guess i'm not a super smart ideas guy
  1253. <[eXodus]> ur tier system sux
  1254. <[eXodus]> but i wont repeat myself
  1255. <@sponge> we have data that says it doesnt
  1256. <[eXodus]> u dont wanna hear it
  1257. <[eXodus]> all those 5 kills 50 deaths ppl in publics
  1258. h8m3 [] is now known as h8m3_off
  1259. <[eXodus]> great tier system
  1260. <PredatH0r> t1-t3 probably works well. and i assume thats >= 75% of the playerbase
  1261. <+stownr> people dont understand the whole idea that 80+ percent of the player base are good long time players
  1262. <+stownr> how do you skill match that?
  1263. <PredatH0r> so whatever t4 is moaning about...its a minority
  1264. <@sponge> i cant tell if youre trolling or being purposefully dense
  1265. <[eXodus]> im not trolling
  1266. <@sponge> people will be placed in matchmaking at the middle of the skill curve
  1267. <[eXodus]> cos if i was
  1268. <InFerNo_> I almost exclusively play CTF and I've been slacking for years, yet I'm still highest tier
  1269. <@sponge> agree?
  1270. <@sponge> y/n
  1271. h8m3_off [] is now known as h8m3
  1272. <[eXodus]> it wouldnt be so easy to show u examples
  1273. <@sponge> no i dont give a shit
  1274. <@sponge> answer my question
  1275. <[eXodus]> that depends
  1276. <winz> why would they be placed at the middle?
  1277. <InFerNo_> however, there are moments I'm matched ok, and others where I'm owned to shit
  1278. <@sponge> winz: where would you place them
  1279. <[eXodus]> if ur going upwards
  1280. <[eXodus]> u can place them higher
  1281. <winz> at the very lowest
  1282. <[eXodus]> to see if they can go up in rating
  1283. <[eXodus]> if theyre going down
  1284. <[eXodus]> u place them lower
  1285. <@sponge> winz: so at that system, the players who are bad are constantly being beat up by new players
  1286. <+stownr> ^^^
  1287. <PredatH0r> sponge: it's saturday. servers are running again. go have some fun. leave us alone! :)
  1288. <winz> new players = bad
  1289. <winz> what are you on about
  1290. <InFerNo_> that's how SC2 works
  1291. <InFerNo_> you play a few matches then you are put in either league
  1292. <@sponge> winz: no, new players are in the middle
  1293. <PredatH0r> oh wait. i can leave too. forgot about that option
  1294. <@sponge> they are a range of skills
  1295. <@sponge> every matchmaking system starts players off in the middle
  1296. <@sponge> starcraft 2 leagues is not matchmaking, its progression
  1297. <@sponge> there is a difference
  1298. <Dingbot> TDM Maidenhead, GBR ( 6/16 IN_PROGRESS on Hidden Fortress @
  1299. <[eXodus]> the middle of the low end u mean
  1300. <@sponge> no, the middle
  1301. <@sponge> 0
  1302. <[eXodus]> ye
  1303. <@sponge> (assuming you go into negatives)
  1304. <@sponge> this is what you do in elo
  1305. <InFerNo_> you clearly state that the first matches are testing your skill before putting you in a "final" tier
  1306. <@sponge> InFerNo_: yes, so who are you playing? other new players
  1307. <@sponge> are we agreed?
  1308. <[eXodus]> no
  1309. <InFerNo_> no
  1310. <[eXodus]> u dont
  1311. <@sponge> who are you playing then
  1312. <QBall147> lol
  1313. <[eXodus]> ppl from bronze silver gold
  1314. <@sponge> once again
  1315. <InFerNo_> yes
  1316. <@sponge> mathcmaking is not progression
  1317. <[eXodus]> or higher even
  1318. <@sponge> mathcmaking is not progression
  1319. <@sponge> mathcmaking is not progression
  1320. <@sponge> im even going to repeat that typo
  1321. <[eXodus]> no matchmaking is skill placement
  1322. <InFerNo_> skill placement is what we're talking about
  1323. <InFerNo_> skill placement is what we're talking about
  1324. <InFerNo_> skill placement is what we're talking about
  1325. <InFerNo_> ;[
  1326. <@sponge> so who are you playing in the skill placement matches
  1327. <@sponge> what skill of player
  1328. <InFerNo_> any
  1329. <[eXodus]> u start out weak
  1330. <PredatH0r> nope. you play the most average possible player
  1331. <@sponge> is it weak or any
  1332. <[eXodus]> and it then determines whether it goes up
  1333. <@sponge> because im getting 2 answers here
  1334. <[eXodus]> or down
  1335. <InFerNo_> wife's home :]
  1336. <[eXodus]> u play a silver guy mostly first game
  1337. <[eXodus]> if u win u play a better silver or a gold
  1338. <QBall147> InFerNo_: lame
  1339. <[eXodus]> lose and u goto lower silver or bronze
  1340. <QBall147> :D
  1341. <[eXodus]> and it does that over 5 or 10 games
  1342. <winz> why are we even arguing about the benefits of a proper matchmaking with a ladder
  1343. <winz> it's obvious to everyone
  1344. <winz> that it's a good thing
  1345. <[eXodus]> not to sponge
  1346. <@sponge> because what im getting at here is
  1347. <[eXodus]> it doesnt make a difference according to him
  1348. <@sponge> when we get tens of thousands of players in steam
  1349. <@sponge> they will be in tier 3
  1350. <@sponge> the new players will be playing each other
  1352. <+stownr> lol
  1353. <[eXodus]> ye
  1354. <[eXodus]> and u got a tier 4
  1355. <[eXodus]> with a skill range of 1400 to 2500 elo
  1356. <@sponge> but apparently the problem here is that nobody even understands how matchmaking works
  1357. <[eXodus]> UNLIKE a matchmaking system
  1358. <@sponge> and is just a word that they parrot because they see it in other games
  1359. <@sponge> well, if people play a few matches and get to tier 4 and quit, that's still an improvment over the current situation
  1360. <[eXodus]> cos u have platinum to challanger
  1361. <[eXodus]> all in 1 tier
  1362. <[eXodus]> instead of having 4 tiers
  1363. <@sponge> that is a success
  1364. <[eXodus]> no thats failure
  1365. <QBall147> a better failure ^^
  1366. <Fragmaster> erm
  1367. <@sponge> not by our metrics
  1368. <Fragmaster> right the new players would be playing each other
  1369. <winz> I don't agree the current system works
  1370. <[eXodus]> then ur metrics are bad
  1371. <Fragmaster> in matchmaking
  1372. <Fragmaster> if you used mmr you would start having 1500
  1373. <@sponge> our metrics are realistic for what we are trying to achieve
  1374. <winz> that new play button always connects me on servers that are way below my level
  1375. <@sponge> yes, 1500 is in the middle
  1376. <[eXodus]> then ur achievements are wrong
  1377. <@sponge> because some people will have lower than that
  1378. <Fragmaster> ye
  1379. <winz> 90% of the time
  1380. <@sponge> and people will have higher than that
  1381. <Fragmaster> but its not like
  1382. <Fragmaster> the team would consist of all 1500er
  1383. <@sponge> winz: yup play now kind of sucks for good players
  1384. <Fragmaster> some would be higher, some would be lower
  1385. <noctis_> its just a play now button, not a matchmaking button winz
  1386. <Fragmaster> and you would stil lbe able to kill the lower ones
  1387. <winz> yes noctis_
  1388. <+stownr> lol noctis
  1389. XER [] is now known as Xer
  1390. <winz> but isn't it using the tier4 system to find a game?
  1391. <Fragmaster> and if your team loses, you go down on mmr
  1392. <winz> or not at all?
  1393. <Fragmaster> not at all
  1394. <[eXodus]> not at all
  1395. <noctis_> tier4 has a wide range
  1396. <@sponge> winz: it weighs skill, but it also weighs amount of players, and location
  1397. <Fragmaster> its just finding a spot on a server
  1398. <[eXodus]> its just a shit way to play a game
  1399. <noctis_> (but no idea)
  1400. <[eXodus]> adding more shitty features
  1401. <@sponge> finding a perfect match doesn't help if you ping 300 to it
  1402. <Fragmaster> and it connects you to a full server
  1403. <Fragmaster> which is cool as well :D
  1404. <winz> I agree
  1405. <Fragmaster> that was sarcastic.
  1406. <@sponge> if you think trying to find a good serve rto join automatically is hard
  1407. <@sponge> matchmaking is 1000x harder
  1408. <Fragmaster> it is yes
  1409. <@sponge> so let play now serve to you as a preview of what matchmaking would be like if i had to make it myself
  1410. <Fragmaster> but you grow by your tasks
  1411. <Fragmaster> ;>
  1412. <winz> why?
  1413. <esdf>
  1414. <@sponge> because matchmaking is fucking hard, and you won't get it right the first, second, or third time
  1415. <@sponge> and the people playing the game won't give a shit if this is your first matchmaking system
  1416. <winz> perhaps it's worth hiring an outside contractor just for it?
  1417. <[eXodus]> better not try then
  1418. <winz> and with the steam release, it would have been the perfect time to do it
  1419. <@sponge> we don't have the time to find someone and bring them up to speed on our systems
  1420. <@sponge> we're talking at least 6 months of time from contracting the person to having something shippable
  1421. <@sponge> we don't even know who to contract
  1422. <@sponge> we don't have a candidate in mind
  1423. <Fragmaster> tbh
  1424. <Fragmaster> getting up to speed
  1425. <Fragmaster> is their problem, not yours
  1426. <Fragmaster> thats the big advantage of contractros
  1427. <@sponge> it doesn't matter whos problem it is
  1428. <Fragmaster> or consultants
  1429. <@sponge> it still means we are 6 months away from something usable
  1430. nvc [] has quit IRC: Read error: Connection reset by peer
  1431. <Fragmaster> who says that
  1432. <Fragmaster> maybe the tell you they will be done in 3 month
  1433. <@sponge> me, as someone who knows what goes into our system and having a decent idea of what goes into matchmaking
  1434. <Fragmaster> if they code it with a team of 5
  1435. <@sponge> lol we're not hiring 2.5x our current team for one feature
  1436. <Fragmaster> the price will be the same
  1437. <Fragmaster> its not about the ppl
  1438. <Fragmaster> its about a fixed price
  1439. <Fragmaster> they will tell you, that featuer will cost 30k (for example) and takes about 3 month
  1440. <[eXodus]> if u get a contracter its up to them how many resources they use at a time
  1441. <Fragmaster> it doesnt have to interesst you how many ppl they'll use to archive that
  1442. <@sponge> no, it does matter, because contracts aren't written to a nebulous group of people
  1443. <Fragmaster> you might even set the timeline
  1444. <Fragmaster> and tell them, you need in in 1 month
  1445. <@sponge> lol
  1446. <@sponge> yes this is how software development works
  1447. <+stownr> lol
  1448. <@sponge> you just tell people how soon you need it
  1449. <Fragmaster> eventhou that only goes to a certain limit
  1450. <@sponge> and it appears out of the ether
  1451. <@sponge> MATCHMAKING! ONE MONTH! GO!
  1452. <Fragmaster> no, it makes resources planable
  1453. <[eXodus]> thats what u pay for
  1454. <Fragmaster> they would then know how many ppl they need to archive that
  1455. <@sponge> and we'd pay a shitton to get something like that done in a month
  1456. <[eXodus]> they say they can do it in 5 months
  1457. <[eXodus]> thats what it is
  1458. <[eXodus]> maybe they say they need 4 months
  1459. <Fragmaster> man :>
  1460. <Fragmaster> i feel like speaking to someone who has no idea of projectmanagement
  1461. <@sponge> same
  1462. <Fragmaster> what you probably dont have
  1463. <Fragmaster> which is no insult
  1464. <Fragmaster> you are a webdeveloper
  1465. <Fragmaster> and you arent bad
  1466. <@sponge> i'm leaving this conversation now before i say something i regret
  1467. <@sponge> good day
  1468. <+stownr> Fragmaster would make is so if you do well you get put in a boss fight against cooller
  1469. <+ia> get some ut austin cs student to do it for their master's project
  1470. <+ia> and then give them an unpaid internship
  1471. <Fragmaster> tbh sponge
  1472. <+ia> $?
  1473. <vixterra> :^)
  1474. <Fragmaster> thats how it works, you write down what you need
  1475. <[eXodus]> paid internships are like 300 dollars a month anyway
  1476. <Fragmaster> and send those requirements to the different contractors
  1477. <+ia> no, more than that
  1478. <[eXodus]> Fragmaster
  1479. <Fragmaster> you also tell the timeline before (realistic one)
  1480. <+ia> idk about cs though
  1481. <[eXodus]> hes not interested in input
  1482. <Fragmaster> yea what ever
  1483. <Fragmaster> gonna go bbq
  1484. <+ia> tell them if [eXodus] isn't happy with it they're not getting a good recommendatoin letter
  1485. <Fragmaster> its useles :>
  1486. <Fragmaster> bb
  1487. <Drayan> well now what will we talk about
  1488. zoot_ [] has quit IRC: Ping timeout
  1489. <PredatH0r> delete * from #quakelive.focus where msgdate>='2014-08-09 17:00'
  1490. <PredatH0r> -*
  1491. <PredatH0r> hats?
  1492. <PredatH0r> cats and dogs?
  1493. rehepapp [] has quit IRC: Read error: Connection reset by peer
  1494. <ika> lol this exploded nicely while we were playing:D
  1495. rehepapp [] has joined #quakelive.focus
  1496. <PredatH0r> yea, shit hit the fan quite hard in here
  1497. <QBall147> living together?
  1498. <QBall147> mass histeria !
  1499. <Drayan> ebola
  1500. <esdf> <@sponge> and it appears out of the ether
  1501. <esdf> <@sponge> MATCHMAKING! ONE MONTH! GO!
  1502. <esdf> :D
  1503. <PredatH0r> time to devote myself to more serious business. gotta catch up with those ESR threads
  1504. <esdf> tbh i find it amazing you guys didnt start working on it the moment you found out you're going to steam
  1505. <esdf> hell, even if there was _no_ steam coming up, it's a must have feature
  1506. ika opens the box and inhales the smell of the pizza
  1507. QBall147 looks sternly at ika
  1508. ika feels sad that he can't give one slice to QBall147
  1509. [eXodus] looks at his empty plate of pizza
  1510. <PredatH0r> i pizza is also long gone already :(
  1511. QBall147 is about to cry :'(
  1512. <Semt-x> i had a lovely curry
  1513. <QBall147> you all hate me :(
  1514. <ika> what terrible thing did you have QBall147?
  1515. <Buck5> haggis curry da best
  1516. <Buck5> :D
  1517. <Semt-x> :P
  1518. <QBall147> havn't had anything yet
  1519. <QBall147> and probably wont
  1520. <ika> why:(
  1521. <Semt-x> do you live in etheopia?
  1522. <QBall147> sounds like you peeps have eaten it all lol
  1523. <Semt-x> or on the moon
  1524. <Buck5> hes on a diet
  1525. <QBall147> lol
  1526. <Buck5> :P
  1527. <[eXodus]> u can eat a carrot
  1528. <[eXodus]> maybe 2
  1529. <QBall147> that sounds suspiciously healthy hmm
  1530. <[eXodus]> its like the pizza of vegetables
  1531. <[eXodus]> dont worry
  1532. <QBall147> at least it isn't brocolli on pizza lol
  1533. <[eXodus]> that would be retarded
  1534. <[eXodus]> amirite cityy?
  1535. <QBall147> cityy :D
  1536. ia [] has quit IRC: EOF from client
  1537. rehepapp [] has quit IRC: Signed off
  1538. dAw00d_ [~dAw00d@] has joined #quakelive.focus
  1539. <dAw00d_> i was just in a focus game
  1540. <dAw00d_> restarted internet to get a better ping
  1541. <dAw00d_> so had to restart client as well
  1542. <dAw00d_> and now i hve to update o_O
  1543. <dAw00d_> 36 mb
  1544. <ika> bitcoin is CIA, so sponge had to change the mining part to Dogecoin, you won't feel a thing
  1545. <ika> there was no update here, so it's strange, do you have some system restore in playce or something like that?
  1546. <ika> -y*
  1547. <dAw00d_> nope
  1548. <ika> well I just logged in and I did not download a thing
  1549. rehepapp [] has joined #quakelive.focus
  1550. <dAw00d_> weird
  1551. dAw00d [~dAw00d@] has quit IRC: Ping timeout
  1552. <ika> well my dlls are also have date about now, are those getting touched at every launch?
  1553. <ika> looks like they are but those are far from being 36mb
  1554. <KingPsychopath> wot
  1555. <KingPsychopath> quake has bitcoins?
  1556. <ika> yes, spogne is mining on the machines of focus testers, did you read the focus TOS?:)
  1557. <ika> you agreed to it, it's how they support sponge for the weekend work
  1558. <KingPsychopath> wot
  1559. <KingPsychopath> mining
  1560. <[eXodus]> wot
  1561. <[eXodus]> good game
  1562. <[eXodus]> good matchmaking
  1563. <KingPsychopath> ika
  1564. <KingPsychopath> mining?
  1565. <ika> KingPsychopath you must ask Sync to remove you from the focus group if you do not agree
  1566. <KingPsychopath> Explain to me what it is
  1567. <ika> he makes money on your PC all the time when it's on, and he spend it on bitches
  1568. <KingPsychopath> Ah makes sense.
  1569. <KingPsychopath> And how does he do this :D
  1570. <ika> ask him, i don't know the details
  1571. <ika> he will tell you for sure
  1572. daBONDi [~No@] has joined #quakelive.focus
  1573. <esdf> click team grab bag (?) -> join server named "vortex portal session"
  1574. <esdf> success.
  1575. <InFerNo_>
  1576. <InFerNo_> so you're just going to throw everyone in tier3?
  1577. <InFerNo_> how's that going to prevent good new players from raping bad new players
  1578. <dAw00d_> yeah
  1579. <dAw00d_> ive
  1580. <dAw00d_> never
  1581. <dAw00d_> understood that part
  1582. ashof102 [] has joined #quakelive.focus
  1583. <InFerNo_> how fast is progression tiers occuring now?
  1584. <InFerNo_> how many matches do I have to win or lose?
  1585. <vixterra> esdf: getting put somewhere that isn't ctf4 is always a success
  1586. <WhoDX> 4+ for top -4 bottom
  1587. <WhoDX> something like that InFerNo_
  1588. <WhoDX> starting 50
  1589. <WhoDX> 80+ t4
  1590. <InFerNo_> I lose quite a bit lately and I'm still top tier CTF
  1591. <vixterra> max skill rating is like 200 or something though
  1592. <vixterra> so I mean there's a fair bit of buffer room in t4 before you drop to t3
  1593. <InFerNo_> you lost me
  1594. _nor [] is now known as _NOR
  1595. <InFerNo_> ok, I understand there's a large buffer in top tier
  1596. <WhoDX> the cap is 999 vixterra
  1597. <InFerNo_> but what about tier3, where all these new accounts will be thrown in
  1598. <WhoDX> however for "match making" nothing above 100 is taken into account
  1599. <WhoDX> t3 is where current players are put in
  1600. <InFerNo_> yes
  1601. <esdf> InFerNo_, he means new accounts
  1602. <WhoDX> so influx = good
  1603. <vixterra> oh wow, really? I thought cap for player skill level was 200.
  1604. <esdf> aka steam accounts
  1605. <dAw00d_> why cant new accounts start at the very bottom
  1606. <vixterra> most people probably are better than t1
  1607. <InFerNo_> because supposedly, new players that are good will be destroying all the bad players that are in t1
  1608. <vixterra> if new account started at the very bottom, t1 would basically be a higher tier
  1609. <InFerNo_> that's why placement matches could be a good way to place the new steam accounts
  1610. <vixterra> placement matches should still not default to the lowest possible skill level
  1611. <InFerNo_> I never said that
  1612. <vixterra> I know, I'm just saying. It makes sense for the first placement match to be a tier 2 or 3 match rather than t1.
  1613. <InFerNo_> there's not easy solution and we're all throwing ideas
  1614. <InFerNo_> the fact that there's 100 different gametypes also complicates the matchmaking/tier placement
  1615. <baaked> yeah because some of the dumbest tactics succeed in ca
  1616. <InFerNo_> "all to bridge"
  1617. <InFerNo_> on your way there the timer runs out, you get caught and die
  1618. <InFerNo_> then you get kicked or voted to be kicked
  1619. <[Q50]> CA ://
  1620. <InFerNo_> there's a reason why I stopped using CA to warm up
  1621. <vixterra> I don't understand why CA is so popular
  1622. <vixterra> FFA is much more enjoyable imo
  1623. <InFerNo_> because it's dumbed down TDM
  1624. <InFerNo_> and they want to expand the idea of dumbing things down to everywhere in the game
  1625. smeden- [] has joined #quakelive.focus
  1626. <InFerNo_> although dumbing down is a bad choice of words
  1627. <InFerNo_> making it easier to get into
  1628. esdf [] is now known as ESDF
  1629. zoot_ [] has joined #quakelive.focus
  1630. <InFerNo_> there's our leak!!
  1631. <InFerNo_> it was zoot_ !
  1632. <zoot_> :O
  1633. <zoot_> :(
  1634. <zoot_> you caught me
  1635. <InFerNo_> how could you?
  1636. <vixterra> someone leaked something again?
  1637. <zoot_> i was only trying to tell my sister
  1638. <MARIANO> duel with loadouts looks like a half-CA without stack, most retarded change i've ever seen...
  1639. <InFerNo_> but while the stream was still on?
  1640. <PredatH0r> and you forgot you were on stream?!?
  1641. <InFerNo_> couldn't you wait to tell your sister afterwards?
  1642. <zoot_> haha wtf xD
  1643. <zoot_> ok now im paranoid
  1644. <zoot_> don't hurt me
  1645. <InFerNo_> we'll let this one slide
  1646. <zoot_> :D
  1647. <PredatH0r> gonna be interesting to watch zoot streaming after he got banned
  1648. <InFerNo_> "ok let's jump right into the game now, hey what's this?" *YOU ARE BANNED*
  1649. <zoot_> haha
  1650. <InFerNo_> in light of the lg nerf
  1651. <InFerNo_> you think a 3 tier lg is something worth testing again?
  1652. <InFerNo_> 765 ?
  1653. <InFerNo_> 876 ?
  1654. <zoot_> eurgh
  1655. <zoot_> no
  1656. <zoot_> hrmm actually
  1657. <zoot_> on second thoughts
  1658. <[Q50]> 5 5 4
  1659. <InFerNo_> it came from 8 in VQ3
  1660. <[Q50]> tbh
  1661. <zoot_> maybe... but im not sure if it's necessary to overcomplicate it
  1662. <dAw00d_> sponge, when you change ruleset from QL to CLASSIC in duel, the ammo boxes lose their texture and they only appear as 3 lines until they are picked up and they respawn
  1663. <InFerNo_> 2 tiered 76 ?
  1664. <dAw00d_> lg is fine imo if the rest of weapons are not changed
  1665. <InFerNo_> what I understood is that more will be added and some will be removed
  1666. <vixterra> bring back lg in water = everyone is kill
  1667. <vixterra> :)
  1668. <InFerNo_> uurgh
  1669. <InFerNo_> then I want headshots.
  1670. <zoot_> i want a scope on railgun
  1671. <zoot_> so that zoom only works on rg
  1672. <InFerNo_> go back to Quake 4
  1673. <zoot_> :D
  1674. PYTON [] has joined #quakelive.focus
  1675. <dAw00d_> also: QL ruleset duel is so stupid
  1676. dAw00d_ [~dAw00d@] is now known as dAw00d
  1677. <dAw00d> dont have that in pubs please.
  1678. muckyman [webchat@] has joined #quakelive.focus
  1679. <MARIANO> they make all game modes similar to ca, nonsense
  1680. <MARIANO> i don't get it
  1681. <MARIANO> ...
  1682. <ika> I vote for 765 lg with a very wide 6 part, so 7 would be only in effect at very close range (and I mean it very close) and 5 at very far only
  1683. <T1E> how about 7 if rl and rg get boosted?
  1684. <InFerNo_> it's 7 now
  1685. <PredatH0r> i'd keep RL and RG as-is and LG at 666
  1686. <InFerNo_> in prod
  1687. <szr> personally I like it the way it is
  1688. <szr> in prod
  1689. <szr> :/
  1690. <PredatH0r> lg is way to strong
  1691. <T1E> I think full splash should do 99
  1692. <T1E> don't care about rg
  1693. <szr> if it was 7-7-7 with 90RG and these new rockets
  1694. <szr> I think it would be fine
  1695. jow_ [] has joined #quakelive.focus
  1696. <T1E> lg is op in lower levels
  1697. <szr> but LG has been weakened
  1698. <InFerNo_> and health and armor should count up instead of down ;[
  1699. <szr> whilst everything else strenghtened
  1700. <szr> LG should be left alone
  1701. <szr> but RG + RL increased
  1702. <InFerNo_> they did that so hmg would be favored in certain situations
  1703. <PerpetualWar> lg should have same strength over distance
  1704. <PredatH0r> the old weapon balance was fine, except for LG being too strong
  1705. <PredatH0r> its only drawback was the sound, but it works in basically every range
  1706. <InFerNo_> having it tiered would also prevent people from getting too close
  1707. rell [sadasd@] has quit IRC: Ping timeout
  1708. <InFerNo_> and again, favor hmg, which is what they wanted
  1709. <InFerNo_> the person with the lg is also forced to use it as a +forward weapon instead of trying to keep people at a distance
  1710. <InFerNo_> I'm telling you, 876 or 76 doesn't sound too bad
  1711. <szr> 876 then :P
  1712. <szr> I will take that
  1713. <PredatH0r> you want to BUFF it near range?
  1714. <InFerNo_> yes
  1715. <InFerNo_> +forward
  1716. <ika> ppl hitting 40+lg after 15 years, 8 is OP
  1717. <PredatH0r> indeed
  1718. <ika> my vote is 765:p
  1719. <InFerNo_> they don't get too close in your case
  1720. <PredatH0r> and the internet got a lot better, so many more low ping LG players
  1721. <InFerNo_> I never see lg battles where people get in the 8 range
  1722. <ika> isn't it 666 now on focus?
  1723. <InFerNo_> do you push forward and commit or back off and try to get away?
  1724. <InFerNo_> yes it's 666 now
  1725. <InFerNo_> and/or whip out hmg
  1726. <szr> 6-6-6 is too weak when you take the new damages for the RG and RL into account imho
  1727. <ika> close push needs to be encouraged I would raise it back to 7
  1728. <InFerNo_> or you know, just shoot in their general vicinity with the RL and score 100 dmg :/
  1729. <szr> the 8-7-6 idea might be good
  1730. <InFerNo_> yes ika, I was thinking 2 tiered 7-6
  1731. <PredatH0r> buffing lg would make bad things worse
  1732. <InFerNo_> but the 8 range in 876 can be fairly short
  1733. <InFerNo_> how is this a buff?
  1734. <PredatH0r> but maybe in lower tiers it's differently
  1735. <ika> InFerNo_ make the last 2-3 meters 5:p
  1736. <PredatH0r> since they dont really hit that hard
  1737. <InFerNo_> how close do you get with the LG?
  1738. <InFerNo_> actually I don't know if it's possible to adjust the tier ranges individually
  1739. <InFerNo_> but I thought it was a good idea to counter the nerf, by nerfing it over long range, but buffing it short range
  1740. <szr> why wouldnt it be possible?
  1741. <InFerNo_> I'm not the programmer, I didn't see the code that is responsible for it
  1742. <InFerNo_> think of all the other things they're working on
  1743. <szr> anything which is physically possible, is possible :p
  1744. <muckyman> 666 isn`t even a nerf....newbies will still get destroyed by LG
  1745. <InFerNo_> it came from 8, now it's 7 and it will be 6
  1746. <PredatH0r> guys, keep in mind: we wont be playing against newbies
  1747. <vixterra> "666 isn't even a nerf"
  1748. <szr> its a massive nerf when you consider the new RL and RG
  1749. <szr> its like making it 4-4-4 with the old settings
  1750. <szr> xD
  1751. <vixterra> Just because it wont effect a certain userbase
  1752. <vixterra> doesn't mean it isn't a nerf
  1753. <muckyman> most of us wont be on standard servers either
  1754. <ika> muckyman there is no setting which would protect newbies, even from your gauntlet, if they won't be separated from us, they will just leave for sure
  1755. <InFerNo_> these things are global
  1756. <InFerNo_> I understand giving players loadouts and having no loadouts in "classic"
  1757. <ika> I bet any of is would do just fine with gauntlet only on a tier3 server
  1758. <InFerNo_> but having different damages on top of that is too big of a gap
  1759. <ika> any of us*
  1760. <InFerNo_> so this guy wants to try the classic mode, he's been playing with loadouts for a while
  1761. <PredatH0r> i dont see a reason to buff RG or RL. only to reduce LG a bit
  1762. <winz> how could you understand loadouts
  1763. <InFerNo_> he joins a classic through an invite and the first thing he notices is that he now has to find weapons
  1764. <winz> it doesn't fit quake at all
  1765. <InFerNo_> but he also gets ripped to shit by a 777 LG
  1766. <winz> never did
  1767. <ika> ^^
  1768. <muckyman> Lg is THE only weapon thats to dominant
  1769. <InFerNo_> look winz
  1770. <winz> and loadouts don't belong in duel/tdm/ctf
  1771. <muckyman> all the rest are fine
  1772. <InFerNo_> is clan arena considered quake?
  1773. <winz> if you want weapons on spawn there is a mode for that
  1774. <winz> called CA
  1775. <InFerNo_> you don't get to pick a loadout, you just spawn with everything at once
  1776. <InFerNo_> that's even worse
  1777. <winz> it doesn't have its place in tdm whatsoever
  1778. <szr> RG can make or break a game
  1779. <szr> more than LG
  1780. <szr> if you hit rails you win
  1781. <WhoDX> 14, 08, 09] [20:19:02] <InFerNo_> but he also gets ripped to shit by a 777 LG
  1782. <WhoDX> wasnt lg dmg change across board
  1783. <muckyman> yes
  1784. <InFerNo_> yes
  1785. <InFerNo_> that's my point
  1786. <InFerNo_> that you highlighted
  1787. <InFerNo_> read my 2 lines above that one
  1788. <WhoDX> tdm > ffa with teams
  1789. <InFerNo_> it's a story :)
  1790. <winz> thing is, there are modes that are designed just for that
  1791. <winz> not having to pick up weapons laying on the ground
  1792. <winz> why the fuck would you ruin all the modes with that shit
  1793. <winz> it's just stupid
  1794. <InFerNo_> thing is, you can't convince the devs from not going through with it
  1795. <winz> I know
  1796. <WhoDX> the only game mode which doesnt have that is tdm
  1797. <winz> remains utterly stupid
  1798. <InFerNo_> we're better of suggesting tweaks
  1799. <WhoDX> so its unfication of modes.. agree dumb thou :)
  1800. <WhoDX> 5s respawn bleh ;f
  1801. <WhoDX> item timers too.. but item timers easier to live with :
  1802. <WhoDX> ))
  1803. <WhoDX> !w
  1804. <Dingbot> 1 player(s) available: P​redatH0r
  1805. <PredatH0r> !r
  1806. <WhoDX> PredatH0r want a duel?
  1807. <PredatH0r> :P
  1808. <PredatH0r> ok
  1809. <WhoDX> i might need a pause for 1 min thou :P
  1810. <WhoDX> daughters in her bath
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