F4M I'm done being sweet

Dec 21st, 2017
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  1. (As always, feel free to improvise and adapt to make it your own!)
  3. Start
  5. (Angry, slightly out of breath, shaky) Hey. Fuck you. Turn around and look at me. Put down your stupid controller. What am I doing barging into your room like this? Fuck you, that’s what I’m doing. (heavy, shaky breathing)
  7. They told me. Your friends told me you asked her out. Her. Fucking seriously, you asked her out. I don’t fucking believe it. She’s… she doesn’t fucking give a shit about you. She never hangs out with you. I’ve never heard her make you laugh, like I do. Never spent time playing your stupid games with you and … and… what the fuck is the point? I can’t tell you how angry I am right now. All this time I’ve pretended to be sweet and caring, and listened to all your stupid fucking problems like a fucking idiot, and I always thought you cared. Do you think I just wanted to be your stupid fucking *friend*? That I was happy just being a happy sweet little fucking angel while you go off and fuck other girls?
  9. No. Shut up. I don’t want to hear a word out of you. I’m done. I’m done listening to you and pretending that I give a fuck about whatever stupid shit you say. As if I’m not just here because I crave you so much that it makes me ache. Just… just back up against the wall. I want to look at you right in the eyes. I want to get close enough to you that you can feel how angry you’re making me. Look, give me your hand. Put it here. Can you feel how hard my heart is beating? That I’m so angry my whole body is trembling? (Pause) What? Fine, take your hand away then. You think I care if you were touching my breast? I’m not some precious innocent little doll that you can’t touch. I’m not a child. I *want* you to touch me, you idiot. That’s the whole point. But you never do. And I’ve just been waiting here like a fool while you lust over other girls, thinking you were just nervous and building up the confidence to finally touch me, take me, use me.
  11. No. Listen. I’m done being the dumb little girl who just sits there and listens to all your stupid thoughts. Let me lean in and whisper this in your ear so you know I mean it. Listen very carefully. (Whispering) I’m done being sweet. I’m *not* sweet. Now, I’m going to kiss you, like I’ve been wanting to do for so long. And I know you’re going to like it. If you don’t, fine, I’ll go away and you never have to see me again. But if you do, you don’t have to say anything. Just keep kissing me and I’ll know that you mean it, ok?
  13. Shhh. Just hold me. Put your hands on my hips, like this. To stop me shaking. Hold me firm. Tighter, like that, don’t be a pussy. Mmmm (sound of kissing, light and hesitant at first, then becoming more intense). (Softly) Yes. Swap with me. Push me up against the wall. Don’t be gentle (giggles, sudden intake of breath). That’s better. Push your hips into me, I want to feel if you’re hard. Oh god, you are. I can feel it. It’s pressing into my pussy. Fuck. That feels so good. Grind into me, push. Harder. Push my ass against the wall, yes, just like that. Oh, god, you’re so hard. I knew it. I knew I could make you want me. Do you know how much I’ve touched myself, just thinking about the things I want you to do to me? Yes. Fuck, yes. Let me just grind my hips against you, like this. See, I can push back into you, I can be strong too. I can give as much as I take. You like that, don’t you? The way I’m pushing my throbbing pussy into you and rubbing it against your dick. Mmmm, just swaying and grinding my hips, so deliciously seductive (giggles). Your dick must be aching to push inside me, it knows that there’s just some annoying clothes in the way, in between it and my aching, wet pussy. I know I want that. I’m so wet and throbbing that you would slide into me so easily, and I’d grip your cock so tightly.
  15. Let me just whisper a little secret to you in your ear. (Whispering) Did you know, I have a really amazing little pussy? It’s so pretty and tastes so sweet. Yes, of course I’ve tasted it. I’ve been wanting to share it with you. Just put your hands down here and unbutton my jeans, go on, don’t be shy. Let me guide your hand down, yes, slipping you into my underwear like this. (Laughs) Look at your face. You’re so shy. It’s cute. Let me just kiss you on the cheek. Good boy. It’s ok. Just slide your hand in there, deeper. You know what you want to do. Yes, hold me like that with your other hand, pull me into you. Just let your fingers find my pussy, where it’s wet and warm and soft. Just use your fingertips to feel me, gently. Oh, yes, just like that. Mmmm. That feels nice. Does it feel nice to you? (laughs) I know it does. Now slide them into me, just a little, so you can feel how tight I am. So wet and slippery. Can you imagine how good it would feel to slide your cock in there? Mmmm. Just play with me a little. Explore me. (soft moaning sounds) Oh, look, you’ve found my clit. (giggles, sharp intakes of breath). That’s… that’s… good. No, no, you don’t have to be shy. That’s a very important place (giggles). Just feel it, but be gentle. It’s pretty sensitive. Little circles, that’s what I like. Using my wetness to glide over it. Teasing it, oh that’s good. It feels so much better, when it’s… someone else. When it’s you.
  17. Mmmm, yes, just a little bit of pressure. Yes. That’s good. (soft moans, shaky intakes of breath, getting more intense). No, keep going. Don’t stop. No, it doesn’t hurt. No, the… the… opposite. It’s just… (moaning)… just… so intense. My whole body is… oh god, I’m trembling. I… I can’t speak. Just let me… please, just let me come. I’m going to come, oh god. (sounds of approaching orgasm, breathlessness, trembling – then reach an overwhelming, personal not theatrical, orgasm). Wow. Oh, wow. I… I didn’t expect that. That was… oh god. You were so close to me, and the way you were touching me and holding me, it was just perfect. I couldn’t help but come. (giggles) My legs are still shaking, if I wasn’t leaning into you like this I don’t think I could stand up. Careful, I’m sensitive. Just gently slide your hand out. Taste me. (giggles) No, don’t be shy, I promise you it tastes good. (laughs) See? I told you.
  19. (A few moments of soft breathing)
  21. You know, while I’m… recovering, and, and my legs are shaky, I might just slide down and rest on my knees, like this. On the soft carpet. With my, yes, with my head right here, so close to your… mmmm. I could just lean forward slightly and kiss it through your clothes. Just gently, like this. Teasing you with my lips. (giggles) Mmmm, I can still look up at you and into your eyes from here. Do I look good like this? Why do you look so… excited? Your breathing is a little heavy.
  23. (Teasingly) What’s wrong? Don’t you like me down here on my knees? Oh, you do? Why? (Playfully innocent) I’m just resting. Or is there… something else on your mind? I can’t imagine what it could be. Maybe you’ll have to beg for it, whatever it is. So I know what you want. Say it. Say it. (Pause) You’re going to have to be clearer than that, I just don’t understand. You want me to use my mouth? To do what? Oh. Oh, I’m not sure a good girl like me would do something like that. Well, maybe. It does sound quite nice, to have your big hard cock right in front of my pretty little face. Then I could use my tongue to tease it, and then let you slide it into my mouth. Is that the sort of thing you would like? Oh, that’s so naughty! But why would you want to do that? Would it feel good? Why? Tell me.
  25. Mmmm, oh I see, it would be so wet and warm, and you could see my pretty face looking up at you, looking into your eyes with your throbbing dick in my mouth? (giggles) And you could push it into me, like my mouth is a tight wet pussy? Mmmm. So you’re saying you’d like to… fuck my face? While I look up at you, on my knees like this? Oh, I could do that. For you. But only if you ask nicely. You need to beg for it. No, you can do better than that. Say please, please can you unbutton my pants, like this. Good boy. Say, please, can you grab my underwear and pull it down until you reveal a beautiful, hard, throbbing cock. (pause). Oh, wow, it *is* beautiful. And so hard. I… I really like it. I do. (Exaggerated desire, urgency) Oh, I can’t wait to taste it. I think I’d really like that. I bet it would make you feel so *good*. Should I? Should I use my tongue to reach out and touch it? Oh, you want me to let it brush against my lips, my face. That’s… that’s actually a very good idea, well done (giggles). I like it when you surprise me.
  27. Like this? Just letting it rest on my face, teasing it with my lips, letting it slide against my skin as I brush my cheeks against it? That feels good, it’s so warm and hard. Does it feel good for you too? Mmmm, I bet it does. Shall I lick it now? Yes? That’s good, I want to. Mmmm. Gently, teasing. Oh, you taste nice. Look at how you’re trembling when I touch you. It’s adorable. Mmmm. Shall I let you slide it into me now? Yes, I think so too. Go on, do it. You don’t need to be gentle. Mmph. (sounds of face fucking, slow at first then getting faster, harder) (gasps for breath). God, yes. Harder. Fuck my face like that. Push it into my throat, I can take it. (feel free to improvise a little here). Oh god. Wait. I can tell you’re getting close. No, don’t come yet. I know you want to, but I want you to fuck me. That’s what I’ve been waiting for.
  29. (Excited and rushed, eager, heavy breathing) Push me back against the wall. Hold me. Grab me hard. Don’t be gentle. Yes, pull down my underwear. God, you’re so excited. Yes, yes, you can kiss me there. Let me wrap one of my thighs around your neck and pull you in close. Oh, god, the way you’re teasing my clit with the tip of your tongue, that’s amazing. Fuck, that’s good. I’m throbbing so hard for you. Can you taste how wet I am for you? I’m fucking soaking. I can feel it on my thighs. Oh god. No, please, don’t make me come yet. I want you inside me. I need you to fuck me, really hard.
  31. Stand up. Just… look into my eyes. Kiss me. (kissing sounds). I can feel your cock pushing against my pussy. Just a little pressure and I think the head would slide into me. But wait, no, not just yet. Um, I think, we should… um, do you have a condom? Just in case. I’m not ready to get pregnant just yet (giggles). Yes? In the drawer? Good. Quickly, put it on. Fuck, let me help you. I need this now. Like that, good. Now, fuck me. Put it in… yes. Fuck. That feels so… (incomprehensible sounds of pleasure). Yes. Like that. Hold me. Fuck me, press me against the wall. It’s ok, you won’t break me. Harder. I can take it, yes, fuck yes. That’s so *good*. (feel free to improvise some sex sounds here, getting louder and more intense).
  33. (Breathless pauses as they fuck, insert wherever feels natural) What? I’m being too loud? Fuck you, so what if they hear? I want them to know that you’re fucking me. They’re going to know that you’re making me come. And when I leave I’ll smile at them and they’ll know that we fucked. (giggles) But you’re not going to stop, are you? You want to come so bad that you’ll let me scream and you can’t do anything about it (laughs, breathless, excited). (Teasing) When I come, I’m going to be so loud, just for you, baby. (improvise sex sounds, pleasurable moans)
  35. Yes, oh god, I’m so close. Can you feel me throbbing? My pussy is pulsing all over your cock, god it feels so good. I’m going to come. Are you? Fuck, I don’t even care, you can come if you want. Yes. Yes, don’t stop. Keep fucking me hard, no it doesn’t hurt, keep going, that’s perfect. I’m going to wrap my legs around you, ok? Hold me up against the wall and finish me. Yes. Fuck. I’m going to come like that. (Improvise building up to loud, breathless orgasm. Throw an ‘I love you’ in there somewhere)
  37. (Breathing slows, gradually, content and shaky). Mmmm… I came for you. Yes, slow down, be gentle. I’m shaking a little, my pussy is sensitive. Did… did you come? I can’t tell with the condom. You did? Oh, good. What? What did you say? (Surprised) You love me too? What do you mean? (Pause) I… I said that? Really? I don’t remember. Well, fuck, I do. I’ve loved you for ages. Didn’t you know? I wasn’t subtle about it, was I? (giggles) Well, why didn’t you tell me, you idiot? (Pause) You’re so stupid, why on earth would you think I was ‘out of your league?’ (laughs) Fuck, we should have done this a long time ago then.
  39. (Whispers in ear) Well, in that case, we’ve got a lot to make up for. And what about… her? (Pause) What, you’ve forgotten all about her already? Gosh, you fucked me so hard you lost your memory (giggles). Now kiss me, and then let’s play some games together until you’re ready to go again, ok (giggles). (Sounds of kissing).
  41. The End.
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