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Orcish Women Amirite?

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Dec 29th, 2013
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  1. ‘Praise Olidamarra,” Jonah thought as the waitress approached their table, tray packed with drinks of the alcoholic sort.
  3. The first drink set down was a tankard of Dwarvish bitter for Bismuth, the (surprisingly) not-so-hairy leader of their adventuring pack. Next was the goblet of crimson wine, handed to Llewinne, the lean Elven thief and chief acquirer of both jobs and payment. Next were twin mugs of ale, one for the fighter Erik, and the other for the Cleric Aleksandyr (who maintained Pelor wouldn’t mind one drink). Finally Jonah received his pint of stout, which fit the Halfling’s hand quite nicely as he tipped it up, much to the cheer of Bismuth.
  5. “Ye shoulda waited for Vasha tae git hers laddie!” Bismuth laughed, as the waitress handed out the last tankard on her tray.
  7. The tankard was passed down the table to the green-skinned female clad in rough leathers, and she accepted with a quiet grunt.
  9. “Sorry Vasha, got ahead of myself as it were,” he apologized nervously, afraid of th-
  11. *THUMP*
  13. The palm of her hand smacked the back of his head harshly, far weaker than if she’d actually used any effort, but enough to dizzy the smaller male. This, of course, elicited a chuckle out of the tall woman as she began to suck down the thick Orcish brew she’d ordered. Jonah had no idea how she could manage that junk, the smell of it turning him off completely. Turning his attention back to the rest of the table, he watched Llewinne pat the waitresses’ bottom as he slipped an extra silver coin onto her tray before she left.
  15. “Ech lad, ye need to settle down one’a these days,” Bismuth said, lifting his own tankard.
  17. “I shall one day, but until then I should like to have a little fun. We all can’t have a litter of children for each of our wives Bismuth,” the Elf replied with a snicker.
  19. He was of course referencing Bismuth’s proclivity for marrying and reproducing at a massive rate, and inevitably this started an argument that Jonah was quick to slip out of. The two always fought over something, and despite it being more like a rebellious son being nagged by an overbearing father, Jonah would rather do what he was good at.
  21. Play the lute.
  23. Finishing his pint off on his way to the bar, the small Halfling asked the bartender for another as he clambered up onto the stool and began to unwrap the small wooden instrument. The pint made a small thunk as it was set down next to him, but Jonah paid it no mind, instead he ran his fingers over the strings of his lute, feeling the residual magic within the enchanted wood. It would never have to be tuned, nor cleaned, nor would it bear the effects of weather. It’d cost him a pretty penny, and that would explain why he was the only member of their little group without an actual weapon, but to him it didn’t matter.
  25. He was living his dream of bard-dom.
  27. Draining his drink, the Halfling let out a satisfied “Ahhh,” before jumping up onto the bar. His sudden knocking over of empty cups startled a few, but any anger was quickly drowned out by the singing of the talented young man. Soon, everyone was joining in as he sang, shanty tunes taken with new spins as he danced and played on the bar. Both old and young alike cheered with each song, tossing coins of all colors at him as he played their requests, and showering him with more drinks during each break between songs.
  29. Soon he was laden with money, and his head swam with alcohol. It was at this point that several women began to approach him, tight bodices and low-cut blouses tempting him along with promises of enjoyable nights should he come home with them, but what he didn’t expect was the sudden fear in their eyes as someone gripped his shoulders. Two strong hands holding him in place as a angry grunt sent the meek women scattering.
  31. Jonah already knew who it was, and regretted allowing the women to talk to him immediately.
  33. “H-Hey sweetie,” he stammered as he looked up into Vasha’s face.
  35. Technically, they were married… Technically.
  37. Though Jonah wondered if Tribal Orcish customs were realized by common society, though it didn’t matter as Vasha bent down and kissed him, her small(-ish) tusks poking his cheeks as he was treated to the residual booze on her breath.
  39. “Come, we go to bed,” she stated, picking him up and throwing him over her shoulder.
  41. Mere moments later he was thrown on the bed, as Vasha began to strip in front of him. She was… beautiful by human standards, but ugly by Orcish. Her body was lean, covered in taut clusters of muscle near her legs, arms, and abdomen. Her breasts were big, especially so for the smaller man, but there was a small puncture scar from an arrow just under her left breast. Hells, there were scars all over her, but most interesting (or most attractive in Jonah’s mind) was the one on her face.
  43. Her face was heart-shaped, a pair of full dark green lips parted slightly by her tusks, with a small nose in-between two beautiful reddish eyes, all topped by a thick black ponytail that dangled down her back. The scar we’re speaking of however is a jagged claw mark that passes over her right eye, gained during their travels together. It also was, ironically, sustained the night they’d “wed”.
  45. Their campsite had been jumped by feral cats, which were under the control of some corrupt druid in the woods. One had Jonah pinned in his bedroll, ready to tear his throat when Vasha had torn it off him. No weapon in hand, the barbarian woman had begun trading punch for claw with the beast, quickly losing the upper hand. Now, Jonah was no fighter, in fact his sword was a rusted hunk that he barely kept sharp, but when he saw that cat tear jagged red lines on her face… He lost it.
  47. He jumped at the beast, hand grabbing a chunk of hair as he jabbed the semi-sharp point into its side. He was thrown off of course, but his distraction was enough that Vasha could tear its throat out in a rage. Shortly after the clamor had calmed down Vasha drug him out into the woods (at the complaint of the rest of the party), and pledged herself to him. By “pledged” read: fucked him up against a tree until they both nearly collapsed.
  49. Vasha finished stripping quite fast, strong arms crossed over her heavy breasts as she gave him a small scowl.
  51. “Clothes off husband, I will remind you to be faithful,”
  53. Jonah thought for a second about debating his faithfulness, but when his wife was drunk she wasn’t up for peaceful resolution. Tearing his clothes off as fast as he could, he let out a yelp as Vasha straddled him. Pinning his hands down with her own, the muscular Orc shifted her hips around to slip his erection into her, but stopped just as the tip brushed the lips of her sex, moving her legs to pin his down. Horny from both drink and the sight of his beautiful wife, Jonah struggled to penetrate her, even just a bit, but found himself unable. Looking down at his penis, and back up to Vasha’s face, he found her wearing a smirk.
  55. He began to struggle harder, balling his hands into fists as he attempted to thrust his hips up in a futile effort to fuck her. After several protracted minutes, he finally stopped, giving her a red-faced glare.
  57. “Apologize,” she stated, moving her hips ever so slightly over the head of his cock, sending a lance of pleasure through him.
  59. His mouth screwed up as he contemplated telling her off. He felt no need to apologize for uncommitted crimes, but the possessive female begged to differ. She obviously felt as if looking at another woman, much less talking to her, was a sin only forgiven by begging at the knees. She began to move her hips again, rolling them in a circle over his nethers, and he shut his eyes as he mumbled the words she wanted to hear.
  61. “I’m sorry,” he near-whispered.
  63. “Louder,”
  65. “I’m sorry,” he said again, this time loud enough to hear over people downstairs.
  67. “Lou-,” she leaned down “-Der,” she finished saying as she brushed her naked breasts over his face.
  69. “I’m sorry! I’ll never do it again, now please fuck me!” he cried, all resolve broken when he felt the pliant flesh rubbing over his mouth.
  71. Satisfied, Vasha lowered herself down on him with a loud “Hmph!” sinking his rather large member (for a Halfling anyway) into her hot core. Immediately she began to buck on him, releasing his arm and leaning back to roll her hips, feeling his hard prick rub against the sensitive walls of her pussy. The second his arms were freed, he reached for those glorious green orbs, pulling at the hardened green nipples that jutted out proudly. These were her weak spots, and she felt her strength go as he pinched them harshly. Taking the advantage, he pushed her back onto the bed, shifting them into the missionary position as he started to thrust into her.
  73. Her legs closed in around him as he pumped away, small hands grasping her hips as he crashed into her. Her head threw back in ecstasy as he took her, this being her biggest turn-on, to be dominated by her tiny husband. Slowing his thrusts, he pushed her legs away as he pulled out, receiving a look from her that screamed ‘What the hell are you doing?’. Giving her the same smirk she gave him, he flipped her on her stomach and pulled her legs around, dropping them off the side of the bed. Whipping her head around to look behind her, she gave him a steaming look of pure lust as he rammed himself back into her.
  75. Her pleasure began to soar as he began to fuck her as roughly as he could manage, fingers digging into her hips as her humped her against the bed. Each thrust pushed a moan from her mouth, and she felt herself start to climax when something unexpected happened.
  77. He spanked her.
  79. His hand left a small imprint as it descended on her plump rear, the resounding smack followed by a low groan as she came. Her walls clamped on him as he continued his assault on her butt, smack after smack landing on each cheek, leaving several overlapping hand marks as she felt one orgasm cascade into another. His thrusting started to speed up as well, and the hand that’d been spanking her made for its new target… her ponytail.
  81. Letting out a loud grunt, Jonah pulled her ponytail hard, forcing her to look up as he came inside of her. Those massaging walls coaxing out rope after rope of creamy off-white sperm that headed directly for her womb. His frantic pumping slowed as he fired off all he had into her, and eventually his slowly deflating cock slipped out of her. Letting out a loud sigh, Jonah cracked his neck as Vasha turned to kneel on the floor, coming up just tall enough to look him in the eyes. Letting out a small chuckle, the Halfling’s eyes went wide as she pulled him into a kiss, hugging him close afterwards.
  83. “Make love to me like this more often,” she murmured in his ear before sliding up onto the bed, beckoning him to lay by her.
  85. Jonah considered a witty one liner, but decided against it. He was more than happy just sliding next to her, and feeling her pull him close as they started to drift to sleep.
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