day 2

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  1. Anyone slept?<br/>> Glitch",
  2. "> Of course not! Way too much going on.<br/>> Bull",
  3. "> Still at the hospital with ’Cat. Been here too long. Gonna have to burn the SIN she’s using when she gets out.<br/>> Slamm-0!",
  4. "> How is she?<br/>> Glitch",
  5. "> About the same. Still out, still mumbling sometimes. Doc thinks it’s some kind of biofeedback damage. Like extreme dumpshock.<br/>> Slamm-0!",
  6. "> All right, keep an eye in her for us. But we need to talk about what’s going on.<br/>> Glitch",
  7. "> I know. I’m watching. Gotta keep myself occupied.<br/>> Slamm-0!",
  8. "> So I’d sum up what I know, but I’m still not sure if I know anything. There’s some active misinformation going on out there that’s mucking up the waters.<br/>> Glitch",
  9. "> What do you mean?<br/>> Bull",
  10. "> I’ve got two different feeds streaming in front of me right now. One of them shows rioting in Nashville. The other one shows normal nighttime traffic in Nashville, with the whole city looking peaceful. One of them is fake, but it’s a good fake. Seamless.<br/>> Glitch",
  11. "> What do we know that’s verifiable?<br/>> Bull",
  12. "> Some cities are definitely dark. DeeCee, Philly, Newark. And I got some footage of the ARCHology in St. Louis before my drone was taken out. Take a look.<br/>> Glitch",
  13. "> They got some light in there. Looks like torches. Good for them.<br/>> Slamm-0!",
  14. "> Wait, what was that? Rewind about five seconds.<br/>> Bull",
  15. "> What are you looking at?<br/>> Glitch",
  16. "> Underside of the arch. Left of center. There’s something moving.<br/>> Bull",
  17. "> I’m not seeing it.<br/>> Glitch",
  18. "> Watch the stars in the background. One goes out, then another one, then another. Because something is moving in front of them.<br/>> Bull",
  19. "> Heh. You can see the stars in St. Louis. Probably the first time a lot of those fraggers have seen how many of them there are.<br/>> Slamm-0!",
  20. "> Okay, I see it. Probably human sized, but crawling on the underside of the arch. Too bad drones can’t see astral.<br/>> Glitch",
  21. "> What happened to your drone?<br/>> Bull",
  22. "> Got zapped. Don’t know who did it. I sent another one, and it returned about half an hour ago. It’s docking and sending me what it got. Should be ready to view about … now! Enjoy.<br/>> Glitch",
  23. "> Yup, city’s still dark. Hope everyone burning stuff indoors knows how to ventilate.<br/>> Slamm-0!",
  24. "> Looks pretty calm.<br/>> Glitch",
  25. "> That’s because we’re outside. We don’t know what’s happening in that arch.<br/>> Bull",
  26. "> What’s going on in that window to the left?<br/>> Slamm-0!",
  27. "> Hopefully the sub-routines I programmed into it will tell the drone to notice that window as something interesting so we’ll get a better look<br/>> Glitch",
  28. "> Looks like it did. Yeah, there’s the chaos I was looking for. What’s that room? <br/>> Slamm-0!",
  29. "> Looks like a restaurant. Good meeting place.<br/>> Glitch",
  30. "> That’s not a meeting. That ork just decked somebody, solid. And on that pane to the right? That ain’t ketchup. <br/>> Bull",
  31. "> Holy drek, that troll has someone lifted over her head. And she’s—she’s not going to—is she?<br/>> Slamm-0!",
  32. "> Yeah, she is. Defenestration. That window must have been pummeled already to break like that. Who did she throw?<br/>> Bull",
  33. "> Please drone please drone please drone follow it down. And there it goes!<br/>> Slamm-0!",
  34. "> Let’s get a look at that poor fragger.<br/>> Glitch",
  35. "> What the hell is that?!?!?<br/>> Slamm-0!",
  36. "> I don’t even know what I’m looking at.<br/>> Bull",
  37. "> Is that a tentacle? A tumor? Where’s it’s face?<br/>> Slamm-0!",
  38. "> Why is it wearing a jacket? Doesn’t that look military?<br/>> Glitch",
  39. "> Wait. Back up. It got a shot of the left shoulder. Can we look closer?<br/>> Bull",
  40. "> What the hell …<br/>> Glitch",
  41. "> III Corps. That’s III Corps.<br/>> Bull",
  42. "> How the hell does that thing have a III Corps jacket?<br/>> Slamm-0!",
  43. "> I don’t know. But that’s what that is.<br/>> Glitch",
  44. "> III Corps disappeared almost 900 kilometers from St. Louis. What is that jacket doing here?<br/>> Slamm-0!",
  45. "> And how did that thing get it?<br/>> Glitch",
  46. "> And how did it get in the arch?<br/>> Bull",
  47. "> Good questions. But more footage is coming in. From lots of places. Going to try to compile it. Might take a day. This stuff is a mess.<br/>> Glitch",
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