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  1. NXXXXXXXXXT: yo lol dont u know if qwneer still streams nowadays? I used to watch his streams and yeah... I really miss him :/
  2. Maldorenx:  D:  BibleThump
  3. Maldorenx: y dood gamor
  4. ModeratorBigBuwi: hes mountrunning nowadays
  5. NXXXXXXXXXT: id rather mountrun than play 2s with held hostage
  6. NXXXXXXXXXT: gottem
  7. Maldorenx: LUL
  8. Maldorenx: yo next lets chill with moonpig :D
  9. ModeratorBigBuwi: 2's with held hostage i dont get that phrase
  10. ModeratorBigBuwi: i speak english
  11. Nemanjabj2: hey coloss
  12. ModeratorBigBuwi: i didnt know that a former arena master rdruid and top tier holy paladin could switch so quick into a mount runner and a northrend explorer LUL
  13. Nemanjabj2: its heinsen, hope i face you in 2s tomorrow  haHAA
  14. NXXXXXXXXXT: lol imagine going apeshit on a girl  :joy: :ok_hand:
  15. Deathcratos: no more pqr  FeelsBadMan
  16. Maldorenx: white knight btw  haHAA
  17. Nemanjabj2: rsham / destro lock tomorrow bro , hope i see you :D
  18. 幸運キーパー (sinzirox): u still alive? o_O
  19. Angelism_: you can still script but not with pqr :/
  20. Drakhoney: J PogChamp S H
  21. ModeratorBigBuwi: U mean imagine going ape shit on a " E-girl " that " YOU " happen to sell a rooster to her " EX " so he could be just as a big of a cuck as u and give her coins so she could buy BIS LUL LUL LUL
  22. ModeratorBigBuwi: its fine though dawg as long as u enjoy ur retirement from arenas
  23. Nemanjabj2: someone was streaming on BC realm and someone said that next got banned cause he used script for every holy shock to be crit
  24. Angelism_: cmonBRUH
  25. Nemanjabj2: what do you think about it coloss ? @colossalxx
  26. NXXXXXXXXXT: @BigBuwi fuck dude stop exposing me.
  27. NXXXXXXXXXT: btw check trade offers, got you some skins for christmas haha. I hope you're not gna be a piece of shit human being and not give me anything haha!!!§
  28. ModeratorBigBuwi: 4$ gift LUL LUL
  29. ModeratorBigBuwi: its definetly more than 400 coins buddy!! " haha!! "
  30. ModeratorBigBuwi: didnt know that warmane coins went down that much that they average 4$ per 400 coins
  31. NXXXXXXXXXT: add live:jorn.fridrikssen on skype, he sells coins quite cheap :)
  32. Nemanjabj2: lmao next were they telling the truth ?
  33. NXXXXXXXXXT: @Nemanjabj2 yes.
  34. ModeratorBigBuwi: you should try get back into arenas btw! just a suggestion!! "haha!!" u didnt look so good the last time u qued with shinta vs me LUL
  35. ModeratorBigBuwi: guess the retirement gets u rusty, no real global management in mountrunning and exploring i guess :D
  36. NXXXXXXXXXT: atleast I dont die to glondzy on icecrown
  37. Maldorenx: OMEGALUL
  38. ModeratorBigBuwi: LUL LUL
  39. LTBlasToiSe: TriHard
  40. Nemanjabj2: i think it was chriss stream , the warrior
  41. Nemanjabj2: german guy
  42. NXXXXXXXXXT: I have a strange feeling this mvptamiim guy is gna ask about qwneer stream really soon.. dno why haha.
  43. Nemanjabj2: next got banned just when qwner should be unbanned
  44. Nemanjabj2: 2k18
  45. Drakhoney: neither should have been banned so we get enternainment TriHard /
  46. Nemanjabj2: next you goy me really dissapointed .
  47. ModeratorBigBuwi: Wonder if people gonna keep telling me on discord that a specific person changed so much into a cringe moron dno why hehe
  48. NXXXXXXXXXT: lol mvptamiim has to be the worst hpal ive watched in my E N T I R E life
  49. ModeratorBigBuwi: LUL LUL i like how ur trying to get me to type that its me
  50. ModeratorBigBuwi: so whats ur point guy asked me if i want to play his character today added me on skype and here i am
  51. NXXXXXXXXXT: oh how is it in canada
  52. ModeratorBigBuwi: whats ur point atleast im playing arenas and not out there exploring northrend LUL LUL
  53. NXXXXXXXXXT: imagine whispering girls talking about yourself in third person
  54. NXXXXXXXXXT: how much you miss your OWN streams
  56. cmonbruh_so_underrated: LU8L
  57. ModeratorBigBuwi: talking about myself in third person LUL
  58. ModeratorBigBuwi: i didnt whisper a single e-girl the last i recall
  59. ModeratorBigBuwi: i heard u do
  61. https://gyazo.com/47e7a5bfde40b02e5e0b3ab87223c501
  62. NXXXXXXXXXT: unlucky bud
  63. ModeratorBigBuwi: and how is that me
  64. ModeratorBigBuwi: specifcally LUL
  65. ModeratorBigBuwi: explain please so do
  66. hiraku420: snus
  67. ModeratorAsuriTV: LUL imagine being that sad
  68. Maldorenx: the Q.
  69. yournext1: Y I K E S
  70. NXXXXXXXXXT: thanks for the suggestion!
  71. ModeratorBigBuwi: Alright so u didnt give me a reason to why its me
  72. ModeratorBigBuwi: Now let me give u a couple of reasons
  73. ModeratorBigBuwi: maybe the guy was looking for me so i can play on icecrown again?
  74. ModeratorBigBuwi: oh that cant be it
  75. Broadcastercolossalxx: alright thanks for watching guys :) gonna stop for now
  76. Broadcastercolossalxx: have a good night :D
  77. Drakhoney: noooo josh
  78. Maldorenx: dont go off
  79. ModeratorBigBuwi: it really cant be it right
  80. Maldorenx: fat fuck
  81. Drakhoney: noone else is streaming
  83. NXXXXXXXXXT: y dude u definitely didnt do the same thing with alex's warlock before right buddy? @BigBuwi
  84. Wreckktv: Alright
  85. laylayx: STAYYYY
  86. Wreckktv: GG's bois
  87. ModeratorBigBuwi: Whats wrong with alex's lock
  88. ModeratorBigBuwi: what did i type
  89. Wreckktv: was fun
  90. Now hosting reqiuem00
  91. ModeratorBigBuwi: i wrote to veorra that ur a cuck
  92. ModeratorBigBuwi: that mountruns LUL
  93. ModeratorBigBuwi: too bad everybody doesnt know that
  94. ModeratorAsuriTV:  (puke)
  95. ModeratorBigBuwi: but now theres a couple of people here
  96. ModeratorBigBuwi: maybe people know
  97. ModeratorBigBuwi: thata ur flirting with a e-girl
  98. NXXXXXXXXXT: ye you tried the same
  99. ModeratorAsuriTV: fucking disgusting (vomit)
  100. ModeratorBigBuwi: ur flirting with a e-girl that u found on icecrown, that u were apparently afraid of because she has 12 cats and that creeped u out but suddenly it doesnt!!
  101. Wreckktv: Lilwayne if you're reading this
  102. Wreckktv: I love you
  103. NXXXXXXXXXT: u could prolly get cucked by alex tbh
  104. ModeratorBigBuwi: Retired gamer helping e-girls on a private server with coins and mount running
  105. NXXXXXXXXXT: not gna lie
  106. ModeratorBigBuwi: LUL
  107. ModeratorBigBuwi: just a quick suggestion! start playing again
  108. ModeratorBigBuwi: because the last time we played
  109. ModeratorBigBuwi: u and shinta got 7-3'd
  110. Maldorenx: LUL
  111. ModeratorBigBuwi: if i recall correctly
  112. Maldorenx: ROFL
  114. ModeratorBigBuwi: so next time u open ur mouth u get dealt with
  115. Maldorenx: Sugarcoding it
  116. Maldorenx: i like it
  117. ModeratorBigBuwi: 3-0 the last series we played with 1 draw
  118. ModeratorBigBuwi: 4-3 couple days before that
  119. ModeratorBigBuwi: mount running doesnt help u improve
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