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Dec 11th, 2019
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  1. [ARTICLE]
  2. Hail Grandmaster Herman of the High and Chivalric Order of Deserved Rest,
  6. May ravens alight upon you. It is with great sorrow that I write this to inform you that my predecessor, the honorable Lady Leopoldine von Meyer, has retired to her family manse due to her advancing years. She leaves the care of the most noble Order of the Black Rose in my care, and her affairs have thus fallen to me.
  10. It is my understanding she was in some correspondence with you these past few years and indeed, she asked me to send you her regards. I hope to maintain a line of communication between our Orders. Though we are not Templars such as you, the Knights of the Black Rose have the utmost respect for your Order. It is for this reason and our shared love for Morr that I wish to extend an offer of aid to your brotherhood. Forgive me if it is presumptuous, but your last letters spoke of a haunting in Carroburg, and with how stretched your Order has been as late, I wished to offer the assistance of a lance of my knights to aid you in exorcising the spirit.
  14. I shall not pretend my knights possess anywhere near the expertise your Order does, but we know the prayers and the rites, and the man in charge, Ser German von Bucher, has some experience with the restless dead including helping put a vampire to rest several years ago. Perhaps of greater importance, he is an uncle to one of the Captains of the Carroburg Watch, which may help open up some doors.
  18. Additionally, a Chapter of my Order is heading south to the lands around what had once been the Moot. Stirland was the birthplace of our Order, and though we have faced Stirland in battle many a time since those days, we would not have it despoiled by unholy beasts. Nor would I see Averland, the state of my birth, so ruined. Given it is my understanding that some of your Knights will be deploying there as well, perhaps we could coordinate our efforts?
  22. Fear Not Death,
  24. Grandmaster Wilhelm von Kilner of the Order of the Black Rose
  27. [/ARTICLE]
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