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  1. PinkAura: Hey Tj, how are you?
  2. 4hrs: Uh, Hi/
  3. 4hrs: .*
  4. PinkAura: It's been a while, so you probably don't remember me.
  5. PinkAura: We met back when I was 17 and now I'm 21.
  6. 4hrs: Not one bit. :'D
  7. PinkAura: It's okay haha. How's your wife and kids doing?
  8. 4hrs: She left me and took the kids, why Karen!?
  9. PinkAura: did she take both of them?
  10. 4hrs: Well, I have 2 churren
  11. PinkAura: Yeah, I know. Two different mothers though, right?
  12. 4hrs: Different mothers, because I was a fucking retard,
  13. PinkAura: well, you said it, not me.
  14. 4hrs: Still am, but that's beside the point.
  15. PinkAura: LOL
  16. PinkAura: what a mood
  17. 4hrs: My ex fucked off to Colorado.
  18. 4hrs: Took our kid with her.
  19. PinkAura: that's custodial interferrance
  20. PinkAura: and illgeal
  21. PinkAura: illegal?
  22. PinkAura: that looks better.
  23. 4hrs: Yes, Illegal.
  24. 4hrs: Currently working my ass off to go back to court.
  25. PinkAura: what's your job?
  26. 4hrs: Manager at a security company.
  27. PinkAura: oh nice
  28. 4hrs: Yeah, been there for awhile, so why not.
  29. PinkAura: how come you decided to come on? You haven't been on in like, years LOL
  30. 4hrs: Wanted to see if I remembered anything.
  31. PinkAura: I saw you accepted my request and I was like "holy shit is that Tj? I don't remember sending that request"
  32. 4hrs: Lo and behold, here I am.
  33. 4hrs: Since our last messages, I have a new love.
  34. 4hrs: :')
  35. PinkAura: Well that's good.
  36. PinkAura: Do you remember anything from when we last talked?
  37. 4hrs: Too bad it's a one sided thing.
  38. 4hrs: Not one bit.
  39. 4hrs: I need to change my profile picture to my new love. :')
  40. PinkAura: Maybe you don't need to know anyways LOL
  41. PinkAura: who is your new love?
  42. 4hrs: I wouldn't say new, been loving said person since 2011. xD
  43. 4hrs: Chris Hemsworth, too bad I'm not gay and he don't know I exist.
  44. 4hrs: But he still can get it tho.
  45. PinkAura: you aren't gay?
  46. 4hrs: No.
  47. PinkAura: long time love
  48. 4hrs: But Chris Hemsworth would make me reconsider. xD
  49. PinkAura: you need to marry him
  50. PinkAura: LOL
  51. 4hrs: I so would.
  52. 4hrs: Me and my friend both agree he can get this work.
  53. 4hrs: Josh Brolin and Ryan Reynolds too.
  54. PinkAura: Ryan reynolds is a fucking god
  55. PinkAura: honestly
  56. PinkAura: would give v card 10/10
  57. 4hrs: You're not lyinh.
  58. 4hrs: It has been done. :D
  59. PinkAura: But anyways, what have you been up to? other than dealing with your kid stealing wife
  60. 4hrs: Wanting to die.
  61. 4hrs: I keep getting teased.
  62. 4hrs: Had sharp chest pains today, just needed to burp.
  63. PinkAura: getting teased by who?
  64. 4hrs: Death.
  65. PinkAura: o
  66. PinkAura: oh
  67. PinkAura: i realized i should've read the whole thing
  68. PinkAura: instead of the middle one
  69. PinkAura: LOL
  70. 4hrs: Might've helped more.
  72. 4hrs: 2019 and this shit still not a thing?
  73. 4hrs: Cock suckers.
  74. PinkAura: on imvu mobile?
  75. 4hrs: No.
  76. PinkAura: o
  77. PinkAura: good bc imvu mobile sucks
  78. 4hrs: Using my phone for music.
  79. 4hrs: Gotta listen to some Danny Sexbang.
  80. PinkAura: do you remember Kira
  81. 4hrs: Only Kira I know Is Akira Toriyama.
  82. PinkAura: no you don't you know another Kira, you just don't remember
  83. 4hrs: And the dead Kira from Death Note.
  84. 4hrs: Why do you ask?
  85. PinkAura: Because that's how I know you
  86. 4hrs: Well.
  87. 4hrs: I feel bad.
  88. PinkAura: Don't feel bad, it was a long time ago
  89. 4hrs:
  90. 4hrs: Listen to that.
  91. PinkAura: ugh youtube links
  92. 4hrs: You'll end up pregnant like me.
  93. 4hrs: And wanting to smoke a cigarette.
  94. PinkAura: well, i do have baby fever
  95. 4hrs: And I don't smoke.
  96. PinkAura: i smoke weed
  97. 4hrs: Danny Sexbang is another feller who can get this work.
  98. PinkAura: maybe you're a little gayer than you thought
  99. 4hrs: Egoraptor too.
  100. 4hrs: Nah, I still love da poosey, just comfortable enough to know when someone the same sex is attractive.
  101. PinkAura: that's awfully mature of you, which is strange for me to day
  102. PinkAura: say*
  103. PinkAura: How old are you again Tj?
  104. 4hrs: Depends.
  105. 4hrs: How old are you?
  106. PinkAura: I already told you, 21.
  107. 4hrs: Oh yeah.
  108. 4hrs: Add a few years to that.
  109. PinkAura: how many tho
  110. 4hrs: I'm closer to 30 than 20.
  111. PinkAura: your comfortable with your sexuality but not your age
  112. PinkAura: LOL
  113. 4hrs: Oh shit  oh fuck.
  114. 4hrs: IM OLD
  115. PinkAura: you aren't old, i almost went on a date with a 30 year old
  116. 4hrs: Almost only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades.
  117. 4hrs: I wish I could post meme. :'(
  118. PinkAura: you're only old if you feel old
  119. PinkAura: LOL
  120. PinkAura: too bad so sad
  121. 4hrs: Memes.*
  122. 4hrs: I have TONS of memes.
  123. 4hrs: I'm 26, btw.
  124. PinkAura: oh
  125. 4hrs: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah.
  126. PinkAura: i thought you were older
  127. PinkAura: idk why
  128. PinkAura: the age difference seemed bigger when I was 17
  129. 4hrs: If you saw my memes, you'd think I'm either borderline autistic or legally retarded.
  130. PinkAura: i mean, i wouldn't be surprised tbh especially with the way we ended
  131. 4hrs: What's this we shit, Kemasabe?
  132. 4hrs: Did I even spell that right?
  133. 4hrs: Fuck it, I did now.
  134. PinkAura: i don't know what it means anyways LOL
  135. 4hrs: I make the rules.
  136. PinkAura: we "dated" for like two seconds
  137. 4hrs: You couldn't live with your failures and look where that brought you, back to me.
  138. PinkAura: LOL you came to me.
  139. PinkAura: You accepted my request that i probably sent years ago
  140. 4hrs: This day extracts a heavy toll
  141. 4hrs: If Thanos was real, the mad titan could get this work too.
  142. PinkAura: And I didn't fuck up the relationship, you did.
  143. PinkAura: Also, Kira met you when you were around 17 or 18
  144. 4hrs: 'I don't even know who you are.' -Thanos.
  145. PinkAura: I know, that's why I'm telling you who I am.
  146. PinkAura: And who Kira is.
  147. 4hrs: Arit.
  148. 4hrs: Wait
  149. 4hrs: Arik.
  150. 4hrs: HA
  151. PinkAura: >_>
  152. PinkAura: oml
  153. 4hrs: ???????????
  154. PinkAura: you're just strange
  155. PinkAura: LOL
  156. 4hrs: "I know what it's like to lose. To feel so desperately that you're right, yet to fail nonetheless. It's frightening. Turns the legs to jelly. I ask you, to what end? Dread it. Run from it. Destiny arrives all the same. And now, it's here. Or should I say, I am.'
  157. PinkAura: You watch too many movies
  158. 4hrs: I do.
  159. 4hrs: Probably why I'll be single forever, but I have the MCU.
  160. 4hrs: :')
  161. PinkAura: well, being single for a while might be a good thing.
  162. 4hrs: Been that way for over a year now.
  163. PinkAura: You don't wanna rush into another relationship for it to fail
  164. PinkAura: but you were married though, that's more serious than breaking up with someone
  165. 4hrs: I'm gonna keep it this way, I'm not bothered by not having a relationship.
  166. 4hrs: My self-confidence is pretty low at this point.
  167. 4hrs: So I aint shit and dont want anyone to make feel like shit.
  168. PinkAura: you need to build up your confidence, but not be an arrogant asshole.
  169. PinkAura: you need to be strong minded but not controlling
  170. PinkAura: You need to learn to love yourself before a woman can love you the right way
  171. PinkAura: and you need to learn about communication n stuffs
  172. 4hrs: "Don't be that way bitch, let me introduce you to my 3 best friends mr johnson and the juice crew."
  173. PinkAura: i want juice
  174. 4hrs: I get distracted easily.
  175. 4hrs: I want apple juice.
  176. PinkAura: i want all juices
  177. PinkAura: i've been craving for fruit  recently, idk why
  178. 4hrs: "This is a great chance to fondle old scrotum that you're blowing." -Old man Legend of Zelda.
  179. PinkAura: you getting blowjob tips from the old man in legend of zelda?
  180. 4hrs: "If you save the princess zelda well you're gonna grab her, why dont you try to grab my inflatable poo-jabber."
  181. 4hrs: No, it's a song. xD
  182. PinkAura: gross omf
  183. 4hrs: I'd send you a link, but you'll just cry about it.
  184. 4hrs: Fuck it, Yolo.
  185. PinkAura: i don't trust ur links
  186. 4hrs:
  187. 4hrs: Quit being a commie and click the link.
  188. 4hrs: Please. :)
  189. 4hrs: Is your name, Nellie?
  190. PinkAura: No,
  191. PinkAura: I'm Devyn
  192. PinkAura: You may have known me as Emily though
  193. 4hrs: Ugh, I hate this.
  194. 4hrs: Did you watch the link?
  195. 4hrs: If not, don't @ me.
  196. PinkAura: /me doesn't @ u
  197. 4hrs: Yeet
  198. 4hrs: Got snapchat?
  199. 4hrs: No?
  200. 4hrs: Ok
  201. PinkAura: I do
  202. PinkAura: but
  203. PinkAura: >->
  204. PinkAura: why do you want it
  205. PinkAura: LOL
  206. PinkAura: I was looking for a movie
  207. PinkAura: but I couldn't find it
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