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DF Game Club: Costume Quest (part 1 plus dev chat)

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Oct 12th, 2013
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  1. (06:55:21 AM) Syd: hey dfMark!
  2. (06:55:22 AM) Cheeseness: Hey dfMark :D
  3. (06:55:23 AM) OutaSync [] entered the room.
  4. (06:55:24 AM) Cheeseness: Hey Mimness
  5. (06:55:39 AM) dfMark: hey guys!
  6. (06:55:57 AM) tasha_harris_CQ [] entered the room.
  7. (06:55:59 AM) Fireflower: hey
  8. (06:56:03 AM) Syd: Tasha!
  9. (06:56:12 AM) Mimness: Hi hi :)
  10. (06:56:18 AM) Cheeseness: Hey tasha_harris_CQ!
  11. (06:56:30 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Hi there Mrs HArris !
  12. (06:56:57 AM) SirSlade left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  13. (06:57:03 AM) sirslade [] entered the room.
  14. (06:57:12 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: hello all!
  15. (06:57:36 AM) sirslade: Hello Tasha!
  16. (06:57:41 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: tasha_harris_CQ: Hows the baby ?
  17. (06:57:50 AM) sirslade left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  18. (06:57:58 AM) sirslade [] entered the room.
  19. (06:58:27 AM) DFAnna [] entered the room.
  20. (06:58:30 AM) Syd: We're getting stuff set up right now
  21. (06:58:33 AM) Syd: Hi DFAnna!
  22. (06:58:38 AM) DFAnna: hi guys :D!
  23. (06:58:44 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: hi Miss Kipnis !
  24. (06:59:07 AM) DFAnna: hi mad pirate!
  25. DFAnna dfMark
  26. (06:59:19 AM) Cheeseness: Hey DFAnna
  27. (06:59:21 AM) flesk: Who's streaming today?
  28. (06:59:25 AM) DFAnna: hiii!
  29. (06:59:27 AM) Cheeseness: Slight technical difficulties at the moment. Bear with us :D
  30. (06:59:34 AM) DFAnna: no worries!
  31. (06:59:36 AM) Permafry_42 [] entered the room.
  32. (06:59:37 AM) Syd: Permafry will be streaming the game.
  33. (06:59:40 AM) dfMark: hey anna and tasha!
  34. (06:59:52 AM) DFAnna: yay mark hi!
  35. (06:59:56 AM) DFAnna: hi tasha!
  36. (06:59:59 AM) DFAnna: how's lil colton
  37. (07:00:05 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: hi dfMark !
  38. (07:00:08 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: hi! sorry trying to get skype working
  39. (07:00:22 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: dfMark: You work is massive chalice is amaxing sir !
  40. (07:00:58 AM) flesk: Ok.
  41. (07:01:08 AM) Syd: Skype likes to be a butt sometimes
  42. (07:01:09 AM) dfMark: thanks MP! I only worked on the kickstarter though :)
  43. (07:01:52 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: dfMark: but indeed your style pemeated through out the entire game's aesthetic !
  44. (07:02:14 AM) dfMark: thanks! it's a cool project
  45. (07:02:19 AM) Cheeseness: Alrighty, we've got Tasha Harris (Project lead, Designer), Gabe Miller (Senior Producer & Designer), Anna Kipnis (Lead Gameplay Programmer),and Mark Hamer (Materials Artist)
  46. (07:02:30 AM) Cheeseness: Oh, except I don't think Gabe is here yet
  47. (07:02:39 AM) Mimness: Woo! What a lineup ^_^
  48. (07:02:40 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: how's gabe ?
  49. (07:02:44 AM) DFAnna: i think gabe won't be able to make it today
  50. (07:02:50 AM) Permafry_42: hi everyone we're going to start in a moment
  51. (07:02:50 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: I thougth so !
  52. (07:02:51 AM) DFAnna: but he's in for next week
  53. (07:03:12 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: I hope the zombies from "dead set" didnt got him !
  54. (07:03:16 AM) DFAnna: i'm a noob at df game club
  55. (07:03:24 AM) dfMark: me too
  56. (07:03:28 AM) Syd: All you gotta do is what you're doing now. :)
  57. (07:03:45 AM) Syd: Hang out in chat, have a good time, enjoy the stream (when it starts).
  58. (07:03:54 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: DFAnna: just said a few words in russian and everyone will be drooling at you :P
  59. (07:03:59 AM) Mello42 [] entered the room.
  60. (07:04:03 AM) ***Mello42 slaps DFAnna around a bit with a large trout
  61. (07:04:04 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Lol !
  62. (07:04:15 AM) Mimness: O_o
  63. (07:04:27 AM) DFAnna: thanks mellow lolz
  64. (07:04:30 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Hi Mim !
  65. (07:04:37 AM) Syd: I like that you were restrained with the trout slapping. Only need a bit, nothing more.
  66. (07:04:56 AM) Mimness: Hey Pirate.
  67. (07:05:18 AM) Syd: Alrighty, I've gotten word that everything looks to be set up, so we should be starting sooooooon.
  68. (07:05:26 AM) Mello42: CQ is the best
  69. (07:05:32 AM) Fireflower: (Y)
  70. (07:05:36 AM) Cheeseness: So first up, we're going to do a quick voice interview with Tasha and then we'll get to streaming and chatting about the game here in IRC. If anybody has any questions they'd like to ask, pop them in here and I'll try to ask them :)
  71. (07:06:40 AM) GameClubFan_862508 [] entered the room.
  72. (07:06:46 AM) DFAnna: brb!
  73. (07:06:52 AM) AnnaTheRed [] entered the room.
  74. (07:06:56 AM) DFAnna left the room (quit: Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client).
  75. (07:07:10 AM) DFAnna [] entered the room.
  76. (07:07:11 AM) GameClubFan_862508: OMG it's Anna... She's awesome.
  77. (07:07:17 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Hi Anna from the plushies land !
  78. (07:07:19 AM) DFAnna: hii!
  79. (07:07:23 AM) Cheeseness: Hey AnnaTheRed!
  80. (07:07:28 AM) AnnaTheRed: hai
  81. (07:07:32 AM) GameClubFan_862508 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  82. (07:07:39 AM) DFAnna: hi anna
  83. (07:07:43 AM) Mimness: It sure is a super celebrity edition of game club this week!
  84. (07:07:44 AM) AnnaTheRed: hello DF Anna!
  85. (07:07:49 AM) fightclubdoll [] entered the room.
  86. (07:07:55 AM) Cheeseness: Hey fightclubdoll!
  87. (07:07:58 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: AnnaTheRed: did you do that DF Logo Plushie that bernhelm has ?
  88. (07:08:12 AM) AnnaTheRed: Anna is such an awesome name, isn't it
  89. (07:08:12 AM) Big_Adam [] entered the room.
  90. (07:08:17 AM) AnnaTheRed: yes I did
  91. (07:08:20 AM) Mello42: When are the real life Costume Quest costumes coming?
  92. (07:08:23 AM) Big_Adam left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  93. (07:08:25 AM) AnnaTheRed: I made those babies
  94. (07:08:26 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: AnnaTheRed: amazing work !
  95. (07:08:58 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: "Hey it's a human ... another human ... hey it's a banana !!!"
  96. (07:09:10 AM) AstroLander [] entered the room.
  97. (07:09:34 AM) AnnaTheRed: aw thank you very much
  98. (07:09:49 AM) Permafry_42 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  99. (07:09:51 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: tasha_harris_CQ: Did all those interviews when CQ was launching made you feel overexposed ?
  100. (07:10:01 AM) Permafry_42 [] entered the room.
  101. (07:10:05 AM) GameClubFan_491412 [] entered the room.
  102. (07:10:07 AM) Cheeseness: Always worries me when Permafry leaves when we're about to start :D
  103. (07:10:15 AM) Permafry_42: ok we should be starting in a momemnt
  104. (07:10:24 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: okeydokey !
  105. (07:10:34 AM) Mimness: AnnaTheRed: You have mad bento skills! Wow!
  106. (07:10:45 AM) Syd: We're starting!
  107. (07:11:11 AM) ion: \☺/
  108. (07:11:21 AM) SirWolfgang [] entered the room.
  109. (07:11:31 AM) AnnaTheRed: Thank you! Mimness
  110. (07:11:43 AM) GameClubFan_016704 [] entered the room.
  111. (07:12:15 AM) DFAnna: unicorn orthos!
  112. (07:12:15 AM) fightclubdoll: Epic unicorn <3
  113. (07:12:17 AM) Syd: If you've got questions for Tasha, post them in chat!
  114. (07:12:22 AM) Cheeseness: Alrighty, people hearing stuff?
  115. (07:12:31 AM) Mello42: yes
  116. (07:12:31 AM) Syd: Yeah, it's all good, Cheese
  117. (07:12:46 AM) SirWolfgang left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  118. (07:12:46 AM) ion: Yeah (modulo the everpresent Twitch problems here)
  119. (07:12:52 AM) Syd: Echo!
  120. (07:12:58 AM) Syd: Mute the stream, or pause it
  121. (07:13:00 AM) Cheeseness: Yay, echo :D
  122. (07:13:04 AM) sirslade: Recursive interview
  123. (07:13:06 AM) DFAnna: tasha, what was your favorite costume in costume quests and are there any that we had designed that didn't make it in that you would have liked to see?
  124. (07:13:07 AM) tasha_harris_CQ left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  125. (07:13:08 AM) Syd: That message was to Tasha, by the way. :P
  126. (07:13:13 AM) DFAnna: costume quest*
  127. (07:13:15 AM) Mimness: Yay! The joys of Skype
  128. (07:13:23 AM) SirWolfgang [] entered the room.
  129. (07:13:34 AM) SirWolfgang: DFAnna: Ya for using IRC!
  130. (07:13:41 AM) Permafry_42: also for those interested while we deal with the echo, those pictures are some screenshots and concept art for costume quest
  131. (07:14:11 AM) Fireflower: what happened to the costumes after the quest?
  132. (07:14:40 AM) papajoe left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  133. (07:14:41 AM) Permafry_42: halloween ended =D
  134. (07:15:12 AM) Fireflower: :)
  135. (07:15:22 AM) gsm [] entered the room.
  136. (07:16:00 AM) Fireflower: that's it for me tonite, cu next time
  137. (07:16:09 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: tasha : did meeting mr. Purcell in Pixar influenced your choice of getting into game animation ?
  138. (07:16:14 AM) Permafry_42: alright cya fireflower
  139. (07:16:42 AM) Fireflower left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  140. (07:17:31 AM) DFAnna: NEVER
  141. (07:17:44 AM) Cheeseness: :D
  142. (07:17:44 AM) DFAnna: no mocap
  143. (07:17:44 AM) GameClubFan_213377 [] entered the room.
  144. (07:18:12 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: mocap is a gameplay programmer nightmare ?
  145. (07:18:54 AM) SirWolfgang: MoCap is a lot of data, and can be noisy. == Everyones nightmare
  146. (07:19:08 AM) DFAnna: no, i just like working on stylized, hand-animated games
  147. (07:19:44 AM) Permafry_42: My question to Tasha is what are some of the games and other media that inspired you to make costume quest? In particular did the Earthbound/Mother series have any influence on the game's design and premise?
  148. (07:20:05 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: DFAnna: Got It !
  149. (07:20:15 AM) DFAnna: btw, you guys can check out the prototype of CQ that Tasha is talking about if you bought the Amnesia Fortnight Humble Bundle
  150. (07:20:33 AM) DFAnna: Sesame Street game = Once Upon a Monster
  151. (07:20:36 AM) Permafry_42: yeah i got it, played it, and really enjoyed it
  152. (07:20:49 AM) GameClubFan_491412 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  153. (07:20:49 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: DFAnna: are you leading an AF project anytime soon ?
  154. (07:21:19 AM) DFAnna: The_Mad_Pirate I dunno.. I'm still on Broken Age
  155. (07:22:46 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: DFAnna: At least you wont be driving crazy with a MolyDeux from a couple of months !!!
  156. (07:23:01 AM) DFAnna: haha yeah..
  157. (07:23:03 AM) dfMark: brb
  158. (07:23:10 AM) dfMark left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  159. (07:23:18 AM) DFAnna: YESS
  160. (07:23:20 AM) DFAnna: unicorn
  161. (07:23:21 AM) Syd: Unicorn is OP. :P
  162. (07:23:25 AM) ***SirWolfgang doesnt even want to start thinking about molyjam
  163. (07:23:46 AM) DFAnna: Syd can you blame us? :D
  164. (07:23:53 AM) Mello42: black cat <3<3<3
  165. (07:24:02 AM) dfMark [] entered the room.
  166. (07:24:13 AM) dfMark left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  167. (07:24:23 AM) Syd: Flower power!
  168. (07:24:30 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: DFAnna: WHo was the vfx artist on CQ ?
  169. (07:24:33 AM) dfMark [] entered the room.
  170. (07:24:36 AM) DFAnna: the vfx of statue of liberty made that costume. (by Lydia Choy)
  171. (07:24:37 AM) AnnaTheRed: French fries ftw
  172. (07:24:56 AM) DFAnna: The_Mad_Pirate Lydia Choy
  173. (07:24:57 AM) Syd: Oh yeah, I liked the french fries costume
  174. (07:25:03 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Ohhhh she is the same one on Broken Age IIRC !
  175. (07:25:03 AM) Permafry_42: lol XD My favourite is the pumpkin and the unicorn
  176. (07:25:10 AM) Cheeseness: Friiieeeens, you say?
  177. (07:25:25 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Choy is really talented on shader magic !
  178. (07:25:32 AM) gsm: and also in charge of barf animation!
  179. (07:25:35 AM) DFAnna: The_Mad_Pirate yeah, she's been there since half way through Brütal Legend
  180. (07:26:16 AM) GameClubFan_258567 [] entered the room.
  181. (07:26:36 AM) SirWolfgang: CQ II: 12 Years Later, Comic Con
  182. (07:26:41 AM) Syd: Heh
  183. (07:26:53 AM) GameClubFan_258567 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  184. (07:26:55 AM) fightclubdoll left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  185. (07:27:23 AM) GameClubFan_745152: What are your favorite holiday-themed video games and movies?
  186. (07:27:50 AM) Permafry_42: last good modern setting rpg i can think of is the world ends with you
  187. (07:28:19 AM) SirWolfgang: X-mas: Die Hard
  188. (07:28:41 AM) fightclubdoll [] entered the room.
  189. (07:28:51 AM) DFAnna: tasha, if we could get voice acting, is there a celeb that you think would be perfect for wren?
  190. (07:29:43 AM) Permafry_42: I can't help but think of Toph's voice when i play as wren
  191. (07:30:18 AM) frogg: Oh
  192. (07:30:23 AM) frogg: Is this happening now!?!?!?!?
  193. (07:30:30 AM) Mimness: Yes
  194. (07:30:31 AM) Syd: Yep, it's live. :)
  195. (07:30:33 AM) fightclubdoll: Grubbins have always made me think of the Rankin Bass The Hobbit goblins. <3
  196. (07:30:42 AM) Mimness: Do you have a question frogg?
  197. (07:30:54 AM) frogg: Mimness: ^
  198. (07:31:08 AM) SirWolfgang: I think simlish is an underappreciated form of "voice acting"
  199. (07:31:19 AM) Permafry_42: great choice =D
  200. (07:31:20 AM) dfMark left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  201. (07:32:06 AM) DFAnna: hey guys, i have to take off now for music lesson. great chatting with you <3
  202. (07:32:14 AM) SirWolfgang: DFAnna: o7
  203. (07:32:15 AM) AnnaTheRed: bye Anna!
  204. (07:32:17 AM) Permafry_42: nightmare before christmas =D
  205. (07:32:19 AM) Mimness: Any more questions for Tasha? I'll pass them on to Cheese so he can ask her.
  206. (07:32:23 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: and probably even more expensive the actual Lip Syching animation and gameplay code corrections
  207. (07:32:25 AM) Syd: I remember various early 90's PC games having Christmas shareware versions. :P
  208. (07:32:27 AM) Mimness: Thanks Anna! :)
  209. (07:32:29 AM) Cheeseness: THanks for coming DFAnna! Feel free to join us again!
  210. (07:32:35 AM) AnnaTheRed: see you at Day of the Devs
  211. (07:32:46 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: DFAnna: Bye !!! We love you !!!
  212. (07:32:54 AM) Jenni: There's Ice Station Santa
  213. (07:33:05 AM) Syd: NIghtmare Before Christmas is great because it works for two holidays. Not many things do.
  214. (07:33:07 AM) SirWolfgang: The_Mad_Pirate: Why lip Sych when you can Star Fox 64 it?
  215. (07:33:11 AM) Jenni: That's all I can think of for holiday themed video games
  216. (07:33:13 AM) Permafry_42: bye!
  217. (07:33:23 AM) fightclubdoll: Bye DFAnna! <3
  218. (07:33:30 AM) DFAnna: <3!
  219. (07:33:30 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: question for tasha : Did all the interviews on CQ releasing made you felt overexposed ?
  220. (07:33:34 AM) DFAnna left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  221. (07:33:34 AM) SirWolfgang:
  222. (07:33:42 AM) Permafry_42: oh yeah there's the kingdom hearts nightmare before christmas level
  223. (07:33:50 AM) Permafry_42: those are always awesome
  224. (07:34:09 AM) Jenni: Oh, and Christmas NiGHTS
  225. (07:34:17 AM) Permafry_42: Tasha are you going to play pokemon x/y?
  226. (07:34:21 AM) dfMark [] entered the room.
  227. (07:34:50 AM) Permafry_42: We'll be doing a Gone Home stream eventually
  228. (07:35:00 AM) Jenni: Tasha: How did the idea for Tasha's Game come about?
  229. (07:35:02 AM) fightclubdoll: I'd be interested to know what other costumes didn't make the cut. There had to be a lot of amazing ideas.
  230. (07:35:03 AM) AnnaTheRed: Gone Home is amazing!
  231. (07:35:18 AM) Jenni: That's my favorite Double Fine mini game
  232. (07:35:19 AM) Permafry_42: It's my current desktop background
  233. (07:35:31 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Permafry_42: do you think Chris Remo would join for a Gone Home stream ?
  234. (07:35:35 AM) Permafry_42: one of my favourite adventure games of the year
  235. (07:35:46 AM) GameClubFan_596687 [] entered the room.
  236. (07:35:47 AM) Permafry_42: It'd be great if he could
  237. (07:36:08 AM) Syd: I wouldn't want to make promises, but we'll definitely try to get Chris for Gone Home. We got Chris in before for Thirty Flights of Loving.
  238. (07:36:09 AM) Permafry_42: if you want, try to email him and maybe we'll be able to find a time for him to join us
  239. (07:36:32 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: It was actually praised by Cliff Blazsinsky
  240. (07:36:53 AM) Permafry_42: oh yeah we may want to get on to starting to play costume quest at 2:45 pdt
  241. (07:37:18 AM) Permafry_42: i like how pokemon handles gender
  242. (07:37:26 AM) Permafry_42: at least the new ones
  243. (07:37:28 AM) sirslade left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  244. (07:38:09 AM) SirWolfgang: Permafry_42: how do they?
  245. (07:38:44 AM) Permafry_42: right now you can just choose a gender and appearance and it has barely any influence on the dialoge besides a couple events
  246. (07:38:47 AM) Syd: I liked that the costumes weren't limited to gender in Costume Quest, too.
  247. (07:38:59 AM) Permafry_42: for pokemon x/y
  248. (07:39:03 AM) Syd: Any character could wear any costume.
  249. (07:39:21 AM) fightclubdoll: I loved that gender didn't matter. That was especially awesome. =-)
  250. (07:39:21 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: that web game is actually quite well designed.
  251. (07:39:29 AM) Permafry_42: yes its better than every game since the gba games imo
  252. (07:39:40 AM) GameClubFan_596687 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  253. (07:39:41 AM) Permafry_42: especially due to the online gameplay
  254. (07:39:46 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: even before Rayman Legends !
  255. (07:39:48 AM) dfMark left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  256. (07:40:16 AM) fightclubdoll: Didn't matter to the costumes.... Like that other person said. Super cool.
  257. (07:40:32 AM) Mello42 left the room (quit: Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client).
  258. (07:40:41 AM) Permafry_42: Tasha Did the costume look like dark helmet?
  259. (07:40:54 AM) SirWolfgang: I find it intresting that people care so much about gender. To me, if its an RPG, I play myself(male) or RP a person. But if its a character, then I dont care. Like Lara from TR
  260. (07:41:17 AM) SirWolfgang: I play the character, its their journy, I am watching
  261. (07:41:20 AM) Permafry_42: I'm playing costume quest as wren despite being a boy
  262. (07:41:25 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: I think it's more about being inclusive
  263. (07:41:33 AM) Permafry_42: not enough female protagonists =D
  264. (07:41:39 AM) Cheeseness: :)
  265. (07:41:50 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: women in game industry and as gamers is still a very sensitive subject
  266. (07:42:04 AM) fightclubdoll: So true, Permafry_42
  267. (07:42:23 AM) fightclubdoll: God I love that unicorn!
  268. (07:42:35 AM) Syd: Hold tight as we get the game set up
  269. (07:42:43 AM) Cheeseness: Woo!
  270. (07:42:50 AM) Cheeseness: Don't panic. The stream is coming back ^_^
  271. (07:43:01 AM) Permafry_42: k it's started
  272. (07:43:04 AM) frogg: unicorns forever!
  273. (07:43:05 AM) fightclubdoll: [panic cancelled]
  274. (07:43:11 AM) GameClubFan_016704: \O/
  275. (07:43:16 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: I got delay on the stream , so It's not off yet
  276. (07:43:18 AM) Syd: I'm female, and whether I play as a male or female character in a game that gives me a choice is a bit of a tossup. Depends on what I feel like doing at the time. I do appreciate being given the option.
  277. (07:43:22 AM) flesk: Was this the first time you did an audio interview in game club?
  278. (07:43:23 AM) SirWolfgang: The_Mad_Pirate: But I think thats part of the issue, how we identify. Tomb Raider isnt exsulive to females?
  279. (07:43:39 AM) GameClubFan_223147 [] entered the room.
  280. (07:43:46 AM) fightclubdoll: Choice and representation both mean a LOT to me.
  281. (07:43:49 AM) Cheeseness: Aww, Mark's disappeared
  282. (07:43:58 AM) frogg: I liked the choice
  283. (07:44:01 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: SirWolfgang: No , but in some sense is kinda sexist.
  284. (07:44:02 AM) flesk: It's always awesome to see good female protagonists in games.
  285. (07:44:09 AM) jesperlp [] entered the room.
  286. (07:44:25 AM) flesk: Like April in TLJ and Jade in BG&E.
  287. (07:44:26 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: SirWolfgang: and mean Lara's Bra size !
  288. (07:44:54 AM) fightclubdoll: I love Jade ... Dying for BG&E 2
  289. (07:44:56 AM) Cheeseness: So, who did everybody pick to play as on their first playthrough of Costume Quest?
  290. (07:44:56 AM) AnnaTheRed: Supergiant Games new game, Transistor has a female protagonist. I can't wait for that game to come out.
  291. (07:44:56 AM) SirWolfgang: The_Mad_Pirate: No. the New Lara Coft is a great character
  292. (07:45:12 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: flesk: I think April in TLJ is a better aproximation to a female character than 90's Lara.
  293. (07:45:12 AM) toblix [] entered the room.
  294. (07:45:13 AM) Syd: I picked Wren on my first playthrough
  295. (07:45:19 AM) Cheeseness: I went with Wren as well ^_^
  296. (07:45:28 AM) AnnaTheRed: Wren!
  297. (07:45:34 AM) Jenni: I thought it was awesome reading through the comments on the Telltale board that a lot of people's favorite character in 400 Days was Shel
  298. (07:45:36 AM) frogg: I played the sister first, then the brother in the Grubins
  299. (07:45:46 AM) SirWolfgang: And thats just it, shes a person. And when you look at these creations as people and rather then an exercise of expersion. Then it starts to mean more then your personal ident
  300. (07:45:48 AM) fightclubdoll: I played the girl, of course, too. =-D (Love that name... Wren)
  301. (07:45:51 AM) jesperlp left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  302. (07:45:57 AM) Cheeseness: :)
  303. (07:45:57 AM) GameClubFan_223147: Is this that new open world game about an up and coming gangster trying to get his?
  304. (07:46:03 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: SirWolfgang: I havent played the nre TR , but as far as i know , the new Lara is more psychollogicaly deep than 90's Lara.
  305. (07:46:07 AM) flesk: Yeah, it's a great name.
  306. GameClubFan_016704 GameClubFan_213377 GameClubFan_223147 GameClubFan_745152
  307. (07:46:18 AM) SirWolfgang: The_Mad_Pirate: Ya, the new TR is GREAT. PLAY IT!
  308. (07:46:32 AM) Cheeseness: Grubbins
  309. (07:46:32 AM) flesk: Are every other door monsters or is it random?
  310. (07:46:32 AM) fightclubdoll: Look at the glow from the lights and pumpkins ... GORGEOUS
  311. (07:46:41 AM) Cheeseness: flesk: I believe it's mostly random
  312. (07:46:44 AM) flesk: I seem to remember it being every other, but I'm not sure.
  313. (07:46:45 AM) Cheeseness: Though this one is scripted
  314. (07:46:52 AM) flesk: Yeah, ok.
  315. (07:46:56 AM) Cheeseness: I could be wrong though ^_^
  316. (07:47:06 AM) Mimness: This game has gorgeous sound. The walking sounds are so cute ^_^
  317. (07:47:15 AM) GameClubFan_213377 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  318. (07:47:20 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, the sound is great
  319. (07:47:26 AM) fightclubdoll: ^ Mimness
  320. (07:47:53 AM) dfMark [] entered the room.
  321. (07:47:56 AM) GameClubFan_223147: The beeps sound like frogs talking on a quite night.
  322. (07:47:58 AM) Cheeseness: Hey dfMark!
  323. (07:48:11 AM) Mimness left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  324. (07:48:16 AM) fightclubdoll: Lighting and sound are just beautiful... colors are exquisite. Yum yummy game <3
  325. (07:48:19 AM) mimness [] entered the room.
  326. (07:48:20 AM) Cheeseness: So the combat sequences sort of play out a little like a jrpg
  327. (07:48:25 AM) toblix left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  328. (07:48:45 AM) dfMark: Hey cheese!
  329. (07:48:51 AM) Cheeseness: dfMark: Can you tell us about some of the stuff that you worked on? If I recall correctly you were a materials artist on the game?
  330. (07:49:01 AM) Permafry_42: love that pose
  331. (07:49:10 AM) GameClubFan_692914 [] entered the room.
  332. (07:49:22 AM) Cheeseness: I think the robot costume is my favourite so far (I haven't finished the game yet D: )
  333. (07:49:34 AM) SirWolfgang: The_Mad_Pirate: Would a game like Skyrim or Mass Effect be anymore inclusive/exclusive if rather then making a char, you had just the character provided? Like Lara(TR) or Master Cheif(Halo). I dont think so.
  334. (07:49:55 AM) flesk: I think I used the robot costume pretty much throughout the entire game.
  335. (07:49:55 AM) dfMark: Yeah I did most of the environment textures and some character stuff
  336. (07:50:16 AM) tasha_harris_CQ [] entered the room.
  337. (07:50:21 AM) Cheeseness: And tasha_harris_CQ's back! :D
  338. (07:50:21 AM) Syd: Tasha's back!
  339. (07:50:24 AM) flesk: Partially because it's faster to run around with it.
  340. (07:50:29 AM) AnnaTheRed: Hi Tasha!
  341. (07:50:30 AM) Cheeseness: dfMark: Do you have a favourite costume from the game?
  342. (07:50:32 AM) Jenni: I used the robot, knight, and statue of liberty pretty much exclusively (once I got those costumes)
  343. (07:50:34 AM) Syd: Yeah, the robot was great for getting around
  344. (07:50:35 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: sorry, had to update my flash!
  345. (07:50:42 AM) flesk: And I also used Statue of Liberty for healing.
  346. (07:50:45 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: SirWolfgang: you got a point there !
  347. (07:50:58 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: tasha_harris_CQ: Welcome Back !
  348. (07:50:59 AM) Cheeseness: tasha_harris_CQ: We were just recounting who we played as first time through. Seems most people went with Wren ^_^
  349. (07:51:02 AM) GameClubFan_223147 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  350. (07:51:15 AM) Syd: I know I used the robot and the unicorn, but I can't remember what my third costume choice was.
  351. (07:51:20 AM) mimness: Wren's the default, isn't she?
  352. (07:51:30 AM) SirWolfgang: The_Mad_Pirate: well, I got to go to work now o7
  353. (07:51:48 AM) Jenni: You point towards which character you want with your mother's hand
  354. (07:51:55 AM) Cheeseness: I like the pointing finger character selection
  355. (07:51:58 AM) Jenni: I thought that was a cool way to do character selection
  356. (07:51:59 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: I would usually test as Reynold to make sure the dialog still worked
  357. (07:52:12 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: SirWolfgang: See you man !
  358. (07:52:20 AM) Cheeseness: Thanks for coming, SirWolfgang!
  359. (07:52:36 AM) flesk: The Unicorn is pretty late in the game though, isn't it?
  360. (07:52:48 AM) mimness: Yeah, I just meant that it starts on Wren. And they have that conversation about who's (10 mins) older right before you choose, so maybe age bias plays a part in who people pick. haha!
  361. (07:52:58 AM) dfMark left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  362. (07:53:07 AM) Syd: Mummy blockade. :P
  363. (07:53:49 AM) flesk: This has got to be one of the cutest games I've every played.
  364. (07:53:54 AM) Permafry_42: love how candy is in the trashbags
  365. (07:54:03 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: haha
  366. (07:54:07 AM) Cheeseness: I love how everything is full of lollies in this game
  367. (07:54:07 AM) Syd: "Shut yer lie hole!"
  368. (07:54:10 AM) flesk: There's also Sissy's Ponycorn Adventure, but that one's pretty short.
  369. (07:54:11 AM) Cheeseness: Even the ATMs and fire hydrants
  370. (07:54:21 AM) gsm left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  371. (07:54:25 AM) Syd: I wish candy was that easy to find in real life
  372. (07:54:30 AM) flesk: Yep, that's a lot of candy.
  373. (07:54:36 AM) Syd: Hit a random object, candy flies out!
  374. (07:54:43 AM) Cheeseness: flesk: We played Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure as our last game last year. Ryan and Cassie joined us - it was great :D
  375. (07:54:43 AM) flesk: So it's not 100% realistic.
  376. (07:54:45 AM) AnnaTheRed: everything should be filled with candies
  377. (07:55:01 AM) GameClubFan_745152 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  378. (07:55:07 AM) GameClubFan_692914 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  379. (07:55:10 AM) Syd: Is Perma having some issues or is it just me?
  380. (07:55:19 AM) Cheeseness: Hmm...
  381. (07:55:25 AM) GameClubFan_635303 [] entered the room.
  382. (07:55:31 AM) Cheeseness: Technical difficulties. One moment :D
  383. (07:55:46 AM) flesk: I didn't know that. Didn't have a chance to catch most of them last year. Didn't game club use to be a bit later?
  384. (07:55:50 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: ok
  385. (07:55:55 AM) Syd:
  386. (07:55:58 AM) flesk: It's already pretty late here.
  387. (07:56:11 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: I think having that be the character select was Tim's idea, right Anna/Mark?
  388. (07:56:20 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: I think he wrote it in the script
  389. (07:56:21 AM) Cheeseness: flesk: It used to be a bit earlier, although we've had one or two sessions at unusual times to work around guests' availability
  390. (07:56:28 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: it must be really early down on oz
  391. (07:57:22 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: tasha_harris_CQ: Did doing all those interviews when CQ was release made you felt overexposed ?
  392. (07:57:34 AM) Cheeseness: The_Mad_Pirate: 6am - not too bad :)
  393. (07:57:49 AM) flesk: Oh, ok. Maybe it was putting kids to sleep or something (possibly football on tv) that was the problem.
  394. (07:57:50 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: It's not that bad !
  395. (07:58:02 AM) Permafry_42: is the steam working again?
  396. (07:58:02 AM) Syd: Okay, stream is back up.
  397. (07:58:04 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: no because we had no other marketing so any exposure for the game was good!
  398. (07:58:17 AM) Cheeseness: Aaaand we're back up
  399. (07:58:19 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: tasha_harris_CQ: :D
  400. (07:58:24 AM) Cheeseness: Hit pause and play if you don't see anything
  401. (07:58:48 AM) flesk: This is cool. I love minigames.
  402. (07:58:49 AM) Cheeseness: tasha_harris_CQ: Who did the "blurgh!" voice when bobbing for apples, do you recall?
  403. (07:58:56 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: there were other minigames we had ideas for
  404. (07:59:00 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: Anna I think!
  405. (07:59:08 AM) Cheeseness: Nice
  406. (07:59:13 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: but had to cut :c
  407. (07:59:17 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Nice ! It's like all those kermesse games from my childhood !
  408. (07:59:25 AM) Cheeseness: It's a shame she couldn't hang around for long today. Hopefully she'll be able to come back
  409. (07:59:44 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: well ... and a Agatha Christie novel I never finished reading !
  410. (07:59:46 AM) flesk: That's too bad Tasha. Do you remember what they were?
  411. (07:59:55 AM) GameClubFan_130647 [] entered the room.
  412. (08:00:32 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: One was trying to grab a marshmallow or something off a string with hands tied behind your back, since I remember doing that in elementary school
  413. (08:00:54 AM) flesk: That's cool.
  414. (08:00:58 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: bobbing for apples seemed the most Halloweeny though
  415. (08:01:07 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: :D
  416. (08:01:31 AM) fightclubdoll: <3 the details in this game
  417. (08:01:33 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: I originally wanted the costume select circle to come up around the characters like in Secret of Mana
  418. (08:01:33 AM) AnnaTheRed: tasha, did you create the text fonts with your handwriting?
  419. (08:01:36 AM) Cheeseness: Were you worried that halloween might not be as accessible in other parts of the world? (it's not a thing here in Australia, but I'm still enjoying the game)
  420. (08:01:36 AM) flesk: It would be fun if one of them was roller skate racing, but that's not very Halloweeny I think.
  421. (08:01:49 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Who was the enviroment artists on CQ ? Jane ?
  422. (08:02:11 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: Environment artists were Kjeld & Rhandy
  423. (08:02:16 AM) fightclubdoll: Halloween is spreading... give it time... this baby will go global eventually. ;)
  424. (08:02:26 AM) flesk: It's not much of a thing here either, but it's gained popularity the last few years.
  425. (08:02:43 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: I wasn't too worried since kids play dress-up everywhere
  426. (08:02:45 AM) flesk: We got one visit last year.
  427. (08:02:59 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Enviroments are totally sweet !
  428. (08:03:04 AM) flesk: We do have something similar during christmas though.
  429. (08:03:15 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: And yes the font is my handwriting
  430. (08:03:17 AM) AnnaTheRed: everyday is halloween for kids.
  431. (08:03:22 AM) Cheeseness: I love the anti-junk food fellow whoends up giving you lollies
  432. (08:03:36 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: Yeah they turned out looking a lot like the concept art!
  433. (08:04:12 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: Which was Mark Hamer, Nathan "Bagel" Stapely, Raz Mavlian
  434. (08:04:18 AM) flesk: Some kind of CQ/Psychonauts/Br?tal Legend cross over game could be fun.
  435. (08:04:43 AM) Syd: A Double Fine kart racing game would be great. :P
  436. (08:04:56 AM) fightclubdoll: Raz
  437. (08:05:03 AM) Cheeseness: Syd: You mean like Kapy Fine Racing?
  438. (08:05:06 AM) AnnaTheRed: DF kinda made a mini-racing game with Capy
  439. (08:05:06 AM) Cheeseness: Capy Fine Racing
  440. (08:05:07 AM) Cheeseness: Gah
  441. (08:05:14 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: a DF vs Cappy kart racing game would be even more awesome
  442. (08:05:18 AM) AnnaTheRed: yeah that game is awesome.
  443. (08:05:31 AM) Cheeseness: I was super bummed to have not been able to get a floppy of it
  444. (08:05:33 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: hahahaha lol !
  445. (08:05:40 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: Oh yeah some of the costumes I wanted for questing ended up on NPC's like Frog and Superhero
  446. (08:05:43 AM) AnnaTheRed: I got that floppy disk!
  447. (08:05:46 AM) Cheeseness: Maybe it'd be more authentic to have a copied floppy with a hand written label
  448. (08:05:48 AM) Cheeseness: :D
  449. (08:05:52 AM) Syd: The look of the adults reminds me of something but I can't quite remember what it is
  450. (08:06:07 AM) Cheeseness: The frog costume is great
  451. (08:06:22 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: and drago
  452. (08:06:23 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: I kinda wondered why there so few cameos on DF games
  453. (08:06:25 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: dragon
  454. (08:06:35 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: LucasArts games used to have a lot of cameos
  455. (08:06:40 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: The dragon & knight were going to have a combo attack
  456. (08:06:50 AM) Cheeseness: The_Mad_Pirate: Copyright and IP protection seems a bit more strict these days than it used to be
  457. (08:07:03 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: I wanted to get combos in there. Hopefully in a future iteration ;)
  458. (08:07:14 AM) AnnaTheRed: aw that would be awesome
  459. (08:07:23 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Cheeseness: I mean cameos from games of the same company !
  460. (08:07:27 AM) Cheeseness: Oh, right!
  461. (08:07:33 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, that's true
  462. (08:07:49 AM) Cheeseness: tasha_harris_CQ: Oooh, that would be neat
  463. (08:08:13 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: Also in my original idea I wanted to be able to mix & match costume parts but it would have been too hard to do that many combinations
  464. (08:08:15 AM) Syd: There were some Psychonauts references in Brutal Legend, and the camping store in the mall in Costume Quest has Psychonauts music
  465. (08:08:37 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: tasha_harris_CQ: did you contributed on animation during CQ ( not the AF prototype ) or did you just lead ?
  466. (08:08:45 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: You could mix & match bodies & heads in the prototype
  467. (08:08:50 AM) Cheeseness: Oh nice
  468. (08:08:58 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Syd ! Ohhh !
  469. (08:09:02 AM) GameClubFan_081541 [] entered the room.
  470. (08:09:05 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: I did a little bit of animation but not very much because I didn't have time!
  471. (08:09:08 AM) Cheeseness: I was meaning to ask how the prototype differed from the finished game
  472. (08:09:35 AM) GameClubFan_081541 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  473. (08:09:35 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: Also you bought your costume pieces using candy
  474. (08:09:53 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: at a shop run by a monster
  475. (08:10:10 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: But I think it's more fun to find the pieces and craft the costumes
  476. (08:10:10 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: tasha_harris_CQ: I hope you didn't got animation sickness during CQ Lead !
  477. (08:10:42 AM) GameClubFan_747237 [] entered the room.
  478. (08:10:50 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: haha I think I got animation sickness from doing 20 years of it
  479. (08:10:50 AM) flesk: Yeah, I think you made the right decision with that.
  480. (08:10:58 AM) GameClubFan_130647 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  481. (08:11:11 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Lol !
  482. (08:11:26 AM) flesk: I don't remember if I said it already, but I love the transformation animations.
  483. (08:11:43 AM) AnnaTheRed: love the fighting animations too. so shiny
  484. (08:11:45 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: Yeah I wanted them to feel really epic
  485. (08:11:56 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: tasha_harris_CQ: must have been hard missing doing animation during that time calling the shots !
  486. (08:12:19 AM) Cheeseness: tasha_harris_CQ: Did you draw Brad's twitter avatar?
  487. (08:12:20 AM) Cheeseness: (err, not the halloween version)
  488. (08:12:25 AM) mimness left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  489. (08:12:50 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: Yes I did
  490. (08:12:54 AM) Cheeseness: :)
  491. (08:12:56 AM) Cheeseness: :D
  492. (08:13:05 AM) Syd: Perfectly captures his :D!
  493. (08:13:08 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: I amazed hoy talented choy is at doing vfx !
  494. (08:13:17 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: haha he's always doing that face
  495. (08:13:36 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: Yes she's really good! I wanted a very cartoony look to the vfx
  496. (08:13:50 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: we used Wind Waker and the Naruto games as inspiration
  497. (08:14:41 AM) Cheeseness: lol, the anthem power >_<
  498. (08:14:50 AM) AnnaTheRed: I like the kickback after the punch
  499. (08:14:56 AM) Syd: The Abe face floating by always made me giggle.
  500. (08:14:57 AM) Cheeseness: On the robot?
  501. (08:14:59 AM) Cheeseness: It's awesome
  502. (08:15:02 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: lol the Abraham Lincoln & eagle were all Lydia
  503. (08:15:09 AM) flesk: That was a close call.
  504. (08:15:34 AM) Cheeseness: I like that the save points are phone boxes where you get to hear the police ignoring your calls for help >_<
  505. (08:15:51 AM) Cheeseness: Weird. What're those thought bubbles?
  506. (08:15:59 AM) Cheeseness: Is that something you get when playing with a game pad?
  507. (08:16:01 AM) Syd: I liked the battle stamp system
  508. (08:16:05 AM) GameClubFan_747237 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  509. (08:16:50 AM) Cheeseness: I haven't quite wrapped my head around the stamps. I only remembered in the mall that I could buy them
  510. (08:17:07 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: oh yeah I animated the transformation cutscene
  511. (08:17:16 AM) Syd: I miss trick-or-treating. I was always really strategic with it, trying to pick the best neighborhoods to go to so I'd get as much candy as possible.
  512. (08:17:20 AM) flesk: Aren't those stamps pretty important to combat?
  513. (08:17:22 AM) Cheeseness: At the moment I'm just using attack enhancement stamps
  514. (08:17:30 AM) AstroLander left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  515. (08:17:48 AM) flesk: At least in the end game.
  516. (08:17:50 AM) Syd: I think later on you get some stamps that are pretty powerful
  517. (08:17:51 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: tasha_harris_CQ: did you get to watch any of your relatives play CQ ?
  518. (08:18:17 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: I watched my fiance play almost the whole thing
  519. (08:18:26 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: I watched my mom try to play it...
  520. (08:18:33 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: She's not very good with a controller
  521. (08:18:41 AM) flesk: I think I mentioned on the forums that I've got a friend who's been playing CQ with his 6 year old son. The kid loves it.
  522. (08:18:53 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: Cool!
  523. (08:19:26 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: I have gotten a couple notes & drawings from kids
  524. (08:19:34 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: it's the best
  525. (08:19:35 AM) flesk: He also liked Stacking, but that was watching his dad play.
  526. (08:19:40 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: tasha_harris_CQ: Surely you are gonna play it with your boy when he is old enough !
  527. (08:20:05 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: yes of course!
  528. (08:20:19 AM) fightclubdoll: I play with my girl! CQ is awesome. <3
  529. (08:20:22 AM) flesk: I'm definitely playing it with my kids when they're older too.
  530. (08:20:27 AM) AnnaTheRed: that must be like a game developer's ultimate dream
  531. (08:20:40 AM) flesk: fightclubdoll: That's cool. How old is she?
  532. (08:20:49 AM) fightclubdoll: 11 yrs old now
  533. (08:21:00 AM) GameClubFan_635303: Do you think a potential future Costume Quest game would benefit from difficulty settings? I would love an optional hard mode.
  534. (08:21:08 AM) fightclubdoll: (a bit smaller when the game came out)
  535. (08:21:14 AM) Cheeseness: tasha_harris_CQ: I can't remember if I showed you this when I finished it, but now seems like a good time to show off some fan art
  536. (08:21:20 AM) fightclubdoll: We still Trick or Treat .... this year she's a ladybug
  537. (08:21:29 AM) Cheeseness: Mim did some sketches as well which I'm trying to find
  538. (08:21:44 AM) Cheeseness: fightclubdoll: Aww! Ladybugs are the best
  539. (08:21:46 AM) flesk: Nice. It's a good quality in a game to be so accessible and entertaining to such a wide age demographic.
  540. (08:21:54 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: Yes difficulty settings were another thing we wanted to do but was cut because of time :/
  541. (08:21:58 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: I read in an interview ti Tim that the game he is most proud is "Once upon a monster" because he got the chance to experience it with his daugther , it must be a really unique feeling.
  542. (08:23:15 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: Oh yeah I think I've seen that Cheeseness, awesome!
  543. (08:23:20 AM) Cheeseness: Thanks ^_^
  544. (08:23:27 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: love seeing fan art
  545. (08:23:35 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: and fan costumes
  546. (08:23:40 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: tasha_harris_CQ: did XBOX memory limitations played a role on how big or extense the game was ?
  547. (08:24:03 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: nope just time & money :c
  548. (08:24:22 AM) Cheeseness: I'd totally dress up as the robot from Costume Quest
  549. (08:24:25 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: we only had 9 months cause we had to get it out before halloween
  550. (08:24:27 AM) flesk: Yeah, difficulty settings would have been cool. The game is a bit on the easy side (except boss fights), but it makes up for it in entertainment value.
  551. (08:25:00 AM) Cheeseness: fightclubdoll: You and mini-you should dress up as the real and fantasy versions of one of the Costume Quest costumes :D
  552. (08:25:01 AM) flesk: That must have been stressing.
  553. (08:25:26 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: Cheeseness that's a good idea haha
  554. (08:25:29 AM) flesk: That's a pretty definite deadline.
  555. (08:25:42 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: but in any case , even with those constrains you guys made a huge effort on replayability.
  556. (08:25:49 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: yeah it was pretty stressful!
  557. (08:26:26 AM) Cheeseness: It was at a pretty stressful time for DF in general from what I understand
  558. (08:26:39 AM) Cheeseness: BL2 was cancelled at that point right?
  559. (08:26:47 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: yep
  560. (08:27:11 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: yeah i think it was weird for the company because we went from one big project run by Tim
  561. (08:27:41 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: to 4 small projects run by new leads
  562. (08:27:45 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: THQ took CQ from the begining ?
  563. (08:27:50 AM) Cheeseness: I love how willing to embrace less conventional ideas Double Fine are
  564. (08:28:16 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: yes THQ signed CQ and Stacking
  565. (08:28:44 AM) Cheeseness: Was Costume Quest an easy game to pitch, do you think?
  566. (08:28:50 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: me too that's one thing I really loved about working there Cheeseness
  567. (08:28:57 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Stacking was a really innovative mechanics too
  568. (08:29:11 AM) Cheeseness: It feels like it would be very easy to "get" the concept behind the game
  569. (08:29:18 AM) Syd: I imagine having the Amnesia Fortnight prototypes helped convince publishers to sign on.
  570. (08:29:45 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: Yes I think it was fairly easy to pitch, having the prototype definitely helped!
  571. (08:30:21 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: As far as I know what Tim did was a procedure Disney invented back in 1930 and Pixar and Dreamworks inherited
  572. (08:30:46 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: downloadable games were still fairly new at that point so companies didn't really know how to market them or what to do with them
  573. (08:30:55 AM) Cheeseness: Was Amnesia Fortnight something that had been discussed around Double Fine beforehand, or was a it a bit of a surprise when Tim said "Let's take two weeks off and make stuff!"
  574. (08:31:34 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: tasha_harris_CQ: BTW , just recalled it , I got a digital copy form Walt Stanfield gesture on animation course on Disney , let me know if you want me to upload it for you.
  575. (08:31:55 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: hmm I don't remember how it went for the first AF
  576. (08:32:21 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: I know for the subsequent ones we knew ahead of time so we could pitch Tim our ideas
  577. (08:32:22 AM) Syd: Didn't the first AF happen while Brutal Legend was between publishers?
  578. (08:32:44 AM) Cheeseness: Syd: Oh yeah, I think you're right
  579. (08:32:49 AM) Syd: Activision dropped it but EA hadn't picked it up yet
  580. (08:32:58 AM) kickedit [] entered the room.
  581. (08:34:55 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: I have read most AAA publishers consider innovation risky business , so they refrain from getting into "too innovative" games.
  582. (08:34:59 AM) Cheeseness: Costume Quest's music is nice as well
  583. (08:35:04 AM) Cheeseness: I love how epic the battles are :D
  584. (08:35:47 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: music by Peter McConnell
  585. (08:35:52 AM) kickedit: It is also nice that there a finite number of battles as well
  586. (08:35:56 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: sound by Emily Ridgway
  587. (08:36:20 AM) kickedit: I used to hate that about rpgs sometimes
  588. (08:36:40 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: The_Mad_Pirate you're right, hopefully that is changing a little since indie games have been getting more popular
  589. (08:38:20 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: originally when you lost a battle your parents came to pick you up in their station wagon
  590. (08:38:21 AM) kickedit: grinding when trying to get from point a to b and not wanting too sucked. In this game I could go where ever I wanted to and only had to fight when I was ready to fight.
  591. (08:38:27 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: I have read that more open source or more "licence friendly" tools , i.e. Unity , Game Maker , MOAI , SDL , etc. Indies are able to show more innovation too.
  592. (08:38:40 AM) kickedit: lol nice
  593. (08:38:59 AM) Syd: You can do it, Perma. :P
  594. (08:39:31 AM) GameClubFan_016704 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  595. (08:39:32 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: yeah does anyone like random battles?
  596. (08:39:47 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: I think most notable ones have been games like gome home , FTL , Spelklunky and that polytron game whose name i can't recall right now.
  597. (08:39:57 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: I kind of like grinding in some games as long as the battle system is fun
  598. (08:40:02 AM) Syd: I don't mind them as long as the encounter rate isn't too high, but I do prefer the battles to not be random.
  599. (08:40:02 AM) AnnaTheRed: Fez?
  600. (08:40:07 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: I can kind of zone out
  601. (08:40:25 AM) Cheeseness: tasha_harris_CQ: I kinda liked in stuff like Quest For Glory (different type of RPG) where you had random encounters, but could also generally choose avoid them
  602. (08:40:27 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Yup !
  603. (08:40:29 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: that one !
  604. (08:40:38 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: I loved Fez until I couldn't figure everything out at the end
  605. (08:40:38 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: haha
  606. (08:40:40 AM) GameClubFan_299055 [] entered the room.
  607. (08:40:42 AM) Cheeseness: FTL's random battles are nice
  608. (08:40:43 AM) AnnaTheRed: yeah, I grind too. maybe too much.
  609. (08:40:43 AM) Permafry_42: yay!
  610. (08:40:47 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: I'm a completionist so it bugged me
  611. (08:40:51 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: thanks Anna from the lovevly Plushies !
  612. (08:40:53 AM) Syd: I think Pokemon had a nice approach to random battles, Only certain areas/certain tile types had random battles, and others were safe from battles.
  613. (08:41:11 AM) Syd: And there were also repels, so you could get rid of random battles for a while if you wanted to.
  614. (08:41:24 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: tasha_harris_CQ: did you ever got all the stars in Mario Galaxy ?
  615. (08:41:25 AM) GameClubFan_299055 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  616. (08:41:52 AM) Permafry_42: i did at one point =D
  617. (08:41:52 AM) Syd: Boss time
  618. (08:41:55 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: I couldn't get that one where you had to keep hopping on all the dropping platforms >-<
  619. (08:41:57 AM) AnnaTheRed: omg I have to collect everything. It's a sickness.
  620. (08:41:57 AM) Permafry_42: in both games
  621. (08:42:03 AM) kickedit: Pokemon came after I was in high school, so I never got into it.
  622. (08:42:41 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: oh this was one reason we got an E10+ rating...smoking reference
  623. (08:43:12 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: after you defeat the boss
  624. (08:43:42 AM) AnnaTheRed: oh the silliness of rating
  625. (08:43:45 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: that doesnt have any logical sense
  626. (08:43:54 AM) kickedit: love that. As if you could keep the fact that some people smoke cigarettes from any kid.
  627. (08:43:59 AM) kickedit: such denial
  628. (08:44:05 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: i know, he references *quitting* smoking
  629. (08:44:12 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Well , yeah , I guess you can consider movies and games rating a little bit surrealist.
  630. (08:44:23 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: but also, cartoon violence
  631. (08:44:27 AM) Nymo [] entered the room.
  632. (08:44:56 AM) Cheeseness: My biggest worry is that some parents use ratings as a guide so that they don't have to care what their kids are into :(
  633. (08:45:02 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: I wonder what the rating of "Itchy and Scratchy" would be ....
  634. (08:45:08 AM) AnnaTheRed: one blood splatter and it gets a huge "BLOOD" warning in the beginning of a game.
  635. (08:45:17 AM) Cheeseness: Itchy and Scratchy is totally commentary on this, The_Mad_Pirate
  636. (08:45:43 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Cheeseness: I know , I was just being sassy.
  637. (08:45:51 AM) Cheeseness: Ha ha, OK ^_^
  638. (08:45:56 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: I like the victory dances
  639. (08:46:07 AM) Permafry_42: alright and this is where we'll be ending this weeks stream
  640. (08:46:15 AM) Cheeseness: Awesome
  641. (08:46:20 AM) kickedit: I teach at an afterr school program and I can tell you for a fact that 4th and 5th grade boys are all about senseless violence. With or without external influence.
  642. (08:46:25 AM) AnnaTheRed: aww
  643. (08:46:30 AM) Cheeseness: Thanks so much to everybody for coming! Feel free to hang around!
  644. (08:46:36 AM) Cheeseness: We'll be continuing next week :D
  645. (08:46:49 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Nice !
  646. (08:46:58 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: Great Stream Cheese !
  647. (08:47:01 AM) Nymo left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  648. (08:47:04 AM) Cheeseness: Actually, Permafry_42 streamed!
  649. (08:47:09 AM) kickedit: Thanks cheese
  650. (08:47:09 AM) Cheeseness: I just do the talking bits ^_^
  651. (08:47:10 AM) Syd: Thanks for coming, everyone!
  652. (08:47:13 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: and you too Perma !
  653. (08:47:14 AM) tasha_harris_CQ: Thanks for playing everyone! See you next week!
  654. (08:47:14 AM) OutaSync left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  655. (08:47:19 AM) Cheeseness: Yay
  656. (08:47:24 AM) Cheeseness: Thanks for coming tasha_harris_CQ
  657. (08:47:29 AM) The_Mad_Pirate: tasha_harris_CQ: Good to meet you Mrs !
  658. (08:47:31 AM) Cheeseness: It was nice to have you here AnnaTheRed
  659. (08:47:32 AM) kickedit: or rather, permafry
  660. (08:47:45 AM) GameClubFan_635303 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  661. (08:47:45 AM) Permafry_42: huge thanks to everyone from double fine coming! It was awesome to hear your thoughts on the development =D
  662. (08:47:48 AM) AnnaTheRed: aw thank you. it was fun!
  663. (08:47:53 AM) Cheeseness: :)
  664. (08:48:01 AM) tasha_harris_CQ left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  665. (08:48:04 AM) Cheeseness: There'll be a chat log and links to stream archives up in the forums
  666. (08:48:12 AM) Cheeseness: And I'll do a transcript of the interview portion when I have time
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