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  1. Hare Village was founded by a group of various colonists from numerous different species, most notably of which were Human, Beastman, Undead, and Namekian. Makyojin, while among the founding civilian population were heavily persecuted due to stereotypes perpatrated by the Human Council which was imported into the founding of Hare Village by the human populace.
  3. While being built in a desert, Hare Village benefited from it's proximity to the sea, allowing easy access to both local fishermen and merchant vessels which could easily approach from the South. This would in time make the settlement a prime location for trade and result in a population boom in the area.
  5. As with many booming civilizations however, greed would eventually take hold of the settlement of Hare. Attempting to expand their settlement, they would venture into the forest's to the north and begin to rapidly and violently clear the land of any timber. This would prompt an immediate response from the patron deity  of the region who would  in it's unending wisdom and compassion attempt to convince the intruders to cease their unsustainable deforestation.
  7. While initially peaceful in their exchanges, it would become increasingly clear in time that the people of Hare would never be content or sated with what generous amounts of land and materials the deity who would become known as Torias would offer. While individuals such as the flame spirit, Shula and the noble undead, Nen would stand at the great wolf's side, the protector of the forest would stand greatly outnumbered by his foes and over the course of many excursions prove triumphant in many scuffles with the residents of Hare.
  9. As Hare continued to prove incapable of properly suppressing the wolf, the Human Council would put their plan to surpress the non-humans into action. Introducing the technology known as 'Cloths', the Council and their 'Saint' would begin to recruit from the populace through a number of biased competitions and trials intended to increase the raw power of those who would support them. The first of these new 'Saints' would be the Andromeda cloth bearer, Nanashi.
  11. With their foothold on Hare secured, the Council and their collaborators would step up their attacks on the Forest dwellers in an effort to secure their hold. With the bloodshed reaching an all time high and the Forest taking pity upon the people of Hare, a peace would be achieved for a time.. One which the council would not allow.
  13. Unwilling to tolerate this peace, Saint Deneb along with Saint Nanashi and William Shepard would launch the next phase of their plan. Intercepting Shula as she departed from her base of operations, Saint Deneb, pausing as a civilian would brutally thrust their hand through the abdomen of the woman, destroying her unborn child and leaving her near death if not for the immediate care rendered to her by Rugar Rugaru.
  15. Unable to tolerate the treachery of the human populace and those who would serve them, the Forest launches yet another attack which would end catastrophically. With William Shepard attempting to murder Rugar Rugaru as he tended to injured, ineffectively attempting to strangle the Undead to death and Deneb completing his task of taking Shula's life, the Forest Diety would lash out, triumphantly thrashing and dismantling the entirety of Hare's leadership, taking the life of the vile Nanashi and Deneb and taking vengeance for his people.
  17. Following the failure of Hare to contain the Forest leadership, the surviving members of the rebel freedom fighters would strike back once again. Utilizing his advanced knowledge of surveillance technology, Rugar would launch a number of satellites which would be deployed to orbit the planet, granting him not only full surveillance over the region but also serving to interfere with Council navigation devices. This would effectively render the council incapable of assaulting the non-human citizens of the region and end the construction of inhuman concentration camps throughout the region which were to be overseen by the ODF.
  19. Following another clash between Forest and Hare forces, a decision would be made which will forever go down as one of the greatest tactical errors in the planets history was made. Following the lead of William Shepard, in spite of pleadings from most of the civilian populace and the Mayor at the time, Kaleb, the entirety of the city would depart to the frozen north to establish a new settlement. Kali at this time would begin feeding the Forest information about the inner workings of the settlement in an effort to play both sides.
  21. During the founding of the newly constructed 'Arctic Hare', Rugar would implore the people of the settlement to see reason, requesting that they settle in the island chains to the west where life could be sustained. Failing to reason with the city leadership, the Undead would turn to humanitarian efforts, having food, clothing, and other necessities delivered as an act of good will. Most of these would be tossed out by spiteful military members such as Natalia Redtail who, as a long time council sympathizer chose suffering over receipt of aid from a perceived enemy in an effort to further bastardize the Forest's peace efforts.
  23. Unable to bare to see the civilian populace suffer in such a way any longer, the Guardian would marshall his forces to take a stand. Launching an attack upon Arctic Hare with the intent of removing the leadership and allowing for the civilian population to rejoin the original Hare Village, now aptly named 'Shula City' in honor of the fallen flame spirit, they would surround and assail the tall stone gates of the frozen compound.
  25. In the ensuing battle, the Forest would suffer it's first catastrophic loss, being driven back without a number of it's forces being left near death or captured... If not for gross incompetence. Through a combination of treachery, foolishness, and general incompetence, Saint Daichi, Natalia Redtail, and Kali would completely fail to contain the Undead Rugar who was imprisoned within the confines of his own home. Left unattended, the Undead would quite simply walk a circle around his complex and escape through the front door leaving Kali Calloway (who was perfectly aware of this fact), Natalia, and Daichi with nothing to show for their victory as Natalia's attempt to callously execute the Undead Nen would also prove an utter failure. In an act of selflessness and general concern for the civilian population, Rugar would allow small trade vessels access to arctic hare where they would be able to once again receive supplies from sources that the ODF would not callously destroy.
  27. During the time following this battle, Shula, would through a miracle which could only be defined as a true act of the divine would be returned to the people of the Forest. Showing no ill effects of her death, the heroic spirit would restate her purpose, promising to see her groups dreams come true and peace reign over the region for centuries to come. It was also during this time that the ODF would find an ally in the form of a Necromancer by the name of 'Zeraph', an Emperor from days past and someone who would swear to raise their corpses as his faithful minions. For one reason or another, this was seen as preferable to the Forest for reasons which may never be made clear.
  29. Realizing the genuine incompetence of Arctic Hare and the ODF, the Council would deploy yet another 'Gold Saint' to the region, this time intending to wipe out every single man, woman, and child in Shula City. Bombarding the region with meteorites and utterly decimating the region with no regard for combatant or civilian. With the residents of Shula City stepping up to defend their city, the forces of Arctic Hare led by William Shepard and Natalia Redtail would descend upon the city. Biding their time, standing atop the corpses of the dead, they would watch the people of Shula City struggle with, and eventually defeat Mu with the aid of the Saiyan, Kori, the people of Arctic Hare would launch in an attack in an effort to finish off Torias and Shula who had already been bloodied by the Golden Saint.
  31. Refusing to see his comrades fall in such a way, Rugar would step forth now, taking up arms against the Dragon Saint, who much like the other Clother Bearers desired nothing more than bloodshed. While only a humble scientist, Rugar would heroically clash with the Saint, intent upon driving him back and preventing him from taking the lives of his comrades and yet in the end, just as before, he would fall in battle, his body decimated by the brutal attacks to follow.
  33. With Rugar's death, Shula would engage Wilson who would in turn flee from the area in the face of actually being forced to take on an actual combatant. Unfortunately for Shula, it was at this time that the leader of Arctic Hare, William, believing the Flame Spirit to be with child once again would set against her, bringing her down and ultimately killing her by piercing a blade through her abdomen to ensure the death of the perceived fetus within.
  35. Battered and beaten, the people of the Forest would retreat back to their old hideout, the sole survivors of the assault being Torias and Nen along with their allies, Kori and Yuzu who had recently arrived from Sadala and offered their aid to the people of Shula City. It was at this time, Kali seeing that the people of the Forest were no longer of use to their own purposes would deliver the keys to this base to William who would then march upon the compound, ruthlessly executing all of those inside of it, ensuring that Council rule could once again fall upon the city and the non-human population could once again be forced until the leadership of the same individuals that took people to the north to freeze. With Nen being put down as he sought justice for the lives stolen from his comrades, it was at this time that the Forest would be completely eliminated.
  37. Retaking the ruins of the city, Shula City would be rebuilt as Oasis City with the leadership of Acai Stratus offering the people the first glimmer of hope that they had seen in some time. Seeing to the reformation of the city, the woman would work tirelessly to organize and limit the decision making power of those whom had failed so many times before.
  39. While Oasis City was being built however, the Necromancer who had gone ignored for the better part of a decade would begin raising an army of his own. Finding the corpse of Rugar Rugaru, the undead would be raised from death to serve along with a number of other fallen citizens from the past. Aether, a former apprentice to Shula would also find himself corrupted by the Necromancer's sway at this point, eventually finding himself joining the ranks of the Undead and contributing to additional forces being added to the man's army.
  40. To make matters worse, it was also at this time that the majority of the Sadalan population would begin to descend upon the world, one part of the group being led by an immortal list by the name of J.J. Many of these invaders would prove hostile, entering the city and making threats while generally attempting to assert dominance over the native population. This would of course be widely considered an unpopular approach.
  42. During an attack by the forces of Zeraph upon the city of Oasis, several of the Emperors forces would be captured or killed, the Undead Rugar proving the former while the former Mayor of Hare, Kaleb the later.  With the Undead contained within a cell, he would begin to work once again for the people of the city, deciding to do what he could to aid the newer, more competent leadership in whatever way he could while waiting for a means of being freed from his cursed state.
  44. With Zeraph temporarily dealt with, the next great threat to the region and the entire planet would prove to be the Lich who had recently landed. Working with a Namekian of unknown origins, known only for the wearing of a hat, the pair would tear open a rift which would threaten to consume the entirety of the world in spite of heroic efforts being made to stop them. Fleeing from the scene, J.J. would leave the people of Oasis to deal with the chaos that he had left in his wake.
  46. With the decision being made to execute J.J., lest he be allowed to devour the souls of the local populace, Rosemary, a long time student of the fallen Nen, would take the lead. Finding the Undead's phylactery and making a move to destroy it, J.J. would launch a surprise attack on the prison complex, taking a number of hostages and threatening to end the life of countless innocents should he not be given the source of his immortality. In a display of true courage, the young Makyojin would refuse, choosing to destroy the object and prompting William Shepard and a number of Oasian citizens to choose to aid the Lich for reasons which still cannot be explained to this day.
  48. In his haste to aid the soulless abomination that was J.J. however, William would free Rugar from his prison, enabling the Undead to stand with Rosemary, the two defeating a room full of warriors and ultimately destroying the phylactery through the pairs combined might. In an act of mercy, Rugar would refrain from taking the foul cowboys life, choosing to 'prove to be the better human' in spite of his other worldly condition.
  50. Recognizing the threat of the Undead following the abduction and killing of Dragon Saint, Wilson by Aether and the destruction of the Namekian village through the newly zombified man, the people of Oasis and the Sadalan refugees take a stand. Launching an assault upon his the Vampiric Emperor's compound, Rosemary leads a successful raid which culminates in the temporary resurrection of the Pope of the Saint Order, a man so blinded by racism and hatred that he would manage to disobey his summoners commands long enough to slaughter a nearby Sadalan allowing Rosemary time to striking a finishing blow against Zeraph and in doing so, save the world.
  52. Zeraph's apprentice would also turn upon his creator in an effort to aid his long time friend Rosemary, striking down William who had chosen to once again side with the Necromancer in pursuit of additional power and having his youth returned to him. William would die alone, without friendship from another living soul. No one would mourn him and the sun would shine just a bit brighter the following day.
  54. With things settling within the city for a time following this confrontation with the forces of Undeath, Oasis City would regain a sense of normalcy for a time. With additional Sadalans arriving upon the world and passage being found to the scene of their crash landing, a number of individuals led by Cygnus, soon to be Leo Shine would sent to explore the region. Being abandoned by the Namekian Swordsmen Fiddel who fled like a coward and left for dead, the expedition leader would be struct down by a lizard like creature known as Icebox. The rest of the party would barely make it back in tact.
  56. With a need to organize on the home front in the wake of these foreign invaders and attacks coming from self described 'Dragons', an election is held. During this time a number of people not seen for decades come out of the woodwork to vote against Rugar Rugaru, the leading candidate for the position of Mayor, a previously unknown human by the name of Malria somehow achieves victory. Rugar Rugaru at this time chooses to depart from the city following the insistence that he was not welcome there and a desire to appease his would be constituents.
  58. With Rugar being exiled from the city by the likes of Ozcep and Natalia, a lizard coalition of sorts, it would almost seem to be poetic justice when less than one week later, an attack led by the dragonic denizens of Dragon Island launched an attack. Countless innocent people are slaughtered including promising up and coming Saint Kotori as Rosemary is left alone to fend off Xenomorph Hybrid, Queen of Blades Kaguya while the likes of Natalia Redtail move off to execute the children of the invading forces while attempting to abduct them to be experimented on by their husband Kali.
  60. Unable to continue to hold the city following this,  the people of Oasis are forced into retreat. With mostly choosing to follow Natalia Redtail into hiding in a hole in a hill almost directly under the now Xenomorph infested city, several others would travel to the ruins of Arctic Hare which had recently been renovated by Rugar. There they would be led by Rosemary as preparations would be made to strike back against the Xenomorph threat. Around this time, Aether, who had been in a state of torpor would begin to stir. The feeling that his beloved Rosemary was in danger rousing the man from his slumber and calling him to action.
  62. While the people of the bunker continued to accomplish nothing in regards to warding off the invaders of their city, Rosemary and the Stratus Guard along with the Vampiric Aether's forces would begin to strike back. Launching an assault upon Kaguya, their combined mights would prove enough to score a victory for the people of Oasis but at a great cost. The heroic Rosemary would give her life for the very people who scorned her and spoke ill of her attempts to better their lot in life while they sat about doing nothing for themselves. Aether, in a rage at the loss of of his oldest of friends would strike down the Queen of Blades and return hope ot the people of Oasis.
  64. With Kaguya no longer a factor, Acai with the remnants of the Stratus Guard would gather what few citizens of Oasis who would act and launch an effort to take back the city with the aid of Rugar Rugaru. Through their efforts they would reclaim the city and begin it's reconstruction. This would mark a new era of hope for the people of Oasis. A hope that truly good and decent leaders could overcome the pitfalls that the previous ones had fallen into. Hope that they could be better than the cowards that came before them. That they could have faith in one another. A hope that would be fueled by the prospect of a wish.
  66. A wish that Rugar Rugaru would help lead them to as he seeks to not only help rebuild the city but their spirits as well. A wish for a brighter tomorrow and one that those who gave their lives for the city would be proud of. A wish that no other had ever had the will to reach out and grasp before.
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