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  1. Michael Errington
  2. and from plains police department
  3. Rebekah Legion
  4. 9/9, 11:21am
  5. Rebekah Legion
  6. hold on let me get audra for you
  7. oh well we both posted to their page and funny we both get that guy on our cases
  8. Michael Errington
  9. 9/9, 11:21am
  10. Michael Errington
  11. fbi was asking about the tor mailing list and how it was gotten
  12. and are trying to link sebastian to me directly in relation to the mexico city thing
  13. mexico being the pedo ring thing i put shadows name on
  14. i kinda used vlad lol
  15. Rebekah Legion
  16. 9/9, 11:23am
  17. Rebekah Legion
  18. oh well at least vlads his alias
  19. ok lol
  20. Michael Errington
  21. 9/9, 11:23am
  22. Michael Errington
  23. but they want know about the americans being backtracked
  24. vlad aint in trouble
  25. i just used him as an outlet because i see the way he posts
  26. Rebekah Legion
  27. 9/9, 11:24am
  28. Rebekah Legion
  29. tell them i gave you the link, no, wait, my record is huge, say you dont wanna disclose sources, say you saw it in all the pedo hunt groups, soas though its in loads of em
  30. Michael Errington
  31. 9/9, 11:25am
  32. Michael Errington
  33. i think i might get into trouble and i really dont need the shit but am too good at backtracking maybe not so good at defence but can attack like a mofo
  34. Rebekah Legion
  35. 9/9, 11:25am
  36. Rebekah Legion
  37. ok, wait a minute though, the FBI will always contact you though coz you gave em detaild info
  38. Michael Errington
  39. 9/9, 11:25am
  40. Michael Errington
  41. yes but the info i gave them would of taken them six months to get
  42. i gave to them in under three days
  43. Rebekah Legion
  44. 9/9, 11:26am
  45. Rebekah Legion
  46. just tell em you dont wanna say who gave u the info but you'll tell em what u know and you can even askk em to do  a good character  refference for you  for court,
  47. Michael Errington
  48. 9/9, 11:26am
  49. Michael Errington
  50. i dont think plains police are happy
  51. Rebekah Legion
  52. 9/9, 11:26am
  53. Rebekah Legion
  54. i cant type, my rat is all over this keyboard
  55. Michael Errington
  56. 9/9, 11:26am
  57. Michael Errington
  58. i cant do that they already hacked me
  59. they hacked me during the email
  60. i was dumb i should not have clicked it but i was not thinking
  61. Rebekah Legion
  62. 9/9, 11:27am
  63. Rebekah Legion
  64. thats why we have audra to send stuff like this, coz she's not a hacker, and i'd have sent it for you
  65. Michael Errington
  66. 9/9, 11:27am
  67. Michael Errington
  68. so now they know my name and roughly where i am as much as local popo know and they gonna start asking anon questions and i got no answers
  69. i cant tell them how i got into federal records to give up his ssn and ip in same sentence
  70. Rebekah Legion
  71. 9/9, 11:28am
  72. Rebekah Legion
  73. you still might not be in trouble. this might be illegal but you got a right then to demand to know why they on your case and not the case of those pedos
  74. Michael Errington
  75. 9/9, 11:29am
  76. Michael Errington
  77. nor how i got into his hd
  78. Rebekah Legion
  79. 9/9, 11:29am
  80. Rebekah Legion
  81. then don't
  82. Michael Errington
  83. 9/9, 11:29am
  84. Michael Errington
  85. dont what its all done
  86. Rebekah Legion
  87. 9/9, 11:29am
  88. Rebekah Legion
  89. it wasnt you, you might have tools but it wasn't you, someone else posted some things and you thought the police needed to know
  90. Michael Errington
  91. 9/9, 11:29am
  92. Michael Errington
  93. i am sure they have my pastebin it contains over 500 doxxes
  94. bad guys yes but cc numbers and pins with ccv
  95. so?
  96. grey area?
  97. hopefull look on his face?
  98. Rebekah Legion
  99. 9/9, 11:30am
  100. Rebekah Legion
  101. i know audra doesn't send em pastebins hun, she sends em links that are in paste bins if asked but not whole paste bins
  102. Michael Errington
  103. 9/9, 11:30am
  104. Michael Errington
  105. no they took my pastebin
  106. it was hidden on my com in minesweeper
  107. it says its been copied
  108. Rebekah Legion
  109. 9/9, 11:31am
  110. Rebekah Legion
  111. what link did they send you to click?
  112. Michael Errington
  113. 9/9, 11:31am
  114. Michael Errington
  115. an email
  116. it was to go to a website chat
  117. but it was dead end
  118. it was gov site that originated text i backtacked the email i know where it came from
  119. Rebekah Legion
  120. 9/9, 11:32am
  121. Rebekah Legion
  122. could equally be a pedo sending it though don't you think? the one who claimed he had friends in FBI?
  123. Michael Errington
  124. 9/9, 11:33am
  125. Michael Errington
  126. could but they bringing up other stuff from other things i "didnt" work on
  127. Rebekah Legion
  128. 9/9, 11:33am
  129. Rebekah Legion
  130. i do now that you should have asked me or audra to report it, she reports every pedo to em and every info we give her t oreport almost daily
  131. Michael Errington
  132. 9/9, 11:33am
  133. Michael Errington
  134. i was asking u guys did not have time with all ur tabs
  135. Rebekah Legion
  136. 9/9, 11:35am
  137. Rebekah Legion
  138. no, we always report everything, well audra does, even if she isnt there at that second she comes round nearly every night, every night really. i know it got buried at first but audra looked for it and found it, she did report it too i think but i need to check, i'm sure she did, though, i could swear she said she did.
  139. Rebekah Legion
  140. 9/9, 11:36am
  141. Rebekah Legion
  142. she checks all the pastebin header and all the other headers daily
  143. i know milena's been a bitch but all milena does is grab URL's and place them under headers, she also makes pastebins  but danny grabs the IP's and ID numbers etc.Audra is the reporter for the group and none of us report to facebook
  144. i'd have reported it there and then for you if I'd seen it, how did it get buried to begin with?
  145. i'll always report when asked, if ever you want something reported pm me and i'll do it
  146. Michael Errington
  147. 9/9, 12:05pm
  148. Michael Errington
  149. so
  150. i need unload my sec firm
  151. its for free if you know anyone
  152. Rebekah Legion
  153. 9/9, 12:38pm
  154. Rebekah Legion
  155. right, ok. i'm keeping unit 2 for vlad and milena and everyone, coz its too hectic, i'll stick em all somewhere quiet. i'm trying to make a separate place for hackers and co
  156. sure thanks
  157. i can put em all in sisters unit or something
  158. Rebekah Legion
  159. 9/9, 12:55pm
  160. Rebekah Legion
  161. shall i start using unnamed for it?
  162. or u offering me ya tools ?
  163. Michael Errington
  164. 9/9, 12:57pm
  165. Michael Errington
  166. sure but i got a ghosytsecurity irl to give away too
  167. and webpage and bunch of stuff i dont need anymore
  168. it comes with a crew i dont know if they will hang around but you can ask
  169. Rebekah Legion
  170. 9/9, 12:59pm
  171. Rebekah Legion
  172. ok, i'll do my best
  173. it'll be no good to me as suppoe if they dont hang around
  174. I already got 5 units of shadow hunters and the sub units & uk child abusers exposed, the other secret groups 7 pages, and in Watchers and A Team
  175. a team bein bobs hacker group even though i dont hack i'm good at finding hidden stuff
  176. Rebekah Legion
  177. 9/9, 1:15pm
  178. Rebekah Legion
  179. i'm checking out that guy with the baby on ya other timeline, anything i can do? we need to help save that baby
  180. Rebekah Legion
  181. 9/9, 1:23pm
  182. Rebekah Legion
  183. i always see that guy, this would be such a waste coz i've needed someone like you for long, to catch these bastards but the police do nothing, dylan used to kill pedos in real life, his whole gang are still in jail but he rana nd kept running and its why he cant go back to norway
  184. Michael Errington
  185. 9/9, 1:25pm
  186. Michael Errington
  187. sounds legit
  188. i run pedos into the ground and jump on there face
  189. no fucks are given
  190. so can i not get shadow hunters to help me expedite thsat sick list
  191. then i will take it with my real account and post to every news outlet i can
  192. Rebekah Legion
  193. 9/9, 1:27pm
  194. Rebekah Legion
  195. I did in jail. they went further than that and he's the only one who kept running. I wish yo uhadnt reported those pedos yourself, audra did report em when she found the stuff and she knows never to send a pastebin, i check, she jsut takes the data, grabs the links hersef, i blame milena for all this
  196. Michael Errington
  197. 9/9, 1:27pm
  198. Michael Errington
  199. so people know if you toss me in jail how many others are out there to take my place
  200. i am just a hacker i dont release but when i get backlogged i have no choicve but to come out from where i know into the unsafety of this
  201. Rebekah Legion
  202. 9/9, 1:29pm
  203. Rebekah Legion
  204. if you get tossed in jail? and no ya not replacable! dannys gonna catch milena out if she did this bro, wait and watch this space
  205. bro another thing is danny or melisa would always have transfferred ya work onto ghostbin, i need to ask you, did you send feds or police that info in pastebin format?
  206. Rebekah Legion
  207. 9/9, 1:34pm
  208. Rebekah Legion
  209. do you understand as well about why when milena makes a pastebin it then gets transffered onto ghostbin by melissa or another? and why we put "shadow hunters " on it? because shadow hunters means it could be any one of us, and we're a secret group, thats we always write that logo on it
  210. Michael Errington
  211. 9/9, 1:38pm
  212. Michael Errington
  213. i am more than well aware you know i been doing this as a Watcher since Myspace?
  214. just saying
  215. i realize i got sloppy and careless i dont need to be frequently reminded
  216. but unlike u guys i had other means set up
  217. i had twitter a little more 3/4 of a mil followers
  218. Rebekah Legion
  219. 9/9, 2:02pm
  220. Rebekah Legion
  221. i'm in the other watchers, not the one you mean, i think?
  222. i get you, you call it watching as opose to hunting. i get you now. i've not done my space though
  223. Michael Errington
  224. 9/9, 2:06pm
  225. Michael Errington
  226. no not pedo watchers
  227. cyber watchers
  228. we watch the internet
  229. we dont involve ourselves by taking a side but we can end an argument in a keystroke
  230. we are also know as Equality
  231. Rebekah Legion
  232. 9/9, 2:39pm
  233. Rebekah Legion
  234. i'm in another group, The Watchers but its been there for a long time before the hunt groups, its ran by much older in age & in experience people than any of us are. They watch the internet too but to safeguard children, yeah we're in different groups. I think i heard of equality? i dont think you're in trouble, but i think milena is gonna be once we prove something, thats if we right. we blame milena for this because I'd have seen your post if it werent for her, and believe me! i'd have addressed you and asked if it ok to go ahead and report the details of the people in it especially when a baby is involved
  235. Michael Errington
  236. 9/9, 2:45pm
  237. Michael Errington
  238. my report on that is just ip of iceberg you do understand what i found right?
  239. danny has a pretty decent picture of what i have been datalogging
  240. and how i have link things together
  241. one list is tied to others
  242. Rebekah Legion
  243. 9/9, 2:46pm
  244. Rebekah Legion
  245. yeh i know it is
  246. Michael Errington
  247. 9/9, 2:46pm
  248. Michael Errington
  249. if you have one you can get them all its in there
  250. anyhow these pedos i exposing are all friends on tor they dont interact with each other off of tor and i have found something to link them to each other on fb
  251. Rebekah Legion
  252. 9/9, 2:47pm
  253. Rebekah Legion
  254. does that guy run the distribution? he owns the page but uses fake profile and that baby is one he abuses and shares the pics on there
  255. is it that account specifically which links them?
  256. Michael Errington
  257. 9/9, 2:48pm
  258. Michael Errington
  259. yes
  260. Rebekah Legion
  261. 9/9, 2:48pm
  262. Rebekah Legion
  263. or one of the cp pages?
  264. ok its that account, ok
  265. Michael Errington
  266. 9/9, 2:48pm
  267. Michael Errington
  268. and it caused a stir when i exposed it as i can tie it to all 47 countries i am exposing
  269. and that child is not 2 years old anymore she is five and half
  270. Rebekah Legion
  271. 9/9, 2:52pm
  272. Rebekah Legion
  273. yeah i saw her on the mums profile and no doubt she is being abused in images on these sites
  274. what exactly happened when u added this? what did milena do? explain how she acted. and what do you make of her? other than her being a bitch , do you find anything else in her behaviour? how would you sum her up? anything suspicious?
  275. Michael Errington
  276. 9/9, 2:55pm
  277. Michael Errington
  278. she just shunned my efforts from the group
  279. so i left
  280. i did not leave but i did not share directly with the group i used pm's to do it and then just exposed with hashtags
  281. Rebekah Legion
  282. 9/9, 2:57pm
  283. Rebekah Legion
  284. i'm gonna be spending some tim elooking at milena now
  285. Michael Errington
  286. 9/9, 2:58pm
  287. Michael Errington
  288. for what
  289. she just a bitch
  290. i dont think she has anything to do with the heat i took i think its cause what i aim to expose and the names i will attach to it are known
  291. Michael Errington
  292. 9/9, 2:59pm
  293. Michael Errington
  294. Rebekah Legion
  295. 9/9, 2:59pm
  296. Rebekah Legion
  297. she does seem to have had a personality transplant but she's as good as stalking stuart bennet from what i can see
  298. Michael Errington
  299. 9/9, 2:59pm
  300. Michael Errington
  301. if you were to backtrack the other names on this list you would see what kind of people i am about to expose
  302. they are fake accounts but they dont always use vpn to sign in
  303. Rebekah Legion
  304. 9/9, 3:01pm
  305. Rebekah Legion
  306. ok bro, i'll focus on this more and looking into these, i'm afraid to post anything in unnnamed. i'll use shadow sec or add you in a new unit we made last night, i dont use the main group when i'm looking deeper into things,
  307. danny can help you lot more than me with the bypassing of vpn's, him and dylan, bob is also amazing and felix is good but bob is better, felix is young compared to us
  308. Michael Errington
  309. 9/9, 3:02pm
  310. Michael Errington
  311. dont use pm
  312. no groups
  313. not for this stuff
  314. Rebekah Legion
  315. 9/9, 3:02pm
  316. Rebekah Legion
  317. ok
  318. no problem
  319. Michael Errington
  320. 9/9, 3:03pm
  321. Michael Errington
  322. your are gonna get into trouble for this one i promise what country are you in i will give you a backtrack of a prominent person you know
  323. Rebekah Legion
  324. 9/9, 3:03pm
  325. Rebekah Legion
  326. carl wright is on one my friend lists or request lists! i cant get into my main account, rebekah joanne, the browser is not moving
  327. uk, wales
  328. we circling backto my roots? the vip ring?
  329. carl wright isnt on my lists, he's the one we had on plainstown page
  330. but billy carrol sounds like my stalker on the page. i'll go focus on their profiles, what if i came back with more urls? would that be useless, or good? coz i would find more
  331. Michael Errington
  332. 9/9, 3:11pm
  333. Michael Errington
  334. i can hack the urls
  335. i got audra learning tech stuff from me
  336. Rebekah Legion
  337. 9/9, 5:11pm
  338. Rebekah Legion
  339. hun, audra can't do that, she is triggering and whatever she's seen or whatever she learned isnt good for her, if she chooses to learn tech stuff she can, but it seems it was more than tech stuff as she is flashbacking now
  340. Rebekah Legion
  341. 9/9, 5:13pm
  342. Rebekah Legion
  343. you need to do the same thing audra does, which is although she qas scared the first time the FBI contacted her, you need to just say "yes it'll be a pleasure to help you if i can", by being patanoid ya bein it on top for yaself, ya paranoid bout clicking a link, yu shouldnr have reported yaself, thats whhat audra's here for. a hacker never reports their own shit especially in detail like that, i would have reported it, milena can get the fuck out soon, as it seems she is the stalker of one of our hackers
  344. Rebekah Legion
  345. 9/9, 5:18pm
  346. Rebekah Legion
  347. ok she has explained she hasnt seen anything, she is just overwhelmed, audra cant do this bro, not audra
  348. September 13
  349. Rebekah Legion
  350. 9/13, 12:12am
  351. Rebekah Legion
  352. i only just got back online. i do not touch pastebin! i have never ever made a pastebin in my life! how dare you accuse me of shit i havent done. i havent even been online. what pastebin? audra has sent me this now, and i wanna know what the fuck ya talking about!
  353. September 13
  354. Michael Errington
  355. 9/13, 8:31am
  356. Michael Errington
  357. accusing ur group is all
  358. you guys are fucked
  359. Michael Errington
  360. 9/13, 8:32am
  361. Michael Errington
  362. you dont do anything sop to speak no offence not meaning to be a dick but when i sign in to my john smith account and see people posting my lists like they are theirs and they dont have the rest of my hd to go with it, yes it makes me a little upset, you think i happened across shadow hunters? or have i been apart of 4 of them with my alias accounts?
  363. Michael Errington
  364. 9/13, 8:39am
  365. Michael Errington
  366. point of the matter is i am here to only expose i do not care if you all want all credits lulz i really dont need it coming back to me, but allow me the decency to publish all of everything before your dumb team starts dissecting work that is posted for me not for you when my accounts post shit its for me and i hate it when u people assume otherwise and or bury my shit. Now really i could careless at this point, i will finish what i started and i will publish my entire report, unlike you people my report consists of over one month of keystrokes to go thru, entire network to pick apart, browsing history to link to each of the devices logged, emails and correspondants from and to those i am investigating. Financial reports and tax returns for last 3 years, all personal info, a list of and detailed log of all infractions both domestic and foriegn as well as family reports work reports Children dossiers, vehicles owned, properties owned, leases, vacation spots, friends. My report consists of over 1.67gb of text dat thus far.
  367. Michael Errington
  368. 9/13, 8:40am
  369. Michael Errington
  370. so next time you get all pissy perhaps find out why i am pissed first.
  371. Friday
  372. Rebekah Legion
  373. 9/16, 1:16pm
  374. Rebekah Legion
  375. I have never ever shared any of your work! and I've never shared anyting apart from detailed stuff I've worked on with Danny. Also I quit the group because I could not carry on as I had been. You asked us all to expose but I asked you for further instructions. Milena has left as we argued over the pastebins. There has never been a john smith in my group and We all talk to each other on video messenger so this is going nowhere. Don't drag me into arguments with you and Milena. I don't share people pastebins. they are not secure. You are friends with that fake account of Andy Stone which is trolling the page too.We have dispanded the group now and i only work with people who wanna do more than add URL's. i wanted to learn new tools from you but you were sending messages about me to Audra who i warned you has PTSD very badly and cant cope with being pressured.
  376. Rebekah Legion
  377. 9/16, 1:23pm
  378. Rebekah Legion
  379. you messaged her about me accusing me of shit I had no knowledge of. You also kept sending us all blank pastebin links to click so you could have our IP addresses. Perhaps Vlad sent you because he so badly wanted to know who we all are but Vlad was the only one who doesn't speak on video calls. But we do. And I know Anonymous pedo hunters are 80% pedos, 10% bullshitters and 10 % who really wanna get the pedos and I'm in the last 10 % but sick of all the bullshit. I don't give a fuck about who's who in work. I never shared ya pastebins and I jsut wanna weed out the pedos, and those pedos are the ones who sit on the board of admins in every hunt group and maybe they want me dead. I don't know. But I know I can't trust no one anymore
  380. Rebekah Legion
  381. 9/16, 1:23pm
  382. Rebekah Legion
  383. you added andy account and its back up and trolling us anyway and i kept you on page as i thought we were friends
  384. Monday
  385. Michael Errington
  386. 9/19, 8:21pm
  387. Michael Errington
  388. we are not friends u are trying to blackmail me thru ur sock account just like the reports said before i came to shadow
  389. its why shadow split apart u did it
  390. now your bf is a bitych and has no skills
  391. he is a report phag
  392. Michael Errington
  393. 9/19, 8:23pm
  394. Michael Errington
  395. Michael Errington
  396. 9/19, 8:23pm
  397. Michael Errington
  398. come at me.
  399. might be a kid but i fuck up pedos
  400. and fake ass anons
  401. awe poor girl got nothing to say i have emailed your police with our entire chatlog from all three accounts i used for this op
  402. thanks for playing remember we are always watching
  403. i told you we were once called The Watchers smh lulz
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