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  1. <ods-dataset-context context="nobel,nobelf" nobel-dataset="nobel-prize-laureates" nobel-domain="public" nobel-parameters="{'disjunctive.category':true}" nobelf-dataset="nobel-prize-laureates@public" nobelf-parameters="{'disjunctive.category':true,'refine.gender':'female'}">
  2.    <div ods-aggregation="total, totalf"
  3.         ods-aggregation-total-context="nobel"
  4.         ods-aggregation-total-function="COUNT"
  5.         ods-aggregation-totalf-context="nobelf"
  6.         ods-aggregation-totalf-function="COUNT">
  7.                There have been <strong>{{total}}</strong> laureates of the Nobel prize, but only <strong>{{totalf}}</strong>
  8.                prizes have been awarded to women, which represents <strong>{{totalf/total*100 | number:2}}%</strong> of the total.
  9.    </div>
  10. </ods-dataset-context>
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