Thorran Stormheart Interview

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  1. 22:38:52 Thorran-WyrmrestAccord » one who merely swings and ax into something that does not wish to have an ax swung at it...dulls the mind, and senses. The greatest never accept such menial work, and I have no intention of fading from history now that my home is gone. I wish to »
  2. 22:38:52 Thorran-WyrmrestAccord » create great works, each greater than the last, true testaments to my clan. Beauty in form, deadly in practice. These are the ways of the true legends of the forge, I wish to become such."
  3. 22:46:40 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord 's expression changes ever so slightly, listening intently to the orc in front of her with that once animated hand frozen in the air. The little blond was taking notes, oh this was definitely going to be a keeper. "If you haven't, I encourage you to »
  4. 22:46:41 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord » record hte forging methods from Draenor, don't wait for some curious historian to try and piece it together." Both hands were up now, finger tips to finger tips making a steeple. "Now, yoru ambition is admirable, and what you are able to do with »
  5. 22:46:41 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord » time and resources I look forward to learning. But there's the matter of compensation, I know those of you that came here under the banner of Mag'har are left with little in terms of resources. All of our positions offer a gold salary, but is there »
  6. 22:46:41 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord » anything else you'd want in return for your labor. Firebrand Enterprises of course will act as a broker for your creations and will take a small portion of the profit but not without fair repayment."
  7. 22:48:06 Grimoria-WyrmrestAccord pulls a smoke out looking at the two."Sup bitches." she would take a drag and exhale the smoke.
  8. 22:48:14 You wave at Grimoria.
  9. 22:49:01 Grimoria-WyrmrestAccord takes a couple of mins to fully finish it as she steps it out to go back to the mess inside.
  10. 22:51:19 Thorran-WyrmrestAccord shook his head, waving his hand dismissively. "I care nothing for your gold. What you do with my creations is yours to do with as your lot pleases, my name upon them is all I care for. Food, lodgings, materials to work with. I have worked within these »
  11. 22:51:19 Thorran-WyrmrestAccord » bounds for many years, I have no intention of wasting time spending coin. Though, all of Draenor's forging methods are..." He lifted his heavily plated hand, tapping the side of his skull. "Right up here, though I shall write them down if you wish »
  12. 22:51:19 Thorran-WyrmrestAccord » to keep them, sell them, once more I care not. My legacy to all those who wear, use, or replicate my means will be my payment besides those needed amenities. And perhaps some drinks now and then, working myself to death does not exactly bode well »
  13. 22:51:19 Thorran-WyrmrestAccord » for my future."
  14. 22:58:34 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord smiles wrly, finger tips tapping together as he goes on. How she loved dealing with orcs, "I do appreciate you writing them down, I've been around long enough to know the value of written records." She had no intention of turning that knowledge into a »
  15. 22:58:35 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord » lucrative market, "I do however intend to have it transcribed and distributed to libraries at production cost. Lodging is easily provided, there are several homes available in the company villiage and space is readily available in the barracks »
  16. 22:58:35 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord » should you prefer that." Her face fell into a neutral again as she went on, getting back to the tedium of the process once more, "There are some ground rules of course," she rambles off the rules from the guild website which as an alt you should »
  17. 22:58:35 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord » definitely know by now, "And further more, we do not go on the offensive against denizens of the Firelands, knowing Ashagar as you do I'm sure I don't need to explain why." Her eyes roll back a moment, head tilted to the ceiling slightly, "Oh and we »
  18. 22:58:35 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord » do nto do business with the Alliance, except under very rare and supervised occassions approved by Mrs. Firebrand. Any such transaction will not be in a way that furthers their war effort."
  19. 23:04:57 Thorran-WyrmrestAccord reached a gauntleted hand to his beard, stroking over the small braids there as the smaller elf spoke. A rumble of agreement echoing in that plate covered chest of his as his hazel and bloodtinged eyes did not seem to leave her. Outlining the rules he »
  20. 23:04:57 Thorran-WyrmrestAccord » was expected to be held by, which was much less sever than his time under Blackhand, don't deal with their direct enemies, the orc nearly laughed at that one, and the like with selling the transcriptions of his knowledge to other places. "As long as »
  21. 23:04:57 Thorran-WyrmrestAccord » my name is upon them, that is all I ask. As for fighting, what have you, I will go where told, kill what I am told to kill. That is my blood as an orc, but I am a weapon and tool. Use my talents with blade as needed, and my hands to create as you »
  22. 23:04:57 Thorran-WyrmrestAccord » lot see fit. I am not a hard man to please Miss...I do not know your name. Do elves give their names to orcs? I am not familiar with your customs. Lodging, I am sure I can figure out, one way or another."
  23. 23:05:24 [Vozul-WyrmrestAccord]: Oh hey Narkyssa! Grim clawed me right in the crotch. Like eight at once. You don't have to worry about it I'm just gonna go to bed.
  24. 23:05:31 Vozul waves at Thorran.
  25. 23:05:40 [Thorran-WyrmrestAccord]: Laughing Skull.
  26. 23:05:51 [Vozul-WyrmrestAccord]: How'd this guy fit in the cave entrance?
  27. 23:05:55 [Thorran-WyrmrestAccord]: Well, it will certainly not be boring around here then.
  28. 23:06:08 Grimoria waves goodbye to you.  Farewell!
  29. 23:06:08 [Thorran-WyrmrestAccord]: Though if it is all the same, I enjoy my bones where they are. Inside of me.
  30. 23:06:20 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord sighs and looks at Vozul, "Good night Vozul" She smiled at the masked girl, "See you at lessons tomorrow."
  31. 23:06:25 [Vozul-WyrmrestAccord]: Fine, be stingy with your bones. I get it.
  32. 23:06:37 [Vozul-WyrmrestAccord]: We got two Skulls by the way. Three technically but don't trust that me.
  33. 23:06:43 [Thorran-WyrmrestAccord]: My skin, and flesh as well.
  34. 23:06:57 [Vozul-WyrmrestAccord]: See you Narkyssa! Too much powder. Grim's idea all the way though. I'll be good for lessons! Bye.
  35. 23:07:03 Vozul waves at Thorran.
  36. 23:08:58 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord totally introduced herself way earlier in the conversation right before asking his name, but will repeat it easily enough, "Narkyssa. I thought I had given it earlier but well, it's been a long two days and it may have slipped my tongue. I do »
  37. 23:08:58 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord » apologize. With all of this settled, welcome to Firebrand Enterprises. There is paperwork to sign and you are going to need a radio, niether of which I have handy at the moment."  She sighed and shook her head, Vozul being Vozul had broken a bit of »
  38. 23:08:58 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord » her concentration.
  39. 23:11:37 Thorran-WyrmrestAccord reached his armored hand, running it through the raven colored hair that lay just under the ponytail he had. "I apologize, my mind goes when I speak of forging. I mean no offense. I do not converse with your kind often...infact this is the first. »
  40. 23:11:38 Thorran-WyrmrestAccord » Though I was instructed upon during my joining of your Horde. Though I will do as needed, sign what I am supposed to, for what meaning that has I have not a clue. Radio, I can imagine those goblin devices that we had in the Iron Horde, that let us »
  41. 23:11:38 Thorran-WyrmrestAccord » speak to one another."
  42. 23:16:04 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord nods, "Yes, that is indeed what the radio is. The employment contract is a record of what we agreed to for your work, lodging, materials other expenses covered and in turn we can market what you make." The elf loosened up a bit, the formalities are »
  43. 23:16:04 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord » past now, "I want to hear more about your work, I haven't had much opportunity to really study the craft. As for elves...well, depending on the company they keep effects a lot of how they behave to others." A priestess working for a Goblin and not »
  44. 23:16:05 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord » batting an eyelash at talking to someone nearly three feet taller than she was probably wasn't a shining example of th typical elf, "Are there any questions I can answer for you? I think we got so wrapped up in the details of your employment htat I »
  45. 23:16:05 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord » didn't give you fair time to ask."
  46. 23:22:17 Thorran-WyrmrestAccord let out a boisterous laugh, deep, booming, echoing from the walls as the woman spoke of particular elves. "I will confess, I was afraid that if I was not standing properly I was to be chided. Again, I was warned of the elves. I am glad that there are »
  47. 23:22:18 Thorran-WyrmrestAccord » those different, too many simply fall into step with one another..." The dark orc scowled, a soft rumbling growl in his chest as his smoke choke vocal cords came to life again. "My work, for many years, was turning out the same weapons, same armor, »
  48. 23:22:18 Thorran-WyrmrestAccord » replacement parts. There was no soul in my craft, I saw it become nothing more than a mold to pour liquid metal into. The heart was cut from our chest, the love of creation gone. I want to make the savage beauty a weapon deserves, the resplendent »
  49. 23:22:18 Thorran-WyrmrestAccord » grace of armor that turns blade and arrow alike." Thor nodded, but he was lost in his words as he snapped back to this elf. "Apologies, I lost myself in passion. As for questions, they are few, namely locations of what I now call home, if I can »
  50. 23:22:18 Thorran-WyrmrestAccord » request materials, if I work with others or will be lost to solitude."
  51. 23:23:02 [Thorran-WyrmrestAccord]: Who will be the ones I answer to, are there places to relax besides the place I shall work.
  52. 23:28:02 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord actually gets a bit whistful looking as he talks about his art, it was good to hear from other workaholics sometimes. "You'll report directly to me in the Research and Medical division, given that you are persuing a mroe scientific and artful approach »
  53. 23:28:02 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord » the forge. Materials wise just have a list delivered to my office here on the campus and I'll get the order in, we do have budgets for that sort of thing. However, if you are needing something hard to obtain there may be need to schedule an »
  54. 23:28:02 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord » expidtion for it. By and large your coworkers prefer to hang out in Orgrimmar, if you are familiar with the Wyvern's Tail you can usually find folks there. As for our head quarters here, I can give you a tour if you like." That last bit, about »
  55. 23:28:03 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord » working alone, "We have a forge here, whether you are working at it alone is really more of a timing issue. Our engineers are in and out of it as they need to be. Otherwise your work preferences are your own."
  56. 23:32:35 Thorran-WyrmrestAccord nodded his head a bit, the large orc once more found fiddling with his beard as those with such seemed to do. "Harder to find materials...I do not know of the materials you have here on Azeroth...but the very idea of learning them..." There as that »
  57. 23:32:35 Thorran-WyrmrestAccord » smirk that drew across the orc's tusked mouth, and perhaps a shiver? Very slight even if there was one, the idea of adventure. "If such are needed, I can handle them personally. Though I work for others now, I will be expected to bring those along »
  58. 23:32:35 Thorran-WyrmrestAccord » to help, if but to carry what I can not..." There was a snort from the tortured vocal chords of the forge orc. "Though, perhaps company will not be so bad on those travels." His ear flicked slightly as she spoke of a tavern, arching his brow as Thor »
  59. 23:32:35 Thorran-WyrmrestAccord » looked back to the elven woman. "I am sure I can find my way there, such a name I am positive other orcs will find there way but, if you know where the resting places are, I would not mind a tour. Would look bad upon me to get lost, my first day."
  60. 23:35:42 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord looks out the doorway, "Well, if you're meaning to stay out here, the large building to the left of this entrance is our barracks, find an unused bed if you like. Otherwise, you'll need to find an inn in Orgrimmar or Silvermoon or whatever town you »
  61. 23:35:42 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord » travel to." She took a deep breath and folded her hands behind her again, "Come on, I'll show you."
  62. 23:36:26 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord points across the courtyard as they walk "The large building over there is FIT, where my office is. One of the wings is a library, the other a lab. Make as much use of both as you like."
  63. 23:36:53 [Thorran-WyrmrestAccord]: Where is the forge?
  64. 23:38:01 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord pauses and points back at a trail leading around the hill, "Back there. One of our engineers over sees daily operatiosn there. I believe htere is another one in Firebrand Villiage," the elf air quotes around that name, "As we're calling it, but the one »
  65. 23:38:01 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord » here is in better shape."  Onwards to the barracks she continues.
  66. 23:39:13 Thorran-WyrmrestAccord (Ignore us Ashbinder, we aren't here)
  67. 23:40:57 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord stops somewhere inside the large building, "Well, here we are." She looks around, golden eyes blinking a couple times, one brow arched, "I don't know how it compares to others you've stayed in, but there's plenty of space to sleep and the second floor »
  68. 23:40:57 Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord » has Captain Sevarak's office."
  69. 23:41:10 Thorran-WyrmrestAccord walked along, noting the various places that were pointed out to him. The barracks seemed well kept, fortified, and that spoke to his orcish nature. Though he made a very clear note there were two forged, one better kept than the other, though as eyes »
  70. 23:41:10 Thorran-WyrmrestAccord » fell upon his guide there was a ....sway, that would not escape Hazel eyes before a snap back to the moment. "So, this is where I shall stay. Is there someone here I should tell I am here? Some guard? I would hate to wake up with a knife to my throat."
  71. 23:41:54 Thorran-WyrmrestAccord nodded his head as well, eyes going upwards with a gentle rumbling growl in his chest. "Right, I should probably let my presence be known to this Captain Sevarak.
  72. 23:42:48 [Narkyssa-WyrmrestAccord]: Yes, that would be wise. Typically his security forces are the ones staying here but until you decide on other accomodations this is where you'll bunker down. Pitty you didn't come a few days sooner, you'd have had the chance to meet him and his team.
  73. [More RP happens, all relevant interview bits are done.]
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