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  1. [14:30:11] Marina Seraph Azar: (APPEARS)
  2. [14:47:15] "Probably Grayrot, yea. . ." The blunette would nod to them warmly appreciating the sentiments of the Ookami shaking her head at Ancillia.
  4. The Myr took a deep breath. "Don't be, Ancillia, you've done alot for Cinderfall already." She really didn't like the Ookami blaming herself as she'd look to Sirus and nodded his way.
  6. "Yea, honestly we ought to have a watch list for that anyway." Her hand rested at her hip, not fond of leaving that unexplored, to ensure Cinderfall knew and understood who were cohorts with the harlot fungus.
  7. (Liara Myr)
  8. [14:48:06] Ancillia Trigg: (Marina can post now if she wants to...)
  9. [14:54:56] Marina would head into the keep. She needed to speak to Liara about many things. So she would head to the office of the Firekeeper. Luckily for her Marina sees Sirus, Liara, and Ancillia all in one place. This could not have turned out more perfectly! All three of the people she needed to speak to about various things in one place. Nice. Her cloak and armor had been replaced but her face was still slightly bruised from her fight but Marina did not care.
  11. Walking up Marina offers each of them a bow. "You guys uh mind if I join? I actually need to speak to all three of you about various things so this could work out"Marin a says simply. She hoped they each agreed but if not she would leave. It would be a pain in the ass since this is a talk she'd been meaning to have for a while, and the situation was perfect.
  14. Some of the things needed to be addressed sooner rather than latter, the tone of her face perhaps giving off the urgency of it all. But again she would leave if her presence was not wanted.
  16. (Marina Seraph Azar)
  17. [15:00:03] Sirus Blackmane: (BRB
  18. [15:02:36] Ancillia would nod to Liara. She'd tried her best but... it just hadn't worked out... she could only imagine how Pyra was feeling about it. Only days before she'd asked for advice on him... Her attention would turn to Marina as she entered. Breaking her out of her thought for a moment.
  20. "O-oh... Hello Marina. I don't... You uh... You look better then when you got back. I'm glad..."
  22. She felt sorry for Marina. She had been in a sorry state when she got back... she looked better now. But she could tell that that would stick with her for a while...
  23. (Ancillia Trigg)
  24. [15:04:19] Liara Myr: She was unwell when she returned? Feel free to speak Marina.
  25. [15:04:19] Sirus Blackmane: ((back))
  26. [15:05:10] Marina Seraph Azar: Not so much unwell as I was be expected when you lose to the Queen of new Alteros
  27. [15:05:10] Marina Seraph Azar: (Wb)
  28. [15:05:10] Sirus Blackmane: You're lucky she didn't outright kill you, Marina.
  29. [15:05:10] Marina Seraph Azar: ....I didn't lsoe that bad......I even managed to take her down once....
  30. [15:06:01] Ancillia Trigg: I'm just glad your ok... What did you need to talk about?
  31. [15:06:01] Sirus Blackmane: Well I mean, she was victorious in the end. In NA territory.
  32. [15:06:52] Marina Seraph Azar: You're not wrong...I think she was trying to make an Example of me or something...
  33. [15:07:44] Sirus Blackmane: Probably.
  34. [15:08:35] Marina Seraph Azar: Anyway.. Like I said...well am I interrupting anything first cause Like I said I have a lot to talk about...
  35. [15:08:35] Liara Myr: Well, I'm glad you're still with us Sister.
  36. [15:09:26] Marina Seraph Azar: <*Nods*> As am I dear Sister..
  37. [15:11:08] Sirus Blackmane: Well...? What would you like to talk about, Marina?
  38. [15:11:08] Sirus Blackmane: Speak your peace.
  39. [15:12:00] Marina Seraph Azar: I'll start slow since there's so much…first and foremost. Something I already brought up to Liara…the promotion of Ancillia to Champion….
  40. [15:12:00] Ancillia Trigg: <*ears perk*>
  41. [15:14:33] Sirus Blackmane: I'm for it.
  42. [15:16:16] Ancillia Trigg: O-oh my...
  43. [15:17:07] Marina Seraph Azar: <*Waits for Liara*>
  44. [15:17:58] Marina Seraph Azar: (Oh my..)
  45. [15:23:56] Marina Seraph Azar: Well….the second thing is…I'm thinking of retiring form fighting but still want to do my part for Cinderfall. Sirus, Liara. This job you two do with just the two of you..Its stressful. I had an idea way before I wanted to stop fighting. Basically make me a third member of the Keepers. Give me the same amount of power you guys have but directed more at maintaining the order.
  46. [15:23:56] Marina Seraph Azar: Instead of waiting around for all the Champions to be around for a vote allow me to be a delegate of sorts that gets their opinion and bring it to meetings between so. Because let's be honest with as many people as we have voting it gets confusing and out of hand.
  47. [15:23:56] Marina Seraph Azar: And I feel I've done more than a good job proving myself level headed enough to deal with this kind of thing. And let's be honest again, when one of you leave the other gets put under a lot of stress. So I think that a third would help level things out greatly.
  48. [15:26:30] Ancillia Trigg: (Liara?)
  49. [15:50:24] Ancillia Trigg: (um...)
  50. [15:51:15] Marina Seraph Azar: (welp)
  51. [15:51:15] Sirus Blackmane: (R I P)
  52. [15:52:57] Marina Seraph Azar: (She went idle on Discord too...)
  53. [15:53:48] Marina Seraph Azar: (Might as well keep ponit in jsut sitting here...)
  54. [15:53:48] Ancillia Trigg: (yeah...)
  55. [15:55:31] Sirus Blackmane: (Mh m m))
  56. [15:55:31] Sirus Blackmane: ((Well... Idk))
  57. [15:55:31] Sirus Blackmane: ((That second point that marina brought up is VERY huge))
  58. [15:56:22] Marina Seraph Azar: (This is true)
  59. [15:56:22] Liara Myr: <*loooks at Sirus*>
  60. [15:57:13] Marina Seraph Azar: (welp)
  61. [15:57:13] Ancillia Trigg: Um... Liara...
  62. [15:57:13] Liara Myr: Well, Ancillia, congratulations, you're now champion.
  63. [15:57:13] Ancillia Trigg: O-oh my...
  64. [15:57:13] Marina Seraph Azar: Oh...<*Blinks*> COngralutaions Sister.
  65. [15:58:04] Ancillia Trigg: T-thank you.
  66. [15:58:04] Liara Myr: As for the other notion, Sirus?
  67. [15:58:04] Sirus Blackmane: Well...
  68. [15:58:56] Sirus Blackmane: Three leaders for a settlement does seem like a bit much. If that was the case then we'd simply just go back to the old Champion system of years past.
  69. [15:58:56] Sirus Blackmane: Feels like we'd be comin' full circle.
  70. [15:59:47] Marina Seraph Azar: I mean. Like I said the way it is now doesn't really work….too many people to wait on. Too many voices being heard at once. With this I can mitigate that and get the others opinions before we do a meeting with just us three. Less noise, less arguing.
  71. [16:01:29] Sirus Blackmane: Well...
  72. [16:01:29] Sirus Blackmane: <*Looks at Liara, brow raised*>
  73. [16:04:54] Liara Myr: I honestly feel like we should just have champions be generals in war, the politics are just. . . It's better if only the actual leaders handle them, we have so much delay some days when we have to be concise on things.
  74. [16:04:54] Liara Myr: (It'd*)
  75. [16:06:36] Marina Seraph Azar: The problem is outright taking away the Champions voice would make them angry., I know this for fact. Hence why keeping them as generals but using me as a third leader and being a sort of delegate for their voices would alleviate that.
  76. [16:14:17] Sirus Blackmane: Well if that's the case...
  77. [16:14:17] Sirus Blackmane: Eh, I'm for it.
  78. [16:15:08] Marina Seraph Azar: I SHALL BE KNOWN AS THE FIRELORD
  79. [16:15:08] Marina Seraph Azar: (OMit sorry had to befunny for a sec)
  80. [16:16:51] Marina Seraph Azar: <*Takes a deep Relifed breath*> I thank you.. I will do all I can. I just want to help you brother and I said I see how stressfull two is. Especailly when one leaves...Three..Well I will help that much I can promise..
  81. [16:18:33] (Hand of Kraus) Raj {Squire}: Hello
  82. [16:18:33] Ancillia Trigg: I uh...
  83. [16:18:33] (Hand of Kraus) Marina Seraph Azar {Squire}: Hi.
  84. [16:18:33] Ancillia Trigg: <*falls silent*>
  85. [16:19:24] Marina Seraph Azar: <Tilts head at Ancillia*> Speak your mind...
  86. [16:19:24] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: waddup
  87. [16:19:24] Sirus Blackmane: <*Raises brow at Ancillia*>
  88. [16:19:24] (Hand of Kraus) Vivica Loirdne {Squire}: RIP everyone.
  89. [16:19:24] (Hand of Kraus) Marina Seraph Azar {Squire}: KATTTTT-CHANNNNNN~~~~
  90. [16:19:24] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: Hi marina :)
  91. [16:19:24] Ancillia Trigg: I uh... I just don't really know what to say...
  92. [16:19:24] (Hand of Kraus) Marina Seraph Azar {Squire}: You free ye so we can smash? IMEANWHAT
  93. [16:20:16] (Hand of Kraus) Raj {Squire}: I am 16 KAT
  94. [16:20:16] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: Congrats
  95. [16:20:16] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: I've spent a year under this witch's watch
  96. [16:20:16] (Hand of Kraus) Marina Seraph Azar {Squire}: Rip
  97. [16:20:16] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: I'm still alive
  98. [16:20:16] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: So that's good
  99. [16:20:16] Marina Seraph Azar: Understanable....
  100. [16:21:07] (Hand of Kraus) Raj {Squire}: Eternal Squire <---
  101. [16:21:07] Sirus Blackmane: It is to be expected. I remember when Maria promoted me to Champion long ago.
  102. [16:21:07] Marina Seraph Azar: WEll this next part has to do with you more....I just want Liara's final input...
  103. [16:21:07] Marina Seraph Azar: Oh yeah...Me too rigt after I got my elg cut off
  104. [16:21:07] (Hand of Kraus) Eva Zyma {Squire}: is she at least pretty, kat
  105. [16:21:07] Marina Seraph Azar: (*Right, *leg)
  106. [16:21:07] Liara Myr: Maybe as a transitory thing, a gentler decline towards being merely generals.
  107. [16:21:58] (Hand of Kraus) Raj {Squire}: I would say she is bangeable
  108. [16:21:58] Liara Myr: It became clear to me, honestly, that shortly after the council became of champions, from originally races, and then before champions of deligated individuals.
  109. [16:21:58] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: I mean
  110. [16:22:49] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: As long as I'm not getting mutilated its nice
  111. [16:22:49] (Hand of Kraus) Eva Zyma {Squire}: I need to RP with her at some point
  112. [16:22:49] (Hand of Kraus) Marina Seraph Azar {Squire}: Oh my
  113. [16:22:49] Liara Myr: There's been little to no structure to keep people from pushing for authority. Sometimes in situations that really ought to just be determined on the spot.
  114. [16:22:49] (Hand of Kraus) Eva Zyma {Squire}: sounds FUN.
  115. [16:22:49] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: HPK is deaded right now
  116. [16:24:32] Sirus Blackmane: True...
  117. [16:24:32] Marina Seraph Azar: I mean...that's part of what I want to do as a third....A peace keeper of overseer if you make sure people know that vying for power isn't how oyu get it....And jsut be aware this isn't some power grab on my part. You know me better then that...I just feel like like a third would like I said help the stress you two deal with...
  118. [16:30:30] Ancillia Trigg: I uh... I should get going...
  119. [16:30:30] Ancillia Trigg: Thank you though...
  120. [16:30:30] Marina Seraph Azar: I mean this next thing has to do with you....
  121. [16:31:21] Ancillia Trigg: O-oh...
  122. [16:31:21] Ancillia Trigg: Ok...
  123. [16:32:12] Liara Myr: Well, for now until we're ready to take our next step, I'm not against it.
  124. [16:33:04] Marina Seraph Azar: I see. Well then moving on....
  125. [16:33:04] Marina Seraph Azar: I'll be blunt.'
  126. [16:33:55] Marina Seraph Azar: The way things with Raja got handled was far from ok.
  127. [16:34:46] Marina Seraph Azar: I'm not happy that it turned into a lynch mob when it should have never been told to the whole town what he did.
  128. [16:34:46] Marina Seraph Azar: He did however et arrested for his assault. Six months. I made sure of that.
  129. [16:34:46] Marina Seraph Azar: (*get)
  130. [16:35:37] Marina Seraph Azar: Liara, Batkem, Myself, and Bevolt are allowed to seem him along with Vivica per his own request.
  131. [16:35:37] Marina Seraph Azar: The people who made it worse, my own husband included. Need a stern talking to.
  132. [16:36:28] Sirus Blackmane: Aye, that lynch mob mentality was not ok at all.
  133. [16:36:28] Sirus Blackmane: We're no better than the Anarchy that gripped Loranthis.
  134. [16:36:28] Sirus Blackmane: If we were to let that slide.
  135. [16:36:28] Marina Seraph Azar: <*nods*>
  136. [16:37:20] Marina Seraph Azar: Also. Liara. He wanted me to tell you. That's he's sorry. I told him I would so yeah. He's said that he hopes. You haven't lost faith in him.
  137. [16:37:20] Ancillia Trigg: I uh... I told Sirus I want to see him...
  138. [16:37:20] Ancillia Trigg: It doesn't need to be for long...
  139. [16:38:11] Ancillia Trigg: I just want to apologize to him...
  140. [16:38:11] Marina Seraph Azar: But Ciel, Yorrick....the rest who made it worse...they will be talked to...
  141. [16:38:11] Marina Seraph Azar: <*Blinks*>
  142. [16:38:11] Sirus Blackmane: I will allow it, Ancillia.
  143. [16:39:02] Sirus Blackmane: I too, would like to talk to Raja at some point.
  144. [16:39:02] Ancillia Trigg: Ok...
  145. [16:39:02] Marina Seraph Azar: I did promise that only a few people would be alllowed...but If Sirus says IF Batkem is there to watch then...sure.
  146. [16:39:53] Liara Myr: Well, he's not going to have anything of a chance with me. He was hitting on me a time ago.
  147. [16:39:53] Marina Seraph Azar: (I gotta go eat dinner rq brb sorry)
  148. [16:40:44] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: How do I do the fancy name thingy
  149. [16:40:44] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: for a desc.
  150. [16:41:36] Ancillia Trigg: He was?
  151. [16:41:36] Sirus Blackmane: Really now? <*Smirks at Liara*>
  152. [16:42:27] Liara Myr: Y-yea. . .
  153. [16:43:18] Liara Myr: Oggling me as well, but ah. . . just didn't feel like it was anything to be concerned over.
  154. [16:43:18] Ancillia Trigg: I... I don't want to be mean to him... but I would put an end to it...
  155. [16:43:18] Ancillia Trigg: <*holds her hand up to the bruises he left on her*>
  156. [16:44:09] (Hand of Kraus) Batkem Loirdne {High Priest}: kat
  157. [16:44:09] (Hand of Kraus) Batkem Loirdne {High Priest}: you're getting a roommate
  158. [16:44:09] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: Oh goodie!
  159. [16:44:09] Ancillia Trigg: He's still hurting over Batkem. So any relationship he enters right now... I don't think it'd be a healthy one...
  160. [16:44:09] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: Who is it
  161. [16:44:09] (Hand of Kraus) Vivica Loirdne {Squire}: hai
  162. [16:44:09] (Hand of Kraus) Batkem Loirdne {High Priest}: vivica
  163. [16:44:09] Ancillia Trigg: For either of them in it...
  164. [16:45:00] (Hand of Kraus) Raj {Squire}: Batkem
  165. [16:45:00] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: wait really?
  166. [16:45:00] (Hand of Kraus) Raj {Squire}: Rank me up woman
  167. [16:45:52] (Hand of Kraus) Batkem Loirdne {High Priest}: i haven't rp'd with you in a while
  168. [16:45:52] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: Vivi's actually gonna be in the vault with me?
  169. [16:45:52] (Hand of Kraus) Batkem Loirdne {High Priest}: and all you've done is get arrested
  170. [16:45:52] (Hand of Kraus) Batkem Loirdne {High Priest}: no offense
  171. [16:45:52] (Hand of Kraus) Raj {Squire}: I fight all the time depravity
  172. [16:46:43] (Hand of Kraus) Batkem Loirdne {High Priest}: you should tell me icly at some point
  173. [16:46:43] (Hand of Kraus) Raj {Squire}: That would be bragging
  174. [16:46:43] (Hand of Kraus) Raj {Squire}: And you know Raj is lazy to brag
  175. [16:46:43] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: But my boi, battling a PC yokai is something you'd report to your priestess
  176. [16:47:34] (Hand of Kraus) Batkem Loirdne {High Priest}: yeah
  177. [16:47:34] (Hand of Kraus) Batkem Loirdne {High Priest}: that's not bragging, that's reporting
  178. [16:47:34] (Hand of Kraus) Batkem Loirdne {High Priest}: I didn't even know you fought a pc yokai
  179. [16:49:16] Marina Seraph Azar: (Back sorry)
  180. [16:50:08] Marina Seraph Azar: It's not so much seeking that as he wants forgiveness at this point I would say..
  181. [16:50:08] (Hand of Kraus) Ciel "Creepers" {Priest}: <*peeks at the letter*>
  182. [16:50:08] (Hand of Kraus) Ciel "Creepers" {Priest}: mc
  183. [16:50:59] (Hand of Kraus) Akio {Knight}: noice
  184. [16:50:59] Sirus Blackmane: (BRB)
  185. [16:50:59] (Hand of Kraus) Marina Seraph Azar {Squire}: I mean I helped with Eden and the Warden stuff so where is my rank up :/
  186. [16:52:41] (Hand of Kraus) Raj {Squire}: Be careful dad
  187. [16:52:41] (Hand of Kraus) Raj {Squire}: MC
  188. [16:54:24] (Eternal Flame) Raj {Cinder}: mc
  189. [16:54:24] (Hand of Kraus) Marina Seraph Azar {Squire}: did you jsut
  190. [16:54:24] (Hand of Kraus) Marina Seraph Azar {Squire}: mc a mc?
  191. [16:54:24] (Hand of Kraus) Raj {Squire}: Hahha no I laaged
  192. [16:57:48] (Hand of Kraus) Marina Seraph Azar {Squire}: I see
  193. [17:08:54] Marina Seraph Azar: (Back sorry g'ma needed help)
  194. [17:12:19] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: Ive never met Ciel ICly right?
  195. [17:12:19] (Hand of Kraus) Ciel "Creepers" {Priest}: i dont think so...but if you frequent on the church
  196. [17:12:19] (Hand of Kraus) Ciel "Creepers" {Priest}: theres a high chance that you might have seen me there
  197. [17:13:10] (Hand of Kraus) Marina Seraph Azar {Squire}: Nobody wants to go in there right now...
  198. [17:13:10] (Hand of Kraus) Vivica Loirdne {Squire}: GOD KAT DONT MENTION HIM
  199. [17:13:10] (Hand of Kraus) Vivica Loirdne {Squire}: YOU DUMMY
  200. [17:13:10] (Hand of Kraus) Ciel "Creepers" {Priest}: mention me
  201. [17:13:10] (Hand of Kraus) Ciel "Creepers" {Priest}: and she'll kill you both
  202. [17:13:10] (Hand of Kraus) Vivica Loirdne {Squire}: plz god no
  203. [17:13:10] (Hand of Kraus) Ciel "Creepers" {Priest}: i warned u vivica
  204. [17:13:10] (Hand of Kraus) Ciel "Creepers" {Priest}: many times
  205. [17:13:10] (Hand of Kraus) Vivica Loirdne {Squire}: worst dad ever
  206. [17:13:10] (Hand of Kraus) Vivica Loirdne {Squire}: MOM
  207. [17:14:01] (Hand of Kraus) Ciel "Creepers" {Priest}: i am
  208. [17:14:01] (Hand of Kraus) Vivica Loirdne {Squire}: DAD IS BEING A BULLY
  209. [17:14:01] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: I don't know Ciel, I was just double checking who I have and haven't met
  210. [17:14:01] (Hand of Kraus) Vivica Loirdne {Squire}: fine I won't come back to Cinderfall then
  211. [17:14:01] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: I havent met... Marina, Eva, Cashe, Ciel and I think I havent met Vivi
  212. [17:14:52] (Hand of Kraus) Vivica Loirdne {Squire}: you can say you've met me
  213. [17:14:52] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: I've seen Ren like once ICly
  214. [17:14:52] (Hand of Kraus) Vivica Loirdne {Squire}: and or heard about me
  215. [17:14:52] (Hand of Kraus) Vivica Loirdne {Squire}: I'm the child who:took on hthe kaor and nearly died"
  216. [17:14:52] (Hand of Kraus) Vivica Loirdne {Squire}: anyone after that in cinderfall knew me X
  217. [17:14:52] (Hand of Kraus) Vivica Loirdne {Squire}: XD *
  218. [17:14:52] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: I wasn't present ICly for that mess
  219. [17:14:52] (Hand of Kraus) Ciel "Creepers" {Priest}: you pushed them away
  220. [17:15:44] (Hand of Kraus) Ciel "Creepers" {Priest}: and they wanted to help you
  221. [17:15:44] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: I think
  222. [17:15:44] (Hand of Kraus) Ciel "Creepers" {Priest}: so yeah...they werent icly there
  223. [17:15:44] (Hand of Kraus) Vivica Loirdne {Squire}: at the time most people were
  224. [17:15:44] (Hand of Kraus) Vivica Loirdne {Squire}: actually afk
  225. [17:15:44] (Hand of Kraus) Vivica Loirdne {Squire}: and it was arisetael
  226. [17:15:44] (Hand of Kraus) Vivica Loirdne {Squire}: i HAD to
  227. [17:15:44] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: I offered to help in LOOC, but you were like nah
  228. [17:15:44] (Hand of Kraus) Raj {Squire}: (Ohh
  229. [17:15:44] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: So I was like "Is K, kat is doin' shit elsewhere"
  230. [17:15:44] (Hand of Kraus) Vivica Loirdne {Squire}: see you were there at the time
  231. [17:16:35] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: But I wasn't actually there
  232. [17:16:35] (Hand of Kraus) Vivica Loirdne {Squire}: T.T
  233. [17:16:35] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: like
  234. [17:16:35] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: there there
  235. [17:16:35] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: ICly
  236. [17:16:35] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: I woulda made an entry if you said "Sure, help out"
  237. [17:16:35] (Hand of Kraus) Ciel "Creepers" {Priest}: ^
  238. [17:16:35] (Hand of Kraus) Ciel "Creepers" {Priest}: they wanted to help
  239. [17:16:35] (Hand of Kraus) Katarina Varus {Knight}: But because ye said no I decided to keep Kat in the caves doing her shit
  240. [17:16:35] (Hand of Kraus) Vivica Loirdne {Squire}: [did she find a blade*
  241. [17:16:35] (Hand of Kraus) Vivica Loirdne {Squire}: mc
  242. [17:30:14] Sirus Blackmane: (back)
  243. [17:30:14] Ancillia Trigg: (welcome back..._
  244. [17:31:05] Sirus Blackmane: But aye, we should talk to Raja.
  245. [17:32:48] (Hand of Kraus) Marina Seraph Azar {Squire}: (Wb)
  246. [17:32:48] (Hand of Kraus) Marina Seraph Azar {Squire}: mccc
  247. [17:32:48] Ancillia Trigg: If um... if that's all Marina wanted to talk about involving me... I guess we could do that now...
  248. [17:33:39] Marina Seraph Azar: Unless Sirus has any other concerns regarding what we just talked about...
  249. [17:37:55] Sirus Blackmane: I should be fine.
  250. [17:39:37] Ancillia Trigg: Well uh... when your ready...
  251. [17:39:37] Marina Seraph Azar: Ok...<*Nods*> I'm going to need a cool title <*Laughs*>
  252. [17:39:37] Marina Seraph Azar: But yeah you should go..
  253. [17:39:37] Marina Seraph Azar: Good luck..
  254. [17:41:20] Ancillia Trigg: Ok. Good luck to you too...
  255. [17:52:25] Ancillia Trigg: (Sirus..?_)
  256. [17:52:25] Sirus Blackmane: ((Sorry, irl stuff xD))
  257. [17:52:25] Ancillia Trigg: (oh. ok.)
  258. [17:53:16] Sirus Blackmane: Whelp.
  259. [17:53:16] Sirus Blackmane: We'll come up with a name for you Marina. Don't you worry.
  260. [17:54:59] Sirus Blackmane: Well then, I would like to see if Raja is awake in his cell.
  261. [17:54:59] Ancillia Trigg: Alright. I'm ready to go when you are...
  262. [17:55:50] Sirus Blackmane: Alright. Follow me.
  263. [17:55:50] Liara Myr: I'll see him some other time.
  264. [18:02:40] Marina Seraph Azar: I gues....I"ll jjust go then..unless you need me? <*Tilts her heard*>
  265. [18:10:20] Marina Seraph Azar: Right then,,,let me know if you need anything.<*Walks out wtih a smile*>
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