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Tom cottons immigration bill

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  1. Tim Cotton's bill to lower immigration (S. 354: RAISE Act)
  3. 1. What is it?
  4. A bill to lower immigration introduced by Tim Cotton
  6. 2. What will it do?
  7. End the Visa Lottery
  8. Limit annual refugee admissions to 50,000
  9. End chain migration
  10. Reduce the worldwide level of family-sponsored immigrants from 480,000 to 88,000 by prioritizing nuclear family
  11. Add a nonimmigrant visa for parents of adult U.S. citizens (W-Visa)
  12. 5-year renewable visa
  13. No work authorization or ability to receive public benefits
  15. 3. How can I help?
  16. Call or email your congressmen with your own individual statement, and it will make a big impact when this comes to vote
  18. 4. How do I contact my congressmen?
  19. - go here: https://www.house.gov/representatives/find/
  20. - search by your zipcode
  21. - click the envelope button below your representative's name
  22. - write something that will encourage your representative to vote yes on the bill
  24. 5. What do I write?
  26. HI/Dear (insert congreemen here)
  28. I believe Tom Cotton's immigration bill, the Raise act s354 would go a long way to helping american workers like me and friends i know. (if you think an appeal to color would work on your senator) I think this would help many Americans of color who are looking for work, but face depressed wages with mass immigration. I hope I can count on you to support this bill when it is voted on. It will help decide who I will vote for in the future
  30. Thanks
  32. Something like that. Try to write your own though. It makes it count more.
  34. 6. How can I track the bill?
  35. https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/115/s354
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