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Monster Girl City College Panty Raid Guide

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  1. Monster Girl City College Panty Raid Guide.
  3. Introduction
  5. If you have received this, then you are enrolling in MGCC next year and have become the best candidate for the new leader of the Panty Raid Club. Monster Girl panty raiding is an ancient and honored tradition. During the day you may suffer flirting and rape, but by night you exact revenge. Any form of violent coercion doesn't seem to affect most Monster Girls. So the best way to humiliate them was to steal their underwear. It's a sign of weakness to them and makes them feel uncomfortable and timid. Effectively taming them until they get more underwear.
  7. This is a guide compiling a list of all the different Monster Girl dorms, often one for each species, and how to successfully pull of a panty heist, based on information gathered last year. The list will be alphabetical. It will feature a difficulty rating of 1 to 10 stars. Where 1 star is where they will be practically giving them away and 10 stars is something that should not be attempted without a lot of planning, practice and praying. Also included for each dorm will be a list of extra necessary tools, outside of standard items like lock-picks, rope and so on.
  9. Another note is that our last heist of our year went horribly wrong, and this guide fell into the hands of the College Dean. Luckily (thanks to a member in our group, who's grandfather was a Paladin) we were able to enchant the guide in a way that stopped her from destroying it. That hasn't stopped her from scattering the pages across the campus. Waiting to be found. We can only hope that you can recover them in your year.
  11. Always be vigilant for the Dean, the staff and the Campus Security. As your raids continue, they will try harder to put a stop to you.
  13. It's always best to start with easier dorms and work your way up. As you can probably imagine the consequences for a failed panty heist. Good luck, and good raiding.
  15. PAGE 1
  19. Rating: ☆☆☆☆
  21. Extra Tools: -Unwashed clothes (The more, the better)
  22.              -Unwashed Male Volunteer as bait.
  24. You may have seen Akaname on campus already, often hanging outside male bathrooms and changing rooms. If you've paid attention during your MG Encyclopedia classes in High School. Then you'll know they have a fixation on 'cleaning' men with their tongues.
  25. Their dorm room is nothing special, though many Akaname students have their own collection of used clothing from male students, some of which you may recognize as your own.
  26. Akaname can have a very keen sense for smelling out men, while this would normally make raiding next to impossible to do without being detected. Luckily it is also their weakness.
  27. Previous heists have been possible by dumping a pile of used clothes on the dorm's doorstep, or a remote corner of the building.
  28. Another tactic is, if there's someone brave enough, having someone not wash for several days to act as bait.
  29. Both tactics are ways to overload their senses, so that the raiding party's presence goes unnoticed.
  30. The raiding party itself of course should be as clean as possible, firm scrubbing to remove as much 'filth' as possible. (Remember to scrub behind the ears and under the nails). You won't be able to get rid of it all and you will most likely sweat during the heist, but it helps your chances of the bait working considerably.
  31. After waiting for the bait to be taken (it should draw away the majority of the Akaname, seeing as how they can't physically resist) make a move on their clothing drawers, being careful to not exert yourself too much, to avoid sweating.
  32. There are many cases of raids failing due to the raiding party exerting themselves too much and giving off a scent that eventually overpowers the bait. Akaname luckily don't feature any superhuman strength or magic other than their longue tongue. So it's possible to fight off any retaliation that might incur, provided you don't become too isolated or outnumbered.
  33. If you do manage to be caught however, you'll probably be used as the dorm's 'Salt lick' for a good while.
  34. If successful you'll come away with the Akaname's sticky and transparent panties.
  35. In conclusion, this heist is difficult to pull off. Requiring you to act fast, especially during a hot summer. However Akaname aren't much of a threat, making it somewhat safer than most.
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  40. ALICE
  42. Rating: ☆☆
  44. Extra Tools: -Wererabbit volunteer
  46. The Alice dorm is fairly out of the way, being quite small as there are not many of them on campus. They're completely submissive and like a Dormouse rely on forcing a man to make the move.
  47. For this reason, all members of the raid need to stay in observation of each other and in a position where the others can subdue them. While it normally takes a while for an Alice to lure a man, there are cases of it happening rapidly, members abandoning the raid to go rape an Alice.
  48. While this isn't enough to put an end to the operation, it can lead to some awkward moments for their victims. Waking up in the pink frilly bed with someone who has the appearance of a child is concerning for some people.
  49. Alices might protest at their panties being taken from them, but they will do little to stop it. Maybe yelling out that 'Onii-chan is a pervert!' and such.
  50. If for whatever reason the heist is still too difficult to pull off (Sometimes campus security will step up a little and make things harder) getting a Wererabbit to help distract the Alices is a good way to avoid being undetected completely.
  51. Alices really like Wererabbits for some reason.
  52. If successful you'll come away with the Alice's cute, childish underwear.
  53. In conclusion, the Alice dorm is not a bad place to start, risk is low and so is the difficulty. It makes for a good team-building exercise, having to rely on each other to stop themselves from being lured by an Alice.
  55. PAGE 3
  57. ALP
  59. Rating: ☆
  61. Extra Tools: None
  63. There is truly no dorm easier to steal panties from, than the Alp dorm. They practically give them away, insisting they don't mind. If caught stealing they'll actually be flattered and will see it as a sign of reaching womanhood.
  64. Some raiders may find raiding them questionable, as their gender will generally be up in the air, so it might be difficult to get them to follow along, oath or not.
  65. The Alp dorm is perfect to practice on, there are no consequences for being caught, however they might bat their eyelashes and try to flirt with you.
  66. They're too submissive to put up any resistance and aren't physically strong either. Don't expect them to report to campus security either.
  67. There's even cases of novice raiders struggling to find panties, falling to the ground about to give up, when an Alp would approach them shyly and give them a pair so they 'don't feel bad'.
  68. Truly it is very hard to fuck up an Alp dorm raid.
  69. If successful you'll come away with the Alp's varying panties, boxers or even hilarious training bras.
  70. In conclusion, this is a perfect dorm to start with and a good way to practice technique for later, harder dorms.
  72. PAGE 4
  76. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆
  78. Extra Tools: -Gas masks or Scuba Gear
  80. The Alraune dorm lies in the Plant Girl area. A collection of large greenhouses with just the right humidity and temperature for the Plant Girls to relax in.
  81. They need wheelchairs and such to move around campus, but they shouldn't be underestimated, their dorms are their home turf which they are very good at defending.
  82. First things first. Alraune continually put out a powerful fragrance that men cannot resist. Outside the greenhouse it is often benign and barely noticeable.
  83. However inside the greenhouse, it's very concentrated, the instant the air inside is inhaled it will take effect.
  84. Obviously this means that respiratory protection is mandatory, whether from gas masks, or scuba gear with oxygen tanks. This should not be attempted without them unless you can hold you breath for one hour.
  85. Once everyone is inside, navigation can be tricky, as everything is covered in plants. It wasn't even sure if they even had panties to steal until a brave member in '05 managed to confirm.
  86. The best advantage you have is that Alraune are heavy sleepers and are immobile.
  87. In the event of a gas mask failing or being removed, another 2 members are to restrain and remove him from the dorm. Both for his own good and to prevent alerting the Alraune.
  88. In the event of an Alraune awakening, it's strongly recommended to abort. They control strong vines capable of binding and incapcitating men and removing their masks.
  89. If the raiding party acts quickly, ensnared victims can be freed if everyone helps, the vines are strong, but not impossible to remove.
  90. An active Alraune dorm is not too difficult to escape from, provided you keep out of the proximity of the Alraune students.
  91. Should you allow them time to slowly, but surely, block the exits then the raid has failed.
  92. If you do manage to be caught, you'll end up as involuntary dakimura and the fragrance may hypnotize you, causing you to help them get around campus until it wears off.
  93. If successful you'll come away with the Alraune's unique panties, maid entirely out of entwining vines, flowers and leaves. Very pretty to look at, and they don't decompose like most plant matter.
  94. In conclusion, The Alraune dorm is a challenge and requires no fuck ups. As long as the respiratory protection holds and the Alraune are not awakened, it's easy to pull off. You may get lost in the interior jungle, but be patient, don't rush and you'll be fine.
  96. PAGE 5
  100. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  102. Extra Tools: -A fast-talking con-artist
  104. The Amazoness dorm is quite large and holds more than one tribe within it's walls. These tribes compete with one another during campus activities on occasion to keep themselves strong.
  105. As you might imagine, Amazoness are faster, stronger and larger than the average man. Combined with all sorts of martial experience, it's very difficulty to go toe-to-toe with them.
  106. Even as a group, one Amazoness will be a challenge to subdue, so obviously they are to be avoided at all costs. The best thing is to run away.
  107. The Amazoness are alert and light sleepers, making a raid very difficult and the threat very high.
  108. A lot of Amazoness dorm raids in the past have not gone well, the Amazoness are just too cunning. Not to mention the 'victory snu-snu' they perform with any caught raiders, many tragically spending weeks in the infirmary afterwards.
  109. In rare cases, some raids have gone without a hitch. In these cases a convincing person in your raiding party might be able to find a way to play the different tribes against one another.
  110. One such case far back in '84. One such member casually mentioned that the Iron Thighs tribe can only defeat men after their loss to the Red Chest tribe in a recent football match.
  111. This progressed until an all out tribal brawl broke out in the campus, and in the confusion the raiders were able to make off with a good haul.
  112. If successful you'll come away with the Amazoness's generously sized loincloths, often adorned in tribal markings or accented with beads.
  113. In conclusion, unless you have an opportunity to cause friction between the tribes, an Amazoness dorm raid will be very difficulty and would only be recommended to the experts or the very brave.
  115. PAGE 6
  117. ANGEL
  119. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  121. Extra Tools: -Flight assistance
  122.              -Become 'pure of heart'
  124. If you haven't found the Angel dorm on campus yet, you can hardly be blamed, the dorm itself resides on top of a heavenly cloud high above the college.
  125. For most it has always been out of reach. Which is why you need some form of air transport to reach it. Whether you hire a helicopter or persuade a Monster Girl to give you a lift.
  126. Once you reach the cloud you will notice that the door will not open to those who are not 'pure of heart'. What this is, is debatable, technically no raider should be able to set foot in it. After all, we ARE stealing underwear.
  127. However certain individuals (often very dense members) will be able to pass through without trouble. From that point on, they are alone to walk the calm, extravagant halls.
  128. Angels aren't particularly strong or very alert. They rarely get intruders who make it this far so there's a very strong element of surprise. If you listen closely to their conversations you might even learn what Heaven itself is like.
  129. Should you be caught however, the Angels can call upon miracles and divine magic to stop you. Claiming you were lost obviously won't work, and god help you if you have panties in your possession.
  130. If caught, you won't be raped, rather you'll be punished for being a panty stealing thief, it's best to repent as soon as you get the opportunity. They will show mercy if you do it convincingly.
  131. This will also happens to be good practice for breaking into Heaven sometime in the future, maybe to see old family members?
  132. If successful you'll come away with the Angel's incredibly rare, celestial underwear. Light as a feather, always a perfect white sheen that emits golden rays.
  133. In conclusion, this is a legendary heist that is rarely pulled off. While the threat level isn't high, the difficulty is. Unless you can find someone 'pure of heart' as well as a mode of transport it will be impossible, but an Angel's panties is a trophy worthy of any cabinet you will agree.
  135. PAGE 7
  139. Rating: ☆☆☆☆
  141. Extra Tools: -Spelunking equipment
  142.              -Giant Ant aid
  144. Ant Arachne share the same dorm with Giant Ants, a sprawling underground tunnel system that is surprisingly well-furnished.
  145. Ant Arachne are generally college bums, where the Giant Ants might be working towards some sort of construction or engineering degree, Ant Arachne are just there to get laid.
  146. They rarely leave the dorm, skipping most classes and lectures, holding onto whatever frat boy is being passed around the dorm at the current time.
  147. Under normal circumstances, raiding the dorm would be tricky, with winding tunnels and vigilant Giant Ants
  148. However it's no secret that Giant Ants don't share any love for their lazy Arachne cousins. Who just freeload and hog the men.
  149. Hence it can be easily arranged for them to turn a blind eye, while you find the Ant Arachne part of the dorm.
  150. Once located and assuming they're asleep, it should be fairly easy to steal the goods. Being lazy and heavy sleepers.
  151. (You may be tempted to cut loose some of the men, who will look at you with pleading eyes hoping to be rescued, but know that doing so means only causing them to change hands. The Giant Ants will allow you to take Ant Arachne panties to humiliate them, but not leave with their men. Escaping with captives will elevate the danger rating considerably, and the protection granted by the Giant Ants will be void, meaning the raiding party will be open game. This is not a decision to be made lightly and on the spot.)
  152. Meanwhile, Ant Arachne when active can be quite a threat, not as deadly as an Arachne, but they're physically stronger than men and able to subdue victims with silk.
  153. They aim to immobilize and disarm men's limbs with a lower quality but very strong silk and while lazy, when an entire group of men comes all the way to them, they'll hardly pass on the opportunity.
  154. If alerted, it's best to retreat into the relative safety of the Giant Ant section.
  155. If caught, it can be days or even weeks before you're finally let out of the Ant Arachne's clutches and the marathon of sex can easily break a man.
  156. If successful you'll come away with the Ant Arachne's rough, but strong spider silk panties, often worn multiple times before a newer pair is woven due to their laziness.
  157. In conclusion, think of an Ant Arachne raid as an easier Giant Ant raid, it's difficult to mess up with the Giant Ant's help, but getting caught is a heavy price to pay for the victims.
  159. PAGE 8
  161. ANUBIS
  163. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  165. Extra Tools: None
  167. If you've walked a bit around campus, you may have noticed the gated area, which is some kind of 'Little Egypt'. Here, all the dorms for Egyptian MGs can be found.
  168. The Pharaohs and their families paid for everything beyond the gates and the Anubi serve as their right hands.
  169. The Anubis dorm is the 2nd largest and is quite a sight, adorned with hieroglyphs and blue and gold. It's very pretty to look at.
  170. It should be noted that the Anubis are very strict. If you have one in one of your lectures you can tell they're a bit of a control freak.
  171. Once you've reached the dorm after getting past any Sphinx guards, navigation should be easy, the Anubi keep everything tidy and ordered, however they're both incredibly smart and vigilant.
  172. If they know a raid is coming, things can be very difficult. They might not even wait for you to start, marching up to you in the campus and taking you away for just suspicion.
  173. While in public Anubi act in a refined, serious manner. In private they're actually very kinky and quite depraved, the male student 'laborers' working for them as a part-time job are sexually harassed and played with on a regular basis.
  174. If caught you will be expected to work for the Pharaoh as punishment for trespassing and theft. Part of this means wearing nothing but a linen loincloth, cleaning the dorms, the exterior of the area and massages for any high-ranking Egyptian MGs.
  175. The worst offenders will be assigned to 'dick throne' duty. Where you'll be tied to a chair and used by any passing Anubis as some kind of living dildo. A sacred tradition apparently.
  176. It's also known that Anubi practice curse magic. While they won't use it in public, in the dorm they won't hesitate to afflict you with the 'mummy's curse'. Which can make you vulnerable in whatever interrogation they might have planned. They will expect the names of other members, don't expect them to release you if you give them either.
  177. If there's one weakness to these uptight Wolf Girls. It's that they don't have much in the way of superhuman strength, they may have good reflexes, but if you take them by surprise you'll find they're easily overpowered.
  178. If successful you'll come away with any king of lewd underwear the Anubi wear under their clothes. Such as a thin black thong tied to an ankh.
  179. In conclusion, the Anubi are smart, almost too smart. They won't hold back on any 'thieves' either. There's no real way to sway them from their duty. You need to rely on stealth almost purely.
  181. PAGE 9
  183. APOPHIS
  185. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  187. Extra Tools: -Aid of the Pharaohs.
  189. The Apophis dorm can be seen as a rival sorority to the Pharaoh dorm. Where they live in some composite version of the Egyptian dorms. Right across the street actually.
  190. This makes the raid even more dangerous as within the walls exists corrupt Egyptian MGs, all lewder and more corrupt versions of their counterparts.
  191. Whether it's the Anubi, Sphinxes, Sandworms and more. They are all much more of a threat if you find yourself captured.
  192. Support can be gained from the Pharaohs if you come to them claiming that you will steal the Apophis' panties and humiliate them with her aid and blessing.
  193. Here a temporary alliance can be made and the MGs of the Pharaoh's kingdom will do battle with the MGs of the Apophis' kingdom. At least until campus security comes over and breaks it up.
  194. This will provide enough of a distraction, and will lighten the Apophis dorm's security.
  195. The dorm itself is very impressive, a temple to hedonism and depravity, braziers burn with purple flames and just being inside has an unnerving effect.
  196. If you should run into an Apophis you must do everything to avoid being bitten. They possess an unholy strength and speed, but their venom is extremely potent and can even change a man into an incubus.
  197. Such a fate should be avoided at all costs, be careful and patient, if the battle is causing enough of a distraction you should have a strong element of surprise.
  198. If caught, you'll likely become another addition to the Apophis' harem, catering to their whims as they go about their malicious schemes to overthrow the Pharaohs of the rival sorority.
  199. It should also be noted that if you fail to obtain panties, but escape unscathed, the Pharaohs will be very displeased. Having put their subjects at risk, they will say something along the lines of 'You have failed me for the last time'. Before coming up with a suitable punishment, one of which might be handing you over to the Apophis' and their ilk.
  200. You have one shot at this, make it count.
  201. If successful you'll come away with panties made of the finest silk, inlaid with silver and incredibly valuable gems, it could be sold and pay for your student loans for years, but as a trophy it's even more invaluable. The Pharaoh will allow you to keep them, they can be trusted to honor your agreement.
  202. In conclusion, going for the Apophis means an assault on their kingdom. This is an 'end all' raid. Something to end the year with. Alliances need to be made and the raiding party should be highly experienced at this point. There's no going back after this has started.
  204. PAGE 10
  206. ARACHNE
  208. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆
  210. Extra Tools: -Fire source
  212. The Arachne dorm looks normal on the outside, but the interior is lined with all sorts of sticky web and silk.
  213. The exterior of the dorm features no obstacles, but once inside through either a window or boldly through the front door, the challenge begins.
  214. You need to watch your step, if you become stuck in a web, the others can help pull you out. Being Stuck alone however will be a struggle to escape.
  215. Arachne are both cunning and strong and if active will be able to outmaneuver you in the web-lined interior.
  216. Luckily they avoid fire, whether it's a lantern or a lighter, just a small amount will make them hesitate.
  217. Best to be careful not to set fire to the dorm, we're panty raiders, not serial arsonists.
  218. It might not be surprising if any members with Arachnophobia aren't up for this raid. This is only fair, as Arachnophobia is a massive turn on for Arachne that might catch them.
  219. If active, Arachne will try to ensnare and immobilize you with web, which they handle with ease. It's possible to ward them off with fire while you free the ensnared member, but they will form a circle around you.
  220. Should the fire go out, immediately run and don't look back, it will take too long to free ensnared members. It's hard, but you will have to leave them behind. Escape immediately.
  221. If caught, it's best to not struggle, seeing you struggle only turns them on and fuels their sadism. They enjoy toying with their prey. You will have to spend many days tied in silk and experiencing very rough sex.
  222. If successful you'll come away with spider-silk panties, which are very delicate and light as a feather made with the care of an Artisan.
  223. In conclusion, Arachne dorm raids aren't to difficult if you're able to deter them with fire. However the threat is quite high, as Arachne play rough, especially with 'little flies caught in their web'.
  225. PAGE 11
  227. ARCH IMP
  229. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
  231. Extra tools: -Childish distraction
  233. The Arch Imp dorm exists within the Demonic Monster Girl section, and obviously, should not be mistaken for regular Imps.
  234. Arch Imps are far more powerful, even more than Succubi when it comes to magic, they're more of a threat than they look.
  235. Reaching the dorm should be no real problem, as the exterior is not guarded by them.
  236. Once you've snuck inside, you need to keep track of several things.
  237. First, Arch Imps are able to charm men through magic very easily, if someone is charmed he needs to be restrained and removed until it wears off.
  238. This is more potent than say, an Alice's charm, the victim is capable of attacking you if the Arch Imp orders him too.
  239. Secondly, Arch Imps just like Imps, will act like children and will be distracted by anything that would distract a child.
  240. This means something like an ice cream, lollipop or maybe a kitten will hold their attention and they might even forget about you.
  241. Arch Imps are physically weak however, if you can take one by surprise and subdue it, it should no longer be a threat. It all depends on whether you let it cast magic or not.
  242. If caught you will be at their mercy, along with the obvious rape that will follow, their charm magic will pour into you and make you an unwilling playmate.
  243. If successful you'll come away with the petit, demonically-tainted panties. Which need to be cleaned of any residual demonic magic in order to be safe.
  244. In conclusion, the Arch Imp dorm is of course more difficult than the Imp dorm to raid. If you've practiced raiding the Alice dorm, then this can be seen as a harder, more advanced raid.
  246. PAGE 12
  248. ASPARA
  250. Rating: ☆☆☆
  252. Extra tools: None
  254. Aspara are those incredibly lewd erotic dancers that hang around campus with the rest of the Eros cultists. Technically being Milk Elementals.
  255. Physically they're average in strength, but their dancing gives them dexterity. They do possess magic, which they wield and cast in the form of dancing. Usually to tempt a man and seduce him.
  256. Their dorm lies in the newly erected Eros Section. Where all the student worshipers of Eros, Man and Monster, dwell. Enjoying copious amounts of sex with less of the usual corruption.
  257. Breaking into the dorm you will notice there is milk everywhere, luckily it doesn't spoil, but instead gives off a beautiful scent. It shouldn't have to be said, but do not drink the milk, it's rumored to be an aphrodisiac.
  258. It should be noted that Aspara seek out virgins when they can, but instead of seeking to corrupt the innocent like a Succubus, they will simply 'show him the meaning of love'.
  259. If spotted, Aspara might be more frightened than you are, as such you might be able to intimidate them. This may not always work and instead they will try to seduce you.
  260. You must avoid any eye contact with dancing Aspara, and any who do need to be restrained. It's very captivating, but does not corrupt, so there's no long-term effects physically. Mentally however, the sight is erotic enough to turn a man into a worshiper of Eros.
  261. If caught, or lured more likely, you'll be treated to an erotic display of Aspara belly-dancing followed by the usual Eros orgy, hosted at one of the Eros dorms. Not bad at all, but remember you're here for panties.
  262. If successful you'll come away with the erotic dancing underwear, sodden with Aspara milk. Enough to give you pleasant dreams or make a Holstaurus jealous.
  263. In conclusion, Aspara are no real threat outside of their dancing magic and there's no real difficulty in stealth. An easy dorm to raid with no real risk, unless you WANT to become an Eros cultist.
  265. PAGE 13
  269. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  271. Extra tools: -Help of their older brothers
  273. The leaders of the Sabbath and demons, greater demons with unholy strength and great magic power.
  274. Baphomet are incredibly powerful despite their appearance and their dorm lies deep within the campus 'realm' of the Lilim along with all the Imps and Succubi.
  275. If the raid group is very brave, or very foolish. You can sneak past any Demonic MGs hanging around outside and enter the terrifying dorm.
  276. Once inside there are a few things to remember.
  277. First is that Baphomet regularly host Cult Parties. Where Witch and male members of the Sabbath convene to commit depraved acts.
  278. This can be helpful as it might hold the Baphomet's attention, though they might detect your presence in the dorm anyway, like a candle at night to them.
  279. Second, some of the Baphomet have already found their 'Big Brothers' men who they adore. If they can be convinced to help you, they can always provide more of a distraction. Seeing their Big Brothers come visit them at campus makes them incredibly happy and very occupied.
  280. If the Baphomet spot you, it's likely over. Their unholy strength and speed means you can't fight them and their magic is almost limitless, the dorm itself might shift and mutate to resemble hell itself as you run through the corridors, never to find the exit. Escape is impossible at this point.
  281. If caught you will be either dragged to the current Cult party, where you'll be passed around between Witches and other Demons. Or you will be taken up to one of their bedrooms and raped. The result of either has a high chance of turning a man into a lolicon.
  282. If successful you'll come away with tiny childlike, panties tainted heavily with demonic magic. Said to drive anyone exposed to it for too long to lolicon acts. Hence it should be sealed somewhere safe. A frightening trophy that has a presence long after it has been stolen.
  283. In conclusion, the difficulty is relentless. You need to be undetected and the Baphomet need to be distracted. If either of these fail, you are doomed. The fate of failing is a gruesome one, broken until you become a mindless Cult follower, or a Baphomet's lolicon-addicted plaything. This is not a recommended raid.
  285. PAGE 14
  289. Rating: ☆☆
  291. Extra tools: -Nose pegs
  293. A strange, new addition to the plant section of campus, Barometz have their own dorm like any other Plant Monster Girl and like most they are close to immobile.
  294. Both inside and outside of their dorm, they give off an attractive fragrance. While this fragrance does nothing to the mind, it is still very nice.
  295. The smell of the scent has been debated frequently. Barometz either produce their own flavor, or they produce a flavor that can attract anyone and is different to each person. The dorm is still new, so maybe you'll be the one to come up with a definitive answer?
  296. Of course inside the dorm, the scent is stronger, but still not much of a threat. As long as you resist and make sure other raiders do the same, you will be fine.
  297. You might also invest in ways to block your nose, either pegs, a mask or just pinching it shut. If only to keep you focused.
  298. Barometz can do little to stop you, even if they manage to catch you. They might protest and try to shuffle over, but they are physically weak and possess no magic.
  299. However, should a member not be able to resist the scent and goes so far as to enter the Barometz's fruit. It is exceedingly difficult to remove him and puts others at risk of becoming stuck as well.
  300. The flesh of the fruit is rubbery and thick and any kind of escape attempt results in them bouncing back and forth between the Barometz, accidentally copulating with them in most cases.
  301. If caught, you'll find yourself paired with a Barometz for quite a while and may even begin to become addicted to the juice they produce.
  302. If successful you'll come away with wool panties, stained heavily in the Barometz's juices. Giving of a powerful, pleasing scent.
  303. In conclusion, Raiding the Barometz dorm is exceedingly easy and unless someone WANTS to be caught, there's little to no risk as well. An easy starting raid, maybe even good practice for some of the more dangerous plant dorms, like Alraune.
  305. PAGE 15
  309. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆
  311. Extra tools: -Fly repellent
  312.              -Cleaniness
  313.              -Bait
  315. Another addition to the Demonic MG area, Beelzebub are numerous and quite dangerous, not afraid to attack a man in public if his scent is strong enough.
  316. The Beelzebub dorm can be considered a harder version of the Akaname dorm. As while it's difficult to say who's sense of smell is strongest, the Beelzebub are a lot more of a threat.
  317. The Beelzebub dorm is hard to miss, it's effectively a garbage dump. Containing discarded clothes, food, drink and unfortunate frat boys who didn't remember to shower.
  318. The prerequisite for any Beelzebub raid is to wash yourselves thoroughly, to again hide as much of your scent as possible to increase your chances.
  319. Again like with the Akaname, bait is necessary, Human bait may be too cruel though. Since the Beelzebub will continue to torment him long after the raid and are difficult to shake off.
  320. Which brings us to the next point. Beelzebub possess an unholy speed, which they use to both avoid any attacks and to tackle their victims at high speed to knock them down.
  321. It is very difficult to shake them off if they've spotted you and they will dive-bomb you the moment you allow an opening. As a group you might be able to protect each other, but you will be outnumbered eventually.
  322. For this reason, surprisingly , fly repellent seems to work on them. They'll recoil at the smell and while it won't protect you forever it will buy time to safely escape.
  323. If caught, you'll be passed around between the many Beelzebub in the dorm. Even if you escape at that point, they'll easily track you down. While they might not drag you back, they will buzz around you relentlessly for days or weeks.
  324. If successful you'll come away with The Beelzebub panties which are quite pungent, dark in color and usually adorned with a cute little skull on the front.
  325. In conclusion, this is a raid you don't want to be caught in, while it's not disastrous. Beelzebub will hound you for a while and are hard to avoid. Practice on Akaname first before this.
  327. PAGE 16
  329. BICORN
  331. Rating: ☆☆☆
  333. Extra tools: None
  335. As you may know Bicorns are Unicorns that had sex with a non-virgin, or their husbands cheated on them.
  336. While the Unicorns are pure, the Bicorns are the opposite and are incredibly lustful.
  337. This does not mean they are dangerous however. While Bicorn might wield magic and be quite imposing in size, they do not assault men, they only tempt them.
  338. The Bicorn dorm is a polar opposite of the Unicorn dorm. Which is appropriate because they're on the opposite side of a road on campus.
  339. Needless to say they have no love for each other, but do not think you can extend an olive branch to the Unicorns for help in your raid. They would only find the act of stealing panties repulsive.
  340. The Bicorn dorm is easy to enter and it's easy to hear Bicorn coming. They do not shy away from group sex, so they may be taking part in that and will allow you to slip by unnoticed.
  341. If spotted, they will turn on their charm, which is surprisingly difficult to resist. They can be very lewd and depraved. So restraining other raiders may be necessary.
  342. If 'caught' you'll find yourself indulging in an orgy with other Monster Girls as well as Bicorn, this can be dangerous if one of the Lilim themselves decides to attend.
  343. If successful you'll come away with the Bicorn's black leather erotic underwear, both the bras and the panties are very pretty to look at.
  344. In conclusion, the Bicorn can be considered a 'passive' Monster Girl, not capable of rape and not a major threat. The raid itself should hence be easy. However, ending up in one of their orgies can be very dangerous depending on the guests.
  346. PAGE 17
  350. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆
  352. Extra tools: -climbing gear
  353.              -Quiet flight assistance
  355. Black Harpies look similar to Harpies in size and shape, but the similarities end there.
  356. Black Harpies are more aggressive, more cunning and take after magpies in that they like to steal things. Obviously they all have jet black feathers.
  357. Their dorm lies in a small section for Avian Monster Girls. All of these dorms are effectively large tree houses or giant nests.
  358. Therefore the raiding party will need to either climb up the tree or obtain flight assistance that is quiet enough to not disturb them, such as a Monster Girl with flight.
  359. Once inside you'll find many trinkets and shiny things among the discarded black feathers. Feel free to help yourselves to these, as they were probably stolen anyhow.
  360. While Black Harpies show kindness towards their husbands and families, strange men breaking into their dorm to steal their underwear will get no such treatment.
  361. If spotted they will throw themselves at you in a flurry of talons in an attempt to wound or subdue you. They do not place nice.
  362. They will also alert the rest of the Black Harpies with a screech. Where at that point it's recommended to commence your escape.
  363. If you came up by climbing, descending with Black Harpies dive-bombing you can be very difficult, if a Monster Girl flew you there however, escape will be much safer.
  364. If caught you'll likely be roughed up a bit and interrogated. The Black Harpies will decide what to do with you as a community. Usually the answer is letting any Black Harpy in the dorm have her way with you.
  365. If successful you'll come away with black lace panties, lain with downy black feathers for comfort.
  366. In conclusion, the Black Harpies cannot be outsmarted as easily as normal Harpies and their punishment of intruders is not pretty. Yet reacquiring stolen loot on the side is nice and stealth is not too difficult as long as you're careful.
  368. PAGE 18
  370. BLUE ONI
  372. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆
  374. Extra tools: None
  376. The Blue Oni dorm lies within the Demonic MG section, alongside the Red Oni dorm, who they get along with well and regularly throw drinking parties together.
  377. The Blue Oni are more calm, reasonable and intelligent than Red Oni, and don't forcibly rape men. However that is only true when they are sober.
  378. When drunk they become incredibly lewd and any reason and restraint leaves them entirely. The more drunk they are, the worse this gets.
  379. It's up to you whether to raid the dorm when they're drunk or sober.
  380. If sober they'll be a bit more on their feet, but their lack of lust means punishment might just be a stern talking to and a grope at your crotch before throwing you out.
  381. If drunk they'll probably be too engaged in their drinking, often with Red Oni visitors, and therefore should you be caught there will be no restraint and the following drunken group rape will not be gentle.
  382. Their dorm is surprisingly tidy. Their alcohol stash is neatly sorted and the dorm is well kept.
  383. If you happen to be spotted, you should know that all Oni are incredibly strong and larger than the average man. This doesn't change if they're sober or drunk. Though if they're drunk they might be a bit slower to raise the alarm.
  384. If caught the worst is that you'll be kept to be passed around at the next drinking party depending on how much they like you. Blue Oni can be bargained and reasoned with if sober, but if they're drunk there's no hope.
  385. If successful you'll come away with the loincloth they like to wear, often some kind of animal skin, but Blue Oni keep theirs washed and in good condition.
  386. In conclusion, there's a lot of variances for punishment for Blue Oni. It's not too hard to sneak past them if they're drunk and they're easier to raid than their thuggish Red Oni friends.
  388. PAGE 19
  392. Rating: ☆☆☆☆
  394. Extra tools: -Hazard suit or orifice protection
  395.              -Light source
  397. Bubble Slime are a sub-species that undergo a continuous chemical reaction, this results in the odor they produce and this would make them deadlier than normal Slimes if they weren't slower.
  398. The Bubble Slime dorm exists in the Slime section, an isolated part of campus with plenty of moisture to allow Slimes to flourish. A lot of pure water vats and such are scattered inside and outside the dorms here.
  399. The dorm itself is modeled to be like a dark cave, with some more modern furnishings. Things can be dark so light may be needed.
  400. When walking around the dorm, be sure to watch your step, Bubble Slime's slime is full of powerful aphrodisiacs and other chemicals that can incapacitate you.
  401. Therefore any kind of skin or orifice protection is recommended, it's not good to get Bubble Slime on your skin, and it's even worse if it enters the body.
  402. Bubble Slime themselves are slow both physically and mentally, easy to outsmart and outrun, that being said you should watch the ceiling to make sure they don't drop on top of you.
  403. In the event where a raider becomes effected by the Bubble Slime toxins, it's best to take him outside to allow him to recover.
  404. If it was only a small amount, he should recover in time. If it was a generous amount, he will need medical help to flush it out of his system.
  405. If spotted by a Bubble Slime, they will singe-mindedly start moving towards you. It'll be easy to outrun them, but if you trip on a rock or something and they catch up to you, you must avoid getting any Slime inside of you.
  406. They will usually try to force your mouth open and pour it in with a kiss. So facial protection is good to prevent this.
  407. If caught you'll likely be subjected to Bubble Slime toxins for a long time, while this won't physically damage the body. You will become chemically addicted to the Slime and will probably need a good amount of therapy and rehab to shake the habit.
  408. If successful you'll be come away with whatever panties the Bubble Slime wear over their bodies, usually Slime-proof to an extent. Though these might vary, they do carry Bubble Slime toxins, so handle them with care.
  409. In conclusion, properly prepared you can avoid tragedy and addiction when raiding this dorm. It's hard for things to go wrong, but on the low chance that they do, it can be very dangerous. Stay focused and you'll be fine, usually only the careless will struggle.
  411. PAGE 20
  413. CANCER
  415. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆
  417. Extra tools: -Hazard suit or skin protection
  419. Cancer are the crab like MGs you might see scuttling around, particularly at the campus beach they hang out at. In appearance are part woman part crab.
  420. Their dorm is close to the beach and isn't anything special except for the amount of sand they might track in.
  421. Entering the dorm should prove no issue. However your timing may be important.
  422. Every now and then, Cancer carry out a 'Courtship Dance' as it's called. They practice in the dorm before they go out into the center of campus and try to lure male students.
  423. This is strangely effective, likely caused by the amount of demonic energy they give off as bubbles. Which can lead to a man being charmed easily. So some form of skin protection is recommended.
  424. On top of this, Cancer are both physically strong, able to overpower and pin men with their crab half. As well as being able to scuttle quite fast, again with the help of the crab half.
  425. Cancer however are not very bright and are easy to outsmart.
  426. If spotted by a Cancer, they will not go out of their way to alert others and will try to overpower you, single-mindedly. If a member is pinned, it's difficult to free him and the Cancer's claws can ensnare you easily.
  427. If bubbles foam out from the cancer and coat the man, he will start to be overwhelmed by the Cancer's demonic energy. If he isn't freed soon at this point and isn't wearing full skin protection he will be charmed completely and would sabotage the raiding party if freed.
  428. If caught you'll be cleaned thoroughly by the Cancer who chose you. Cancer students don't like to share men, being quite possessive and keeping partners to themselves. It will be difficult to pry yourself away the more demonic energy is dumped in.
  429. If successful you'll come away with panties made from a flexible chitin, like soft shell from a crab, don't worry it'll grow back and you'll have something to remind you of Cancer.
  430. In conclusion, while Cancer can be easy to sneak by with their lack of intelligence, their strength and speed makes escape difficult and the punishment somewhat severe. Plan around the Cancer's mating ritual and you should be fine. As always with risky raids, be patient and be careful.
  432. PAGE 21
  434. CENTAUR
  436. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
  438. Extra tools: None
  440. Centaurs are quite a common species of Monster Girl, hence they have a very large dorm to accommodate both their size and their numbers.
  441. While all Centaurs have the same half-Horse, half-Human characteristics. A lot of them vary in shape in size, usually based on the horse half.
  442. This leads in a range of sizes, from large, aggressive Warhorse Centaurs to small Shetland Pony girls no taller than the average man.
  443. Their dorm is not difficult to enter, the halls and doorways are large to allow Centaurs of all shapes and sizes to pass through and move around easily.
  444. Centaur are every bit as smart as a man, and their horse half gives them great speed and strength. Their only downside is that indoors they might have trouble maneuvering.
  445. If spotted by a Centaur, their reaction can be predicted based on their sub-species. A small Pony Centaur might meekly ask for you to stop, or she'll call the campus security.
  446. While you might be tempted to pat her on the head and re-assure her that you're the official 'panty inspectors', hold back on doing so, even just patting a Centaur on the head can unleash any repressed lust they might have.
  447. If it's a Warhorse Centaur that's spotted you, it's bet to run as they will try to bring you to 'justice' and are far less meek. Many have martial training of some kind and while they won't try to wound or kill you, they might rough you up a bit.
  448. If caught you'll be brought before the rest of the Centaurs for a suitable punishment for a thief. While they might have normal punishments in mind at first, they will quickly become more sexual in nature. It's worth noting that Centaurs have two vaginas. One at the front on their Human half and another at the rear of their Horse half.
  449. If successful you'll come away with special, custom made underwear for Centaurs, along with the bras to go with. The average Warhorse Centaur bra is an impressive I cup.
  450. In conclusion, Centaur offer a wide range of panties to choose from thanks to sub-species, and the risk is modest. The Centaur will have their way with you if caught, then let you go, unless you become married to one of them.
  452. PAGE 22
  456. Rating: ☆☆☆☆
  458. Extra tools: -Scuba gear
  460. Charybdis, like most immobile MGs, need the help of specially designed wheelchairs to get around and to attend lectures.
  461. They're pretty much just barnacles and while they might look nonthreatening and harmless, in the water they are more of a challenge. Being able to create strong whirlpools.
  462. Their dorm lies deep in the Aquatic Monster Girl section. A large body of water where all the dorms are submerged.
  463. Scuba gear will be needed, as you'll be going underwater for a good while, so some diving lessons might be needed.
  464. Once you've swam your way inside, success depends heavily whether you can avoid or out-swim the whirlpools Charybdis create. Either grabbing onto something sturdy to hold on until they tire, or just swimming quietly until you find one deep asleep.
  465. Another thing to note, is that the Scylla dorm regularly steals men from the Charybdis. It's best to raid this dorm when the Scylla are preoccupied, or you might have some unexpected visitors who are much more difficult to out-swim.
  466. If spotted there's little they can do to chase you, as long as you keep your distance and leave before they can start a whirlpool you should be fine, they can also have trouble alerting overs. Again due to their immobility.
  467. If caught you'll be held firmly in place with surprising strength and begin to be affected by demonic energy. While they'll release you for your need for air, the demonic energy will have you coming back unless you can shake that addiction.
  468. If successful you'll come away with the soaked, petit panties they wear. Usually a side-tie custom made for them.
  469. In conclusion, a Charybdis raid will require a lot of stamina and diving/swimming practice before hand. Out-swimming any whirlpools that are set up can be exhausting. Might want to test the waters by starting with Sea Slimes first.
  471. PAGE 23
  475. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  477. Extra tools: -Rope or some means of navigation
  478.              -Philosophy or Psychology Major
  480. Cheshire Cats are perhaps the most deserving of a panty raid. With that permanent smug grin they wear and the students they torment/bully/molest.
  481. They're Werecats that are surprisingly intelligent, have the ability to turn any and all parts of their body invisible. Along with some form of teleportation that has yet to be explained. And of course they all have purple and violet fur and smell like lavender.
  482. Their dorm resides in the small, but odd, Wonderland section. On the outside the purple-colored dorm looks completely normal. The interior however is more like an M.C. Escher painting.
  483. It is very easy to get lost, with stairs leading nowhere and doors that might have looked normal-sized from far away are actually only small enough for a mouse to fit through.
  484. Therefore it's very recommended to bring some kind of navigation device, or even a rope to trail behind you to keep track of where you've been and how to find your way back.
  485. With any luck, you're raiding this dorm when the Cheshire Cats are napping and asleep. However should one discover you there's little ways to deal with it.
  486. If spotted, there's a few things to keep in mind. First, it's very difficult to catch a Cheshire Cat, even if they're not terribly strong physically. They will probably just reappear behind you, press their breasts into your back and whisper lewd things into your ear.
  487. You cannot outrun Cheshire Cats again for the fore-mentioned teleportation. Even if it looks like you have, they will be invisible and watching you silently.
  488. The only confirmed way to deal with these flamboyant cats is to engage it in conversation, hopefully you have a member majoring is Psychology or Philosophy.
  489. At this point they'll enter a long discussion, the Cheshire Cat attempting to warp and break the logic of whoever she is talking to. Should enough pressure be put onto her, she may become so focused, she won't notice someone sneaking up behind her.
  490. Simply pinching the nape of her neck, yes just like a cat, can cause her body to go limp. She'll be unable to teleport or go invisible and you'll be able to subdue her. Difficult and risky to pull off, but there's little other options.
  491. If there's more than one at a time, it can be difficult to keep all of their attention. It not even be possible.
  492. If caught the Cheshire Cats will harass you as you wander to dorm halls for a way out, toying with you like a cat. Once you're broken mentally you'll be at the mercy of whatever lewd activity they have in mind for you.
  493. If successful you'll come away with the colorful, purple panties they wear. Smelling strongly of lavender with a hole for their tail to poke through.
  494. In conclusion, a Cheshire Cat raid may be tempting, but it can be very risky. Supposing you don't become lost in the dorm, Cheshire Cats are as smart as they are cruel. If stealth is broken, there's a small window of opportunity to escape or keep going, but you'll only have one shot.
  496. PAGE 24
  498. CHIMERA
  500. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  502. Extra tools: None
  504. Chimera are a very strange hybrid Monster Girl. Featuring traits and mannerisms of a Lion, Dragon, Goat and a Snake. Where each one comes through as it's own personality.
  505. Chimera are as strong as a Dragon, have the magical capacity of a Baphomet, cunning and dexterous, and feature a powerful venom. They are the ultimate raping machine.
  506. Their dorm is large and ominous, made up of four different sections, each representing an aspect of the Chimera. Whatever Chimera you find in one of these sections will have the personality corresponding to it at that time. In other words, Chimera in the Snake part, follow the Snake's personality.
  507. This allows you to pick your poison. So to speak.
  508. Choosing the Lion section means dealing with aggressive and dominant Chimera, who will have a powerful hunting instinct and skill. Though their impulsiveness means they will not be using the full capacity of their intelligence.
  509. Choosing the Dragon section means dealing with Chimera who walk and talk like a haughty Dragon Girl would. They even wield Dragon Fire. This would be dealing with a Dragon Girl raid that's even harder if that's possible.
  510. Choosing the Goat section means dealing with unbelievably intelligent Chimera. They will be the friendliest but will use both magic and wit to bind and eventually control you.
  511. Choosing the Snake section means dealing with secretive and cunning Chimera. In this state they are very possessive and highly likely to use their venom. They will desire you with a great intensity and will dump as much venom into your system as possible to flush out any doubt you have in your mind.
  512. It should also be noted that even should you prepare for one aspect, it could change at any time. Stealth is next to impossible with all the heightened senses. They best you can do is act quick and leave just as quickly.
  513. If spotted you'll be dealing with the full brunt of whatever aspect they are currently in. They aren't likely to call for others help, believing they don't need it, and they're right. One Chimera is more than enough to wipe out even the most experienced raiding party.
  514. If caught your fate lies in the whims of the four dangerous personalities. Chimera don't like to share, but with four personalities it will feel like you're being passed around anyway. Your only hope is bargaining with the Dragon. Her nobility may lead to mercy, but don't hold your breath.
  515. If by some fucking miracle you're successful you'll come away with panties that reflect all 4 aspects, like some piece of high art it's captivating to look at and having such a piece is guaranteed to make you a legend.
  516. In conclusion, the Chimera are insanely powerful for a Monster Girl and unpredictable on top of that. This makes raids exceedingly risky, you WILL lose members and this is a raid that's not recommended at all. This is for the sexually suicidal or some panty-stealing messiah.
  518. PAGE 25
  522. Rating: ☆☆☆
  524. Extra tools: None
  526. Chochin-Obake are very strange in nature, literally Monster Girl personifications of paper lanterns. They prefer to take night classes and can be seen flying about at night slowly from your dorm room window.
  527. They are not physically strong and possess no magic. Though they are capable of flight they are not terribly fast, but are still capable of dive-bombing you.
  528. Their dorm lies in the Zipangu section and shares the same oriental-sytled building design. Entrance should be no issue.
  529. Once inside there are a few things to keep in mind, most of them positive.
  530. First, if you're raiding the dorm at night, the flames burning inside the Chochin should give away their position, however it also means it's harder to stay hidden in the shadows when they drift past and illuminate you.
  531. Second, as mentioned before they prefer to be out at night, so the dorm should be relatively empty, but be prepared for any who might be returning.
  532. If spotted, their aggressiveness and speed depends on the size of their flame. A small flame will mean it's easy to outrun them and they will have something of a gentler dispostion. Conversely, a large flame means you can expect very determined attempts to tackle and rape you. While one alone isn't much of a threat, multiple Chochin-Obake can overpower a lone raider in time.
  533. If caught, you will be ridden by any Chochin who wants to increase the size of her flame, getting lewder and more fiery as she continues, making your member swell up inside them.
  534. If successful you'll come away with delicate panties made from the same material to make paper lanterns, very delicate but in a beautiful Zipangu design.
  535. In conclusion, Chochin-Obake are almost to ridiculous to be a threat, but one with a large flame shouldn't be underestimated. Not a difficult raid to pull off and the threat isn't high either.
  537. PAGE 26
  541. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
  543. Extra tools: None
  545. Cockatrice are small, even for Harpies, and are a cross between Avian and Reptile traits. They're chicken-hearted so to speak and will run away from men and tougher Monster Girls.
  546. They feature two powers, the first is the scent they give off when fearful. Similar to what an Alice would use, but it causes the victim to run after the Cockatrice, raping her when he catches up.
  547. The second is their ability to petrify their victims with their eyes. While this would make them a threat, it goes against their cowardly instinct to use it. Only when that instinct is broken will they be capable of it.
  548. The dorm lies in Avian section, but is still ground-dwelling as Cocktrice can only fly off the ground for short distances.
  549. Once you've broken into the dorm, you need to be very careful not to disturb any Cockatrice, if one becomes alerted it can cause chaos.
  550. If spotted, the Cockatrice will squeal and run off down the corridors, if this happens every member will get the urge to chase and rape her. Those that resist need to subdue those who don't before they wake up the rest by crashing down the hallway.
  551. Once a raider has begun having sex with a Cockatrice it will use petrification to prevent him from leaving. There's little to do at this point. You have to leave him to the fate he chose.
  552. This gets trickier if there's multiple Cockatrice, they will act the same way and so will your raiders.
  553. If caught you'll end up spending the entire night chasing after and raping Chicken Girls. One by one being locked in place with petrification and being at their mercy in some sort of reverse-reverse rape.
  554. If successful you'll come away with red panties lined with soft, downy Cockatrice feathers.
  555. In conclusion, as far as temptation goes, unless you can control your party members just one running off can ruin it. While the Cockatrice aren't a threat unless you give in, if you do it can quickly spiral into chaos.
  557. PAGE 27
  561. Rating: ☆☆☆☆
  563. Extra tools: -Climbing Gear
  564.              -Quiet Flight assistance
  566. Crow Tengu are very intelligent for Harpies, but do not share their aggressiveness. They will still go out of their way to hit on nice men, while ignoring bad boys.
  567. Many will be attending college to study shunzuuriki as well as various kinds of literature. Shunzuuriki is a method of pleasing men, but they don't have much physical experience in doing so.
  568. Their dorm is high up in a gigantic Bonzai tree, lying within the Zipangu section. You'll find them sitting inside, reading books and talking about handsome and noble boys they like.
  569. Once you've managed to climb up the tree, or fly up with the assistance of a flying Monster Girl, and entered quietly. It's time to get to work.
  570. If spotted, the Crow Tengu will realize you're trespassing and use what martial training the Tengu possess to deal with you. Usually with no intention with rape, but they will alert the others and can be difficult to fight off.
  571. However, if you start flirting with them and trying to seduce them, they might lose their composure and focus. This will cause them to now attempt to rape you, but in that moment of confusion, you can subdue them before they alert the rest.
  572. If caught depending on how you acted in their eyes, your punishment can vary. If you didn't flirt with them they'll simply rough you up and dump you at the base of their bonzai tree. If you did flirt with them they will have the urge to mate with you, after that if they've determined your character as 'good' they might keep you as a boyfriend. Otherwise you'll be left at the base of the Bonzai tree again.
  573. If successful you'll come away with Crow Tengu's modest Zipangu undergarments, nothing lewd, but seeing them flying around campus blushing because they have nothing under their robes is moe.
  574. In conclusion, Crow Tengu are book-smart, but not very street-smart. An area in which you can beat them, the threat of being caught depends on your actions. Making this a somewhat safe dorm to practice on before moving onto their aggressive cousins.
  576. PAGE 28
  578. CUPID
  580. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆
  582. Extra tools: -Shield
  584. Another new addition to the new Eros section of campus. Cupids will attend in order to obtain their own pink beret through passing all of their courses on match-making and archery aptitude.
  585. They are angels and hence have capabilities and powers well beyond the average Human. Their disposition means they will never try to rape you. However their insistence on matchmaking you with MGs you don't even know can get irritating.
  586. Their dorm is both a temple and training grounds. To an outsider they will look incredibly militant. They certainly possess a strong discipline, most having come from Eros Military schools.
  587. It's important for a cupid to never miss their mark, so they'll be practicing often, helping you slip by and avoid detection during their practice.
  588. If spotted, you can expect a Cupid to draw a pink arrow almost immediately. You see, to the Cupids here, the Panty Raid Club is full of men who have not found love and need it immediately.
  589. The fanatical Angels will open fire, if you're hit by a pink arrow, you'll be overcome with a sense of 'loveydovey'. Members hit will have the urge to confess their love to a particular Monster Girl, abandoning the raid unless subdued.
  590. A shield can help protect you, but be aware that Cupids rarely miss even if they're still in training, don't depend on it.
  591. If caught, you'll be given your pink arrow shot and sent on your way. Though in some cases the one you love might be the Cupid who fired it. In which case you can expect to enter a long relationship with Eros' blessing.
  592. Luckily the effects of the pink arrow are not irreversible. If you can persuade a Cupid to lend you a black arrow, or perhaps just 'borrow' one, you can knock the afflicted out of their love haze.
  593. If successful you'll come away with the Cupids pink, but formal panties with the symbol of Eros emblazoned on the front. Part of the uniform you see.
  594. In conclusion, Cupids are not a huge threat, but being disciplined they certainly won't panic. A bit of a risk when it comes to arrows, but there are worse fates than finding your true love.
  597. PAGE 29
  599. CYCLOPS
  601. Rating: Common: ☆
  602.         Mountain: ☆☆☆☆☆
  603.         Cave: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  605. Extra tools: None
  607. Cyclops come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There's the Common Cyclops which is no different in size and strength than a Human, but of course features a single eye. Known to have a thing for being bullied/dominated by Human men.
  608. The blue-skinned, single-horned Mountain Cyclops, who tower over the average man as giants with prodigious strength but sharing the meek personality of their common cousins. Known to have an interest in blacksmithing
  609. The purple-skinned, double-horned Cave Cyclops who share the same size as Mountain Cyclops, but unlike other species of Cyclops are much more aggressive. These are the ones to look out for.
  610. The Cyclops dorm has been divided up between these species, a regular looking dorm for Common Cyclops and a large metalworking factory for the rest attached at the back.
  611. Depending on what part of the dorm you raid depends on your rating.
  612. Raiding the Common Cyclops dorm is a breeze. They're easy to sneak by, intimidate if spotted by them and are virtually no threat. They may even get off on being bullied and having their underwear stolen, so it's a win-win.
  613. However, if you're aiming for the larger Cyclops. Things will be much different.
  614. As you might imagine the inside of the on-campus factory is incredibly hot. The Cyclops working on their craft day and night, their rooms can be found somewhere inside.
  615. If spotted by a Mountain Cyclops, she will simply try to catch you and throw you outside with a light warning. If you evade capture she'll alert the others. They would react differently if you were stealing their metalwork, but luckily that's not what we do.
  616. If spotted by a Cave Cyclops you need to run, metalworking all day gets them hot, bothered and very lusty. They will see you as a method of convenient relief and take you up to her room for some snu-snu.
  617. If caught you can explain you were here just to steal panties and not metalwork, but that will only persuade the Mountain Cyclops to let you off easily. The Cave Cyclops will be tired, sweaty and aching for a sex-break.
  618. If successful you'll come away with either Common Cyclops panties which are no different from a Humans, the plus-sized Mountain Cyclops panties, or the lewd loincloths the Cave Cyclops like to wear.
  619. In conclusion, Common Cyclops make for a very good first raid, but the larger Cyclops should be left until you're more experienced as Cave Cyclops sex can often leave you with a broken pelvis.
  621. PAGE 30
  625. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  627. Extra tools: -Flight Assistance
  628.              -No pure of heart members
  630. Dark Angels are a composite version of Angels, as you might guess, and their lust and libido are equally as opposite. Dark Angels are obsessed with sex.
  631. They will use their warped divine magic to seduce you and bring your mind to their way of thinking and addiction.
  632. Their dorm exists high on a cloud on the opposite side of the campus from the Angel Dorm. However instead of the heavenly aura it gives, it instead gives off a more lewd one.
  633. After entering the dorm with the help of some flight assistance, entering the dorm should be no issue for most, except that any member that can be considered 'pure of heart' may not enter. Such is the warped way the dorm exists.
  634. Anyone who can't pass through will have to sit the raid out.
  635. As you walk through the corrupt halls you need to keep your own libido and lust in check, the Dark Angels are drawn to it, being able to sense a man's desires. Just think non-sexy thoughts and you should be fine.
  636. If spotted by a Dark Angel they will use their magic to tempt one raid member in particular, likely whoever was thinking lewd thoughts. They will tailor their attitudes and themselves to fit his fetishes. Which can result in all kinds of ways that they can act.
  637. It can be broken down into whether they're acting submissive or dominant.
  638. If submissive, the afflicted member needs to be restrained, then removed. It's recommended to leave at this point, as his thoughts will continue to attract more Dark Angels.
  639. If dominant however, she will do her best to dominate that member, usually using her powers to push you all aside to take him. She will become absorbed with him and should draw the others away, making the remainder of the raid much easier. You may want to mount a rescue, but this will only result in more losses. His fate was his own when he lured that Dark Angel with his lewd thoughts.
  640. If caught you will be at the mercy of a harem of Dark Angels, seeking to please your every desire. While this sounds nice, it heavily corrupts you, making you as lewd and sex-starved as they are.
  641. If successful you'll come away with the blackened celestial underwear, the powerful glow now gone and in it's place a pulsating aura of depravity and sexual corruption.
  642. In conclusion, this is effectively an Angel dorm raid, but with the variables all changed and switched around. While easier to pull off, the risk is greater.
  644. PAGE 31
  646. DARK ELF
  648. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆
  650. Extra tools: None
  652. Dark Elves species of Elf that' generally a lot more lewder, dangerous and into some kinky things.
  653. They may not be quite as strong as the average Human, but their cunning and intellect is what makes them a threat.
  654. Their dorm looks normal on the outside, but the inside is more reminiscent of a sex dungeon. With all sorts of tools, toys and frat boys in gimp suits lining the walls. You may have seen them walking said gimps through campus, such a sight may seem strange to you, but it's normal to everyone else as it's so he can properly attend his lectures.
  655. You'll need to safely navigate these halls, freeing any captives as you go, most will be relieved to be freed and it doesn't hurt. If anything, they'll help provide a distraction. Dark Elves don't like to lose their sex slaves.
  656. If spotted, The Dark Elf will immediately sound the alarm, then try to subdue you. Usually with some kind of whip or rapier. While you might be able to overpower one quickly, a group might be more than you can handle.
  657. If caught you'll become another sex slave for the Dark Elves of the dorm. While you won't come to harm, be prepared for S&M. Dark Elf Dorm pledges seeking to join their sorority will often prove their worth to their peers at times, this can draw quite a crowd at times, even MGs from other dorms.
  658. If successful you'll come away with the purple leather cut-off shorts Dark Elves are known to wear. Giving off a scent of perfume that alone makes you think of whips, chains and bondage.
  659. In conclusion, this dorm isn't too difficult to raid, due to prisoner distractions and jumping any lone Dark Elf quickly making stealth easier. Of course being captured is a heavy price, they will enjoy making a Panty thief squirm.
  661. PAGE 32
  665. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  667. Extra tools: -Heavy-duty hazard suit and protection
  669. Dark matter are living embodiments of Demonic Energy, there are very few of them on campus and they're isolated for safety reasons.
  670. The level of corruption they give off is unfathomable. They can transform a man into an Incubus in mere seconds, though they rely instinct more than intelligence.
  671. Their dorm, if you could call it that, is a small house with lead-lined walls and numerous hazard signs out the front. Coupled with security posted, day in and day out.
  672. Campus security hasn't been mentioned much before, usually because they're too small to guard every dorm and only show up if called while patrolling the rest of campus.
  673. Here they'll always be posted out front, so you'll need to find a way to distract them or sneak past.
  674. Once inside you'll need to be wearing the thickest and most effective environment protection you can find, dark matter coats the floors and walls and coming into skin contact with it is far from recommended.
  675. If spotted you just run, doesn't matter how far in you are, what might be happening you always run from Dark Matter. They can be outsmarted and won't alert others, but being caught guarantees transformation into an Incubus.
  676. If caught you'll be enveloped by the Dark Matter and no longer be Human, and the amount of corruption poured into you will make your mind think of nothing but lust and sex constantly.
  677. If successful you'll come away with a viscous, almost rubbery piece of dark matter that could pass for underwear. Again make sure to not make skin contact with it and place it in a sealed and safe container.
  678. In conclusion, there has always been risk with dorm raids, but few of this magnitude. It is highly recommended to not attempt a Dark Matter raid. Failed raids in the past have destroyed raiding parties, the loss of members is a very real threat. If it's glory you seek raid the Dragon form or something, Dark Matter raids are just too dangerous.
  680. PAGE 33
  684. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆
  686. Extra tools: -Cultist disguise
  688. Dark Priests are those weird Succubi you might see travelling in pairs, going up to men and telling them about "The Fallen God" and how they know you've sinned and need to repent.
  689. They can be considered more docile than Succubi, but just as lewd and no less dangerous. They're patient hunters, indoctrinating their male victims first into their cult.
  690. Their dorm is substantially large. Home to many Dark Priest initiates studying their various religious and pleasure courses.
  691. It can be difficult to sneak about due to how full the building is. So there are a few ways to get around being detected.
  692. The first is waiting for a Dark Ritual to take place, this will draw all the Dark Priests and any other Human or Monster Girl followers to the great hall, where they will perform an unholy sacrement and massive orgy.
  693. This will make it easier to get into their wardrobes, but if you're caught during this you'll become a sort of 'sexual sacrifice' for the ritual.
  694. The second is to disguise yourself as best as you can as a Human Cult member, this often works well as long as you stay in character and pretend to be lewd. Though you don't have to pretend much with the aura Dark Priests can give off.
  695. The downside is that you'll be expected to go where Human Cult members go, such as escorting a Dark Priest to her chambers to pleasure her. If this happens you may need to take one for the team to avoid blowing your cover.
  696. If spotted the Dark Priest will sound the alarm, thinking you're after any valuable relics they possess, which you are kind of. Dark Priests give off an alluring aura that can tempt any man who lacks will. If that fails they'll resort to the demonic powers given to them when they became Succubi. Making them difficult to subdue.
  697. If caught you'll be indoctrinated slowly and often forcibly into their Cult, then made o lay with a Dark Priest to seal the pact. The best you can do is pretend to go along while keeping your head straight, then bail later at night.
  698. If successful you'll come away with the Dark Priest's chaste, yet somewhat lewd undergarments. Though chastity is far from the intention of how it's designed, it's more to tempt.
  699. In conclusion, Dark Priests can be a test on your member's will, but the raid is easy to pull off with good planning and timing. The threat can be high, if the caught member isn't strong enough to resist and becomes a cult member, otherwise there's no demonic energy or chemicals to affect you physically.
  701. PAGE 34
  705. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  707. Extra tools: -Grabbing Claw or Instrument
  709. Dark Slimes are very different from their normal counterparts, they are able to attend more complex classes and you may have ended up sitting next to one and realized how lewd they are.
  710. Not only are they as intelligent as any Human, but they also possess the use of magic, which shares the same capacity as a Succubus. This on top of their physical resistant bodies makes them quite a threat.
  711. Their dorm is similar to any other Slime dorm, with just the right humidity and temperature for a Slime to thrive in.
  712. Inside there will be few windows and a lot of 'snail trails' left by Dark Slimes, so watch your step and be careful not to slip.
  713. If spotted they may alert others or try to keep the raiding party all to themselves. They will first attempt to charm you and the raiders. This can be resisted with a good amount of willpower, but if it works on someone they will then assist the Dark Slime in your capture.
  714. After that they will attempt to engulf a member, there's only one way to free him, and it's risky. You need to reach into the Dark Slime and grab her core, a small circular and firm object floating within her.
  715. A firm grip on the core will cause her to go limp, disabling her temporarily. Any charmed or engulfed member will be broken free and you will be free to continue provided no more spot you.
  716. If you miss the core however, you will be held in place and pulled into her, inch by inch. Struggling will only turn her on more at this point.
  717. You may even come up with a device to reach in safely to grab the core, some kind of grabbing instrument. Though if this misses it will be pulled in, as would an arm, but it's one extra chance to disable the core.
  718. If caught you will be used by Dark Slime for pleasure, more than an instinctual need. They're intelligent enough to bargain with, but if they like you they'll continue to dump charm magic into you. As some kind of boyfriend to carry her books without having to get Slime on them.
  719. If successful you'll come away with any Slime-proof panties they might wear for fashion's sake. Fitting a Dark Slime's personality though, they will be as lewd as any Succubus' panties.
  720. In conclusion, Dark Slime should not be treated as any other Slime, as this is a grave underestimation. If it wasn't for the core in them which is a weakpoint they would be very difficult to deal with. If you can hold your breath under slime for a long time, give it a try.
  722. PAGE 35
  726. Rating: ☆☆☆☆
  728. Extra tools: -Husband persuasion
  730. Dark Valkyrie are essentially those color-swapped Valkyries that instead of preaching the word of their god, are cuddling and holding hands with their husbands.
  731. They still retain all their strength and martial skill, but their will belongs to that of their husband. Which they are now more interested in.
  732. Their dorm is sitting on a cloud, but has sunk down to the ground and has a similar appearance to that of the Dark Angel dorm, giving off an aura of love rather than righteous might.
  733. Before attempting the raid, you might want to deal with one of the husbands. You might be friends with them, basically you need their trust so you can enter the dorm safely.
  734. Whatever your excuse, as long as you end up inside, it will do. Dark Valkyries are not after sex with anyone but their husbands, which they already have in becoming Dark Valkyries, so all that leaves is whether you're an intruder to them or not.
  735. If you're a guest and a husband says you can be trusted you're in the clear and it should be easy.
  736. If spotted, and assuming you haven't struck a deal with a husband, they will see you as a threat and will subdue you. Without killing you thankfully, but they're just as skilled as a Valkyrie so escape will be difficult.
  737. If caught, you'll be reprimanded by them, but awaiting on your Husband's wish, he might recognize you as a panty raider and either reprimand you himself or most likely just let you go.
  738. If successful you'll come away with the panties of a celestial fallen warrior woman, which aren't too corrupted but still give off a strong love aura.
  739. In conclusion, Dark Valkyrie aren't much of a threat and any difficulty can be wiped clean if trust is reached with the Husband. A surprisingly easier run than raiding the regular Valkyrie dorm.
  741. PAGE 36
  743. DEMON
  745. Rating: ?
  747. Extra tools: None
  749. Demons are second only to Lilim in the ranks of Succubi. Corrupt, dangerous and look down on Humans as little more than slaves and worshipers. Truly there are few Monster Girls more deserving of having their panties raided than Demons.
  750. This is easier said than done however. They wield incredibly powerful magic, highly intelligent, cunning and ruthless. You can always pick them out from a crowd by their blue skin and black sclera and of course their shapely form.
  751. Being so high ranked, their dorm spares little expenses, a large building lying in the heart of the Demonic Monster Girl section. With a black marble interior, blazing braziers with a light scent of fire and brimstone, even their own pool.
  752. Once you sneak inside it's a matter of trying to stay undetected, a difficult task indeed, unless the Demons are preoccupied and have their attention focused on something else, they will be able to sense your presence and life energy. Most of the time they always do.
  753. If spotted however, Demons are nothing if not fickle, some might not see you as a threat and might simply watch unseen out of curiosity, as you stumble through the halls. Others might see it as an opportunity for a game, claiming that they will strip you all of your souls, unless one of you offers to make a pact, this is no bluff. Sometimes nothing will happen, but since Demons lead men onto the path of depravity and corruption, perhaps we've been following their whims the whole time? Stealing underwear so we sink to their level, giving into lust? It's best not to think about it.
  754. If caught, they will attempt to trick you into making a pact with them, this goes without saying, but whatever they offer you comes at a heavy price. Someone always seems to forget this each year though, and ends up being in service to a Demon for eternity for a crate of their favorite beer. Try not to be this guy.
  755. If successful, you'll come away with the Demon's panties, so appealing to the eye, and so perfect yet unholy. There is residual corruption to be sure, but it's a trophy worthy of any mantelpiece. But perhaps they wanted you to take it? Maybe it felt a little too easy?
  756. In conclusion, the Demon dorm is far to unpredictable to give it a reliable rating, some parties have claimed it was a piece of cake, with nothing to fear, while others claim there is nothing worse. Raiding panties is all about risk, but this may be the greatest risk you might undertake.
  759. PAGE 37
  761. DEVIL
  763. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  765. Extra tools: None
  767. Devils are perhaps some of the most malicious loli Monster Girls there are. Always plotting ways to break a man and corrupt him entirely. Suffice to say they are not very friendly.
  768. Though small in size, they're highly intelligent and excel at manipulating men, on top of this they possess a decent amount of demonic magic, enabling them teleport, corrupt, hypnotize, create illusions and so on. It's not entirely documented how Demonic magic functions.
  769. The dorm is found fairly deep inside the Demonic MG section and like any other dorm filled with malicious Monster Girls, gives off an aura of corruption and demonic energy.
  770. The aura alone is harmless, but it does act as a sort of amplifier for anything that might affect someone's mental state. Once inside navigate carefully, they can't sense your presence, so stealth is still possible.
  771. If spotted the Devil may not act immediately, you can be sure it will alert the others, but if you're spotted the game will begin.
  772. They may try to manipulate members in your party, making them question why they're raiding in the first place, at a time that is too convenient to be coincidental.
  773. You might hear seductive whispering in your ear, promises of pleasure and power that comes with becoming an Incubus. Stay strong, a Devil cannot be trusted. Make sure the rest of your party knows this as well.
  774. If all else fails they will simply assault you, usually when it looks like you're about to leave. Physically you have an advantage, but their magic will stand in your way, and only when their lust begins to cloud their intellect will you truly have a chance to subdue them.
  775. If caught, the Devil will corrupt you, assaulting you with pleasure as they dominate your mind and attempt to turn you into an Incubus. This will be hard to resist and is almost inevitable.
  776. If successful you'll come away with the incredibly tight, lewd black panties they wear, which are practically thongs. They radiate enough demonic energy to fill your mind with lewd thoughts, but not enough to corrupt you alone.
  777. In conclusion, Devils are not the most powerful of Demonic MGs, but they are powerful enough. Nothing particularly difficult about stealth, but being caught is a high risk and resisting it just as hard. Do your best to not underestimate them despite their small stature.
  779. PAGE 38
  781. DEVIL BUG
  783. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆
  785. Extra tools: -Non-lethal bug repellent
  787. Devil Bugs are the very small Insect Girls that resemble Cockroaches. Always in groups and often guilty of infesting the Human Male dorm, before being driven out.
  788. They're small in size and physically weak, lack any kind of magic and are not very bright. They can however sense men by scent and their spirit energy.
  789. Their dorm is actually the old Human dorm, a building that's fallen into disrepair, yet the Devil Bugs seem to like it that way.
  790. Once inside you'll need to watch your step, not breaking through old floorboards and such. Though by the time you've entered they'll know you're in the house eventually.
  791. At first your scent and energy will be masked by the residual scent/energy given off by the old dorm, but they'll eventually notice your presence, so speed is as important as stealth.
  792. This goes the same for bait, even strong bait and scents will not lure them away from a live source, blocking your odor will only prevent detection by scent, they can still sense your energy so that's out too.
  793. They can appear anytime, crawling out of the walls, floor and ceiling. Being quite stealthy themselves, they'll follow you at first, but it's only a matter of time before they strike.
  794. For this reason, a non-lethal bug repellent can keep them away and buy you more time if you need it. No lethal bug spray however, we're here to steal their panties, not murder them.
  795. If spotted, they will usually recklessly attack the group by themselves. Needless to say they are easily subdued, being no stronger than a small girl. However more and more will begin to show up, eventually causing you to be overwhelmed.
  796. If caught, every Devil Bug in the dorm will want a turn with you, and there are a LOT of Devil Bugs in the dorm. If you can stay conscious during this sexual gauntlet, you'll be able to escape with no corruption.
  797. If successful you'll come away with the Devil Bug's small chitinous panties, grown by themselves and are able to be removed and reattached easily.
  798. In conclusion, this is more of a timed run if anything, the sooner you finish the sooner you leave before being detected. The risk is nothing long-term, but needless to say it will be exhausting, you'll also be responsible if the whole dorm gets pregnant. Luckily Devil Bug children grow up fast.
  800. PAGE 39
  802. DHAMPIR
  804. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  806. Extra tools: -Vampire Assistance
  808. Dhampir are those tomboyish, chuuni Monster Girls who carry around rapiers or other weapons around campus. Depending on whether they've tasted a man's blood, they'll be chivalrous and Human-like if they haven't, but more like a Monster Girl if they have.
  809. They're normal in size, but have incredibly strength and agility. They wield magic, but it's usually directed at Vampires, but they might not hesitate to use it on a man if they've been blooded.
  810. If you're planning a Dhampir panty raid, you might consider gaining the aid of the Vampire dorm. The two dorms are bitter rivals with each other and while Vampires might be too prideful to ask for help, if you present yourself humbly as 'servants' and persuade them, they can offer you wealth to buy supplies and the help of lesser Undead Girls like Zombies, Skeletons and Ghouls. If offered to make a 'blood pact' however, politely refuse, this is more of a permanent contract.
  811. The Undead Girls will present a good distraction, luring the Dhampir out of the dorm to give the poor girls a beating, but the interior will be a lot more empty.
  812. The Dhampir dorm is outside the Undead section, but is right on the edge. A small, extravagant dorm, with training rooms and such to help Dhampir keep their edge.
  813. If spotted, how they react depends on if they've been blooded or not.
  814. If the Dhampir has not been blooded, she will question why you're trespassing and if you have panties in your hands at the time, she will give you a good beating, before kicking you outside pantiless. Unless you can come up with a very good excuse.
  815. If the Dhampir has been blooded, she will immediately attack you, Dhampir are too strong to fight or escape and after you're beaten, one member will be taken away and will become too charmed to free. The rest of you will be fine unless you come across another.
  816. If caught you can expect vigorous sex from a blooded Dhampir, along with light neck-biting and blood-drinking. This is far from fatal, but if she likes you blood you might find yourself with an involuntary Dhampir girlfriend.
  817. If successful you'll come away with the Dhampir's expensive lingerie made from fine silks and with a Renaissance theme to them.
  818. In conclusion, Dhampir are almost as dangerous as Vampires, but luckily their motives are not as corrupt. It's not a bad idea to raid this dorm to earn favor from the Vampires, in order to get closer to them for a future raid.
  820. PAGE 40
  824. Rating: Varied
  826. Extra tools: None
  828. Doppelgangers are shapeshifters who change their appearance to the taste of the man they're after. Obviously this makes identifying them in public difficult.
  829. The Doppelganger's true form is that of a small girl, draped in black. In this form they have little strength, no magic either than shapeshifting and are quite timid.
  830. The dorm is nothing special and easy to infiltrate. You'll just want to make sure you've got the right place, since doppelgangers usually stay in other forms.
  831. Since Doppelgangers change their appearance and demeanor depending on the man they want to please. It's safe to say that any member who's submissive and fantasizes about a 10 foot tall Dragon Queen Overlord might want to sit this out for safety reasons.
  832. On the other hand, anyone who truly desires the Doppelganger's true appearance will help. Though they may need to be restrained to chase after them.
  833. If spotted, the Doppelganger will attack you in the form of whatever they've taken to try and please someone. This can vary between a regular Human girl, or something as dangerous as a Vampire or Baphomet.
  834. Whatever form they have, they will have all the abilities and powers they might possess. On top of this, if they're dominant as well you'll be in trouble.
  835. Many will choose a form catering to one of your raiding party, so again be careful of who you take.
  836. If caught, you will copulate and fall in love with a Doppelganger that's taken a form that pleases you. There's nothing chemical or magical about the attraction, but it will be the perfect woman tailored for you, which can still make it hard to resist.
  837. If successful you'll come away with the copied panties of whatever form they've taken. Part of the fun is not knowing what to expect. However if you manage to get the Doppelganger's true panties, you'll obtain a simple, small pair of black panties. Not amazing at first glance, but still rare.
  838. In conclusion, a Doppelganger dorm raid is very unpredictable, with no real way to prepare, as it could be ANY Monster Girl in that dorm, or whatever's popular. If you get mindbroken it'll technically be the fault of your own subconscious.
  840. PAGE 41
  844. Rating: ☆☆☆
  846. Extra tools: None
  848. You might have seen various Mouse Girls, sleeping in the strangest places around campus, sometimes being molested while they nap by male students. These are Dormice of Wonderland.
  849. They're petite and small in size like any Mouse Girl and while they're as intelligent as any Human, they're plagued by a chronic need to sleep. In sleep they give off a strong demonic energy to lure men however, similar to that of an Alice.
  850. Their dorm lies in Wonderland and is much smaller in scale than the average dorm, you would need to crawl through the front door, then walk the rest of the way with your head lowered.
  851. If there are any Dormice inside, they'll be asleep, making stealth remarkably easy. They do sleepwalk often, but this doesn't make them any more alert.
  852. At the sight of a sleeping Dormouse, you and other members may get an urge to gang-rape her in her sleep. This needs to be resisted as much as your will can allow, it's magical in nature, so the best you can do is to avoid looking at them and staying focused on the raid itself.
  853. If spotted, sometimes you might wake up a Dormouse, they will ignore you and go back to sleep. That's it.
  854. If you're 'caught' you'll make love to the Dormouse that's lured you as much as your body allows, getting somewhat addicted to the demonic energy they give off, which has been described as 'sweet' and pleasant. Just be warned that after they get up they might want to go again, unaware that they went while they were asleep.
  855. If successful you'll come away with the Dormouse's pajama underwear, very soft to the touch and the kind they spend a lot of time sleeping in.
  856. In conclusion, the Dormouse dorm is similar to the Alice dorm, but the main difference is that they can lure multiple men at once, instead of the Alice who focuses her lure on a single man. This makes restraining each other difficult, but otherwise the dorm is very easy to raid stealthily.
  858. PAGE 42
  860. DRAGON
  862. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  864. Extra tools: None
  866. Dragons are those incredibly tall Lizard Girls who can fly and breathe fire. They're very prideful and arrogant and, almost, rightfully so.
  867. They possess incredible strength, a very high intelligence and the fire they breathe is hot enough to melt space age steel. Fighting one is out of the question.
  868. Dragons and their families possess great amounts of money and treasure, so it's no surprise that their dorm is more like a palace than a place for students to live.
  869. The interior is cleaned by Human servants, usually belonging to one of the powerful Dragon families, while it has all kinds of features, such as a bath the size of a swimming pool for them to relax in.
  870. Every Dragon Girl brings their own treasure hoard with them to sleep on, usually taken from their family's treasury and then added to by themselves. You might be tempted to take some for yourself, but stealing from a Dragon is never wise.
  871. It should be noted that Dragon Girls come in a variety of different colors, each color representing a family. This can affect their personality, but they will all see you as thieves.
  872. If spotted, their arrogance will lead them to believe they can handle you by themselves, which they can. Dragons will thankfully not kill you as that goes against their nature. That won't stop them from roughing you up a bit and punishing you for being a thief.
  873. It will be difficult to outsmart or escape from them as well. Dragons are very protective of their belongings and if you're caught in the act don't expect them to go easy on you.
  874. If caught you'll either be disposed of and thrown outside the dorm, but if a Dragon takes a liking to you, she'll take you up to her room by force for intense Dragon love-making. Every sub-species has their preference and it will likely be intense.
  875. If successful you'll come away with whatever expensive underwear the Dragons may be wearing, it's a large insult to their pride by losing their panties and they will not forget it. You might have pocketed a few pieces of gold to pay off your student loans too if you like to play dangerously.
  876. In conclusion, the Dragon dorm doesn't have a large long-term risk, unless you're chosen to be a husband. Dragons are highly-intelligent and invincible killing machines however, so pulling off stealth let alone escaping is difficult and getting caught can be painful.
  878. PAGE 43
  880. DRYAD
  882. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆
  884. Extra tools: None
  886. Dryads are the students you won't ever see, since they're practically immobile they rely on recorded lectures. They spend their time shut up inside their greenhouse dorm in the Plant MG section. After their trees were moved there.
  887. Physically they're not very strong, but they possess a kind of nature magic that allows them to manipulate plants and such to ensnare anything hostile.
  888. Again their dorm is the kind of greenhouse dorm, but broken up into different smaller greenhouse rooms, each one suited to that Dryad's particular tree.
  889. If spotted they will see your unannounced intrusion as a threat and will likely try to stop you. Though damaging the tree will only make them angrier and alert other Dryads.
  890. Therefore stealth is important, wait for them to be asleep, and remember they can't pursue you very far. If they know you're coming though, they will be prepared.
  891. They may attempt to seduce any ensnared members, bringing them inside their tree to stay there permanently. Though this is only if they take a liking to them, which is unfortunate if they do.
  892. Being trapped inside a tree for the rest of your life isn't exactly a great thing. So you really, really should avoid getting caught. If stealth is blown you should just leave.
  893. If caught, three things may happen.
  894. They might simply throw you out of the dorm after some rough beating with their vines for being a thief.
  895. They might contact members of another dorm, one that you've previously raided most likely, and hand you over into their custody. Dryads like to share it seems.
  896. Or of course, they will pull you into the depths of their tree, and it will take a strong amount of persuasion from staff faculty to let you go.
  897. If successful you'll come away with the Dryad's 100% organic plant panties, grown externally inside of from their own bodies like most plant-related girls however. It will still thankfully not rot or decay.
  898. In conclusion, stealth is an absolute must for a Dryad dorm raid. Though their immobility means escape is no problem once you're a few meters away from them. The risks associated with being caught are very heavy to pay. You would not want to be handed over to the Red Oni dorm when they're itching for payback snu-snu on the raiding club.
  900. PAGE 44
  904. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  906. Extra tools: -Object to parry and knock off their head.
  908. Dullahan are normal looking at first glance, either some kind of Human or Elf. But their head is actually severed from their body and is able to live without being connected to it.
  909. Dullahans in the past were powerful knights and warriors, in this modern era they still follow this trend and stand out a bit. Many are very old and have the martial skill that comes with that much experience.
  910. Their dorm dwells within the Demonic Monster Girl section, but feels out of place. There's no aura of corruption or anything coming from the dorm, instead it's very stoic and built like a medieval castle or fort.
  911. Entrance can be difficult, Dullahan are militaristic and if you've got a lot of heat from previous raids they may post sentries.
  912. They'll be patrolling the interior if this is the case, otherwise they'll be training and sparring with each other.
  913. If spotted they will try to sound the alarm and alert the rest, so you will need to stop them quickly. They wield weapons like axes, swords and maces, anything medieval. They all have their own preferences.
  914. To subdue them, you will need to knock off their head which is sitting on top of their body. This is easier said than done, they will use all their skill to defend it. Any kind of device, ranged or close, that could knock off their head would be a good thing to have.
  915. Once their head is removed they will lose any urgency to alert overs and will attempt to sexually assault you mindlessly. Their lust will cripple them and they should be easy to tie up.
  916. If caught, you'll be subdued and interrogated. They show little mercy to intruders and thieves if their heads are on. If they're not they will attempt to have sex with you on the spot, desperate for spirit energy.
  917. If successful, you'll come away with the formal undergarments they keep hidden under all the armor they wear. Which fits the medieval period fashion they seem to follow.
  918. In conclusion, Dullahan aren't obsessed with lust as much as most Monster Girls, but their martial prowess and often serious natures make them dangerous in the more normal way.
  920. PAGE 45
  922. DWARF
  924. Rating: ☆☆☆
  926. Extra tools: None
  928. Dwarves are one of the more tame Monster Girls. They blend well into society, as they're essentially just midget Humans. Since the males of their race are now long gone, like any other Monster Girl they rely on Human men and Incubi.
  929. They're not very tall, lucky if they reach 3 feet, and hence are not physically strong. They possess no magic, but their intellect is on par with a Humans.
  930. Their dorm is not very far from the Human dorm, many are studying to be engineers which they all have a knack for. The dorm itself is standard, but with furnishings better suited to their size along with an interior workshop and blacksmith.
  931. It's not uncommon for Humans to wander freely through the corridors, many Human engineers work alongside Dwarves in study groups, coming up with all sorts of devices.
  932. It's even possible to commission Dwarves to make any tools you design to help with any raids, which some will be eager to carry out, provided you go out on a date with them or something nice.
  933. Because of the free reign inside the dorm, it's possible to dress casually to not draw attention, then quietly slip into a bedroom to get your prize.
  934. If spotted you'll of course be asked to leave, while they're not very threatening, they have built a good number of security devices and traps. Of course this will damage any trust if you wanted something made though.
  935. If caught, you might be simply thrown out and banned from the dorm by them for a while, which would mean resorting to the normal way of raiding. However if they're in a lusty mood, they might escort you to a bedroom and give you one of their famous handjobs.
  936. If successful you'll come away with the Dwarves tiny panties, sometimes just a steampunk-themed thong, you might wonder how a thong could even be steampunk, but believe it they can.
  937. In conclusion, Dwarves are far from a threat, more of an ally. The risk isn't a threat to your personal space, but instead to your resources. However stealth should be very easy and you'll have all the time to scope out the interior.
  939. PAGE 46
  941. ECHIDNA
  943. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  945. Extra tools: -Things to counter traps.
  947. Echidna are some of the most Powerful Monster Girls in existence. Though so few in number there may only be 5 at most at campus during your time there. Some young, others christmas cakes.
  948. Their magical skill is legendary, rivaling that of even a Lilim's. And they possess either the appearance of a Lamia or that of a Human woman usually with the strength of the former.
  949. Even with so few Echidna attending MGCC, they live in a very large dorm, which by tradition is filled with an array of traps and hazards. Both so they feel at home and for intruders like us.
  950. It can take many weeks or months of exhaustive scouting to properly map out the dorm and come up with ways to bypass the many traps they've put in.  Rushing in blindly has never gone well in the past.
  951. Once traps have been identified and the building mapped, you'll need to come up with ways to beat traps. An example would be sand to fill a spike pit you might come across.
  952. The traps are real, and not just for decoration. Luckily the campus Lich doctor will resurrect any student who manages to get himself killed. Though she will want something from you in return.
  953. Death is painful, so make sure you're ready.
  954. On top of traps, many Echidnas bring along family bodyguards. These can be some of the toughest Monster Girls known, famous henchwomen of all kinds of species. These will vary, but once identified refer to this guide or the encyclopedia for a way to deal with them.
  955. Once you've gotten passed the traps and henchwomen, you'll reach the Echidna's chambers. At this point stealth is needed and very important.
  956. If spotted the Echidna will assume you've gone this far to have sex with them, they are wrong, you are here to steal their underwear. At this point you've lost the chance of grabbing it and sneaking out undetected.
  957. While sleeping with them would be a good way to obtain it, it defeats the purpose of the raid. Being gifted panties is different from stealing them, they will still believe to have power over you if they're gifted.
  958. Work under the assumption that you're going to lay with them, then steal the panties leaving them blue-ovaried. They will not react to well to being rejected like this so be prepared to run really fast back through the traps you can through.
  959. If caught you'll be dragged forcefully back to their chambers, considering their magic prowess there's little you can do to resist. Be prepared for some very intense sex.
  960. If successful you'll come away with the Echidna's incredibly rare underwear, usually a powerful artifact from a time long, long ago. It's value almost immeasurable.
  961. In conclusion, This is possibly the hardest raid in the guide to pull off. Having to go through all the bodyguards and traps in a single night, your endurance, wit and sneakiness all put to the test. And remember that although few men can boast having sex with an Echidna, even fewer can boast stealing their panties.
  963. PAGE 47
  965. ELF
  967. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆
  969. Extra tools: None
  971. You will have noticed that there are a number of Elves on campus. All of them very haughty and tend to look down on Humans.
  972. These arrogant knife-ears are not as physically strong on average as a Human, but again on average they are more dexterous and intelligent. Having lithe frames and some martial skill.
  973. Their dorm lies close to the Dwarf and Human dorms, this section can be considered an area for both Humans and MGs which share a similar bio-structure.
  974. In our current age, most Elves have blended in with Human society. Essentially being just pretty Human women with sharp ears and a bit of a superiority complex.
  975. However there are still some Elves, usually from more rural or exotic regions, who are in tune with nature and such like their ancestors. However they also have a bit of a superiority complex.
  976. Once inside the dorm, you'll need to tread lightly, Elves are very good at detecting sound and are quite alert. There are a lot of Elves attending MGCC so the dorm will be crowded as well.
  977. If spotted they will try to alert the rest while making a retreat. They can be overpowered if taken by surprise, and a lone Elf is no threat, but many of them will cause problems.
  978. If caught, it should be noted that a lot of Elves have something of a subconscious lust, they will punish you insisting it's to deal with a thief, but it will slowly turn into sexual humiliation, followed by complete intercourse.
  979. You'll be passed around the dorm and it will fall into something of an orgy. Elves are very sexually repressed, so being in private with Human male captives brings out a strong desire for sex.
  980. If successful, you'll come away with an Elf's panties, while most will be no different from a Human's some of the Wild Elves will have more traditional, nature-themed underwear.
  981. In conclusion, Elves are sharp, smart and cunning. With their arrogance they will be a tempting target, but you must make sure to practice with easier dorms first.
  983. PAGE 48
  985. FAIRY
  987. Rating: ☆☆☆
  989. Extra tools: -tweezers
  991. Fairies are tiny, childlike Monster Girls with wings and a cheerful attitude. Not to be mistaken for Pixies, which are more mischievous and malicious.
  992. They're incredibly small, only around a foot tall, so physically they are very weak. Their light bodies and wings however do mean they're quite nimble. They're as intelligent as Humans, but they act childish and are easily distracted.
  993. Their dorm is a set of tiny rooms built into the side of a fairly large tree that they dwell in. Living inside it like some kind of insect.
  994. Entrance into the dorm is a bit difficult, because it's far too small. Their are a few entrances where you can wiggle your way inside, but you'll most likely get stuck, and if you have claustrophobia this won't end well.
  995. The best way to 'raid' the dorm is to look through the windows at night until you see what looks like it might be a bedroom.
  996. Then you must reach in, without waking up whoever's sleeping inside, and try to reach the wardrobe, carefully open it, then pinch a pair of panties.
  997. If the wardrobe is out of reach, you might need to go straight for the source. Use a pair of tweezers to carefully pull off any underwear the sleeping Fairy inside might be wearing.
  998. This will be difficult, but if she wakes up, quickly yank them off if you can and then pull your arm out.
  999. If spotted, the dorm will come to life like an angry bee hive. Fairies will begin to fly out and yell at you in childish, high-pitched voices for being a pervert. If you're outside though, you'll be fine and should be able to escape easily.
  1000. The only real way you can get caught is if you're inside the tree at the time of being spotted. If you've reached in, they might trap your arm and tie it down. Like in Gulliver's travels but with Fairies.
  1001. If you tried to wriggle your way inside after being unsuccessful in finding a bedroom window, this could go quite badly.
  1002. They will pull you deeper into the tree and tie your entire body firmly in place so you can't budge, leaving you at their mercy. Where they'll take turns riding you.
  1003. You might think there's no way they'll fit with how small they are, but from one ill-fated raid member who was stuck in the Fairy Dorm tree for 3 days as a captive; "They can."
  1004. If successful you'll come away with the Fairy's miniature panties, usually made out of treated flower petals, making them quite fragile but soft.
  1005. In conclusion, Fairies aren't much of a threat, unless you make the mistake of getting caught inside the tree and trapped due to being too large to move around, you'll be fine. The raid is only a threat if you're careless.
  1007. PAGE 49
  1009. FAMILIAR
  1011. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆
  1013. Extra tools: None
  1015. You might have seen Familiars on occasion, walking alongside any Witches attending the college. They don't actually have their own dorm and aren't technically students. They're more of assistants to the Witches that summon them. That doesn't exclude them from panty raids however.
  1016. Familiars are small in stature, easy to overpower physically, however they have an incredible affinity for charm magic. If given enough time to prepare a spell, can easily warp a man's mind.
  1017. They share a dorm with Witches. Acting as assistants in helping Witches study magic. The Witches of course being the greater threat. Which in turn serve Baphomets as part of the Sabbath.
  1018. Therefore, being caught can cause risk to escalate, the more of a ruckus you cause. Stealth is important, but stopping an alert from getting out is even more important.
  1019. If spotted by a Familiar, you can quickly overpower if you're quick enough, clamping a hand over their mouth and subduing them. This can prevent a disaster from occurring.
  1020. If you're not in a position to disable them however, they will being preparing a charm spell of some kind. If you fail to stop them in time before this is cast, one or more of your members will turn against you and be under their spell.
  1021. They may also alert their Witch master, who wields even more powerful magic. And the commotion will only bring more and more Witches and Familiars.
  1022. If caught, you'll become an involuntary member and 'sacrifice' to the sabbath. A Familiar that's caught you will be rewarded, by getting to have their way with you while you're captured. You might then be passed onto Witches or even a Baphomet. You'll end up becoming a lolicon by the end, unless you get some therapy.
  1023. If successful, you'll come away with the tight, thin elastic-like underwear Familairs wear under their lewd outfits. Free from corruption, but be careful not to be effected by any residual charm magic on them.
  1024. In conclusion, dealing with Familiars is similar to any Monster Girl that wields charm magic, but since Witches and Baphomet have the potential to get involved. This makes the raid a bit more difficult.
  1026. PAGE 50
  1030. Rating: ☆☆☆☆
  1032. Extra tools: Sensory depravation
  1034. If you run into a Gandharva at MGCC, she's likely doing some kind of music major. And like the Aspara, help make up that fun bunch of Eros cultists that live here.
  1035. In addition to being able to fly, they possess a kind of charm magic aura that affects your sense of smell, hearing, sight and of course 'touch'. Instead of just simply the mind.
  1036. Even entering the dorm, where music flows out of it every day, you can't help but feel captivated or bewitched.
  1037. Despite this, Gandharva are not aggressive, though incredibly lewd and lustful. Their usual instincts are suppressed. Instead they rely on men making the first move.
  1038. If spotted, Gandharva will try to seduce you, which they are very good at in addition to convincing the raiding team to make love not war.
  1039. To overcome being charmed, you need to protect yourself in each of the senses:
  1040. Earplugs for the sweet music they play.
  1041. Gas-masks or clothes-pegs for the pheromones and scent they give off.
  1042. Blinders or even blindfolds for their voluptuous bodies.
  1043. And keeping your distance and avoiding body contact.
  1044. Negate their charm magic and there's little they can do. Though running around the dorm blind and deaf can be difficult.
  1045. If caught, like any Eros Monster Girl, you will become charmed and seduced by them. Before being taken to their respective bedrooms for passionate love-making.
  1046. If successful, you'll come away with the lewd, silk underthings the Gandharva wear. Erotic in appearance, with plenty of residual charm magic.
  1047. In conclusion, there's no real risk for failure in this raid. If anything, learning to raid without key senses will help you improve. Not a bad dorm to raid, but still difficult.
  1049. PAGE 51
  1051. GARGOYLE
  1053. Rating: ☆ (daytime) ☆☆☆☆☆☆ (nighttime)
  1055. Extra tools: None
  1057. Gargoyles exclusively take night classes at MGCC. This is because during the day they turn to stone, this also explains why male students can be found naked and trapped in the embrace of lewd statues some days.
  1058. At night they're capable of flight and feature surprising physical strength. They also feature the mannerisms of Succubi, and hence are quite aggressive. During the day they are literally just statues.
  1059. Their dorm stands out due to it's Gothic architecture. Which will draw the attention of many Architect students, which often leads to them being boyfriends of the Gargoyles.
  1060. As you might guess, if you raid this dorm during the day, it's incredibly easy. They'll all be statues and you're free to rummage in their drawers as long and thoroughly as you wish.
  1061. However, if you're feeling brave, or just want to send a message to the rest of the Monster Girls. You can raid them at night.
  1062. At night most will be out to night classes, but if they have the night off, they might just be lying lazily on the roof. Or watching TV on the couch.
  1063. If spotted, they will swoop and lunge at you without hesitation. Usually to take you away to some rooftop where they won't be disturbed and to have their way with you.
  1064. Evasive actions are best, Gargoyles are too strong to overpower and too fast to outrun, but if you all split up in different directions they can only chase one of you.
  1065. If you're the one she chases after, you need to try and last until sunrise, or just buy as much time as you can. Though as the night draws to an end, more and more Gargoyles will return to the dorm to sleep.
  1066. If caught, you'll not only be raped, but when the sun rises you'll become fixed in place. Your dick stuck inside a tight statue vagina for the rest of the day. Possibly the next if the Gargoyle wants to continue from where she left off.
  1067. If successful, you'll come away with the Gargoyle's panties, usually just simple ones they bought while shopping, but worn by the stone of their statue form.
  1068. In conclusion, a daytime raid can be a very good introduction for rookie raiders, helping them get an idea of what they're supposed to do. While a nighttime dorm is more of a challenge and a risk, but adds more to your group's notoriety.
  1070. PAGE 52
  1072. GAZER
  1074. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  1076. Extra tools: None
  1078. Gazers certainly stand out from the crowd, hovering in mid-air and surrounded by eyestalks. Many study to become successful optometrists.
  1079. Gazers are capable of casting a variety of spells, but their specialty is hypnosis. Their multiple eye stalks also makes it difficult to overpower them physically.
  1080. Their dorm isn't anything different. Though you will see a series of glowing eyes watching you as you approach at night. So stealth on approach is important.
  1081. Once inside, sneaking around undetected is incredibly difficult. The Gazer's multiple eyes mean it's impossible to sneak past them if you're within line of sight.
  1082. Since they use magic to levitate you won't hear footsteps either. Making it quite tense.
  1083. If spotted they'll begin firing off multiple spells at once through their eye stalks. These can vary, but most will be to immobilize you in some way.
  1084. There's little you can do to escape easily at this point, it's like running into a firing squad.
  1085. Once immobilized and disabled, the Gazer will force open your eyes in order to hypnotize you. At which point you are a servant to her every whim.
  1086. If caught, you'll be a hypnotized slave to a Gazer girl for as long as she wishes. Gazers are not particularly kind either, you will be punished thoroughly for having the gall to try to steal from them.
  1087. If successful, you'll come away with panties darkened with the viscous black liquid that covers parts of their bodies. It's not dark matter thankfully. Or at least we hope it isn't.
  1088. In conclusion, Gazers are certainly not one of the 'nice' Monster Girls. If you trespass in their dorm they will see you as prey, and a potential sex slave. A difficult and a risky dorm, certainly not for new raiders.
  1090. PAGE 53
  1092. GHOST
  1094. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
  1096. Extra tools: -Some form of Ghost warding.
  1097.              -'Ghostbusting' equipment.
  1099. To keep track of all the Ghosts who attend MGCC is quite tricky. Some have become corporeal with the energy they obtained and attend lectures like anyone else. But those who haven't cannot be seen by the naked eye and exist in places like the old clock-tower, or more likely, the Ghost dorm.
  1100. In general they can phase in and out of corporeality on will if they have enough energy. Either way they were once souls of long dead Human women. They vary in physical appearance, from child to more older women, but this doesn't reflect their strength.
  1101. The dorm lies within the Undead section and like other dorms in that area, share the same building code that requires all Undead dorms to be some form of spooky mansion or castle. Just one of MGC's many bizarre laws.
  1102. Once you've snuck into the dorm like a group of young adults solving mysteries with their Werewolf. You will notice it will be very empty. Though this is far from the truth.
  1103. There are likely several Ghost Girls watching you unseen as you sneak through the mansion, you might hear a 'fufufu' or a moan of pleasure if this is the case.
  1104. If spotted, they will attempt to haunt, or in the worst case, possess you.
  1105. Haunting is fairly harmless, if not irritating. Appearing out of an oil painting to shout 'Boo!' at you or making a door slam shut behind you.
  1106. Possession is a bit more dangerous, but won't be noticeable until after the raid. The afflicted member will have lewd Ghost dreams, which will eventually lead to the Ghost leaving his mind in corporeal form, after she's done having fun with him of course.
  1107. To combat these, wearing some kind of ward, like a crucifix or something. Could repel the Ghosts from possessing you, along with chanting religious text. Though this can't be confirmed.
  1108. If you have any friends in engineering or science, you might be able to make something reminiscent of Ghostbusting equipment. Using proton accelerators to trap the ghosts. Though this will bring the attention of campus security.
  1109. On rare occasions, Ghosts will get aggressive, particularly the powerful ones, and will attempt to capture isolated raiders.
  1110. If caught you'll be held hostage within the mansion by a very old and possessive Ghost Girl, who may have gone centuries without a man. Be sure to report any missing raiders so that they Ghost Girls can eventually be persuaded to let them go.
  1111. If successful, you'll find the panties the Ghosts once wore in life, brought with them and stashed in dressers, despite the fact that they'll never wear them. They're sentimental for them at best.
  1112. In conclusion, a Ghost dorm raid can go fine as long as you don't draw the attention of more powerful spirits and remember to visit and exorcist after completing the raid to remove any 'stowaways'.
  1114. PAGE 54
  1116. GHOUL
  1118. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆
  1120. Extra tools: None
  1122. Ghouls are quite aggressive, and always hang around in packs, at night they make a sport of hunting any first years who might be wandering alone at night.
  1123. Physically Ghouls are stronger and more agile than the average man. So even a lone Ghoul can be a handful. They're also one of the more aggressive Monster Girls and will not hesitate to jump on trespassers.
  1124. Their dorm lies within the Undead section and has the appearance of a crypt, which extends under ground. The lawn in front being dotted with gravestones, though this is purely for show, no one has been buried there... We think.
  1125. The interior is slightly more appealing than the weathered exterior. All the usual comforts like a kitchen, TV and so on can be found. Though Ghouls aren't vary tidy, the place is usually a mess.
  1126. If spotted, while you stumble through the crypt, the Ghoul will let out a loud shriek, instantly alerting any others inside. If this happens, it's recommended to run. If you can at least get clear of the Crypts you might be able to lose them. Though since Ghouls are very fast, it will likely end with your slowest member being caught.
  1127. If they spot you, but you're close and quick enough. Clamp over their moves to stop their screech, then try to overpower the lone ghoul at once. Hold her down, then insert your manhood into her vagina.
  1128. This may seem contradictory, also like rape, but it because Ghouls are incredibly sensitive there, it will overwhelm them and even make them pass out.
  1129. If caught, you'll be dragged deep into the crypt dorm. Ghouls like to do things in packs, and you are no exception. They tend to be very rough, once they're done they'll let you go, covered in bitemarks. It's more fun for them to hunt you down again.
  1130. If successful, you'll come away with what could be considered a Ghoul's panties. Usually a little more than torn rags or clothes. Ghouls aren't very punctual with their dress.
  1131. In conclusion, though the raid itself is difficult, the risk isn't too great as long as you can survive rough group sex with a gang of Ghouls. Stealth is important.
  1133. PAGE 55
  1135. GIANT ANT
  1137. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  1139. Extra Tools: -Spelunking equipment
  1141. A lot of Giant Ant Girls come to MGCC for civil engineering degrees, carpenters or builders. Most of the time they're quite diligent and fairly peaceful, too busy working hard to interfere with men most of the time.
  1142. They're quite small in stature and by appearance look like a weak-limbed young girl. But they actually wield a superhuman strength, able to lift objects up to ten times their weight. As intelligence goes they're not good free-thinkers, usually just obeying their queen.
  1143. Their dorm is a sprawling tunnel system, with only one entrance. It's protected fiercely by the larger of the Giant Ants, and they don't take kindly to trespassers.
  1144. Everything is coordinated by the Giant Ant Queen for that year. With a different Giant Ant becoming a queen and being in charge each year.
  1145. This leads to a bit of variation in their attitude. One year might see a kind and peaceful Giant Ant queen, who orders the Giant Ants to be peaceful and tolerant of outsiders, particularly Human men. While another year will see a tyrant, who turns the impressionable Giant Ants into gangs of delinquents who pick on men.
  1146. Your year has a queen who leans towards the latter.
  1147. With this in mind, you might need some reason or excuse to be allowed inside their den. Offering to steal the panties of any lazy Ant Arachne who infest the dorm usually works.
  1148. You'll be escorted quite heavily to the Ant Arachne section, then left to carry out your business.
  1149. At this point, you'll need to find another exit that leads back into the Giant Ant section, at this point you'll draw suspicion.
  1150. Giant Ant bedrooms are widely scattered, and if they're inside them at the time it will be to sleep. Rest assured Giant Ants are very heavy sleepers, practically passing out from hard work sweaty and snoring.
  1151. It's suggested to grab the panties then, but if you're feeling adventurous and a bit suicidal, you can go for the panties of the queen herself. Though to reach her chambers undetected, you may need a distraction.
  1152. Also you can free any other male students you find trapped throughout the colony, at this point you're already in deep, so you might as well go all the way, letting them run out causes a good distraction too.
  1153. If spotted there is little to do if they become hostile. Try to talk them down, saying that you were lost, belong to the girl in the bedroom you're in, etc. Because if it doesn't work, an alert will be sounded and you'll be overwhelmed in the cramped Giant Ant tunnels.
  1154. If caught, you'll be thrown into the 'husbandry' chamber. Where after careful inspection, you'll be set up with any Giant Ant girl who needs sexual relief or a boyfriend. You may even end up serving the queen herself.
  1155. If successful, you'll come away with the Giant Ant's practical, work-weathered underwear, usually stained with sweat and pheromones. Or you might be lucky enough to grab a pair of the Giant Ant Queen's luxurious, royal panties. Adorned with the gemstones they've dug out and very valuable. Practically crown jewels for the Giant Ants.
  1156. In conclusion, this raid will be challenging and high risk. There's no way to overpower Giant Ants easily, and the narrow tunnels makes sneaking around difficult. It's recommended to do an Ant Arachne raid, if only to get a layout of the tunnels first.
  1158. PAGE 56
  1160. GIANT SLUG
  1162. Rating: ☆☆☆☆
  1164. Extra tools: -Salt
  1166. Giant Slugs have a docile appearance in public, you might not always see them, but you'll notice the large snail trail they'll leave behind. That being said, always check your seat before sitting down in a lecture. Giant Slug mucus is difficult to clean out.
  1167. Their size varies from slightly larger than the average man, to a small childlike state. The smaller they are, the more sexually aggressive they will be. They're very slow, but their mucus is strong enough to hold you in place for them to catch up.
  1168. Their dorm is defined by the snail trails leading through the center of hallways and through doors. As long as you walk along the sides, you won't step in it and become trapped.
  1169. If someone becomes stuck, they can be pulled out with the help of the rest of the team, but this will take time. In an emergency situation it might be better to leave them to avoid more members getting stuck.
  1170. If spotted, there's no much of a cause for panic. While she might alert other, you don't want to try to physically subdue her, again the mucus makes it so you'll just become trapped.
  1171. Just simply outrun them, the larger Giant Slugs are slower, generally it's the tiny child-sized ones you'll need to watch out for.
  1172. Of course one of your best defenses is salt. This won't kill or harm them, but it repels them and causes them to shrink in size. This should only be used if necessary, if you're about to be cornered by a larger slug, as shrinking the slug will make them more aggressive.
  1173. If caught, you'll be slowly covered by the Giant Slugs and mated with. Their heavy weight and mucus makes escape at this point near impossible. It's best to just try to endure, then see about trying to wring the mucus out of your clothes.
  1174. If successful you'll come away with the Giant Slug's mucus-soaked panties, which will never come out, but for it's authenticity you'll want to keep it on. Just seal it in something so it doesn't drip everywhere.
  1175. In conclusion, Giant Slugs make the difficulty quite low, being easy to outrun. As long as you watch your step, you'll be able to escape cleanly at any time. The raid requires you to be quite nimble.
  1177. PAGE 57
  1181. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  1183. Extra tools: None
  1185. Girtablilu are known for three things. Their prowess at stealth, their powerful venom and their sadistic personalities. Where every Girtablilu has at least some kind of predator instinct.
  1186. They vary in size depending on their scorpion half. From small bark scorpion Girtablilus who might only be 4 feet tall, to gigantic Emperor scorpion Girtablilus who will tower over you at 7 to 8 feet tall. All having an innate sense for stealth, fast movement and a capacity for violence. They are not friendly.
  1187. Their dorm has been regulated so the temperature and climate stays hot and arid. Attempts to change this have been futile, since the dorm, and the equipment that would be needed, is too large.
  1188. Inside you'll want to keep your ears open for the slightest of sounds. This will be all the warning you will get before a Girtablilu will strike you. The element of surprise is important, and your own stealth should be important.
  1189. If you're spotted they might not strike immediately. Instead they will pick you off one by one. Their tails lashing out, injecting a member with venom, then dragging him to a more isolated part of the dorm.
  1190. This tension can break most raiding parties, but it's important to stay together even if you get an urge to run for the exit.
  1191. If caught you'll find yourself quickly swept up by a single, or even multiple small Girtablilus. Then taken to a bed and injected with plenty of venom to put you into a powerful sexual trance. Such an experience is grueling and terrifying. The venom will make you incredibly sensitive and at the mercy of your captor/captors.
  1192. Girtablilu venom isn't addictive, but it's powerful, expect pain at first before pleasure.
  1193. If successful you'll come away with the Girtablilu's light silk panties, usually originating from their scorpions background, where the middle-eastern scorpion Girtablilus will have thin embroided veils across their lower regions.
  1194. In conclusion, Girtablilus are very cunning and even more dangerous. They enjoy toying and playing with their victims so expect little mercy if caught and their fast, quiet movements make them all the more difficult to avoid or escape from.
  1196. PAGE 58
  1198. GLACIES
  1200. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  1202. Extra tools: -Warm Clothing
  1203.              -Magical Fire
  1205. Like any other elemental girl, Glacies are kind of demigods, why these spirits bother to come to college is a mystery. Maybe they're bored. Glacies in particular aren't completely friendly.
  1206. A Glacies' size depends on her on will. Able to change their ice-like form on will. It's safe to say they possess very powerful magic, with a bias leaning towards ice magic of course.
  1207. Their dorm, if you could call it that, is more like a gigantic ice palace. Which especially stands out on a hot summer day, where despite the heat it will never melt.
  1208. When you break in there are a few things you need to know about Glacies.
  1209. The first is that Glacies don't immediately rape a man, instead their mere presence will wear you down, making you feel lonely and morose, longing for Monster companionship. It should be remembered that after this raid members need to be checked if they're alright, otherwise the next raid they might just give up and surrender themselves to the girls of the dorm they're raiding.
  1210. Next is that since the dorm is made entirely of ice, Glacies can appear out of the walls, floor and roof by shifting through it. There's no out-running them or hiding from them in their domain. The split up rule applies for escaping.
  1211. Glacies are, quite literally, cold-hearted. They show contempt for Human men and will be quite merciless. Thankfully they will never kill you, but they won't be gentle either.
  1212. If spotted, a Glacies will use her ice magic to freeze you in place. Or freeze you entirely. Nothing short of magical fire will stop this. So if you've managed to convince an Ignis to tag along, you might be safe from the majority of their ice spells.
  1213. If caught, you'll be kept as a frozen statue at first, their idea of teaching you a lesson. However in the presence of a man for a long enough time, will cause a Glacies' cold heart to melt. Eventually she'll unfreeze you, but before letting you run off she'll likely rape you. At first it will be like sticking your dick in a freezer, but Glacies conveniently warm up as sex intensifies, so you don't have to worry about frostbite.
  1214. If successful you'll come away with their very delicate panties, made out of an incredibly soft powdered ice and forming an intricate pattern like a snowflake does. And just like a snowflake, every Glacies' panties have different patterns, making them all unique.
  1215. In conclusion, a Glacies raid is very difficult. Glacies are masters of their icy domain and show little mercy to intruders. The cold conditions don't make things easier either. Getting some kind of fiery assistance is recommended, otherwise it's a near rapewish raid.
  1217. PAGE 59
  1219. GNOME
  1221. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  1223. Extra tools: -Spelunking equipment
  1224.              -Personal flight
  1226. Gnomes can be considered neutral spirits, usually hanging around with other members of the Earth Covenant. Just another of the many strange religions people follow here.
  1227. Their size can vary, depending on how much of the surrounding earth they take in, and this includes their breast size. Their exterior can become as hard as bedrock, to as soft as warm clay. Needless to say they wield earth magic with ease.
  1228. Their dorm is something of a cave, though the interior is more like a temple. Everything is immaculate, the very earth shaped into anything the Gnomes desire.
  1229. If you're intruding they might not try to attack you straight away. They always welcome male members to join the Earth Covenant, to serve under them to learn earth magic among 'other things'.
  1230. It should be noted that some plant Monster Girls are part of the Earth Covenant and may even be taking residence there, so be prepared for any plant.
  1231. If you encounter what's known as a Dark Gnome, a Gnome heavily affected by demonic energy, use caution. Dark Gnomes are a lot more proactive and aggressive, and the fruit they grow on their bodies will have powerful effects if eaten.
  1232. If spotted, presumably in the act of stealing panties, Gnomes will try to stop thieves by trapping you in mud or earth, to hold you in place and immobilize you. This is difficult and futile to avoid since earth will be under you no matter where you run in the cave.
  1233. If you can persuade a Sylph to help you out, she might be able to keep you out of reach at least through your feet.
  1234. If caught, it's likely they might just take back their panties, trying not to blush, then throw you out of the dorm. If they take a liking to you though, they might try to convert you to the Earth Covenant. Using their bodies they can be very persuasive.
  1235. If successful you'll come away with the Gnome's panties. They're strange, made out of some kind of durable clay mud, that can stretch to any shape, but when released returns to the shape of a pair of panties. Almost rubbery, with an earthy smell about them.
  1236. In conclusion, while scouting out the dorm is fairly safe to do, even then there are many hazards to watch out for. A difficult raid, but the risk is not too great to go with it, unless caught by a Dark Gnome.
  1238. PAGE 60
  1240. GOBLIN
  1242. Rating: ☆☆☆☆
  1244. Extra tools: None
  1246. You may have seen some little girls running around campus, drinking beer and cornering lone male students and harassing them, these are Goblins. And it's a wonder if they even pass their courses.
  1247. They're small in stature, usually only 3 to 4 feet tall. Though they don't possess magic and are far from smart, they have an incredible strength despite their small bodies.
  1248. Their dorm could really use a good Kikimora maid, snack packets, drink cans and ill-gotten gains litter the interior. While the Goblins run amok, usually fighting and playing with each other.
  1249. You have to understand that Goblins operate under a certain hierarchy, those with the largest breasts are in charge of the dorm. This inevitably means Hobgoblins, but for more information on them see their page.
  1250. If spotted, the Goblins will begin to chase you without a second thought, seeing you as a trespasser, attempting to beat and capture you.
  1251. Since overpowering them is sort of out of the question (It would take the whole party to restrain a single Goblin) it's best to outsmart them if possible.
  1252. A good example, is a question put to them since 2008. 'Who's going to go first?'. Most of the time they will all claim they will be first to go, and hence end up fighting each other. Sometimes however, if they have a Hobgoblin with them, they will point at her and reluctantly say 'Her'.
  1253. If caught, it's generally a dorm rule among the Goblins, put in forth by the Hobgoblins of course, that the Goblin with the largest breasts gets the first taste, or virginity, or any captive. Though some rebellious Goblins take liberties and might rape you without their knowing.
  1254. Either way, you can expect that every Goblin will be allowed her turn with you, and getting released might take some persuasion, or help from the campus staff.
  1255. If successful you'll come away with the Goblin's tiny panties, not always in the best condition or well-cleaned, but what can you expect? They're Goblins.
  1256. In conclusion, in this dorm you'll face great numbers and great strength posed by these Monsters, forcing you to rely on stealth and cunning instead of being able to subdue them.
  1258. PAGE 61
  1260. GOLEM
  1262. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
  1264. Extra tools: -Rune knowledge
  1266. It's difficult to say if Golems are really students. They're more like robots that belong to people lucky enough to own them, making them carry textbooks and such. Probably the most submissive Monster Girl there is.
  1267. Every Golem is different, built from clay and stone. Size varies from fitting in the palm of your hand as a pocket assistant to the size of a building. Hopefully you won't have to deal with the latter in your year. '04 did, it was a colorful year for them.
  1268. The dorm is compact, more like a storage warehouse, but with all the rooms and corridors it needs. Golems come here, power off and fall asleep. This would make stealth incredibly easy, were it not for the security system put in place.
  1269. Owners of their Golems want to see them protected, so an intricate alarm system is present. If the alarm is tripped, the Golems will awaken and attack intruders.
  1270. If spotted, they will converge on you, moving quite slowly luckily. Overpowering them physically is out of the question, however if you're fast enough and a little lucky you can erase their former master's name and put your own.
  1271. All writing on Golems is done in runes though, so be sure to brush up on it or find someone who knows.
  1272. Golem name overwriting is technically stealing however, so it shouldn't be done unless absolutely necessary, no one wants to be sent to MG Prison after all.
  1273. If caught, you'll likely be taken for a spirit energy dispenser by the Golems, which is more or less actually true. They will use you to recharge their batteries, from small to large. Hopefully once their done, you can escape when they're powered off.
  1274. If successful, you'll come away with the Golem's sturdy panty attachment. Removed with a simple tug. It can vary from simple cloth, to a piece of durable armor.
  1275. In conclusion, Golems are predictable if nothing else. You won't have to worry about surprises and you'll be perfectly fine as long as you don't set off the alarm.
  1277. PAGE 62
  1279. GRIZZLY
  1281. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
  1283. Extra tools: None
  1285. The Bear Girls on campus are referred to as 'Grizzlies'. Large and simplistic students at best. Though without a word they might just pick up a male student and drag him back to her dorm.
  1286. Grizzlies vary in size, usually depending on the species of bear they take after. From shortstack Sun Bears at about 5 to 6 feet to towering Brown Grizzlies at 8 feet. All with incredible strength and speed, though quite simple.
  1287. Their dorm is like any other, maybe not kept in a great condition, bringing things into their 'cave' that they find.
  1288. The best time to raid their dorm is during winter, in this time they all go into a deep sleep in their dorm. This makes raiding the dorm much easier, provided you don't wake any of them up. Even though it's hibernation, they are very light sleepers.
  1289. If spotted they might not react immediately, whatever you do, do not try to play dead because they're similar to bears. This will not work, if nothing else it makes their job easier.
  1290. They'll sniff the air a bit and stare at you, they might just be tired and go back to bed, but if they break into a sprint then you're in trouble. They can be whimsical like that. They will probably only go for one member, in this case it's best to let her have what she wants. Fighting or reasoning with her is out of the question. He'll just have to take one for the team.
  1291. If caught, you'll be brought back to their den, or bedroom, for either a long amount of cuddle-sex until Winter ends, or just the usual brutal pelvis threatening rape during any other season.
  1292. If successful you'll come away with the Bear Girl's panties. Usually made with a very thick fur, made to trap heat. The Grizzly panties in particular are very large.
  1293. In conclusion, this is another stealth-oriented raid. It can be done easily if you tread lightly, but the Bear Girls are too strong to fight, so if you're caught during hibernation be prepared to spend your winter, cuddled.
  1295. PAGE 63
  1299. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆
  1301. Extra tools: -Bribe money
  1303. If you've come to MGCC to study economics you might be wondering who all these short raccoon women are that take up 90% of the lecture theater. They are Tanuki, and they like money as much as any Monster Girl likes sex.
  1304. They're quite small physically, strength less than the average man. They do possess magic, but it's usually simple illusion and alteration magic. However their deadliest weapon is their sharp cunning and intellect.
  1305. The dorm is very wealthy looking. A lot of Tanuki come together to sink money into the property as well as investing in a good security system, complete with some dangerous looking Monster Girl private guards.
  1306. If you manage to get past the perimeter without being spotted by guards, entering through a window perhaps, you'll be relieved to know that the interior is a lot more lax in security. Quite cozy in fact.
  1307. Tanuki don't vary much in shape in size, usually just in hair and fur color, they're all remarkably similar as a matter of fact.
  1308. Even at night the tireless hard-working Tanuki won't all be asleep. Usually keeping awake with coffee as they keep themselves busy, so they'll at least be preoccupied.
  1309. If spotted a Tanuki might not necessarily sound the alarm and alert security. Not if you give her a little 'incentive' as she'll likely put it.
  1310. This will be a bluff if they're within arms reach, since they are very easily subdued despite their magic. What you'll need to be careful of her is that they might bribe a raid member to betray the rest of you. Make sure your members are loyal in this raid.
  1311. Even if they offer gold right up on the spot, it will likely be a bunch of transfigured leaves, made to look like gold coins through magic. Indeed a Tanuki would not give up her money so lightly.
  1312. On the other hand, Tanuki are susceptible to bribes. Straight cash will do, though as students you might not want to part with the money they demand, however you can trust them to honor the agreement. Tanuki respect bribery, and really they don't mind selling out other's panties for money.
  1313. If caught, it will be by the private security force. Luckily these scary and strong-looking Monster Women won't be the ones raping you. Instead they'll take you up to their Tanuki bosses and ask what they want with you. This will often lead to an impromptu auction, where the highest bidder gets to take you to bed as a freshly bought sex slave.
  1314. In their eyes you'll be their property until you can repay what they bought you for. So in many cases be prepared to be tied up and in servitude to a bossy raccoon woman.
  1315. If successful you'll come away with expensive-looking Tanuki panties. Curiously enough they smell like a crisp dollar bill.
  1316. In conclusion, this dorm requires a level of trust that goes beyond money with your members as well as a level of cunning. Getting caught can be quite a risk, and sadly the whole slave thing is actually legal due to a MGC law loophole.
  1318. PAGE 64
  1320. HARPY
  1322. Rating: ☆☆☆☆
  1324. Extra tools: -Climbing gear
  1325.              -Harpy food
  1327. One has to wonder how Harpies even got into college. They're far from bright and don't have hands. Maybe it's all sheer determination to study despite these handicaps.
  1328. As well as being bird-brained, Harpies possess no magic. However they can fly and they're quite good at it, able to dive-bomb enemies with sharp talons, crashing into them at high speeds. They can also be very perceptive with fast reflexes.
  1329. Their dorm is actually on the ground, but it's built like a very large and elaborate birdcage. Entrance is no problem, just make sure to close the door behind you so the Harpies don't fly out, like in a zoo.
  1330. When you enter at first it's quite a sight, hundreds upon hundreds of Harpy species, from tiny Rifleman Harpies who barely stand at 2 feet tall. While a muscled, tribal-tattoo'd Haast's Eagle Harpy will stand at a terrifying 9 feet.
  1331. All of them will be flying around at high speeds, many too preoccupied to notice you, but rest assured, they will eventually. The best thing you can do is stay low and try to sneak into one of the rooms on the ground for panties to steal. If you want to attempt the higher 'nests' bring some climbing gear.
  1332. If spotted, they will make a spectacular entrance by swooping low and trying to grab you with their talons. They'll squawk and try to cat-call you in their unsophisticated bird-speak while doing so.
  1333. Harpies are nothing if not easily distracted. If you throw a few packets of chips on the ground, they might ignore you and go for them instead. They have their priorities after all.
  1334. If caught you'll be lifted, if they're large enough too anyway, and flown to their room. There they will mate with you. With the larger species this can be a bit painful, while the smaller ones are just too cute to say no to.
  1335. You'll be rescued by campus security eventually, but they'll be a bit reluctant to let go of their new boyfriend, even if he has classes to go to.
  1336. If successful you'll come away with Harpy's panty feathers. They're a soft, downy kind of feather, varying with the different species of Harpy. The more rarer Harpies give more valuable panties as you can imagine.
  1337. In conclusion, the dorm raid isn't particularly hard, Harpies are so easy to outsmart it's unfair. However if you let them they will overpower you, so stick to the mantra of being quick and quiet.
  1339. PAGE 65
  1343. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  1345. Extra tools: -Chew toys
  1346.              -Steaks
  1348. Hellhounds are those very large, dangerous looking Canine Girls that everyone tries to not get in their way. They cruise around like a pack of thugs, doing what they want and who they want.
  1349. Physically they are far superior to Humans, They're larger, faster and far stronger. They have an affinity for fire, but no real way to control it. They're as smart as any Human but are driven heavily by their instincts.
  1350. Their dorm, or 'Blazing Kennels' as the crude sign on the front might tell you, is a large building in a bit of a disarray. Looking like some unsavory delinquents have moved in and like to play with fire.
  1351. By simply entering the dorm you could find yourself already spotted. Hellhounds have very keen senses of hearing and smell. Like any Dog Girl they'll be able to track you down by scent. So for god's sake don't try to hide, just run.
  1352. If you're lucky, most of them will be asleep, snoring loudly and ungracefully on a scorched couch. Though any loud noise or being in close proximity to them will wake them up. Hellhounds can be particularly cranky if woken up.
  1353. Before they spot you, it's not a bad idea to scatter some steaks around, or even chew toys. With any luck they'll follow the scent of the steaks, or become preoccupied with chew toys. They can be whimsical like that.
  1354. If spotted, there's little you can do if the chew toys and steaks don't work, which most of the time they won't. Overpowering is out of the question, as is hiding. Running will have to work as long as you all split up. That way only one of you will get brutally raped.
  1355. If caught, you'll be dragged off, with your shirt collar in their teeth. Any attempt to wriggle away will be met with a low, dangerous growl that acts as a warning. This is no bluff, they're not afraid to rough up their prey if they're being disobedient.
  1356. So the best thing you can do is just be submissive, you'll get less burns and bruises that way. They'll drag you to their unkempt bed and ravage you. Their womb is supposed to be as hot as a furnace, so dick burns are a possiblity.
  1357. You might be released eventually, but even campus security will hesitate to mess with a Hellhound, they might have to negotiate for a while.
  1358. If successful, you'll come away with the Hellhound's skull-emblazoned panties. Frightening to look at on their own, with a slight scent of brimstone about them.
  1359. In conclusion, a Hellhound dorm raid is not wise and far from safe. Stealth is near impossible and getting caught puts anyone in danger if they don't learn to be obedient.
  1361. PAGE 66
  1363. HINEZUMI
  1365. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆
  1367. Extra tools: -Water guns
  1369. While there are many different species of Mouse Girls, one stands out in particular, Hinezumi are not to be taken for the common, timid mouse girl.
  1370. Although short and small in size, almost all Hinezumi practice martial arts, and every one of them has inherent fire magic which they use through fighting.
  1371. Their dorm is more of a dojo, where Hinezumi spar with each other day and night, before relaxing in a hotspring in the center of the building.
  1372. Challengers will come to their dojo to challenge the Hinezumis there to fights, no one has yet beaten the current grandmaster, but you'll be visiting to steal underwear.
  1373. Hinezumi have sharpened senses, but stealth is not impossible, and they can be easily heard from far away when sparing.
  1374. If spotted, they will assume you're a challenger, or worse they might determine that you're actually thieves. Unless you have martial training yourselves, overpowering them is out of the question.
  1375. However, if Hinezumis come into contact with water they will become more calm and less dangerous. Becoming as passive as any normal Mouse Girl.
  1376. Therefore, packing a few loaded water guns can help subdue them. Though the tricky part is hitting them in the first place, expect them to do a few matrix dodges to avoid the water streams.
  1377. Running is not an option, some kind of magic from Hinezumis causes men to get a kind of battlelust. You'll end up fighting them one way or the other, the best you can do is try to fight to your advantage.
  1378. If caught, prepare to have your ass thoroughly kicked by a tiny Mouse Girl, whether they think you're a thief or a challenger is all the same. Not being as lewd as other Monster Girls, you'll just simply be thrown out afterwards.
  1379. But if you beat them with your own skill, or just with a lot of luck, the urge to fight will be placed with the urge to rape, like with a Dormouse or Alice.
  1380. If successful, you'll come away with the Hinezumi's spats for fighting, or the underwear they sleep in. Both giving off the heavy fighting spirit that exudes from Hinezumi.
  1381. In conclusion, it won't hurt to practice with water guns or even a few basic unarmed fighting skills. Though the risk is more getting a bunch of bruises and light burns than the usual rape.
  1383. PAGE 67
  1387. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆
  1389. Extra tools: None
  1391. Hobgoblins are at the top of the Goblin Hierarchy, leaders of the delinquent Goblins that run amok on campus.
  1392. Hobgoblins are slightly larger than the average Goblin, but their most prominent feature are their extra large breasts. Along with greater strength, but slower wit and speed.
  1393. Their dorm as mentioned in the Goblin section, is a mess. Yet the Hobgoblins can be found in a small, more extravagant area where they all lounge around.
  1394. If you are raiding Hobgoblins you are inevitably going to run into Goblins who will seek to defend them and earn favor from your capture.
  1395. It's a rule that all Hobgoblins are respected, but whichever one has the largest breasts is the leader, it's the house tradition that any men taken in are to be brought to the Hobgoblins.
  1396. There they will get their first pick of the men brought in, usually tied up and placed on a bed for them if they give the word.
  1397. If spotted by a Hobgoblin, while sneaking about, they will raise the alarm and their Goblin lackeys will come to defend them. They themselves will be too slow to catch you, but the near hundreds of Goblin girls will.
  1398. It's best to run at this point, unless you want to be a Hobgoblin's latest boytoy.
  1399. If caught, you should know how it plays out. You'll be served on a platter, sometimes literally, to the Hobgoblins. There they will decide whether or not they're in the mood. Going down in breast size until one of them chooses you.
  1400. If anything the only reason you won't be chosen is because the girl might already have a boyfriend, or an existing favorite. Most won't pass up the chance.
  1401. After they're done, they will continue going down in breast size for whoever wants seconds, then thirds, fourths, fifths... e.t.c.
  1402. Once the Hobgoblins have finished with you, you'll be given to the Goblins who will get their time alone with you for their hard work.
  1403. If successful, you'll come away with the Hobgoblin's underwear, but the true trophy lies in the their bras. Child-sized, yet made to hold D cups and higher.
  1404. In conclusion, the dorm raid is almost identical to the Goblin raid, seeing as how it's in the same building, but going in deeper will require greater stealth. Yet risk will be roughly the same.
  1406. PAGE 68
  1408. HOLSTAUR
  1410. Rating: ☆☆☆
  1412. Extra tools:
  1414. A lot of these girls come to college to study agriculture, veterinary science and other things that would make them a good farmer's wife.
  1415. Though they have great strength, they are too timid and docile to use it unless they're in heat. They're not too bright either.
  1416. It's also worth noting that all Holstaur have incredibly large breasts, with the smallest being an E cup. They're capable of producing a lot of milk.
  1417. The Holstaur dorm is in the style of a large farmhouse, continuing with that whole farm-theme they have going.
  1418. The Holstaur derive from all kinds of species of cow, coming in all kinds of different colors and styles. All are roughly the same in demeanor though.
  1419. Raiding is quite easy. Holstaurs are easy to sneak around and past, and if confronted can be easily intimidated and persuaded not to call campus security.
  1420. However, if a Holstaur is in heat, she's as dangerous as any Minotaur. She will attack your group out of desperation for a man, using her great strength to it's fullest.
  1421. It's even more difficult if multiple Holstaurs see this and go into heat themselves, causing what's effectively a stampede, once they've finished with your group they'll go outside in a large herd, looking for more men.
  1422. If caught, be prepared for forceful love-making, at least until she comes out of heat and cuddles you out of guilt. You'll be free to walk away then, provided your pelvis is intact.
  1423. If successful, you'll come away with Holstaur panties, usually in the curious cow-shaped pattern, with impressive bras to match. A lot with extra support for the more endowed Holstaurs.
  1424. In conclusion, the Holstaurs are too shy and kind to be a threat, or even a target. Yet they're there if you want to raid them, just be considerate of other students and don't cause a sexual stampede.
  1426. PAGE 69
  1428. HONEY BEE
  1430. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
  1432. Extra tools: -Bee Smokers
  1433.              -Gas Masks
  1434.              -Aid of the Hornet Dorm
  1436. Honey Bee students are hard-working, studying both civil engineering to build hives and biology to learn more about flowers.
  1437. Relatively small in size, not taller than 5 feet, and not particularly strong either. They can fly and would be dangerous if they used their stingers, which luckily they don't, at least not on men.
  1438. Their dorm is, as you've probably expected, a gigantic bee hive, the walls covered in a lewd mix of honey and bee saliva. A maze of hexagonal tunnels all of which have heavy traffic, they are as busy as bees after all.
  1439. It's worth noting that there will always be a Queen Bee, who will reign in the hive until she graduates. Once there is no queen, a particular Honey Bee student will start to grow heavier breasts, wider thighs, and a cute fluffy mane around their necks, they're about 6 feet in height with extremely curvaceous bodies.
  1440. Because of the high activity in the dorm, an effective method is to smoke them like you would regular bees, using the same mixture, poured in through the hives few vents to the outside can make them sleepy and far less active, making the raid much less dangerous as you go through with gas masks.
  1441. Another tactic is to enlist the help of the Hornet dorm, who despise Honey Bees, fighting each other over cute boys on campus. They can act call out the majority of the hive for a fight, while you sneak in and take their underwear. Be warned that the price for this means an audience with the dangerous Hornet Queen, who will want a favor in return. Usually it'll be to have her way with a member of your raid group that she likes.
  1442. If spotted, a Bee will immediately leave to alert the hive, you will need to be close and act quickly in order to overpower and subdue her. Otherwise her nimble wings will swiftly carry her out of your reach, where upon she will return with hundreds of other bee girls and swarm you.
  1443. If caught, you will be brought before the Honey Bee queen, she will look over each and every one of you, having a look at your body, asking you a few questions, the size of your manhood and so on. After that she will decide whether to take you on as a boyfriend, if not the Honey Bee who brought you in will get you instead. You'll be glad to know that Honey Bees aren't the type to hold their boyfriends hostage for long, unless it's the Honey Bee Queen, she might want to keep you around for longer.
  1444. If successful, you'll come away with the somewhat tacky yellow and black striped panties, soaked with honey. However the Honey Bee Queen's panties feature royal honey that has been refined into hard, resplendent yellow gems, which are encrusted into it.
  1445. In conclusion, there's more than a few ways to go about this raid and the risks aren't terribly high, smoking is recommended, as stealth is near impossible in an active hive.
  1447. PAGE 70
  1449. HORNET
  1451. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆
  1453. Extra tools: -Bee Smokers
  1454.              -Gas Masks
  1455.              -Aid of the Honey Bee Dorm
  1457. Hornets are giant wasp woman, who instead of the constructive hard-working mentality of Honey Bee Girls, live something more along the code of a warrior society. So the ones here are studying as such.
  1458. Hornets vary in size, from European Hornets who are about 6 feet tall at the tallest, to the terrifying Japanese Hornets, who stand at least 7 feet tall, covered in an armored carapace, most fashioning themselves after the Samurai of feudal Japan.
  1459. Their dorm is a giant hive much like the Honey Bee dorm, but not as efficiently designed with their thin papery walls. Within Hornets can be found sparing with each other, using their preferred weapons.
  1460. The Queen Hornet within acts more like some kind of warlord. The strongest of the dorm is always the Queen, this position can change if the queen loses in single combat with another Hornet. It's more of a title than a physical change like with the Honey Bees.
  1461. It's possible to fill the hive with smoke to knock them out, but you'll need a lot more to make sure they don't wake up mid-raid.
  1462. You can also enlist the help of the Honey Bee dorm, if there's a chance to strike back at the Hornets that bully them they will jump at it, the Honey Bee Queen may even reward you if you succeed. The Honey Bees will draw the attention of the battle-hungry Hornets with ease.
  1463. If spotted, the Hornet might not even call for help if she thinks she can take you. This might be their downfall if they're unskilled, as a group you may have a casualty or two, but you can overpower her still. Just know that Hornet Venom paralyzes as much as it causes arousal, so victims will need to be carried out.
  1464. If it's a Japanese Hornet however, you should run, as you might expect they wield Katana and Nodachi and are as ruthless as they are skilled.
  1465. If caught, you'll be raped as per the 'spoils of war' by the Hornet or Hornets who defeated you. After they've finished you'll be brought before the dorm's current queen, as this is their way. After an inspection, the Queen decides whether or not to take you for herself. Sometimes this can lead to a disagreement with your captor who might want you to herself as well. So it's not uncommon for a duel to ensue. These can get quite violent sometimes, but the victor will claim the spoils and rape you out of fresh battlelust.
  1466. If successful you'll come away with the Hornet's panties, usually more of a black and yellow chitinous armor, the Undergarments of the Japanese Hornet Girl in particular are a trophy that's sure to impress.
  1467. In conclusion, you can probably deduce that this is similar to the Honey Bee dorm, while maybe not as difficult to do stealthily, the risks are far greater as is the danger. Hornets are far from friendly Monster Girls.
  1469. PAGE 71
  1471. HOURI
  1473. Rating: ☆☆
  1475. Extra tools: None
  1477. Houri are lower-ranking Angels of Eros, though not exactly strong and are more intent on having sex and spreading love. Most aren't here for studying, only to find a husband to marry. Particularly if he's incredibly kind and nice.
  1478. Houri are fairly small in stature, can fly and don't have any magic outside of making their hymen regenerate, making them eternal virgins.
  1479. Their dorm exists as a temple, open to all visitors man or monster, where they offer dating advice and sexual services, like some kind of holy brothel. So getting inside is no problem, you just need to pretend to be a visitor.
  1480. Houri, like Angels, are only really interested in kind-hearted men. So if someone in the party is uncannily kind and is practically a saint, the Houri will find themselves drawn to him which might make stealth a bit difficult.
  1481. If spotted a Houri will do little to stop you, and being the innocent and kind beings they are, will just ask if you're lost and need to be escorted back to the exit. If you persist they might stutter and warn they might have to call security, but most are too timid to do so. They're fairly easy to subdue if only because they won't resist at all.
  1482. If caught, it's because a Houri worked up the nerve to report you, their Cupid big sisters, Eros Cultists, Gandharva, anyone who's visiting their dorm at the time will rush to help protect Houri. Where upon if you're subdued you'll be forced to give an apology to the Houri, which they will accept and then will attempt to hook you up with a nice girl.
  1483. If successful, you'll come away with the Houri's incredibly revealing pink lace and silk undergarments, which they wear nothing on top of, they're very fine and soft with a smell not unlike a scented candle.
  1484. In conclusion, the Houri dorm is a very easy raid and not a bad place to start. Open house gives you time to examine the layout if you plan a stealthy approach and there's plenty of room for mistakes.
  1486. PAGE 72
  1488. IGNIS
  1490. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
  1492. Extra tools: -Heat-proof suit
  1493.              -Help of Undine
  1495. Ignis' are aggressive and dangerous spirits, usually hanging around with other members of the Fire Covenant. Just another of the many strange religions people follow here.
  1496. Their size varies, mostly between the size and intensity of the flames they give off, weak Ignis' are little more than a candle, while others can get as big and ferocious as a house fire.
  1497. There's little risk of them burning down their dorm however, the whole thing is constructed out of a seemingly magical material where everything is burning all the time. Extinguishing the flames with water won't work, and worse will just make the Ignis angry.
  1498. They run a difficult initiation to join the fire covenant. Many MGs with an affinity for fire, like Salamanders, Chochin-Obake and Dragons may be members and sworn guards, untouched by the fires that rage around them.
  1499. The best solution is to obtain full body heat protection, like those suits they use around volcanoes.
  1500. If you can't obtain a heat-proof suit, your only other option is to join their covenant. This is both incredibly challenging and binds you into the worship of fire. Abandoning a covenant is not wise, as they will send other members after you as inquisitors.
  1501. If you need additional help, you can make a request for the Undine dorm to help you in your endeavors, Undine and Ignis' despise each other, and will look for any excuse to combat one another, making for a good distraction.
  1502. If you encounter what's known as a Dark Ignis you'll more likely be sexually assaulted than burned for intruding, they're so incredibly lewd and passionate it's almost frightening. Were it not for the risk of corruption, it would be better to be attacked by them.
  1503. If spotted, an Ignis will see you as a threat and in her hot-hotheadedness will attack you with searing heat and flame, enough to injure but not kill. Unless you're part of their covenant in which case they might just eye you up and lick their lips seductively while whispering to another about looking forward to hazing the new members.
  1504. If caught, you'll be at the mercy of the fire covenant, who as aggressive and passionate as they are will think of someway to punish you, one known method was a jogging fuck across hot coals. If you're lucky they'll just kick you out the flaming doors.
  1505. If successful you'll come away with the Ignis' panties, like a candle wick that never burns out, they're always on fire and can be used to illuminate areas where no light can be found. Or you can just add them to your collection.
  1506. In conclusion, like most Elemental Girls, this won't be an easy raid, it's all a matter of mastering the element they command and finding a way to beat it.
  1508. PAGE 73
  1510. IMP
  1512. Rating: ☆☆☆
  1514. Extra tools: None
  1516. Small, childish, and the weakest of all Demonic Monster Girls. Imps should not be taken lightly at their appearance, but just the same they're not a huge threat.
  1517. They have an affinity for magic, but it's very weak, the kind that could only change hair color or entertain children at birthday parties. Most come to college looking for men studying the arcane, if only to leech of their success. They vary in size and shape, but are generally no taller than 4 feet.
  1518. Their dorm lies at the very fringe of the Demonic Monster Girl section, simple in design. It should be easy to break in without getting any unwanted attention.
  1519. Once inside, you'll want to tread lightly, but rest assured that they don't have any real method of detecting men.
  1520. If spotted, it's easy to quickly overpower a lone Imp before it can fly away. They're surprisingly submissive and you may even find them starting to refer to you as master. If one of your raid members is studying magic, he might be able to intimidate them with a good spell or two, this can pacify the whole dorm, and he'll be knee-deep in flirting Imps wanting to be his familiar.
  1521. If you can get one of these Imps to play turncoat, the raid will be a lot easier, but keep in mind that at the first opportunity when you're weak or vulnerable they will pounce. Like a Starscream to your Megatron.
  1522. In groups Imps can be more of a threat, flying out of reach and taunting you. Their magic is weak, but they'll chuck small fireballs or dazzle you with bright lights. It's possible to get away, but it will wear you down eventually.
  1523. If caught, you'll take the place of subordinate, and they Imp who has claimed you will become your small, nagging mistress. As humiliating as this is, eventually you'll begin to love her unconditionally. So there's that at least.
  1524. If successful, you'll come away with small, delicate panties with a slight hint of demonic energy. Cute and safe, but nothing special.
  1525. In conclusion, the Imp dorm is a good first true raid. It's difficult to get captured by them, and they're easy to bully into submission. Just be careful if you plan to take one on as a familiar, she will take the first opportunity to succeed you.
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