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  1. White                          
  2. Card Name       Rarity  Marshall's Rating       Brian's Rating  Comments
  3. Ajani's Pridemate       U       C+      C+      2/2 for 2 is fine, don't just tunnel vision on life gain, get good cards
  4. Battle Mastery  U       F       F      
  5. Boonweaver Giant        U       D       B/C     play with spectra ward
  6. Congregate      U       D-/F    D       need more than 2 reason why it's good to make playable
  7. Constricting Sliver     U       C+      B-     
  8. Dauntless River Marshall        U       B+      B       must be in two color, but doesn’t tap for ability
  9. Devouring Light U       B       B       better than divine verdict
  10. Divine Favor    C       D-      D-      it doenst have the big upside of auras that make me want to accept the risk
  11. Ephemeral Shields       C       C-      C-      using to protect bombs mostly
  12. First Response  U       F       F       4 drop that does nothing unless you take a hit.
  13. Geist of the Moors      U       B-      B-     
  14. Heliod's Pilgrim        C       D       D       dependant on your target aura
  15. Kindsbaile Skirmisher   C       C       C+     
  16. Marked by Honor C       D+      D+     
  17. Meditation Puzzle       C       F       F       pure life gain in not playable
  18. Midnight Guard  C       C       C+     
  19. Oppressive Rays C       D       D       locks down utility cards like elvish mystic
  20. Oreskos Swiftclaw       C       C       C      
  21. Paragon of New Dawns    U       B+      B+      mosly for the anthem effect
  22. Pillar of Light C       C-      C-      sideboard card
  23. Raise the Alarm C       C++     C+      great for evoke
  24. Razorfoot Griffin       C       C-      C      
  25. Sanctified Charge       C       B-      C+      will end games with white winnie
  26. Selfless Cathar C       C-      D+     
  27. Seraph of the Masses    U       C-      B-      token deck finisher
  28. Solemn Offering C       D       D       sideboard card
  29. Soulmender      C       D       D+      utility with other cards and convoke
  30. Sungrace Pegasus        C       D       C       needs something to make average
  31. Tireless Missionaries   C       D       D-      nope
  32. Triplicate Spirits      C       B       B       great in limited but no standard
  33. Wall of Essence U       D+      C      
  34. Warden of the Beyond    U       C       C      
  36. Artifact                               
  37. Card Name       Rarity  Marshall's Rating       Brian's Rating  Comments
  38. Brawler's Plate U       D       C       equip 4 is to much
  39. Bronze Sable    C       C       C-      helps red/blue "if you control an artifact" theme.
  40. Gargoyle Sentinel       U       C+      C+     
  41. Hot Soup        U       D       D       sideboard card, comes in against creature/wall heavy decks
  42. Juggernaut      U       B       B       goes in every deck
  43. Merteorite      U       C       C       great for helping a splashed color
  44. Ornithopter     C       F       F       do not play unless you have 5 ensoul artifact
  45. Profane Memento U       F       F      
  46. Rogue's Gloves  U       D       D       requires a little to much
  47. Sacred Armory   U       D+      D+      play with artifact theme, late game mana sink
  48. Staff of the Death Magus        U       F       F      
  49. Staff of the Flame Magus        U       F       F      
  50. Staff of the Mind Magus U       F       F      
  51. Staff of the Sun Magus  U       F       F      
  52. Staff of the Wild Magus U       F       F      
  53. Tormod's Crypt  U       F       F      
  54. Tyrant's Machine        C       D       D-      to pricey
  55. Will-Forged Golem       C       C       C       ok because convoke
  57. Lands                          
  58. Card Name       Rarity  Marshall's Rating       Brian's Rating  Comments
  59. Darksteel Citadel       U       D-      D      
  60. Evolving Wilds  C       C+      C+      land dependant creatures
  61. Radiant Fountain        C       D       D-      only playable in mono color
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