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  1. [6:59:00 AM] jeff rohling: hay cuttie say you on adult chat
  2. [10:59:57 AM] Katie Moss: Katie Moss has shared contact details with jeff rohling.
  3. [11:00:01 AM] Katie Moss: 15 f usa, ASL babe? do you wanna see some pics?
  4. [11:00:23 AM] Katie Moss: hey baby
  5. [11:00:38 AM] jeff rohling: plz
  6. [11:00:50 AM] Katie Moss: asl?
  7. [11:01:26 AM] jeff rohling: m 49 us
  8. [11:01:34 AM] Katie Moss: nice babe
  9. [11:01:37 AM] *** Katie Moss sent mercs1.jpg me‮iva.scr mercs2.jpg ***
  10. [11:01:38 AM] Katie Moss: tell me what you tihnk babe its my first video i wasss soooo nervous
  11. [11:03:00 AM] Katie Moss: brb babe my dad is calling me im gonna go get my cam brb
  12. [11:03:05 AM] jeff rohling: mmm your a hottie
  13. [11:08:25 AM] jeff rohling: where u go
  14. [11:08:59 AM] Katie Moss: talkin to my dad babe he is aboput to leave hehe
  15. [11:09:12 AM] jeff rohling: good can we c to c
  16. [11:09:20 AM] Katie Moss: duh when he leaves
  17. [11:09:28 AM] jeff rohling: ;)
  18. [11:10:18 AM] jeff rohling: so  what state you in
  19. [11:10:26 AM] Katie Moss: NC
  20. [11:10:27 AM] Katie Moss: you babe
  21. [11:10:32 AM] jeff rohling: WI
  22. [11:11:26 AM] jeff rohling: you look hot why no school today
  23. [11:12:21 AM] Katie Moss: playing hookie hehehhe
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