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  1. F R E A K  S H O W.
  2. 'the madness will
  3. truly never leave us...'
  5. slot applying for; APHRODITE.
  6. backup slot; IRIS.
  7. password; Medusa!
  9. N A R C I S S U S & E C H O - P E R S O N A L  D E T A I L S
  11. full name; Song Raena.
  12. preferred names/nicknames;
  13.  ◈ RAE.
  14. ▸ Short form of Raena. Nickname originated from her older sibling as well, Moojin. Anyone who is either friends or close to her calls her Rae as well.
  16.   ◈ RAERAE.
  17. ▸ Prefers for this nickname to be left behind the moment she past ten years hold. Her older brother, Moojin (who she refers to and calls 'cow') will never let this nickname die down. At any chance he gets to embarrass his beloved little sister, he grabs the opportunity to. Uses this nickname to one, embarrass her in public, two, coo at her or three, tries to wow her by trying to act cute but it makes Raena more pissed at him which results in Moojin not receiving what he wanted.
  19. birthday (you can see a preferred year on the slot page);
  20. face claim;
  22. birthplace;
  23. nationality;
  24. ethnicity;
  26. parents status (alive/dead);
  27. siblings (if she has any); Song Moojin. / 24 y/o. / 5 for closeness.
  29. rapper/vocalist/dancer;
  30. other role in the show;
  32. A R A C H N E  &  A T H E N A - T R I V I A  A N D  F A C T S
  34. personality overview (minimum fifteen sentences, i want you to really concentrate on these section);
  36. hobbies and interests (at least four);
  37. likes and dislikes (at least seven for like and at least seven for dislikes);
  39. people admire her because... (minimum five sentences);
  40. people dislike her because...(minimum five sentences);
  42. random facts (tell me things that you think would be nice inside jokes/references to include in the book. minimum seven, please concentrate on this!);
  44. friendships (who do you think from the slots will your character be close to?);
  45. enemies (who do you think from the slots will your character dislike?);
  47. E R O S  &  P S Y C H E - L O V E  I N T E R E S T S
  49. love interest; KIM SEUNGMIN.
  50. backup love interest;
  52. personality overview (what do you want your love interest to be like? minimum 10 sentences)
  54. hobbies and interests (at least two);
  55. likes and dislikes (at least five for like and at least five for dislikes);
  57. people admire him because... (minimum three sentences);
  58. people dislike him because...(minimum three sentences);
  60. random facts (tell me things that you think would be nice inside jokes/references to include in the book. no limit but please concentrate on this!);
  62. scene ideas;
  64. T H E S E U S  & T H E  M I N O T A U R - S I G N I N G  O F F
  66. anything you'd like to add on/ others;
  68. message to me;
  70. message from me; hi! i hope you are well and keeping fine! so, this is my second time writing an apply fic, the sequel to my first! feel free to email me any concerns etc you have about the form or the apply fic at! thanks so much for applying!
  71. almasa <3
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