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  1. My children, welcome to the the Resin Morphing test day.
  3. Today, builder castes will be able to construct special structures by sacrificing their body in order to morph into that structure. The queen must set up a hive location by entering ovipositor mode before structures can be built. The structures are as follows:
  5. - Spawn pool: built by hivelord, respawns any dead xenos into larvae. This will be vital to survival. 1 per hive.
  7. - Evolution pod: built by drones, carriers and hivelords, can be consumed by non-larvae to max out evolution points. 5 per hive.
  9. - Egg morpher: built by drones, carriers and hivelords, can be fed bursted corpses in order to generate a total of 10 facehuggers gradually without the need of an egg. Also fires at intruders. 2 per hive.
  11. You will no longer gain free burrowed larvae after the day has started. You will need to gain captures in order to grow your hive.
  13. Good luck.
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