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Apr 22nd, 2014
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  1. 1:
  2. Herein are the
  3. Cronicles of
  5. Major
  6. Joshua
  7. Tesla
  8. Tom
  10. ----
  11. 2: No sooner do I publish details about my launch vehicle do I get slapped with a patent warning. Really, having the engine on the bottom of the rocket is patented?
  12. ----
  13. 3: I have come up with a brilliant solution. While the current situation prevents me from putting the engines at the bottom of the rocket, the language used in the previous patents say nothing about putting the engines at the top of the rocket.
  14. ----
  15. 4: I have moved the engines to the top, and the capsule to the bottom. Of course the vehicle will be rotated for launch, but all is well. In keeping with the patent warnings, I have now rotated all diagrams 180 degrees.
  16. ----
  17. 5: The new vehicle design works brilliantly. Unfortunately, the lawyers do not see my solution as unique, and have filed suit in east Texas.
  18. ----
  19. 6: Although I'm building for personal use the cease and desist letters are getting more and more aggressive.
  20. ----
  21. 7: Able to stand it no longer, I have launched my space station months earlier than planned. Out of the jurisdication of any nation I should be safe to build whatever I want.
  22. ----
  23. 8: So far the microgravity environment has proven challenging for a number of simple tasks. There is now solder flux in the atmospheric recyclers and using the CNC router causes a slight rotation in the station around the forward axis.
  24. ----
  25. 9: I feel I am getting the hang of working in a zero gravity environment. I have noticed a small fault in the vehicle's abort switch which I believe to be a loose solder joint. This must be fixed befire I can continue my research.
  26. ----
  27. 10: I have come up with an elegant solution to the abort switch problem. If the computer is manually placed into an abort condition, I may continue using the flight computer as it will never trigger an abort. Genius.
  28. ----
  29. 11: There has been a main bus fault. Thrusters are gone, as is the navigation computer. Main computer will require extensive repairs.
  30. ----
  31. 12: ex appiars i hazi s{exchih xdi xderh anh joyrxd haxa leni.
  32. ----
  33. 13: The previous situation has been resolved, altough I am currently dealing with several other mechanical problems on the ship.
  34. ----
  35. 14: I have repaired as much as I can inside the ship, but the repairs now require me to EVA and fix the remaining systems. I do no like extravehicular activities. Last time the comms circuit died.
  36. ----
  37. 15: The problem on the exterior has been resolved, thanks to a few comms from a good friend back on the blue earth. The defective component was a 709, luckily I had the spares. Bob will get back to me on the cause of the failure.
  38. ----
  39. 16: Some readings from my transmission testing leads me to think others have been decoding my communications. Who would take the time to intercept and decode all of my messages?
  40. ----
  41. 17: I grow weary of both waiting and worrying. If rescued I plan to start my search for someone to replace me. Maybe a more skilled soul can keep this place running, without interfering with their quest for discovery.
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