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  1. Game 1
  2. Pre-Game
  3. Catlamity: Oh I didn't get support lmao
  4. In-Game
  5. Catlamity: jfc mid stop feeding
  6. Catlamity: We're not going to make it to late game at this point, thanks to you
  7. Catlamity: I got bot a kill lmao
  8. Catlamity: Top's shoved up, you're inting mid
  9. Catlamity: What do you want
  10. Catlamity: Yeah fuck this I'm done
  11. Catlamity: Y'all fucking blow
  12. Catlamity: Yeah what do you expect you literally fed him 4 kills
  13. Catlamity: Y'all ain't getting jg pressure cause you're 100% under their turret or dying
  14. Catlamity: lmao
  15. Catlamity: If you guys weren't fucking idiots I could carry this
  16. Catlamity: LOL
  17. Catlamity: Y"ALL VOTE NO
  18. Catlamity: Ok
  19. Catlamity: Have fun
  20. Catlamity: It's literally not even a troll pick
  21. Catlamity: Says the 1-5 cait
  22. Catlamity: Y'all ain't even getting them low
  23. Catlamity: Game's over anyway just convince your shitty friends to ff teemo
  24. Catlamity: 1-6 leona, 1-5 cait
  25. Catlamity: lmao
  26. Catlamity: just because I'm not playing with friends doesn't mean I don't have any
  27. Catlamity: Literally doesn't
  28. Catlamity: Just win please
  29. Catlamity: I told cait to stop feeding mid when she was 0-3 at 5 minutes and then she started flaming me because she can't even fucking cs safely with range advantage but ok
  30. Catlamity: And of course it's a 4 man premade so I'm being held hostage
  31. Catlamity: So please end
  32. Catlamity: Hey, I'm done anyway
  33. Catlamity: Only one of you who didn't play like total shit was teemo
  34. Catlamity: Please just fucking end
  35. Catlamity: Correction, I'm csing because I can't ff, you won't win, and my team is 1/4 surrender voting
  36. Catlamity: Can't, I have work soon, probably not something a shitty no good like you understands
  37. Catlamity: I don't care about the game it's fucking over
  38. Catlamity: Literally just
  39. Catlamity: Vote fucking yes
  40. Catlamity: You enjoying this?
  41. Catlamity: No. So ff
  42. Catlamity: Oh I definitely did to begin with
  43. Post-Game
  44. Catlamity: jfc if I could honor every one of you
  45. Catlamity: You literally
  46. Catlamity: wenbt
  47. Catlamity: 1-12
  48. Catlamity: I told mid to stop feeding cause she was 0-3 at 5 minutes
  49. Catlamity: Cait has range advantage, there's no excuse to int that hard into lucian
  50. Catlamity: Can't gank a dead lane
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