Celestia Greentexts: Teddy

Oct 12th, 2015
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  1. >You eyed Celestia oddly, her regal demeanor lowered for once.
  2. >She held her covers up at neck level, giving you a sad look.
  3. >Or she was just trying to look cute enough that you'd forget what you just saw.
  4. >But you wouldn't.
  5. >Because it was cuter then what she was doing now.
  6. >Try all she might, the memory wouldn't fade.
  7. >Her eyes, wide with a mix of embarrassment and anxiety, were all that you had to gauge how she felt.
  8. >Neither of you spoke.
  9. >Truly, were this to get out, well...
  10. >Not much would happen, probably.
  11. >Maybe.
  12. >Ponies wouldn't be too judgmental over this, would they?
  13. >Nah, they were doing cute things like this all the time.
  14. >Celestia wouldn't be any different to them.
  15. "...so, you gonna keep hiding your teddy bear under there or what?"
  16. >"I don't have a teddy bear."
  17. >Such a blatant lie could only come from someone as guilty as her.
  18. "Come on, we both saw it."
  19. >"No you-er-we didn't."
  20. >She's really stuck on this, isn't she?
  21. >You come around to the side of the bed, Celestia's eyes never leaving you.
  22. >With a quick lunge, you reach inside the covers, much to the chagrin of the startled sun princess.
  23. >You're in and out before she can do anything, the prized possession in your hands.
  24. >A small, brown teddy bear with black buttons for eyes.
  25. >Very plain looking, but cozy and soft to the touch.
  26. >She stares at you for a moment, likely trying to come up with another lie in the face of undeniable proof of her "crime".
  27. >Then, she sighed.
  28. >"Yes, Anonymous, I sleep with a teddy bear."
  29. "This is embarrassing because...?"
  30. >"Because I'm a princess! How odd would my subjects find it to learn that their princess sleeps with a teddy?"
  31. "...probably not odd in the slightest."
  32. >"But I'm too old to be doing this!"
  33. "Says who?"
  34. >"Me! Pony society!"
  35. >Was she being serious right now?
  36. >This seemed to be right up ponies' ally.
  37. "Really? What if I told a guard right n-"
  38. >"DON'T."
  39. >She realized how loud she was, her ears drooping backwards as she frowned.
  40. >"I-I mean, Anonymous. Please. It would mean a lot to me if you kept this a secret."
  41. >While this was a rather ridiculous thing for a pony to be embarrassed about in your opinion, you couldn't say no to a lady.
  42. >Especially an all powerful pony princess lady.
  43. "Alright, this is between you and me."
  44. >Her frown turned upside down.
  45. >"Thank you, Anonymous."
  46. >The teddy bear is magically removed from your grip, returned to its loving owner, who hugs it firmly upon its return.
  47. "So what's his name?"
  48. >"Sir Snuggles. I've had him since I was a little filly."
  49. "It's in pretty good condition for being that old."
  50. >"I...may have learned a bit of sewing and stitching techniques to fix him up."
  51. >No wonder.
  52. >Silence permeates the room as Celestia rubs her face against Sir Snuggles, hugging the bear lovingly.
  53. >You take a look around Celestia's bedroom.
  54. >That's when a realization hits you.
  55. "What am I even doing in here?"
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