Should I Study at Noryangjin? - 01

Jun 14th, 2020
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Should I Study at Noryangjin?

Notable Characters:

Name / Hangul Description
Kang Han-Soo / 강한수 MC
Seo Yeon-Joo / 서연주 FMC
Choi Ji-Yeon / 최지연 MC's Senior / Crush
Jeon Hyeo-Jin / 전효진 Big Breasted Blonde Girl
Jung Si-Eun / 정시은 Cutie working at the PC Bang
Kim Ki-Seok / 김기석 Fuckboy

@h@Noryangjin 1
TL: Untamabl
EDIT: LuttiKoala

EDIT in BOLD / Italic

Have you ever heard of Noryangjin in Seoul?

It is the gateway of both the public and college students alike.

It's the gateway of both 'Freshmen'* and Job Seekers.

*'고시생' - 'Gosisaeng' is a freshman studying to become judge/prosecutor/lawyer, journalist, doctor and so on..

Long escapes, Best Schools, the perfect transfer answer!

Escape from your chains / all the prejudices, forget about aiming for a private academy, we are the perfect answer!

Speech Interview for School Alkill!

Entry interview for the Olgil Academy!

It really does sounds like I'm flying just by listening.

You really think I'll believe something like this? It sounds too ideal, for it to be true.

But why am I here?

Then, why am I here?

Instructor XXX is here! He's really famous.

The morning class is also waiting in line.

My dream is to become a civil servant.

Which is teacher is she? I don't know but she's gorgeous. (the 2 guys looking a video)

~Taken together, this logic is established~

~Thus begins the presentation of our academy, we will prove you how wise it'd be to join our rank.~

But in the meantime, I have been living a unproductive life...

~What is needed when giving documents with the necessary information to the right holder of the registration, the person responsible for the registration ....~

~This is the list of the documents needed from the applicant to have the right to register to our test, don't forget to print the present...~

I'll just have to tough it out for a couple years until I become a civil servant.

I'll just have to work hard here for a few years to become a civil servant.

Meanwhile I trying to learn many things, that way I can live without having to worry about getting a job.

I'll do everything I can, study as if my life was on the line, learn as much as possible, that way I won't have to worry about getting a job later.

What where the easiest classes to pass? That didn't matter to me.

Which test was the easiest to past? That didn't matter to me.

The exams seem to be getting more difficult...

The exams seem to be getting harder and harder... I thought it was only me

It seems difficult because you think it is difficult. But I'm different.

These people... pretending to study.

These people keep pretending to study.

But I'm different! I will study hard.

Within one year I will be done!

I guarentee it!

I'm going to work my hardest...

Haaa!! / Wow Shiva!! / Round 2, GO GO GO! (Dude in the PC bang)

When will this section be over!!

Once this round is over!!



Just sleep!!!

Just DIE!!!

Potion!!! Potion!!!





You say you're different... but what are you doing in the computer room?

I said I was different... So what am I doing in this PC room / PC bang?

That's it....

What's my reason...

Anyone working here?

Who is it when I'm at work?

There is also this reason!!!

She's the reason of my presence here!!!

Oh? Going already?

Now that I've relieved my stress, I need to go back to studying.

But didn't you keep losing?

I saw you play earlier, didn't you keep losing?

Ugh! Now I'm not going to come back here!!!

Ugh! I won't come back to this internet cafe anymore!

Coming (Im assuming it has to do with background sfx? otherwise it doesnt make sense here) ???

You'll come again.

MC is raging saying: Really I won't!***

See you again~

Au Revoir ~

Ha... really...

I was only going to be here for an hour... It's already this late?

I was only going to do it for an hour, but... It's already night, isn't it?

Let's go to the goshiwon and eat... (Nice)

(I think I should explain what's a 'Goshiwon': it's a very small room that students live in while studying for an important test, or if their normal home is far from their school. So adding a note to the chapter explaining the word would be a good thing :D)

Should I study at Noryangjin?

Shall We Study at Noryangjin?

Beep Beep

Oh... this is much better with rice...

Broken (sign on rice cooker)

... Is there any rice in the rice cooker over there?

Once I got my food... there was only one packet of sauce left...

The microwave oven is heating the food... It was the last packet of sauce remaining...

If the rice cooker is empty, the one making the rice is you * (sign above rice cooker)

Now~ This is freshly cooked rice!

Man ~ I hope it's a freshly cooked rice...!


Oh seriously?!

If your the last one to get rice shouldn't you make more for others?!

(On the box) Squid Spiced Sauce

Its basic Goshiwon manners, how do you not know this?

Why aren't you following the basic manners of Goshiwon?

When the rice runs out, cook more. (sign)

I only have sauce to eat~


Fuck this...

Should I just go out to eat then?

I'm so hungry, should I just go out to eat?



If you laugh that loud, everyone will be able to hear you!

I have to go say something...

Even the secretary? Wait no?

Don't tell me this noona is the person in charge of the place..?



Was there a woman like this in our test center?

Since when there is a woman like her in our goshiwon?

Is she new?

How long has she been here?


Uh? That rice..

The last person should always make more rice.

If the rice cooker is empty, the one making the rice is you * (sign above rice cooker)

When the rice runs out, cook more

Then that means...

Eh~ You where the last person~? And you didn't make more!!

Excuse me!

If the rice cooker runs out, shouldn't you make more? What about the next person?

Thanks to you there's only squid sauce left. While you where waiting for your meal why didn't you make more?

Even if you didn't see the signs doing that's unconsiderate of you.

You couldn't have missed the sign since it was posted on front of the rice cooker, you're such a selfish person!

Roo (like a sigh?)


Here, it's hot...

Here, it's still hot...

She mutters Can't we share it?

Is this how it's supposed to taste?

Are you not going to taste it?

Why did I get too much of this...

I made too much of it for me alone...

Oh... Sorry....

Wait a second...

There was no spicy packaging in the trash can was there?

There was no spicy packaging in the trash can, you didn't cook that did you?


Really? Yeah~


You're so smart ~

It wasn't in either of the garbage cans so stop it (guessed to the best of my ability on this one lol)

But, there are more than one two trash cans so stop bothering me

such a braided uncle... (Im assuming shes calling him old and stern? Some sort of insult?)

(He's stupid for an old man)

Excuse me? Did I hear you say something about being braided?

Excuse me? Wait a minute? What did you just say?




Stop right there! What were you talking about?

What? Where'd she go?

Ugh... Just wait until I catch you.

Roo... (like a sigh?)


Agh... Because of that woman I have to spend money..

Crowd around him from top to bottom Grilled Giant Lobster!! | Chatter | Chatter | Chatter -

Han-su~ Are you eating by yourself again?

Han-Soo ~ Are you eating by yourself again?

Ah... Kiseok...

Ah... Ki-Seok...

So you too huh? I was like that at the beggining of the semester.

Didn't I tell you at the beginning of the semester to get along with the people of your promotion?

It's good to eat with others, you can get useful information from other people no? You need to do it more often~

Ah...well... yes...

How is she?


This time we recieved a new student who's 21

Kids today are going to school at a younger age~


But what about it? Even if I wanted to get with her, it's not like I'm seeing anyone else.

So what do you think? Even if I wanted to introduce her to you, I don't think you'll get along. A lot of guys tried to get closer to her, but they were all rejected.

Still, there are many other men in our group.

Still, if you want to try your luck, there is still a remaining spot for one man in our study group.


Anyways study hard.

Let's go. | Who was it? (The two short sentences when Ki-Seok left MC to greet Hyeo-Jin)

Are you not going to go with him?

Is he not going with us?

Huh? Go studying?

Yeah, he prefers studying.

Where going to go study too.

We're going to study too, you know.

That's not it. Im going to study...

Yeah We're going to study, but...

But can we go to Hyojin's room before studying?

Before that, can't we make a stop at Hyeo-Jin's room first?

My room... Why?

I know little of the Feng Shui geography. But if we go to your room, I'm sure your place will allow me to concertrate. So please Hyojin Lee, help me pass...

Your Oppa is proficient in Feng Shui Geomancy, just by looking at your room I can tell if you'll succeed or not your test. Our little Hyeo-Jin doesn't want to fail so I'm going to everything in my power to make sure you'll succeed.

What do you say?

What do you think?

My place will help you pass?

You're going to help me pass the test?


Ah yes!


Ah, brother Ang!Did you come here to do this?

Hyojin's room.

***Hyeojin's room is...

This place isn't bad, but what was it? Structure that is desired is not discharged...Yes. Feng Shui geographically.

***The setting's not bad. That... what should I say? It's a structure that doesn't release your desires properly. You know, Feng Shui is a practice which uses energy to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment.

Ha, yeah! Why is that?

Haa, Nmm! What should I do about this?

What's the three story desire of humans? Isn't it appetite, sleep, and sex?

What are the three desires of humans? Aren't they known as appetite, sleep and sex?

Huh... Yeah...

You have to have those three things in order to be in the best state to get the best results.

But brother, what did you do?

But Oppa, why are we having sex?

Hyojin I said the room is structured so that desires are not discharged...

I've already said Hyeo-Jin's room is a structure that doesn't allow you to release your hidden desires, right?



So, if I emit that desire

So I've to help you release your desires,

Then I'll be better at studying! Do you undertstand what I mean?

You'll get better at studying! Do you understand now?

You seem to be right brother. ( the whole brother thing is off putting lol)

I think I start to understand what my Oppa is trying to say.

I haven't really studied then.

I misunderstood you at first but you're the real deal, sorry.

Then, know that we know, lets do this more often.

Now that you know it's for your own good, let's have some time like this often in the future.

But when will we actually study?

By the way, when are we going to study?

Should we review Korean History then?

Like this? Agh!

Is it a problem? haha

What's the name of Heungseon Daewon--gun?

***What is Heungseon Daewongun's name?

Uh? His real name? Because he was also part of the royal family...

Who was it... I think it's Chosun Lee...

Who was it...? I think his name was Yi...

This is the...



correct answer~!

HA Yes!! Wait what?!

Another correct answer!

I said, correct answer.

Hyuun!! but brother I don't know another answer!!

Nmmm!! But Oppa, I didn't answer well!!

You said "Ha, yes." Heungseon Daewon--gun's name is Lee Ha-eung (probably some homonym in Korean)

You said "Haeung Yi", Heungseon Daewongun's name was Yi Ha-Eung (I'll now explain what happened, she found the "Yi" herself but couldn't find the "Ha-Eung", he pushed his D inside her making him moan something sounding like HAEUNG... That's why it was considered a correct answer)

Oh really... this brother is really...

This time, I'll pay back brother.

I'll try doing it in English~


But what about it? Even if I wanted to get with her, it's not like I'm seeing anyone else.

So what do you think? Even if I wanted to introduce her to you, I don't think you'll get along. A lot of guys tried to get closer to her, but they were all rejected.

There are still many other men in our group.

Still, if you want to try your luck, there is still a remaining spot for one man in our study group.

Ha... Who asked you? To ruin someone else's life...

Ha dickhead... Who told you I wanted to join your group? I don't want to ruin my future...

But by now, what are you doing...?

*But these two... What are they doing..?

I'm new here, but I'm twenty one.

I'm new student here, I'm still twenty-one.

No! Let's focus, FOCUS! You can meet woman later!

Who's moving their legs so much without any consideration for others??

Why would you wear such a short skirt like that when studying?!

Who could wear such a tiny short when we're here to study?!



I will just take one more peak...

A little more, and I'll see it...





To be continued...
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