Rubber TF story

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  1. Magical Orb
  4.         Tasha scanned her large dorm room one last time to make sure all was as it should be.  Five minutes to nine, and Tasha's two friends would be arriving soon.  This was the first time she would hostess one of their slumber parties, and she was determined that it be the best one yet.  She smiled and eyed the lavender orb resting in its bronze holder on her desk.
  5.         She and her two friends had come across the magical globe last year while clearing out the props cabinet in the university's theatre.  By the time they'd finished reorganizing the props cabinets, everyone else had left the theatre.  If they hadn't have been so punch drunk tired, they'd never have gathered around the orb in mock ceremony and made an amazing magical discovery.
  6.         Tasha had begun melodramatically intoning a made-up incantation about changing them into centaurs, a notion brought on by the Greek drama the class was studying. The orb began to glow and send purple fingers of light toward each young woman.   Frozen in surprise, the students felt the magical rays touch their chests then slip into their bodies! An effervescent sparkle radiated throughout the girls, each one gasping in pleasure as the tingle reached their breasts in tickling foreplay.  All groaned in delight at the push and pull of their body’s transformation to strong equine form, three pairs of hands unconsciously cupping breasts as they expanded in size.   When the orb released them from its spell, Tasha, Cami and Gwen stood in wonder as three very well endowed centauresses, all with lavender eyes.
  7.         Since then, they'd learned by trial and error over the past five weeks that the orb granted them a transformation for 12 hours, and they were unable transform again for at least another two days.  While under the influence of a spell, they all had glowing lavender irises.  Needless to say, the orb never saw the university prop closet again.  
  8.         Hearing the knock on her door, Tasha crossed the floor and grabbed the doorknob; a glowing smile already on her face, yanked it open, and saw Cami and Gwen standing in the hallway.
  9.         "Ready for another good time?" Tasha asked with a wink, and stepped back to let the two young women enter.
  10.         "Oh, yeah," Cami nodded enthusiastically as she entered the room.
  11.         "You have to ask?" Gwen giggled as she followed Cami.  Tasha closed and locked the door behind them.  "So what did you pick for us tonight?"  The chubby redhead asked eagerly.
  12.         "Gwen!  You know we decided that it's supposed to be a surprise," Cami chided with a laugh, then settled her long, athletic body in a chair.  "We didn't bug you last Friday when you turned us all into naga," the pretty black woman continued.
  13.         "It's okay, Cami."  Tasha smiled and picked up the orb from her desk.  "It was hard for me not to ask Gwen the same question last week!"  She placed the orb on the floor, sat down and tossed her long blonde hair back over her shoulders.
  14.         Gwen eagerly joined her on the floor, then reached up and grabbed Cami's wrist, tugging her friend toward the floor.  
  15.         "Stop trying to act so casual, Cami.  You're just as anxious and excited as we are, and you're not fooling anyone."
  16.         Cami laughed musically and sat on the floor, completing the small circle around the amazing, lavender globe.  Two pairs of eyes looked at Tasha with excited anticipation.  They'd made up their own little set of rules about their "Transformation Nights."  They would rotate who would decide the change, and it had to be a surprise.  When the power of the globe wore off, the woman who was next in the rotation would take the orb back to her dorm with her for safe keeping until the next little magic slumber party.
  17.         "Okay," Tasha began.  "I have to give my young brother credit for giving me my idea for tonight."
  18.         "What?" Cami's eyebrows shot up.  "Oh, Tasha!  Please don't turn us into Ninja Turtles or Pokemon!"
  19.         Tasha laughed and took the hand of each girl in preparation.  "No way, Cami."
  20.         The other two women clasped hands nervously.  Tasha's brother was a geek and a pest as far as they were concerned, and hearing that an idea had come from him was cause for some doubt.  Although Tasha hadn't let them down so far in her choices of transformations, so the two nodded at Tasha to continue.  Three pairs of eyes locked on the orb.
  21.         "We three are gathered again to enjoy the power and magic of this mysterious globe."  The orb began to glow in response.  "We are grateful for the amazing experiences it has given us over the past five weeks, and we hope that whoever granted us the use of it will allow us another change tonight."  They clasped hands more firmly as the globe brightened and tendrils of light slowly snaked toward the women.
  22.         "This evening, and for the next twelve hours, I ask for us to be transformed into stretchable rubber!"
  23.         "What?!"  Gwen gasped, but was unable to speak further as the magical light slid over and into her plump body.
  24.         "Rubber?!"  Cami questioned in surprise at the same time, but was then also under the spell of the orb and could say no more.
  25.         The magic swept into the three young women's bodies, sending shivers of sensual delight as the transformation quickly spread.  Swept up in the joy of the transmutation, each felt their breasts tingle as they once again plumped in roundness.
  26.         "Oh!" Tasha gasped as her body emitted a deep, rubbery chirp when the orb released its magical hold.  This was quickly followed by two more similar low cork-popping squeak as Gwen's, then Cami's bodies also completed the change.    
  27.         Still holding hands while catching their breaths, each girl looked at the other to see how the magic had affected their bodies.  They now had glowing lavender irises indicating to the orb had done its work.  The only other indication that anything had happened to them was a slight shiny texture on their skin.
  28.         The orb's glow faded now that its requested task was complete.  As Tasha unclasped her hands from Gwen and Cami she felt the other two staring at her.
  29.         "Good golly, Miss Molly," Cami whispered as she released Tasha's hand.  "Rubber?"
  30.         "Stretchable?"  Gwen questioned and also stared at her blonde friend.
  31.         "Aw come on now!"  Tasha grinned confidently.  "Have I ever let you two down?"
  32.         "No..." Both young women responded tentatively.
  33.         "This will be fun!"  Tasha continued to encourage her two friends.  "I'll try it first.  Okay?"  Gwen and Cami nodded doubtfully and watched Tasha, their glowing, lavender eyes opening wide when they saw her shirt pop out of the waistband of her jeans as their friend's body began stretching upward.
  34.         Tasha gasped and slid her hands down over her elongating stomach.
  35.         "Tasha!"  Cami exclaimed.  "Does it hurt?"
  36.         "Not at all, Cami."  She looked down at her body, arms stretching as she slid her hands down the length of her waist.  "It feels really good," she purred and stopped her body from stretching further, her head brushing the ceiling of the room.  "Come on, Gwen," she encouraged.  "Give it a try.  It's fun!"
  37.         Gwen looked doubtful, but held up her hand and reached for Tasha's shoulder.
  38.         "Oh, my God!  Look at my arm!"  Gwen laughed in surprise as her arm began stretching out of her sleeve until her hand grasped Tasha's shoulder seven feet away.  She quickly elongated her other arm to clasp Tasha's other shoulder.  The two women giggled like schoolgirls as Tasha contracted back to normal.  Gwen retracted her arms at the same time.
  39.         "That is so cool!"  Gwen turned and beamed at Cami.  "You've gotta try this, Cami!  It really does feel cool!"
  40.         "You two have to be kidding me." Cami frowned and folded her arms under her breasts.  
  41.         Gwen stood and reassured Cami.  "Come on, girl.  It really IS fun, and even I was skeptical about Blondie's choice."  She winked at Tasha then looked back at Cami.  "Please just give it a little try?"
  42.         Tasha and Gwen looked at Cami pleadingly.
  43.         "Please?"  Tasha cajoled and waited.
  44.         "Well," Cami finally caved.  "All right.  But just a little try."      
  45.         "All riiiiiight!" Gwen clapped her hands and did a little jig, feeling her oversized breasts bounce crazily.  "Hey!  My boobs!"
  46.         "Huh?"  The two others questioned simultaneously.
  47.         "Check this out," Gwen giggled and unbuttoned the front of her oxford top revealing breasts straining the seams of the plump girl's bra.  "Looks like the orb decided to over-endow us again.  Like I really needed it!"
  48.         "Wow!  Talk about hooters!"  Cami broke out into gales of laughter, while pointing at Gwen's tits, her arm unconsciously stretching until her pointer poked one of the large mounds.  "Oh, Lordy!"
  49.         "Hey!"  Gwen cried as Cami's hand disappeared into her rubbery boob.  "Watch where you point with that thing!"
  50.         "What thing," Cami asked in mock innocence.  "Oh, you mean this thing?"  She grabbed Gwen's nose and retracted her arm.  
  51.         "Hey!"  Gwen shouted as her nose was stretched down toward Cami.  
  52.         Cami instantly released Gwen's nose, causing it to snap back against her face.
  53.         "Uh!"  Gwen's eyes shut tight as her nose slapped back into place.   "Bery funny, Cabi."  Gwen muttered while rubbing her nose, then quick as a flash elongated her body toward the still laughing girl and wrapped herself around her.
  54.         "Wha..?!"  Cami's arms were pinned to her sides by the snaking body.  "Gwen!  What are you doing?"
  55.         Tasha watched with glee as Gwen slowly constricted herself around Cami, causing the trapped girl's body to squish and stretch.  It took Tasha a minute to realize where the tiny squeaks were coming from.
  56.         "You two sound like two balloons rubbing together!"  Tasha giggled and watched Cami's eyes close while emitting a low groan.  "Cami?  Are you okay?"
  57.         Lost in the erotic sensation of stretching, it took Gwen a moment to register Tasha's question.   She instantly unwound from around Cami, her body rippling like jello as a result of her swift retraction.
  58.         "Cami?" The plump girl saw Cami's now-rubberized body slither back to normal.
  59.         Cami opened her eyes and looked at Tasha.  "You're right," she purred.  "It really does feel good to stretch."  She began unbuttoning her top.   "But my clothes are in the way."  Cami drew the polo over her head and stood, slipping off her shorts.  The other two girls followed her lead and stripped down to their lingerie.
  60.         "How did your brother give you the idea to change us to stretchable chicks, Tasha," Gwen asked as she experimented stretching her fingers.
  61.         "Well, I saw him reading a comic book when I was home last weekend, and it had a character in there that had these powers.  That's when I got the idea for tonight."
  62.         "Pretty cool," Gwen smiled, and let her fingers reshape.
  63.         "I had my doubts when you said the words," Cami added.  "But now that I've given it a try, I'd have to agree with Gwen."
  64.         "Glad you like," Tasha smiled and started twisting her waist around like a corkscrew, her trim body emitting soft, long squeaks as she continued to turn herself tighter and tighter.  "Mmmmm!  You've gotta try this!"
  65.         "You sound like a cork being spun out of a bottle, girl!"  Cami laughed but began twisting herself in a similar fashion.
  66.         The two spiraling girls didn't notice Gwen in deep concentration.  They didn't hear the rubbery little pops and chirps of her body as she stretched and molded her chubby frame into a form she had spent half her life trying to achieve through hundreds of wacky diets.  With eyes closed, Gwen pictured in her mind the body she'd always wished she could have.
  67.         "Ooooo!"  Gwen moaned as she felt her elastic body stretch upward and thin out.
  68.         "My Lord!" Tasha exclaimed.  "Cami!  Get a load of the model over there!"
  69.         Gwen's eyes popped open.  She was now looking at her two friends from an equal height.
  70.         "Miss Gwen!"  Cami untwisted and walked up to the girl, eying the slender, buxom redhead.  "You are the bomb!"  
  71.         "Really?"  Gwen struggled to hold the shape.  "Let me see!"
  72.         Cami and Tasha stepped aside as Gwen made for the mirror in the corner of the room.  They heard their friend let out a little gasp when she caught sight of her reflection in the glass.
  73.         "I always wondered what it would be like,” she whispered and slid her hands up and down over her flat stomach.  "What I would look like if I wasn't such a chubbette."
  74.         Tasha and Cami stepped up behind her and smiled at her in the mirror.  Tasha noticed Gwen's body vibrating, and knew that her friend was fighting to hold on to her new form.
  75.         "Let it go, Gwenny."  She hugged Gwen from behind, and heard her grunt as she struggled to keep her slenderized form.  "Let it go," she whispered and hugged her tighter.  "It's Gwen that's our best friend," she continued in a hushed voice.  "Not her body."
  76.         "Yeah, baby."  Cami agreed and stroked Gwen's arm.  "Size isn't part of the agenda for friendship."
  77.         Gwen sighed and shrank back to her short, stocky self.  Tasha gave her one last big squeeze around her waist.
  78.         "No need to be glum, girl!"  The blonde released her hold around Gwen.  "We've got the whole night to play!"  With that, Tasha stretched away from Gwen and elongated herself around the room and back again.  "We're stretchy!"
  79.         Cami joined in the game and began sliding around Tasha’s elongated frame.  "We're rubbery!"
  80.         Gwen quickly stretched and wrapped around her two friends creating a triple twist of transformed women.  "We're the elastic trio!"
  81.         The room filled with creaks and squeaks as the three twisted longer and longer, tighter and tighter, their rubbery bodies sliding and stretching against each other.  
  82.         "Tighter!"  Tasha groaned in ecstasy, spiraling her legs around the other two women's legs, gathering them up in the growing, tricolored human snake.  "OOOooooh, tighter, Gwenny!"
  83.         The other two girls doubled their efforts, squeezing harder, stretching further.
  84.         "Uhhh!"  Cami moaned at the delicious feeling of being pulled so tight.  She wasn't sure how much more she could stretch.
  85.         "Can't...  stretch..."  Gwen gasped.  "Much....  Ungh!"  Gwen's body had reached its elastic limit.
  86.         Tasha and Cami cried out at the same time in erotic bliss as their bodies stopped elongating.  The three spiraled bodies shuddered and chittered as they strained against themselves.
  87.         "Soooooo tiiiiiiight...." Tasha groaned through clenched teeth.
  88.         "Can't hold it...  for much... longerrrrrrr," Cami whispered.  "But it feels...  so... goooooood."
  89.         "Gotta let it go!"  Gwen cried out.
  90.         As if cut by the same string, all three girls released their hold.  Their bodies retracted like whips; arms snapping around, legs snaking back with lightning speed; waists contracting like overstretched rubber bands.  Gwen, Cami and Tasha's bodies compacted, and then bounced out and back like some Warner Brothers' cartoon character in a "squash and stretch" move.   Each lay panting on the floor, jiggling with rubbery after quakes.
  91.         "Is everyone okay?"  Cami looked left at Tasha, then right at Gwen.
  92.         "Yeah," answered Tasha.
  93.         "I think so," said Gwen as she carefully sat up.
  94.         Tasha turned onto her stomach and braced herself on her elbows.  "That was so wild!"
  95.         "Oh, man!"  Cami stood up gingerly.  "What a ride that was."
  96.         "Do you think we over did it?"  Gwen wondered and the other two looked at her quizzically.  "I mean, do you think we used up all of the magic?"
  97.         Tasha stretched her neck until she was face to face with Gwen.  "Nope!"  She quickly retracted her neck and stood up.  "We stay this way for a full twelve hours, Gwen.  You know that's how it's always worked."
  98.         Gwen giggled.  "It was just that we really pushed the limit that time.  I thought maybe we'd gone too far."
  99.         "Naaaah," teased Cami.  "This is going too far."  She quickly unclasped her bra and smiled at her two friends.
  100.         "Oh, my God!"  Tasha laughed as she watched Cami's breasts grow slowly bigger.  "You aren't going to win this one, sister!"  Tasha whipped off her bra and the competition began in earnest.  Tasha quickly matched the black girl's size and then passed it.  Gwen looked back and forth between the two and chuckled.
  101.         "Ladies and gentlemen," she called out in a mock announcers tone.  "Tonight, we bring you a special event from the Elastic Arena.  The Boob Buster Challenge!"
  102.         Tasha and Cami fell into a fit of giggles, sending their D-Cup breasts bouncing.
  103.         "In this corner, from Riverhead, Long Island, we have Tasha the Terrible!"  Gwen cupped her hands in front of her mouth and gave out a comical roaring-crowd sound effect.  Tasha raised her arms over her head in champion style.  "And in this corner, from Stamford, Connecticut, we have Camilla the Conqueror!"  Again, Gwen created her roaring crowd sound, and Cami raised her arms overhead, then bettered Tasha by stretching them as high as the ceiling would allow.
  104.         "Woohooo!  Cami the Conqueror!  She of the inflating tits!"  Cami retracted her arms and began shadow boxing comically.
  105.         "The Conqueror has met her match tonight," Tasha responded and also began shadow boxing in Cami's direction.
  106.         Gwen stood and took a hand of each girl.  "Are you ready, mighty busters of boobs?"
  107.         "Ready!"  Tasha barely managed to keep a straight face.
  108.         "I'm more than ready," Cami confirmed and was hit by another laughing jag.
  109.         "Let's keep it honest, ladies."  Gwen released their hands and placed one on Cami's right breast, and the other on Tasha's left, checking to see that they were starting out evenly matched.
  110.         "Hey!" The girls cried out in unison.
  111.         "Just checking," Gwen giggled and gave each girl’s boob a stretch.  "Take your positions," she continued and let go of their tits, laughing as they bobbed and jiggled back into place.
  112.         Cami and Tasha faced each other, hands on hips, struggling to keep serious expressions.
  113.         "Let the busting boobs begin!" Gwen shouted and stepped back.
  114.         Each girl began slowly, their breasts expanding from a D- to DD-cup, then to DDD-cups.
  115.         "Is that all you've got, blondie?"  Cami smiled and her boobs suddenly inflated to EEE's.
  116.         "I'm just getting warmed up, baby!"  Tasha smiled as her boobs quickly stretched and grew bigger than Cami's.
  117.         "Okay," Cami countered.  "The kid gloves are off!"  With the sound of stretching rubber, Cami inflated her breasts to beach ball size and gloated.  "Check out these knockers, Tash!"
  118.         "The crowd goes wild at the Conquerors fast lead!"  Gwen backed up further to make room.
  119.         Tasha cupped her jugs, and then slid her hands over her nips, rubbing them to pert nubbins.  "I'm just warming up, slick."  She pinched her nipples and pulled them, stretching them out a foot in front of her then letting them snap back.  "Watch the master at work!"  Tasha's boobs burst outward with a rubbery pop, inflating to the same size then even bigger than Cami's huge rack.  She could barely see Cami over the tops of the massive mounds.  Stretching her hands, she cupped her elongated fingers under each one to help support them.
  120.         "Oh-ho, Ladies and Gentlemen!  Tasha the Terrible will not be denied!"
  121.         "I still have a few rubber tricks up my sleeve!"  Not one to back down from a challenge, Cami concentrated hard and was rewarded by seeing her tits surge out to massive proportions and continue to grow.
  122.         "Oh, yeah?"  Tasha met Cami's the challenge head on, and it quickly went hysterically downhill from there.  The two women continued to expand their boobs until they were both pressed against opposite walls, the room filled with giant tits.  They barely heard Gwen's muffled voice.
  123.         "A tie, Ladies and Gentlemen.  A tie," came Gwen's tiny voice.
  124.         As the two pairs of breasts quickly deflated, all three girls ended up gasping for breath as tears of laughter rolled down their cheeks.
  125.         "That thing you did with your nipples," Gwen looked at Tasha.  "That looked like it felt pretty damned good."  She then bushed with complete embarrassment at having voiced her thoughts out loud.
  126.         "It did." Tasha replied seriously and slipped her hands up to her breasts, fingering her nips.  "You two should try it."  Tasha again pinched and pulled on the nubs, stretching them outward.
  127.         Gwen quickly doffed her pink lace bra, freeing her full breasts.  Cupping, then squeezing each rubbery globe, she tugged them, stretching them longer and longer.  "Oooooh, Tasha!"  Gwen smiled with delight.
  128.         Cami caressed her coffee-colored breasts, and then followed Tasha's lead.  She caught her dark nipples between her thumbs and pointers and began a torturously slow stretch.  "MMMmmmm!"  Cami wrapped the elongated nipples around her pointers, and then stretched them more.  
  129.         Tasha looked over at Gwen and saw her friend kneading her own boobs, squashing them against her chest, then stretching them out and down.  Unable to resist, and acting purely on impulse, Tasha's arms elongated as her hands reached for Gwen's breasts.  Brushing the other girl's hands aside, Tasha cupped Gwen's tits in her hands.  
  130.         "Tash?"  Gwen looked at her friend, wondering what Tasha had in mind.  "What are you do-ooooooing?"  Gwen moaned the last word when she felt Tasha's hands gently squeeze her tits.  "Oh, Tash!"  Her eyes closed and her head tilted back as Tasha pulled and stretched her breasts forward.  Reaching back, Gwen braced her hands on the edge of the desk as her friend alternately stretched and squashed her, like a kitten kneading its mother’s teat.
  131.         Tasha felt hands slide over her back and ribs.  She looked down to see Cami's elongated fingers search for her nipples, and gasped as the slender brown fingers lightly brushed over them.
  132.         Having found what they were looking for, the deft fingertips closed over the buds and stretched them out a little and back, again and again, a little further each time.
  133.         Tasha felt her breasts tingle and firm, and she yanked on Gwen's breasts in unconscious reflex.
  134.         "OOOOOoooo!" Gwen groaned and arched her back.  Brining her head forward and opening her eyes, she saw what had caused Tasha to stretch her tits so hard and turn her on even more.  Cami had latched on to Tash's nipples and was playing her like a sonata.  Before Gwen realized what she was doing, she'd stretched her neck halfway across the room.  Her tongue reached for Cami's enticing nipple.  
  135.         With her attention focused solely on Tasha, Cami jumped when something sweep across her right breast.  She looked down to see Gwen's mouth close over the tip of her breast, her tongue circling and licking before she sucked hard.  Cami's breath caught in her throat, her legs buckling slightly underneath her.  "Oh, shit!" Cami whispered and hauled on Tasha's nipples, causing the young girl to cry out.
  136.         "Camiiiiii!" As jolts of erotic lightning swept through her, Tasha clenched Gwen's rubber breasts.
  137.         Gwen moaned and sucked Cami's entire breast into her mouth, stretching it away from her chest.  
  138.         Cami released one of Tasha's nipples and slid her hand down over her friend's stomach.
  139.         Each girl's hands began to slip over another body, not caring who’s, and pulling, stretching whatever it found.  They drew closer together, Tasha found Cami's mouth with her own and frenched her hard with an elongating tongue, as Gwen's mouth found Cami's other breast, giving it the same stretching attention as the first.
  140.         The three women ended up in a pile in the center of the room, three magically rubberized bodies snaking, twisting and stretching around each other, in a seething, squeaking mass.
  141.         Cami felt a finger slide over her clit and moaned into Tasha's mouth as the other woman continued to french her hard, bending and stretching both of their malleable faces with her intense kiss.
  142.         Gwen's elongated fingers found someone's slit and slid between the folds, teasing the wet nub she found.  When she heard Tasha groan, she knew who she'd found, and then gasped herself as she felt someone slide and enlarged finger into her.
  143.         The pile of elongated arms and legs writhed and undulated as each woman came closer to orgasm.  The elastic creaking of bodies grew in volume and speed as they stretched and strained toward sexual fulfillment.
  144.         "Yes!" Gwen cried.
  145.         "Now!  Oh, God!  Now!" Tasha screamed.
  146.         The tangled mass tightened into a hard knot and shuddered as the three women crashed over into a huge climax.
  147.         The pile of elongated bodies shivered in the aftershocks of orgasm, legs and arms slowly retracting, sliding over one another in soft rubber whispers until the three sated women lay on the floor loosely embracing each other, gasping for breath.  A hand stroked a back or a breast in a tender caress.  
  148.         In unspoken agreement, the three violet-eyed girls slowly stretched as one into Tasha's double bed, curling around each other in satisfaction, continuing to stroke and fondle each other softly.
  149.         "We are definitely going to have to become stretchable like this again sometime soon, Tash."  Cami elongated her tongue to slip it over Tasha's earlobe.
  150.         "Mm," was all Tasha could say and cuddled Cami closer.
  151.         "Oh, yes please," Gwen whispered and cupped Tasha's breasts from behind, kneading them slightly, then sweeping lower to find her already wet and ready.  Gwen stretched a finger deep into Tasha.  "Ready for round two, ladies?"  Gwen giggled softly.
  152.         "Oh, yeah, Gwenny," Cami purred and shoved her tongue into Tasha's ear.
  153.         "I just hope my bed can take it," moaned Tasha as she fingered Cami's nips.
  154. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  156.         The sun beaming through the window woke Tasha Saturday morning.  Turning carefully over in Gwen's embrace, she looked at her clock through bleary eyes and noted it was 9:38 a.m.
  157.         "What time is it?" Cami asked in a husky, morning voice and cuddled closer to Gwen, burying her face against the girl's back.
  158.         "Almost 9:40," Tasha replied and sat up in bed rubbing her eyes.  She looked down at her two friends and smiled.  Only the sheet remained on the bed, and she was surprised it had.  The magic of the orb's transformation to rubber had certainly made their bodies even more sensitive than normal, and she'd thought they were going to break the bed last night with any one of their elastic romps.  She chuckled softly.
  159.         "What's so funny?"  Gwen looked up at her with her big green eyes.
  160.         "Oh, nothing really."  Tasha stroked her friend's fiery red curls.  "I was just thinking that it's amazing that the bed is still standing."
  161.         Gwen smiled up at her and chortled.  "Too bad we have to wait a while before we can do that transformation again."  Reaching over her head, Gwen yawned and stretched out the knots of the night before, purring as she did so.
  162.         "Gwenny?"  
  163.         "Yeah?"  Gwen paused mid-stretch and looked back up at Tasha.  "What's wrong?"  Gwen noticed the panicked look on her friend's face.
  164.         "Look!"  Tasha pointed to Gwen's feet.
  165.         Cami, having heard the strained tone of Tasha's voice looked down where the blonde girl was pointing and gasped.  Gwen's legs had stretched over the end of the bed.
  166.         "What the...?!"  Gwen gaped at her elongated legs.
  167.         Cami sat up and watched Gwen's legs retract.  Tentatively, she reached for the window shade across the room, and saw her arm easily stretch the distance.  "What color are my eyes," she asked Tasha.
  168.         "Brown.  Your normal brown color."  Tasha tested her own elasticity and grinned as her waist elongated.  "Are my eyes blue?"  She looked down at Gwen.
  169.         "Yup!"  Gwen giggled and sat up in bed.
  170.         "I don't get it," Cami puzzled as she absently pulled the shade down and retracted her arm.  "The magic has never lasted more than 12 hours before.  Why now?"
  171.         "I don't know.  Maybe because we all liked it so much, the magic is permanent?"  Tasha continued to stretch her waist until she reached the small cupboard where she'd stashed the orb last night.
  172.         "Maybe," Gwen pondered and snuggled back into bed.
  173.         "Hey!"  Tasha exclaimed after opening the cupboard.  "It's gone!"
  174.         "What?!"  Cami and Gwen responded in unison.  Both stretched over to the cupboard to peer into the empty space.
  175.         "The orb!"  Tasha cried.  "It's gone!"
  176.         The three girls hovered in front of the heavy cupboard, minds spinning over what might have happened to their magic globe.
  177.         Tasha shut the two little doors.  All three silently retracted back to the bed.
  178.         "Don't get me wrong, I like all this rubber body stretchy stuff, but I did like some of the other transformations we did."  Cami hugged Gwen from behind and rested her chin on the girl's shoulder.  "That naga character you turned us into was pretty neat, Gwenny."
  179.         "Yeah," Gwen responded.
  180.         The three women sat in silence for a moment until the sheet started to rustle over them.
  181.         "Gwen, quit squirming!" Tasha said absently.
  182.         "Hey guys," Gwen giggled.  "Check this out!"  She pulled the sheet off the bed revealing a snake body from her waist down, complete with scales, diamond pattern, and rattle on the end of the tail.
  183.         "Oh, my God, Gwen!"  Tasha gaped at the girl.  
  184.         "Cool, huh?"  The plump female naga beamed back.
  185.         "You can hold the shape okay?"  Cami eagerly started her own naga transformation.
  186.         "No problem!"  Gwen rattled her tail.  "I don't feel the same struggle this time as I did last night when I got tall and thin.  Maybe because the stretching power's permanent now.  Maybe that makes it easier."
  187.         Cami had completed her transformation to a half-human, half-snake woman and slithered off the bed.  "This is so excellent!"
  188.         Tasha climbed off the bed, concentrated, and easily stretched and morphed into a centaur.  "You're right, Gwen.  It's easy!"  She quickly shrank back to her human form with a little rubbery squeak.  "Hey, Cami, can you still stretch when you're in a morphed shape?"
  189.         Cami's arms quickly stretched across the room, her hands landing on Tasha's breasts, giving them a playful squeeze and stretch.
  190.         "I'll take that as a yes."  Tasha laughed and leaned into Cami's magic fingers.  "Do you think the bed can take another one of our special rubber woman workouts?"  Tasha began pulling the dark-skinned naga toward the bed, and felt Gwen's arms stretch and wrap around her waist.
  191.         "Let's find out," Cami replied and shifted her pliable body back to human form before climbing into the bed.
  192.         "Yes, let's."  Gwen had already transformed herself back to normal and began wrapping her legs around Cami's, pulling and stretching them into tight twists.
  193.         "Whoever sent the magic orb our way," Tasha whispered, "we thank you."
  194.         "Yes, thank you."  Cami agreed before leaning in to capture Tasha's lips.
  195.         "Thank you," Gwen smiled and swept her elongated tongue over Cami's neck.
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