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May 23rd, 2019
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  1. <g_brix> apparently he one hour during school to research five reputable articles from databases centralized on the state's public library website
  2. <g_brix> related to a discussion topic, in his case whether or not marijuana legalization is good or bad
  3. <g_brix> and then has to turn in a handout tomorrow with the names of the keywords used to research the articles, summaries of them, and citation details
  4. <g_brix> he didn't have a computer at home so he was SOL because he only managed to find the names of two articles
  5. <g_brix> but didn't even have the citation info/author/what they were about
  6. <g_brix> and not having a computer at home to boot
  7. <g_brix> When I was going through high school I think we had at least a few days to gather sources to use, if not a week
  8. <g_brix> for freshman level research paper writing
  9. <g_brix> Given one hour of computer lab time to get reputable sources to turn in the next day seems a little demanding of someone at that level
  10. <g_brix> Slogging through databases for peer reviewed journals and having to filter through pop-sci articles and [author-not-credited] crap is an art you can only learn from experience
  11. <g_brix> He was of the opinion that marijuana is just bad news in general
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