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  2. "why yes and we do it believe it has been"
  3. "the indistinction of qualities unempowered by men"
  4. well.
  5. do they want to do it or do they not want to do it?
  6. did they actually want an opportunity?
  7. did they want an opportunity to appreciate being 34?
  8. a leg up from todd?
  9. people are honestly considering this service for you.
  10. and it honestly is a better opportunity than todd has.
  11. Dalai Lama
  13. .
  14. that's how much the boys have scared me.
  15. they are in charge of the beach guys.
  16. i just know them because i went to school with them.
  17. todd is honestly telling you the truth.
  18. those guys have me scared shitless.
  19. i have been taking my medicine.
  20. this is an intimidating area sometimes when you're affiliated with those three boys.
  21. and they're hyping up their aces experiences.
  22. buddha involved.
  23. Avalokiteshvara. Chenrezi. Seven. One. heh.
  24. the bradley.
  25. those guys are intimidating.
  26. but.
  27. we don't know what to do in the nature of that type of emergency.
  28. beachgoers involved.
  29. it looks a little like no one's allowed at the beach.
  30. but.
  31. ok.
  32. so there's another area.
  33. the beach.
  34. vdnfpnp2.
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