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Hal's Cheerilee x Anon Vomit request (Vomit)

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  1. Cheerilee didn’t feel too good. Okay, that was an understatement, she felt like she had drank a glass of Unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine with nitric acid, then drank a glass of dinitrogen tetroxide to wash it down. It seemed like her stomach couldn’t decide what end to explode out of, but it seemed more than likely that her mouth would be the most viable route. She was sick, and if she wasn’t the only teacher in ponyville, would be certainly bedridden.
  3. The fact that she was sick wasn’t the only thing causing pain to her stomach. Oh no, she had to have spoiled eggs for breakfast. [i]That was certainly a pleasant surprise to her morning.[/i] Outside, the pegasi had arranged a blizzard, and then underestimated the predicted snowfall. It was freezing, windy, dark, and the snow was thick.
  5. She doubted any students would even show up. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. It had been a miracle that she had somehow even got herself to her desk, she doubted she had the energy left in her to teach.
  7. A shape moved past the door, either it was too dark out, or Cheerilee was too delirious to figure out what it was. Her stomach rumbled again, body trying to reject the spoiled food. The shadow moved to the door.. “Please Celestia… Please make this easy…” She thought. The chime on the door sounded off, and the door opened then closed. The figure approached her, and although her eyes were blurry, she could still hear the unmistakable sound of [i]two[/i] legs on the ground. Biped then. She squinted her eyes, and focused on the creature before her; Anon the human.
  9. He was wearing a warm winter coat that had no doubt been the product of the talented Rarity with one of his hands in his pants pocket, and the other carrying a brown cardboard box. He was the first to speak, Cheerilee feared the moment she opened her mouth a geyser would foam out.
  11. “Morning Cheerilee. I’ve got some good news and bad news. The bad news is that it’s way too snowy outside, the mayor has decided to suspend school for the time being until things have calmed down.” He paused for a moment, taking time to remove his coat before continuing. “The good news, is that I don’t mind the snow too much, and I thought today would be the perfect time for those anthropology lessons you wanted.”
  13. Cheerilee hiccuped a bit, the frothy mixture of bile and partially digested foodstuffs coating her throat in acid. Any other day, and this would be perfect. In her current state however, she wanted nothing more than to curl up in bed and sleep until her body took care of it.
  15. “A-Anon,” she stuttered, struggling to get the words out. If she didn’t have such a deep purple coat, she was sure Anon would be able to see the green on her face. “Anon, while I Ap- preciate your intentions, I’ve been f-feeling a little under the w-weath--”
  17. The classroom doorbell rang. That only happened when the door was opened or closed, and Anon didn’t le-… Oh no. Please no!
  19. “See Sweetie Belle? Ah told ya just ‘cause it’s all snowy outside, it don’t mean school's out er anythin.”
  21. That unmistakable voice, that could only come from from one filly, and by the sound of it, she wasn’t alone either.
  23. “Huh. It seems some ponies didn’t get the message.” Anon remarks.
  25. Apple Bloom was the first to come into view, with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo following afterwards. Apple Bloom had a nice hoof-me-down winter jacket on her, with Sweetie Belle wearing a much warmer looking jacket that was no doubt created by her sister. And Scootaloo… Well, she didn’t really have anything to protect her against the harsh elements of the blizzard outside. The snow had caked to her fur and the chatter of her teeth was audible.
  27. “Get waht message, Anon?” Apple Bloom asked.
  29. “Oh, the message that there’s no School today. Too snowy.”
  31. “I TOLD YOU SO!” The white unicorn foal bellowed at her friend. “C’mon, lets go back to your house, Apple Bloom. If we’re quick, that pie Granny Smith baked might still be warm for when we get back!”
  33. Upon hearing that they would be heading [i]back[/i] into the blizzard outside, Scootaloo went on the defencive. “G-Girls, lets not be t-too hasty. We’ve been gone a w-while. The pie is probably co-cold by now, lets just find s-something to do in h-here.”
  35. A nervous glance from Scootaloo was all it took for Cheerilee to side with the pegasus. She was way too underdressed to be outside, and as much as she wanted to get them out of her hair, Cheerilee wouldn’t dare do anything that could put them at serious risk.
  37. She clenched her throat, hoping to talk without angering the storm inside her further. “Well it doesn’t matter what you girls [i]want[/i] to do anymore, because as soon as you stepped into my classroom, you became my responsibility. And I forbid you three from going out in this kind of weather.
  39. The three fillies gave a unanimous “Aww, man!” in response. Scootaloo’s tone was not of disappointment, her agreement was only to go with the group. Any reason that was given to her that would help her stay out of the weather, would be one she vouched for.
  41. “If you really want something to eat, you should be able to make hot chocolate using the supplies that I keep in my room.”
  43. The prospect of a hot chocolaty drink immediately made the three of the perk up and scramble into the backroom. Now Cheerilee was just left with Anon, and feeling her stomach’s fury subside for a moment, she decided now would be the best time to talk to him.
  45. “Anon, I appreciate your effort to go out in the blizzard, but really, now is not a good time for me.”
  47. “Are you sure? I brought tacos and everything.” He he says, as he motions to the box. “You see, normally they’re made with meat, but I figured that probably wouldn’t sit well with you so I made it with tofu.”
  49. The word “meat” made Cheerilee's stomach flip again, and just for a moment, she imagined dead decaying animal flesh floating around in her gut. She dry heaved and brought a hoof to her mouth and stomach. The digestive hurricane was back, and It wanted out more than ever before.
  51. “Woah, sorry about that. I didn’t think saying me- That, would trigger such a reaction.” Anon said, holding the purple mare steady.
  53. Her gut clenched. Her throat shaked. Every part of her body was dedicated to expelling the digesting stew in her belly. She looked around for something, [i]anything[/i] to hurl in. The only trash can in the room was to her left, and that path was blocked by anon. As if to make matters worse, a loud crash could be heard from the other room with a filly panicking.
  55. “SHOOT! Apple Bloom, you go get Cheerilee, we’ll try to stop this from spreading!”
  57. She wasn’t even surprised that they had broke/destroyed/obliterated something already. All she cared about was not letting them see her like this. What if they saw her retching into the trash, or even worse, not even in the trash? The sound of hooves running down the stairs, and the door being opened made her come to a single conclusion. Anon was right here. He was a carnivore. He had eaten worse things, he could handle this.
  59. In a single fluid motion she put her hooves on Anon’s shoulder, pulling him into a deep and passionate kiss. The door opened, and upon seeing her teacher kissing an alien, Sweetie Belle slowly backtrotted into the room, giving them a moment of private intimacy.
  61. At first, anon was startled by the sudden movement of the purple mare, but he soon returned the gesture, and held the mare close to his side. Or at least, until Cheerilee felt the explosion of bile rise up through her esophagus and blast into Anon’s mouth.
  63. The human recoiled immediately, spitting the contents of his mouth into Cheerilee’s face. A thin layer of slime and eggs coated the inside if his mouth, and Anon’s tongue felt slippery inside his own mouth. The acid burned the back of his throat, and he instinctively tried to swallow the “liquid” inside his mouth. The feeling of egg bits and acidic slime coating his mouth brought his own breakfast upwards and out of his mouth, which he spewed onto the purple mare.
  65. “A-Anon! I’m so sorry! It’ ju-just—” Cheerilee never finished her sentence. Another wave of nausea pummeled her nervous system, and her body forced more of her stomach contents up.
  67. Anon barely had time to react before the mare projectile vomited all over him, he could only close his eyes as the mare opened her mouth, and and spewed foul-smelling mild-lime colored bile with yellow chunks in it all over him. The large amount of fluids on the floor made the biped lose his footing, sending him hard on his ass.
  69. Once his mind finally figured out what the hell had just happened, he dry heaved and slumped against the wall. Cheerilee wasn’t fully empty yet, and she spent the next few minutes vomiting on the floor.
  71. Finally exhausted, she slid out of her chair, and onto the spit covered floor. She just didn’t have the energy to get up.
  73. Anon was the first to recover. At first, he was confused, then anger, and finally admiration to the mare before him. She was obviously not well, that much he was sure. The part that amazed him, was that she had been able to keep it down as long as she had, and that she tried to continue to work.
  75. Thats what Anon would tell anybody if they asked. What really amazed him, was her [i]flavor.[/i] Truthfully, Anon always had a bit of a vomit fetish, but seeing as most ponies had very lighthearted fetishes by human standards, he had never been able to really play with it. The best he could do, was go the the fair and watch the foals vomit after they got off the roller coasters.
  77. But this? This was bliss. He could feel the undigested chunks of her breakfast dribble down his chin and onto his chest. he could feel the stench of the bile stain his clothes. Oh god, the very thought of it made him want to whip out his dick and fuck ther school teacher so violently that she threw up on him again.
  79. But as he stared at Cheerilee, he knew his ideas were in vain. He knew the mare needed help, someone to help her get better. And so he ignored the fire in his loins, and went over and carried the mare upstairs. There he would clean off her, and put her to bed, before dealing with whatever mess the crusaders cooked up.
  81. He had no idea if she would throw up on him again, or even of she would tolerate the idea of doing so. But hey, everypony’s got their kinks, right?
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