Malik takes Jacoby; Returns Ske

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  3. sScarletRibbonSs: Jay had finally gotten rid of the stupid snake, new bed and everything else. He hated snakes. Even Nivran was absent for now which gave him time for peace and quiet. His sister was still ignoring his phone calls, while he could feel the drain on the sibling bond, thank the gods that was still intact. Feeling the chains of his pants bounce against his legs with each thud of his boots, he made it over to his desk finally buttoning up his shirt. More work, and the Mage House was quiet, no one was in residence it would seem. The betrayal of Soren had been felt and the coven needed to heal, hell Jacoby needed to get his own mind and emotions back in check, and stabilize his pysche. Sitting down, he would glance down at several books strewn about the desk, making notes and plans for the back backup plans should his stupid cousins make a move on his territory and home.......... Talk about burning the candle light oil it had been a few hours since he sat down, standing he would hear every pop and crack of his joints making his way to the balcony overlooking the inner courtyard. Fishing out his smokes from his pockets, he lit up a smoke inhaling deeply, it still felt odd, no more demon... and the fact he had tried to kill his sister didn't sit well with him at all.
  5. MalfurionXXI  Malik had tabs on most of the pack even when they were teleporting off to other locations and using shadows to move from place to place. He wasn't exactly one to let things transpire within His domain without knowing everything that was going on, or who or when, or where they went afterwards. He had many connections, and most of which were closely guarded secrets that only one other person knew about and that was Ceallaigh, his grandchilde. That kind of information was to Malik highly classified as top secret. His sister.. yes, Malik had found or well, they had ran into each other by chance, but it was one of those "how the hell is this even remotely a coincidence?" type moments. But she had shown Malik other ways to do what He wanted with that knowledge and power He craved. In His personal study there were many priceless tombs of ancient secrets and scrolls, many of which were typically kept in a hermatically sealed case or some such to protect them from humidity and enchanted to protect against time and whatnot. It was one such scroll that the ancient was pouring over when He caught the distress call from the youngest member of the Pack, His grandchilde's favored little Daeva. Her voice very distant but not outside of His own abilities to hear her through the shadows in His Castle. -"Keep talking, Jessliskyya, I will come to you. Just show Me where you are.."- The ancient sound of Malik's deep voice filled her mind briefly as Malik took a quick look at her surface thoughts and got a better idea of where she was and what had just happened. In a few heartbeats He had teleported to her location and minutes later the tall dark Tzimisce found the Daeva backed up against the wall of a cell with a freshly bleeding and desecrated corpse in front of her. "Jesliskyya, let's get you out of here and safely home." He spoke to her, holding His hand out to her. The light made His dark eyes gleam with an unnatural light something she would be familiar with from her dealings with demons if she were to pull out of her headspace and see the ancient one. He waited a moment and bent down in front of her to get her attention, long legs folding beneath Him into a crouch. "Jessliskyya. I am here. Come with Me now, you need to get out of here."
  7. sScarletRibbonSs  She had been in her head, having gone silent from her calls to help not knowing if anyone would be able to hear her from within Lady Aife's personal Domain. She could hear a voice talking to her, calling her by her full Mage name, Jesliskyya, finally the long legs appeared in her vision, looking up into the pitch black eyes making her tremble. "Viovode" She whispered his title, taking his hand after putting her blade into her boot. She was fiflthy and dirty. She didn't know where home was, or if the pack was alright, alive. Standing next to him, her eyes on the headless corpse, she was sure Bjorn was dead this time. "I had to, no choice." She whispered bowing her head to the ancient Tzimisce.
  9. MalfurionXXI  "You did a fine job of it. A clean kill, but to be sure I will set him ablaze. I'm sure the Lady Aife will be able to see what happened here. Let's get you home. I am taking you to the quarter first. You're going to need somethings, I think." He could tell the state she was in so a simple touch to His gloved hand was all that was needed and then they were inside of her rooms. "Tell Me what you need and I can find it from your thoughts alone. You don't even have to say it, just think about it." She was so young it was all too easy to sift through her thoughts and even so Malik did so with great care not to disturb her state of mind at all. He hummed a soothing tone for a moment and enacted a calming technique He and Ceal would often use with the wolf pups. Catching her gaze with His own and speaking directly to her. "Hey, you're safe now. Your pack is alive and fighting. I am watching them very closely. No harm will come to them if I can help it." He waited for her to acknowledge His words and then went about getting things she needed.
  10. MalfurionXXI: [ -insert- As they left the room where the lifeless form of Bjorn lay it burst into a red and black hellfire that was something that Malik would not have been able to use without the connections He had. ]
  12. sScarletRibbonSs  Sky would nod slowly as he acknowledged the clean kill, gasping when they appeared in her room faintly seeing the body burst into hellfire flames red and black. She needed some of her serums, plus add on her bag so she could start working on a faster serum to return her magic. Thinking everything like he told her, in shock Sky responded better to orders and commands, and Malik easily got her attention with the requests, the soothing tone making her sit back on her bed while she let the Ancient Tzimisce Lord move about her personal rooms in the Quarter. "Thank you." She would whisper as Malik told her everyone was alive and fighting. ..... Jacoby had just finished his smoke when he felt the shift in the House. Looking across the courtyard he noticed movement in his sister's rooms. Wierd. Shaking his head he would slip into shadow stepping in behind her sister, his gaze on the tall male. "Little Sister." He would speak softly, Sky turning around seeing him, Jay's eyes widening at the bloody state of her. Looking over to the man, she recognized him from when his sister was taken to safety.... when he let Kodurca control too much. Skyya wasn't sure, last she checked her brother wanted her dead, standing up, she still had one of the cursed blades in her hand looking at Malik knowing the man would be at her side the moment her brother spoke. "Easy, Im not Kodurca, its me Jacoby. And you little sister need a shower and more tattoos." He would say with his hands up trying to show her he wasnt goign to hurt her. His eyes shifting to Malik. "You, kindred, can get out of here. You aren't her pack or her pain in the ass Mate. I don't have time to deal with the politics."
  14. MalfurionXXI  The bag that Sky had thought of was nearly full of the items that Malik was grabbing for her, using celerity a touch here and there so that His movements were a blur to her until everything was found and put into the bag. Malik stopped and stared at the man who appeared in the room behind his sister. Intersting. "Hm, you're the one who nearly killed your very own sister because of that demon and yet here you are. Alive and still fucking things up you have no business dabbling in. Mage." Malik's tone was dry and void of any emotion, hard and quick to the point. No remorse for the skin-bag the man was. "You are not needed." He spoke darkly and with the use of a telekenetic powers he slammed the mage regent into a wall opposite of where the Daeva was standing. With Malik being nearly fourteen hundred years old and having mastered most vampiric disciplines as far as they could go Malik had a nearly endless arsenal at His disposal. "I am not only Kindred and you had best not forget who it is you are speaking to, meat-bag." Malik hissed, using the same word that Kodurca used to describe the Mage. Something was very different about Malik in that moment. A power surge of immense proportions burst forth from Him and slammed into Jacoby. "It is I who cares not for your pathetic mortal politics and policies. The Mage Regent was stuck against the wall as Malik spoke, His voice dark and dangerous as that power flared up and then just as quickly vanished. "No one touches Skyya without My say so. She is under protection of the Mauger house Heir whom just so happens to be My grandchilde. If He is unable to do so I step in, and that's what I'm here for now. She needs her things and then we are going back to My domain." Malik's expression did not change at all but the room got eerily cold as that presence of the ancient's flowed through the room, some items crackling in the room as ice crystals froze wood and warped a few smaller items. "Do not mess with Me, mortal." Malik said, leaving Jacoby pinned to the wall and unable to move anything but His lips and eyes. Not even a finger or toe could wiggle as He stared down at the shorter man. And just like that all of the cold and the power vanished and Malik let Jacoby's body fall to the floor. His boot falling down on Jacoby's right hand and crushing against the floor of the room painfully and then the two kindred could hear clearly the snapping of the small bones inside of his hand with small popping sounds with the use of Vicissitude. "Or this shall the last moment that you feel anything other than pain for the rest of your miserable life." And just as quickly Malik was standing beside Sky, holding His hand out for her to take so they could leave. "I do believe that everything you needed is now in the bag. We can leave now if you're ready." He said in a totally different tone of voice but still with a cool touch of emotionless from His general demeanor. He was a Sadist afterall, and a Monster, and He knew it. "He will heal normally, but that might require a mage spell, if he can pull it off without that hand.
  16. sScarletRibbonSs  Sky took her bag, throwing it over her shoulder while Malik confronted her brother. Jacoby honestly didn't give a flying fuck or hundred who the male was or what he thought his rights were in his House. "Not that it's any of your business, the demon is gone. I wouldn't kill my sister to begin with and nothing has changed here." He growled back his eyes flashing for a moment. Once he was slammed against the wall, Jay saw his sister step back in shock, apparently she was afraid of this fucker. Both siblings were still as they could feel the power and energy pulse about them, the siblings sharing the look, they knew it was demonic. Once Malik dropped Jay to the ground, him grimacing in pain as the fucker stepped and broke the bones in his right hand, Sky letting out a slight gasp. Her violet eyes looking up to Malik when he returned to her side, holding out his gloved hand, her looking at the hand then to him. "Viovode, you may not care for Jacoby's mortal rules and dogma, but need I remind you, I am Regent and those are my policies I created." She would growl before she could hear the snarl, then a dark chuckle. Jacoby had gotten to his feet popping his hand back into place, him glaring at Malik as he waved his hand sending his sister into shadow right for Mauger Castle. He was going to have to speak to Ezekiel about learning to keep track of his sister. "As for you." He growled, stepping forward his hands at his side while the blades from his back shift out and flew intent on flying past the cheek and hair of Malik as warning. "I will not say it again blood sucking demonic bitch."
  18. MalfurionXXI  Malik smiled slowly watching as things played out. He already knew what Sky was going to say and Jacoby as well. Just waiting for it to come to pass was something else entirely. [Auspex ability to read future events.] Malik just nodded as Sky spoke and let her brother send her to Mauger. As it was, Malike had intentionally set up Jacoby for this moment. "Ah, how nice. The Mage wants to play with the Demon Bloodsucker?" He reached up a finger to touch the small nick from the blade that He had let hit Him, wiping the blood from the wound as it vanished and then licking his own black-red blood from the fingertip of His gloved hand. "No one has thus insulted Me and lived to tell about it." His gaze darkened significantly and so too did the room, all lights shattering or shorting out as Malik's demonic powers flared again. That statuesque likeness of His physical form turning from looking like a god in mortal form to that of all of Jacoby's worst nightmares in an instant. Shadowy forms swirled around the room at Malik's bidding and in the blink of an eye they touched and swarmed all over Jacoby. "You're Mine now, Mage bitch." He echoed the insult and sneared as the shadowy forms took hold of the Mage Regent. Now that Sky was back at Mauger Castle Malik had no reason to stay aside from the insults and the attack to His person. "I would more than gladly listen to your beautiful sister over you, any day, but she's not here and you have overstepped way too far. "Voivode is a title held by many Nobility of the old days. However, I am Voivode of Voivodes a term used by the Tzimisce which basically translates to Lord of Lord or King of Kings as far as the Tzimisce believe. Then there is the other secret that I hide in plain sight and you guessed it. I'm a very different kind of Tzimisce entirely. Hm, and in all actuality..." Malik broke off His own sentence for a moment, watching as those shadowy forms twisted tightly and painfully around Jacoby's limbs, snaking thick tendrils tightening around His arms and twisting them backwards painfully until they popped his shoulders out of their sockets, painfully. Covering his eyes and mouth and coiling tightly aound every inch of his body until the only thing he could do was listen.. "I am not even really a Tzimisce at all..." Malik's whispered words could just reach the Mage's ears before he was pulled into the darkness of an unknown location and locked into a very small cell with wards of all kinds covering every wall that could be seen around him. Magic wards of all kinds, mage, demonic, runic, etc. Malik even had tapestries of them made that decorated the walls of the dungeon. Once he had been dropped inside of the barred cell in the empty and poorly lit dungeon Malik made sure he was secured in place with shackles on each wrist, not being gentle wth the man's dislocated shoulders at all. Even if he tried to stand the length of chain was not long enough for him to do so, he could only crouch, sit, or kneel within the cell. The last of the shadows withdrew from the Mage as Malik's work was finished. "Oh, and one last thing." He gave him a look and cut the vocal cords so he couldn't speak or scream. "Now, not a word out of you." He chuckled a bit and then broke both of his legs in three places each so he couldn't stand at all. Adding insult to injury and capture, etc. The dark look the ancient gave the Mage was one of pure hatred and loathing. "Your only saving grace is that you exorcised that demon. I have plans for you, but first I want you to feel truly helpless before I strip you of all of the information that I require." Malik said in that cold, dispassionate voice from before only this time dripping with malice and deadly intent and then turned and slowly walked out of the darkened room, shoes not making even a bit of sound as He passed but there came the sound of a dark laugh in the distance and then somewhere there could be heard a whooshing of a door being sealed from the inside. Malik had to see to other things for a bit, and went to check on Skyya, appearing outside her door and placing a soft knock twice on it's surface. "Jessliskyya. It is I, Malik."
  20. sScarletRibbonSs  Jacoby honestly didn't know how this would play out, even when his sister called the man Voivode. She was the one that played titles to a T especially in the Quarter and inner city, it was her training to be the full Regent. Not him. Once he said that he had nicked the man with one of his blades, just great well no backing down. This was his fucking House. His fucking Domain, and Mr Sucky Sucky could get over it. His eyes would barely change as the room darkened, so he was demonic, not entirely fucking surprised. Another hybrid. This misfits would have a fucking field day. The muscles of his neck tightening when the lights would shatter or short out; the shadows moving out and surrounding his frame. Jacoby calling on his own magic which was warped from the powerful magick of the man. Moving to shift out of the room and to safety, he would be unable to do so, as Malik's shadows would snake about him, wrenching his arms back and out of socket pulling a slight growl from him then he could see no more, nor make any noise. Good thing he had excellent fucking hearing, the bastard. He could feel as he was transferred out of the House, and dropped somewheres, once the tendrils allowed him his sight he was bound, and he could feel that all kinds of magic was bound and sealed off from him. The shackles making him snarl at the fucking blood sucker, he couldn't stand or sit fully upright, staying down on his butt, his emerald glaring fiercely at the man. Then his voice was taken, and pain... pain beyond anything he had been dealth with was felt from the three fractures in both of his legs- lower, knee, and uppper- SON OF AFUCKING WHORE BITCH. Slamming his fist down, he would pull in deep breathes knowing he couldn't scream or say a word. Oh he was going to kill this bastard.................................Meanwhile Skyya had been livid when his brother sent her through the portal. She was the only one that could Malik from going right the fuck off on her brother. But no, stupid twit had to be all grr against the CREEPY ASS FUCKING TZIMISCE. Tossing her bag down on the bed, she would pace, her nerves getting the best of her, hell she was sealed off from going back to the Quarter Mage House. Odd, her brother wouldn't do that.... fuck fuck. 'Malik, don't kill him.' She would whisper at the shadows hoping the Grandsire of her big brother Ceal would hear and listen... though there was no guarantee there wouldn't be torture involved. Hotheaded fucking idiot brother of hers. Jumping at the sound of the knocking on her door, she would calm at the sound of the Voivode. Opening the door quickly, she would bow her head slightly. "You didn't kill him? Please Voivode, my brother is an idiot, but I don't want him dead." She would whisper slightly, her nerves obviously in her voice knowing to always stay respectful to the man in front of herbut knowing he would always value her input as well.
  22. MalfurionXXI  "No, you would have felt it if I had killed him. He is in a measure of pain at the moment, but he is breathing." He paused momentarily then listed off the things he had done. "First of all, he's lucky to even be alive at the moment. He dared to prevent Me from fulfilling an obligation between Me and My Heir, your packmate. Then, he insult Me and to My face, and to top it all off after he sent you here he even dared to hit Me with a bladed weapon." Skyya would know that Malik could have easily ducked it but that was the thing with Malik, He was fuckin' unpredictable and very cunning. "The only reason I was there was as stated, to see to it that no harm came to you and to keep you in My sight. He broke that, and for that there must be concequences. Aside from that," He continued in a darker tone, "He was somehow powerful enough to expell the demon Kodurca from his body while being only human, and a mage at that. There is something about your family, Jessliskyya. I must know what it is." He told her seriously, those darker tendencies of His that were normally hidding away out of sight behind a very elaborate mask of nobility was visible this night. "And now he knows what I really am, which is not good at all. Let's just hope I can keep him quiet." He sighed. "He did push buttons, so I pushed back. I have more rule over him than he realizes simply because of who I am, and he needs to be brought down a few notches." He finally looked to Sky and blinked, the demonic look of His eyes fading away for once. Pale crystal blue eyes gazed at her. "I cannot promise that he'll be okay, but he'll be in one piece." He moved into the room past her and sat down. "Come, sit. Your packmates are fine. My sister is looking after them." Malik spoke again and the blackened orbs of His returned one He sat down.
  24. sScarletRibbonSs  Sky was slightly thankful that Malik didn't duck the question, he had that right fully and she had no grounds to stand on in his territory. Blinking in shock that her brother would be that stupid throw blades at kindred, let alone the Ancient Tzimisce that she feared to piss off. Malik had been following through on a job, a personal job of Ceal to make sure she was kept safe. Rubbing at her hands, trying to get rid of the blood again, angain her nerves obviously when he spoke of the reasons he was interested in her brother.Her family was notoriously of being able to do things that would cripple most if not kill them... pretty much why her mother banned the demonic deals and her brother brought it back. It was thier bloodline, closing her eyes she just hoped her brother wouldn't be stupid enough to deny the Viovode the information he wanted. Seeing his pale blue eyes caused a shiver to run up her spine, he did scare her even though she knew she was safe for sure. Following him into the room, she would sit down carefully, thankful for the black sheets even though the blood was dry by now. ...... Jacoby was sitting in pain, unable to move or heal, knocking his head against the side of the cell. Just fucking great. This bastard wanted to know how he did it, not his fault his family was built for this, and he was the silvertongue devil of demon bargaining. Plus... heh....Nivran.  
  26. MalfurionXXI  Malik couldn't help but smile as He listened to the Mage's thoughts down below in His dungeon, but kept His focus on Sky for now, noticing the blood had dried into her clothing and frowning momentarily. "Hm, let's get you cleaned up and dressed. I'll have Noemi come and help you get out of those clothes." He looked concerned for a moment, glancing away as He delivered orders telepathically then looked back at her again. "I thought that only Malik's bloodline could deal with demons this way." The way He said it in the third person like that was very strange and uncharacteristic of Him entirely. "Perhaps I was wrong. But regardless, there is a debt to pay and he will pay for it one way or another." He rose and went to the door to let Noemi in, the young kindred Tzimisce who was just a few years older than Skyya was. She bowed her beautiful head and slipped past Malik and went to Skyya's side, crooning soft, soothing words to the young Daeva and helping put her at ease. "See to it that she gets those serums she needs. I shall return promptly." He had something - or rather someone - that he needed to see first. Once outside the door to the room with Skyya Malik went straight to His inner sanctum where He could communicate with His sister. And no, that wasn't Kaileera. Sehliae's voice in Mal's head was curious and concerned as well when He had completed telling him of these events. "I see the patterns as well, brother." Neither of them actually said much as most of their communication was processed as true thoughts and images and feelings a whole lot faster than mere words. He nodded and then sighed. "Well, it's not without merit. I could try and force the issue, see what transpires afterwards. I just don't want what happened in the past to repeat itself." Mal caught a soft sigh from Sehliae in His mind and agreed entirely. "Failure is not an option. I will let you know if I need your assistance." He gave her parting goodbye and sat for a few long minutes thinking and pouring over the information in His mind.
  28. sScarletRibbonSs  Sky would blink slightly surprised at the caring nature of the Tzimisce Voivode. Her eyes jumping to him as he spoke of his bloodline in the third person, dropping her head as she stayed silent on the matter. She was no longer Mage, and Regent only by title and respect of her family lineage. Shivering when the woman came into the room, helping her move to the bathroom and shower, disposing of the bloodied clothes and boots before she could even get into the blistering hot shower. Once alone, she would sit underneath the waterfall, watching the water turn brow for sometime then finally clear. Her mind locked in on the blood she digested from Nivran feeling the link to her brother become stronger and more powerful. 'Jay, you have to be careful. Malik knows its the bloodline.' the response from her brother was immediate and full of anger plus pain. 'I will deal with it. Stay safe and out of it.' At that she would withdraw, making herself move and get out wrapped in a towel before getting dressed in the clothes Noemi left for her on the counter. Thankful to feel normal in clean loose pants and top, her fiery mane running down her back in braids she went back in the bedroom. The woman was still there tidying up, before she would help Sky get all the serums out and prepared, Sky finally explaining she would have to make certain ones but thank you for the help. Once alone again, the little Daeva would refocus on the serums, creating some of the strong ones to help with partial magicks and restabilization. ..... Jacoby had been slightly surprised at his sister's ability to use the sibling bond that not even Malik could break, or perhaps it was a trap and the bastard wanted him to use it and listen in. Luckily, darling little sister knew when to shut the fuck up. Hissing in his mind from the pain, he hated being able to not heal up, trying to roll his shoulders to pop them back into place having to bite back nausea with each movement. This was going to be a long fucking night. Cursed his own bloodline for piquing the interest of the fucking Tzimisice lord of his sister's pack. His emerald were bright with anger as he would stare off into space almost succeeding in detaching himself mentally from the physical trauma he was already dealing with.
  30. MalfurionXXI  Malik stood and rolled up the sleeves on His dark shirt, whispering a few chants and releasing a few of the tendrils that took form for a brief moment and then went off to find their target. First, a cold wind would somehow blow through the entire dungeon leaving only one or two candles still lit and an eerie feeling could be felt at the back of the neck as if being watched really closely without being seen. The dark tendrils had traveled through the darkest shadows to come to rest right along the arms of Jacoby, crawling and scratching at his skin as if trying to find a place to curl up for a nap. What hurt more was when they entered his bloodstream through the knicks and cuts the shadows made along His arms. Then they burned themselves into his flesh, searing white-hot pain through the marks they made like red welts from a whip even and then the remaining shadow went up to the back of Jacoby's neck and swirled around it burning a brand into both sides of his neck and marking him with the black inverted triangle design. And as the searing hot pain would come the burns on his arms marked him pretty well from wrist to elbows and then around his neck with bright stripes of seared flesh. -"Don't worry, you will tell Me what I want, Jacoby Alexander Malinna. Fight if you must, but I will have what I want."- His telepathic message ended at that and then the black tendrils vanished from Jacoby and returned to Malik's arm, He smiling with delight at the information they had given him on his blood. The next message was similar, no return feed, just a basic message and then no more connection. -"Mmmm, and your little sister is right about the bloodline. I believe that it may even be more potent than Mine was to begin with."- Once again breaking the telepathic connection to Jacoby Malik stood and walked through the shadows to Skys door and once again knocked twice. "Sky, it is I." Malik had always been very proper in this way, with a very strict sense of privacy, even for a Tzimisce. It was because of His upbringing, and then His embrace to one of the oldest Tzimisce He knew about aside from the progenitor himself the Antediluvian named after the bloodline. But now Malik was closer than ever to having the information He sought and He could almost see that thread weaving ahead of where He looked. "Are you dressed?" He asked, another age-old courtesy but it also was more Malik Himself that was that way where the other version of Mal, the demon part, was very cut and dry and only upheld the simplest of privacies. He being an ancient demon god in His own right and having melded with his counterpart in this world who had yet to even really tap into His full potential.
  32. sScarletRibbonSs  Jacoby had just finally stopped another round of nausea when he fet the cold wind blow through the dungeon and about his cell. Jumpig with a silent snarl as the tendrils moved about his arms, struggling against the pain on his arms from his dislocated shoulders when the burning sensation would start on the limbs as if he was being cut and fed upon. Tossing his head back, he would punch at the cell bars trying to keep his focus, him pulling in deep breaths when the Tzimisce called them back to his form, and his arm. His eyes full of anger and annoyance at the old blood sucker. He wanted to throw everything at the fucker now. The pain would continue to bother him for a few hours. 'You can know all you want, but guess what fucker, I will not tell you.' He snarled mentally his sister growling at him trying to keep him slightly in line, scoffing for a moment as the pain would return again. ..... Sky had just finished with one of the serums when she heard the knock again, slipping out of the chair, she opened the door, bowing her head in respect again. "Dressed and working on the serums, thank you kindly Viovode." She murmured softly, as she stood back lettigng him come in if he chose to. Moving back to her desk, she would toss back one of the tubes, her trembling slightly as she could feel the magic to the runics on her back return to full stretch. Her purposely keeping her mind not on her bloodline, she knew she had people to keep safe, finally facing him. "Thank you for the hospitality, you are as always, a wonderful host Sir."
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