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DOWNLOAD Allen Carr's Easyweigh to Lose Weight by Allen Carr

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  1. DOWNLOAD Allen Carr's Easyweigh to Lose Weight by Allen Carr (PDF)
  3. TITLE: Allen Carr's Easyweigh to Lose Weight
  4. Author: Allen Carr
  5. PDF format: 224 pages
  6. Publisher: Penguin Books, Limited (UK); First edition (September 1, 2006)
  7. Language: English
  9. Description:
  10. Lose weight without dieting, calorie - counting or using will-power. It's true! Allen Carr's eating plan allows you to enjoy eating, savour flavours and lose wight. You can: eat your favourite foods; follow your natural instincts; avoid guilt and remorse; enjoy the flavours of fresh foods; do away with digestive ailments; and learn to re-educate your tastes. Let your appetite be your guide Allen Carr's easy way to stop smoking has helped millions of smokers to quit. Now he turns his logical, common-sense approach to food. There are no dos of dont's, only principles to follow that will lead to healthier eating, greater well-being and permanent weight loss.
  12. About the author:
  13. Allen Carr was an accountant and smoked 100 cigarettes a day until he gave up and wrote this bestselling book. He has built a hugely successful network of stop-smoking clinics across the world and is the author of "The Only Way to Stop Smoking," "How to Stop Your Child Smoking," "The Easy Way to Enjoy Flying" and "The Easyweigh to Lose Weight." In 2004 Allen published his bestselling autobiography "Packing It In" (Michael Joseph). He was diagnosed with lung cancer in the summer of 2006 and died in November of the same year. It seems likely that the years he spent curing smokers in smoke-filled sessions at his clinics must have contributed to this illness, but Allen Carr remained positive; 'Given that I am informed that I have cured at least 10 million smokers on a conservative estimation, it's a price worth paying.'
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