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  1.     The soft pitter patter of bare feet on smooth granite was all that could be heard late at night in the Estate Manor, Raine stalking through the halls as quietly as she could. She was thankful she was in human form, the lack of clicking from her claws on the ground a godsend as she desperately wanted to stay under the radar of Rose’s ironically fox-like ears. It was another late night visit to Red, and even though her aunt was painfully aware of what was going on behind closed doors, that didn’t mean she wanted to get caught again, especially with what she had planned tonight.
  3.     She had the route memorized and reached his room quickly, hastily opening the grand door. The sound of blades ringing and torn cotton met her, Red’s back turned as he hacked away at his training dummy. She had never seen the thing before, but with the power of Trace’s magical house it wasn’t a surprise that it was possible. His target, however, wasn’t her main focus. The soldier was shirtless, his muscular form all she could see.
  5.     Rippling muscles flexed with every swing and rebound as sweat dripped down his frame, each strike fluid and quick. The blade sung, clanging as it was especially honed, each impact making it ring louder. He grunted and yelled, not limiting his practice to just his blade. He grappled, kicked and punched the dummy with his pommel, unknowingly showing off his entire arsenal. His moves were practiced and expertly pulled off, each thrust, cut and slash making quick work of the wood and fabric that was his target. It was mesmerizing, having Raine transfixed as she was happy he was on her side.
  7.     She was nearly drooling, his toned back a feast for her eyes as he worked away, and she had to admit his grunts were making her blush from rememberance. The scar on his shoulder had healed well, barely noticeable to anyone besides her. Every glimpse of his arms made her melt, the flexing muscle making her crave a hug from him. Though, hopefully tonight she would earn that hug.
  9.     With a crazed yell he kicked, snapping the dummy at the base and let it fall unceremoniously over in a cloud of dust. He panted, raised his arms above his head in celebration of a good workout, before sheathing his sword in its scabbard on his hip. He wiped his brow, turned around with a satisfied sigh, and nearly jumped out of his skin in surprise, eyes widened with fear. His sword was back out in a split second. Raine looked at him confused, until she noticed the white muzzle hovering in her field of vision. It was her turn for shock, not at all realizing she had transformed at some point during her staring, until just now.
  11.     His crazed glare became complacent in a second when he realized it was just her, the white coat a dead giveaway. He tossed his weapon over his shoulder and attempted a jovical whistle as it clattered waywardly in the corner, acting as if nothing was wrong.
  13.     “H-Hey, R-Raine!” he stammered, “Didn’t hear you come in, glad you could make it!” He peered over his shoulder at the damningly Keidran shaped dummy and tried to kick it away out of her view. “H-How are you doing tonight?”
  15.     Raine was petrified, but not out of fear. Her plans were ruined, the entire reason she had come to his room now completely out of the question. She shook her head and put on her best smile.
  17.     “Great!” she lied, trying to hide her wolven form, “I… was in the area and thought to stop by and say hello… so, uh, hello.”
  19.     He chuckled, still nervous and trying to block the eviscerated target from her view. “Oh! Sick! Well, hey, I guess.”
  21.     “So… yeah. I see you were just working out, don’t stop on my account! I should be going now.” She suddenly said, and whipped around to reach for the handle.
  23.     “Wait!” Red said, grabbing her furred shoulder. He realized the volume of his voice before continuing, “I mean, wait. Raine I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to go crazy like that, you scared me and it’s just, uh, habit.”
  25.     She gave him a quizzical look, “Wh-what?”
  27.     He was dumbfounded. “Wait, I… didn’t offend you? For like, nearly cutting you in half.”
  29.     “No?” she looked at him in her now undersized robe, “Why would I be offended?”
  31.     Red quickly looked over his shoulder at the crudely drawn wolf face he had been hacking at for an hour. “No reason.”
  33.     “Well, if that’s all you wanted to say, then I really should be going, it’s l-late and all, haha.” She tried to play it off cool, but it didn’t work at all.
  35.     Red wasn’t the brightest when it came to emotions, but he could tell something was up. “Raine, what’s wrong?”
  37.     She bit her lip, eyes meeting the floor as her tail went between her legs. “I wanted to… do something with you tonight but now,” she gestured to herself, “I’m like this.”
  39.     “Hey, hey, hey,” he gave her a reassuring look, “I have absolutely zero issues with this side of you. I thought we went over that last time.”
  41.     “Y-yeah,” she sniffled, “I know that, and it’s really sweet of you, but…”
  43.     Concern filled him as she trailed off. “But what? If it’s about the bite on the shoulder, that’s no sweat, really! It was actually kinda hot.”
  45.     She chuckled quietly but her mood didn’t change, “N-No, it’s not that. It’s just…”
  47.     His ears perked, watching her intently.
  49.     “I really wanted to… do something with my mouth. For you this time.” She looked up at him guiltily.
  51.     Realization hit him like a brick. “Oh.”
  53.     “See!” she moped, “This stupid body ruined my entire plan! I was gonna surprise you with it, or something, like from one of my books, but now there’s no chance.”
  55.     He watched as she buried her face in her hands, not sure what to do. He did his best not to stare at her muzzle, but he couldn't help it. A shiver of fear went up his back at the thought, however seeing Raine get so torn up made him feel so horribly guilty. He sighed, placing a hand on her shoulder.
  57.     "Hey," he grinned, "Who says we can't do that?"
  59.     She looked up, misty eyed and bewildered. "H-huh?"
  61.     "I mean, if we're gonna you know, like, date," he started, "I gotta get used to you being like this on a moment's notice. Plus it might be easier for you since you know…" He motioned with his hands, palms a few inches apart before putting them in front of his face.
  63.     Raine blushed as she caught his meaning.
  65.     "Plus," he smirked, "I've never gotten head from a wolf girl before. Seems like fun."
  67.     Despite his headstrong words he was secretly terrified. There were two parts of wolves he feared the most: the claws and the jaws. He’d suffered a few scratches and bites that were far less innocent than Raine’s, and despite his best efforts, hers still hurt. He had never dreamed of letting a Keidran get close to him in general, let alone with their muzzle near his junk. But seeing Raine’s sad face and drooped ears made his heart ache despite his personal horror of wolven fangs, and besides, what’s the worst that could happen?
  69.     Raine visibly perked up, despite her slightly misty eyes. “A-Are you sure?”
  71.     “Sure I’m sure,” Red laughed. His nerves relaxed as he saw her smile, the light coming back in her bright yellow eyes. He had to admit this form was really, really cute, the pristine white fur almost alluring as her light grey curls flowed in a soft mane. The more he looked at the muzzle the more appealing it seemed.
  73.     Awkward seconds ticked by as the two stood there, both not sure how to escalate the situation now that it was brought back down. Red scratched the back of his head.
  75.     “So, uh…” He looked at the ceiling. “Do you wanna…”
  77.     “Oh!” Raine’s eyes widened, jumping as she realized it was her play. “Yeah, yeah. Right.” Scenes played through her head while she walked forward, chuckling nervously as she stood up to him eye to eye. She gulped and got on her knees, shaky fingers fumbling with his belt.
  79.     Red sighed as his pants became looser, his body realizing what was next. Raine’s blush grew as a bump greeted her before she secured her hands in his waistband. Her eyes were locked with his heart patterned boxers as she slowly lowered them, revealing what lay below his adonis belt. He flopped out and bumped her nose, already at full mast while Raine sat and stared. Seeing him fully erect was just as hot as the first time, her eyes following it with every bob and twitch. The smell was killer on her newly sensitive nose, the combination of sweat and his natural, musky scent nearly making her drool. She had to admit she was slightly intimidated, not at all sure how to start as all of her smut novels quickly fell from her brain.
  81.     A quiet gasp left Red as she wrapped her fingers around him, and a shudder traveled up his spine when she gave him a testing lick. It didn’t take long for him to reward her efforts, dripping out some pre-emptive lust. Her nose wrinkled, the taste of him and his excitement odd and not at all what she expected. It wasn’t bad, however, in fact as her palate settled she decided to try again, capturing his head in another wet lap. His knees buckled, nerves under attack. Her tongue felt better than any human he had ever tried. It was unbelievably soft and thick, able to wrap itself around his length incredibly well as if it could grab him. Raine keyed into his reactions, slowing figuring out what he liked and what he didn’t. Each lick grew more confident, painting his member with thick slobber wherever her tongue touched it.
  83.     The wolf panted, tongue slightly tired when she drew back. Red had obviously enjoyed it, his own breaths heavy as he watched her. She didn’t expect to have so much fun, but between the tastes and the human’s reactions it was exhilarating. It was nice returning the favor and seeing him gasp and sputter, the sounds of his moans making her want to do more. She looked up at him, and his glazed and lidded eyes stared back. Then she went for a new technique, taking his head past her lips.
  85.     Red buckled and his hands instinctively went for the back of her head. He managed to stop himself, hands frozen an inch above her ears as he oh so desperately wanted to give her ‘assistance’. He was stuck watching as she suckled gently on his tip, groaning at the oven warm maw and loving tongue. Her yellow eyes closed as she focused solely on that member. It felt weird in her mouth, oddly bulbous and adding strain on her jaw, but she pushed through anyway. Opening her mouth further she pushed forward another inch, figuring out how to fit this new thing in her muzzle.
  87.     The human’s eyes crossed, tense hands starting to relax as Raine moved more and more. She had started to bob her head, making strides in her ability that made Red’s head spin. He had fit perfectly between her fangs, and even though he tried to ignore the fear it was still there. Every once in a while he would graze past a smooth canine tooth, the feeling absolutely unnerving but somehow incredibly arousing. Danger would grip his nerves before pleasure overrode it, eventually the two melding into one. His contingency fell apart, realizing now that this muzzle was something he’d start to welcome.
  89.     Raine breathed heavily through her nose, infatuated with the abuse her comparatively sensitive wolven senses were suffering. The tastes and smells felt unbelievably enhanced, and were completely and totally “Red”. The scent of his sweat had always managed to get her at least a little bit excited anytime the two were together lately, but this was totally different, as a whole different smell dominated her nose. It wasn’t completely alien, having caught it when they first fooled around, but now it was downright overpowering. A haze fell over her crossed eyes, and she hadn’t even realized that she had caught her stride, making her way halfway down his member as if it were nothing. She slurped and sucked, pressing her tongue as hard as she could against the bottom of his cock while her lips bounded up and down it. She just wanted more, already addicted to the taste.
  91.     “H-Holy shit,” Red gasped, almost in disbelief. It was unprecedented, absolutely and totally. When he thought of receiving a first blowjob he had subconsciously cringed, knowing how humans could be very awkward anytime they do anything lewd for the first time, but Raine was somehow a natural. It took every ounce of his willpower to not just start thrusting outright, his hands still debating whether they should grab her ears or to stay uninvolved. His hips had already started to hinge, leaning over her slightly as pleasure wrecked his posture.
  93.     His eyes opened suddenly as his cock bumped against the back of her throat, the feeling incredible on his sensitive glands. “Ah, Raine!” he hissed, balling his hands into fists.
  95.     The wolf snapped out of her lusty daze, concern filling her as she pulled herself off of him quickly and abused his haywire nerves even further. “S-Sorry!” she panted, ears drooping, “Did- Did I hurt you?”
  97.     “Wha-?” he looked at her quizzically, “No, no, no, of course not, I just didn’t expect you to, uh, be so good.”
  99.     “Oh!” She blushed. “Well, hah, sorry for stopping then!” She eyed his twitching cock again, eager to start up again.
  101.     “It’s no issue,” he laughed, catching his breath, “I wouldn’t have lasted that long if you didn’t stop anyway.”
  103.     “Hehe,” Raine gave him a lick, swirling her tongue around his head, giggling as he groaned. “Oh, and you can, um, grab my ears if you want to. I-I don’t mind.” With that she went back to it, giving his head a loving kiss before securing her lips around it. He followed her words immediately, fastening his fingers on her soft ears, which would’ve made her chuckle if she weren’t hosting such a hearty mouthful. In no time she went back to her previous gait, teasing his head against the back of her throat, much to his glee. Pleasure soared through him as she had her fun, both parties enjoying their current position. Her eyes screwed shut in concentration, tears forming in them as she pushed just a bit too far. Remembering Maren’s advice she shoved her thumb into her fist before going back at it again, and miraculously it worked, though the feeling was still weird.
  105.     She was almost to his base, and she wanted it badly. The grip on her ears made her all the more into it, being another facet for her to feel Red’s enjoyment. His moans were music enough, and the feeling of him twitching and spasming against her tongue only egged her on, especially if she ever caught a reward of his salty taste on the retreat. That hunger reared its head again, and she intended to sate it. Pulling back, she made sure her thumb was nice and tucked before pushing all the way forward.
  107.     Red nearly came the second he slipped into her throat, and that feeling only grew when more of him did. Her cold nose was flush against his smooth belly, tongue poking out a bit against his sack as her eyes crossed. Heavy drops dripped into her stomach, and the grip on her ears grew tighter.
  109.     “Oh, o-oh, holy fuck,” he moaned, “Oh, Gods... Raine.” He was on a knife's edge as he ground himself on her snout, pulling her even further flush. He didn’t want it to end as bliss made itself known along every inch of his nervous system. Never in his life had he hilted in a muzzle, but now he could see how much of a fool he was for never trying it. That thick and warm tongue, and silky soft mouth seemed to milk him, and he couldn’t even describe how well her throat felt. The temptation to start thrusting, no matter how small, took him, but for now he just wanted to enjoy being balls deep in the wolf girl’s mouth.
  111.     Despite all his lingering, his grip on her ears eventually failed and she was allowed to pull back. She had been running low on breath, not that she really minded, but now she had a new goal in mind. Effortlessly she went from tip to base, earning copious amounts of grunts and pre from Red as she did so. Her free hand tenderly took hold of his remaining manhood, squeezing his sack while her mouth worked. The fluffy digits drove him even further mad as they experimented on their own right, bouncing and grabbing randomly.
  113.     He held her ears again the next time she took him to the hilt, lingering there for a second as he looked down breathlessly. “Is…” he trailed off in a sigh, “Is it okay if I start thrusting? I’m pretty close.” She stared back up with yellow eyes as if to say ‘Go ahead’. He smiled, relishing the fit for a moment before starting up his hips.
  115.     He worked an inch at a time, softly pulling back before returning right back to her lips. Groaning, he picked up some speed, but still went about it carefully, only taking himself back a few inches before going back to the comforts of her throat. His mouth hung open, savoring every second he could and grinding his hips on her snout whenever they met. That feeling returned between his gentle thrusts and her squeezing paw, but this time he wanted to pursue it.
  117.     Raine could feel it too, already figuring out his telltale signs. He twitched dangerously and stiffened even further, his thrusts carrying just the slightest more force. She broke from his grip, and bobbed her head again. She went faster than she had been the entire night, catching him by surprise and exciting a heavy load of pre in anticipation from him. He tried to let out a warning but was interrupted by a tremendous moan, instead opting to help her with none-too-gentle guidance from his hands.
  119.     It didn’t take long for him to burst, letting out a heavy groan and squeezing her ears. He caught her on the uptake, filling her mouth with his lust out of the blue. She had wanted to suddenly take him to the hilt again, like she had read in one of her books, but was woefully overwhelmed as he drowned her tongue in his salty taste. She swallowed as best she could but he was relentless, flooding her poor mouth with too much to handle. She was forced to pull back, coughing and sputtering as the last remnants of his orgasm landed happily on her face, staining the fur a different shade of white. She gasped for breath, the sticky mess in her throat making the task a little difficult as he still twitched and pumped out more, showing her how much he enjoyed her mouth.
  121.     The ropes on her face were warm at first, but quickly turned cool as they sank into her fur. She watched while on her knees, Red’s satisfied face making her smile as she caught her breath.  He still held onto her ears as the last of his finale dripped onto the floor, his own grunts and groans drowning out her soft pants as they filled the room. He was in a daze, Raine a white smudge in his field of vision as he slowly recovered. Pleasure still addled his nerves, making him shudder as his body leisurely regained its lucidity.
  123.     He looked down at her, still slightly loopy as a smile made its home on his face. She returned the gesture, licking her lips before speaking. “I hope you liked that.”
  125.     A chuckle left him and he shook his head. “Raine you’re amazing.” He released her ears and beckoned for her to stand up. “And now for the best part.” She squeaked as she was suddenly taken into a kiss. It wasn’t heated, or needy, in fact it was soft and sweet, his tongue dancing with hers before he pulled away.
  127.     Before they knew it they found themselves snuggling on the bed, both without their clothes but only so they could get as close as they could to one another. Red was doing most of the snuggling, getting lost in her fur as he hugged and embraced her.
  129.     “I think I’m getting used to this body of yours,” he sighed, closing his eyes, “You’re so soft.”
  131.     She smiled, hearing him admit it doing wonders for her anxious mind. “It’s good for one thing at least,” she giggled, “You made that pretty obvious.”
  133.     “Well yeah,” he said, before rubbing his cheek against her chest, “That and your tits are really, really nice with all that fur on them.”
  135.     She snorted and blushed, but still enjoyed the compliment. She looked down at him, the mess still covering her face. Half of her wanted to go and clean up, but the other enjoyed the new look, mainly due to it being Red’s handiwork.
  137.     “We should do this more often,” she thought aloud.
  139.     “I’m all for getting more head like that,” he joked, bringing his head up hers. Chuckling at her blush, he kissed her again before saying, “And yeah, this snuggling is really nice. We should ask Trace if we could get the Honeymoon Suite when he’s done with it.”
  141.     Her white fur hid most of the rosiness of her face, but it still betrayed it on her cheeks. Her tail wagged against the sheets as Red yawned and rested his head against her, quickly starting to fall asleep. She kissed his forehead and rested her snout on the top of his head, humming softly. Snores came from the human and Raine chuckled quietly, enjoying the feeling of his arms wrapped around her. She closed her eyes and relaxed into him, sleep catching up to her just as it had to Red.
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