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  1. AIM IM with deanhrg83@mac.com5/26/10 7:29 PM
  2. whuts up with deisy
  3. 7:32 PM
  4. idk remember when we wer going up the stairs down the ramp and u said did u see deisys status on fb its so funny because.....?
  5. oooh
  6. no it said "im so pissed"
  7. i no y
  8. because miles was talkin to deisy about her and louise tying eachothers pubes together and other shi
  9. t
  10. huh?? and whos louise
  11. ???????
  12. a spanish dfude
  13. they wer touching eachothers ubes and tying them like knots
  14. ?
  15. no he was fucking around and harrasing deisy
  16. and what
  17. allot more
  18. tying his pubes
  19. yeah
  20. ew
  21. they werent actually doing that
  22. miles just said they did
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