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  1. Okay so I **used to** have:
  3. Q - floor
  5. E - wall
  7. Mouse Button 1 - stairs
  9. Mouse Button 2 (far thumb button) - roof (cone)
  11. F - edit
  13. Now, I've been using it for well over 1.5 years. The thing is that I noticed that it's pretty awkward and uncomfortable when I have to press stairs+cone (or vice versa). I press the first thumb button with the [middle of the thumb]( and the upper one, normally, so it's kind of awkward. I'd also have trouble ramping up with cone+floor after each ramp. It'd also get messy and not work out.
  15. That is why I've decided to switch up a few days ago and only leave one of them on the mouse (and preferably MB2, seeing this one I press normally), and move the other to the keyboard.
  17. I decided that I best leave the stairs on the ramp, moved it to MB2 (the farther thumb button, where the cone used to be), and tried to find a new home for the cone.
  19. I can't for the life of me bring myself to use thumb for it, so I couldn't use C/V, unless I used my index finger. however, in that case, it would be too far apart from E (which I also press with my index, obviously), so it was a no go. I also couldn't use L shift, despite it being ideal (currently I use it to crouch), because as I said, my floor is Q, and then using my ring finger in great succession with the pinky is not too comfortable and quick for me, they don't seem to work together all too well. That is why I've decided to place my cone on R, and move reload to C. Yes, I'd be using my index finger for 2 build buttons, but I'm quick enough with the index to the point that I don't think it'd be that big a deal...
  21. I've ended up with:
  23. Q - floor
  25. E - wall
  27. Mouse Button 1 - nothing (so far)
  29. Mouse Button 2 (far thumb button) - stairs
  31. R - cone
  33. F - edit
  35. It's been a few days and I still have troubles getting used to it (as expected), I'm a complete fucking bot now, but I'm tryna push through the struggle because I know it will pay off on the longer term.
  37. HOWEVER, I just realized that there might be another way to go about it. As I said, I couldn't use L shift because my pinky doesn't work too well with the ring finger (and you often have to build floor+cones at the same time), so I figured, why not swap the places of my wall (E) and floor (Q) to as follows, and then when I would have to build cone+floor, it'd be index+pinky, and not ring+pinky, and then I'll be able to use L shift as cone, as follows:
  39. Q - wall
  41. E - floor
  43. Mouse Button 1 - nothing (so far)
  45. Mouse Button 2 (far thumb button) - stairs
  47. R - (back to reload/rotate normally)
  49. L Shift - cone (and crouch with L Ctrl, I guess)
  51. F - edit
  53. And that's it. I really need your guys's advice, because if I do opt to go for the last build, I'm still going to struggle (obviously my R will go back to normal, but my floor and wall binds will be switched and it will be a bitch to get used to), but if it's worth it and on paper (seeing how it has every single building on a different finger, which is the optimal way to go about it), better than the previous build (with R as cone), I think it's going to be worth it.
  55. What would you guys do and why?
  57. Thanks!
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