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Bloodborne any% Route Notes

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  1. Bloodborne Any% Current Patch (1.09) & No Quit Out Route Notes
  3.     -Iosefka's Clinic-
  4. 1. Create a new character with the "Military Veteran" Class
  5. 2. After waking up on the surgery cot, make your way outside the of the clinic while equipping the Hunter's Mark
  6.     (Optional) Pick up the 2 Blood Vials before the exit
  7. 3. After leaving the Clinic Courtyard, take a right and activate the ladder
  8. 4. Pick up the 2 Blood Vials next to the lever and pick up the 6 Molotov Cocktails located behind the boxes
  9.     (Optional) Pick up the 4 Blood Vials right outside the Clinic Gates
  10. 5. Go up the ladder, activate the lamp, and warp to the Hunter's Dream
  12.     -Hunter's Dream-
  13. 6. Pick up the Saw Cleaver and the Hunter's Pistol
  14. 7. Use the Hunter's Mark to return to Central Yharnam
  15.     (Optional) Use the bottom-most tombstone to warp back to Central Yharnam
  17.     -Central Yharnam-
  18. 8. From the Central Yharnam Lamp, take a right and run and find yourself headed towards the large court yard
  19. 9. Equip your weapon as you're running or find a safe place to do so
  20. 10. Pick up the 4 Molotov Cocktails from behind the burning beast corpse
  21. 11. Pick up the 2 Blood Vials after the large courtyard of enemies and break the coffins to find a way to the Sewer Area
  22. 12. Preform Sewer Skip
  23.     * Video 1 by Nemz38: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-fqx7caKbA
  24.     (Optional) Run Through the Sewer and take the first ladder before the pig in the tunnel
  25. 13. Continue across the bridge and make your way to the Boss Fog
  26.     (Optional) Pick up the 2 Bold Hunter's Marks in-front of the two beasts before the fog
  27. 14. Kill Father Gascoigne
  28.     * Items Used: 2-10 Bullets, 4-5 Molotov Cocktails (No more than 6)
  29. 15. Open the gate, go up the ladder, and enter Cathedral Ward
  31.     -Cathedral Ward-
  32. 16. Light the Cathedral Ward lamp and immediately head left out into a courtyard
  33. 17. Pick up the Hunter's Set on the right of the area, and the Blood Vials near the tombstone on the left
  34.     (Optional) Equip the Top Hat for added poison resist
  35. 18. Continue running, dodge the dogs, open the door, and make your way to Alfred
  36. 19. Accept the 3 Fire Paper's from Alfred and leave him
  37. 20. Run back up and activate the lever to move the structure to reveal the way to Old Yharnam
  38. 21. Pick up the 1 Madman's Knowledge before dropping down
  39. 22. Follow the path down to Old Yharnam
  40. 23. Pick up the 3 Pungent Blood Cocktails on the right of the lamp when you reach it (it's under some vases)
  41.     (Optional) Light the lamp for if you miss the Old Yharnam Skip
  42. 24. Open the door to Old Yharnam and continue to the Old Yharnam Skip
  43.     (Optional) Kill the Wondering Nightmare to the right of the wooden door for 3 Blood Stone Shards
  44.     (Optional) Pick up the 6 Blood Vials to the left of the Bridge
  46.     -Old Yharnam-
  47. 25. Perform the Old Yharnam Skip
  48.     * Video 1 by Distortion2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNhEUpbSuE0
  49.     * Video 2 by gamerfan8 JVC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZM6iH9AOdAQ
  50. 26. Pick up the 6 Beast Blood Pellets to the left after the bridge
  51. 27. Pick up the 2 Bold Hunter's Marks before Bloodstarved Beast
  52. 28. Kill the Wandering Nightmare (w/ Molotov) on the stairs leading down to BSB for 3 Blood Stone Shards (If you didn't get 3 earlier)
  53. 29. Kill Bloodstarved Beast
  54.     Video by Ahady: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14PUbA3d0Ks
  55.     (Optional) Only use a maximum of 2 Pungent Blood Cocktails if possible. You'll need an extra for later in the run
  56.     * Items Used: 1 Beast Blood Pellet, 1 Fire Paper, 2 Pungent Cocktails
  57. 30. Use a Bold Hunter's Mark to warp back to Cathedral Ward after killing Bloodstarved Beast
  59.     -Cathedral Ward-
  60. 31. After arriving at the Cathedral Ward lamp, go through the door on the right and get on the elevator
  61. 32. Equip the rest of the Hunter's Set on the elevator
  63.     -Healing Church Workshop-
  64. 33. Take the path left of the tower and drop down
  65. 34. Drop down to the door that leads to the Abandoned Hunter's Workshop
  66.     (Optional) Enter the Abandoned Workshop and pick up the Doll Set / Cord
  67. 35. Heal Twice before dropping down a second time to the ground level and open the door next to the beast
  68. 36. Take a left down the alley way, dodging the crows, dogs, and butchers to make it to the elevator
  69. 37. Heal twice on the elevator and use the Madman's Knowledge
  70.     (Optional) Attempt to dupe the Madman's Knowledge once
  71. 38. Pick up the Thick Coldblood (6) at the top of the elevator and drop down
  73.     -Cathedral Ward-
  74. 39. Continue right, up the stairs, and pick up the stack of Bloodvials on the right
  75. 40. Enter Vicar Amelia's Boss Room
  76. 41. Kill Vicar Amelia
  77.     * Items Used: 1 Beast Blood Pellet, 1 Fire Paper
  78.     * Video 1 by qttsix: http://www.twitch.tv/qttsix/v/34266803
  79.     * Video 2 by qttsix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5F9wXwp9w58
  80. 42. Use the Thick Coldblood (6) after killing Amelia and activate the Laurence's Skull
  81. 43. Run out of the Grand Cathedral, down the steps, past the giant and enemies, and activate the lever on the left to open the gate
  82. 44. If you didn't get the dupe on the elevator, pick up 1 Madman's Knowledge located a a corpse on the way. The area is littered with
  83.          them, so just pick one
  84. 45. Hug towards the right of the rotunda and enter the pathway next to the sleeping Church Giant
  85. 46. Take a sharp right, run behind the Brainsucker, and pick up 2 Twin Blood Stone Shards behind the wooden coffins
  86. 47. Run the opposite way, down a some stairs and pick up the Tempering Blood Gemstone (2) in front of the alter
  87. 48. Run down the curved stairs, down a second the second set of stairs, and talk to the NPC at the door to open it
  88.     (Optional) Talk to the deceased body behind the door to obtain 1 extra Madman's Knowledge
  90.     -Forbidden Woods-
  91. 49. Drop down the stairs, through the archway, and drop down the cliff straight ahead
  92. 50. Pick up the 1 Twin Blood Stone Shard near the stump after the drop
  93. 51. Run down the hill, past the beast, and and use the lamp to the Hunter's Dream
  94.     * You should have exactly 13-14 Insight depending on what strategies you have done
  96.     -Hunter's Dream-
  97. 52. Buy 13 Blood Stone Shards from the Insight Shop
  98.     (Optional) Buy 1 Pungent Blood Cocktail if you have 14+ Insight
  99. 53. Level up Saw Cleaver to +4 and slot the blood gem
  100. 54. Level up to 12 VIT and 25 STR
  101. 55. Use the Second Tombstone to warp back to Forbidden Woods
  103.     -Forbidden Woods-
  104. 56. Cross the bridge and hug the right wall, past the beast enemy
  105. 57. Drop down after the beast and use a Molotov to kill the Wandering Nightmare for 3 Twin Blood Stone Shards
  106. 58. Perform the Forbidden Woods Skip/OoB
  107.     * Video 1 by Tsheevrit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ur67uWPcrWQ
  108. 59. Drop down and break through the boxes on the right to continue on
  109.     (Optional) Break the boxes on the left for a stack of 6 Blood Vials
  110. 60. Continue up the hill and enter the closest hut to the cannon
  111. 61. Dodge the beast enemy and pick up the 6 Beast Blood Pellets
  112. 62. Enter the Windmill and hug the right wall to immediately find the exit
  113. 63. Run across the bridge and dodge the snake man
  114.     (Optional) Activate the elevator back to the beginning lamp
  115. 64. Continue through the forest as normal (follow the left path).
  116. 65. When you see a large Snake Cluster, run to the left of it and drop down near a second one
  117. 66. Pick up the two stacks of Twin Blood Stone Shard. 1 & 3 near the giant snake cluster
  118. 67. Continue down to the Shadows of Yharnam Boss fight
  119.     (Optional) Kill the Pig for extra Blood Vials
  120. 68. Kill Shadows of Yharnam
  121.     * Items Used: 1 Beast Blood Pellet
  122. 69. Run into Byrgenwerth
  123.     (Optional) Light the lamp for safety
  125.     -Byrgenwerth-
  127. 70. Perform The Lunarium Key Skip
  128.     * Video 1 by ThisHEX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ul10PvB3Dk
  129.     (Optional) Run around the building to find the open doorway
  130.     (Optional) Open the gate for a shortcut
  131.     (Optional) Kill yourself or use a Bold Hunter's Mark to try to Lunarium Key Skip
  132.     (Optional) Run into the Lunarium, dodge the Garden of Eyes and the Hunter and make it up the ladder
  133.     (Optional) Pick up the Lunarium Key and drop down the ladder and open the door
  134.     (Optional) Talk to Willem for an extra 2 Insight
  135. 71. Kill Rom the Vacuous Spider
  136.     * Items Used: 1-2 Beast Blood Pellets, 1 Fire Paper
  137.     * Video 1 by Muzi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ua1Q0mNLZQ
  138. 72. After killing Rom and being warped by the Queen, continue forward to Yahar'gul
  139.     (Optional) Light the first lamp of Yahar'gul
  141.     -Yahar'gul, Unseen Village-
  142. 73. From the lamp, drop down on the right and pick up 1 Blood Stone Chunk
  143. 74. Go down the stairs closest to the Chunk and perform the Yahar'gul Skip
  144.     * Video 1 by ThisHEX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yBYDge5-2c
  145.     * Video 2 by Muzi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fbq-UMuHdds
  146. 75. Heal up to full and pick up the 2 Blood Stone Chunks in front of the carriage (watch out for the enemy that pops out)
  147. 76. Turn around and hug the right wall to find another Cramped Coffin guarding two items
  148. 77. Pick up the 5 Bolt Papers & 2 Blood Stone Chunks behind the Cramped Coffin
  149. 78. Continue running down the street, past the enemies and items that you'll see along the way
  150. 79. Hug the right wall once you've past the large iron gate with the three items in front of it, you'll find a small room
  151. 80. Pick up the Tempering Damp Blood Gem (5) that is being guarded by the Nightmare Wolf
  152.     (Optional) Use a Blood Cocktail to lure the wolf away from the item for an easy pick up
  153. 81. Equip the Bolt Papers
  154. 82. Continue running down the street, dodging the Cramped Coffin's Blood Spear attack by running in a wide, horizontal path
  155. 83. Use a Bolt Paper and Beast Blood Pellet before entering the fight
  156. 84. Kill One Reborn
  157.     * Items Used: 1 Beast Blood Pellet, 1 Bolt Paper
  158. 85. Use the Kin Coldblood from Rom, and continue forward to the Lecture Building
  160.     -Lecture Building-
  161. 86. Run through the Lecture Building hallway and open the door to the Nightmare of Mensis
  163.     -Nightmare of Mensis-
  164. 87. Throw your last Pungent Block Cocktail to distract the Loran Silver Beast as you run by
  165. 88. Kill the Wandering Nightmare with your remaining Molotov Cocktails for 3 Blood Stone Chunks
  166. 89. Hug the right wall and light the lamp on your immediate right
  167. 90. Warp back to the Hunter's Dream
  168. 91. Buy 6 Twin Blood Stone Shard from the Insight Shop
  169.     (Optional) Buy 1 Pungent Blood Cocktail if you had 13+ Insight
  170. 92. Level your Saw Cleaver to +8 and slot the second gem in the second slot
  171. 93. Level up to 16 VIT and 30 SKILL
  172.     * Your final stats should be 16+ VIT, 25 STR, 25 SKILL
  173. 94. Use the top Tombstone to warp back to the Nightmare of Mensis
  174. 95. Run across the bridge, through the rock throwing enemies, and up to the large metal door
  175.     (Optional) Use a Pungent Blood Cocktail to distract the Loran Silver Beasts as you pick up the 8 Blood Vials / Run By
  176. 96. Make your way through all the enemies leading up to the Micolash fight
  177.     (Optional) Pick up the extra Beast Blood Pellet behind the panels after the NPC Hunter
  178.     (Optional) Pick up the 2 Blue Elixers to the right of the first staircase
  179. 97. Kill Micolash
  180.     * Items Used: 2 Beast Blood Pellets, 2 Bolt Papers
  181.     (Optional) Pick up the Stack of 6 Blood Vials on the staircase on the way to Micolash's second phase
  182. 98. After the bridge descends, run across it and out the archway on the left of the lamp
  183.     (Optional) Light the lamp for safety
  185.     -Mergo's Loft-
  186. 99. Run past the Shadows of Yharnam and the Nightmare Pigs on the way to Mergo's Wet Nurse
  187.     (Optional) Use a Blue Elixer to make it past the enemies unseed
  188.     (Optional) Use the path on the left to bypass all the enemies without fear of dying (Peach Path)
  189. 100. Enter the elevator opposite of the Queen to make it to the Wet Nurse boss arena
  190. 101. Kill Mergo's Wet Nurse
  191.     * Items Used: 1 Beast Blood Pellet, 1-2 Bolt Papers
  192. 102. Use the Lamp back to the Hunter's Dream after defeating her
  194.     -Hunter's Dream-
  195. 103. Run through the flower garden now that it is opened and make your way to Gehrman
  196. 104. Choose the "Submit Your Life" option when given the prompt (or mash X)
  197. 105. Die
  199. 106. DONE
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