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  1. Channel Code of Conduct, Draft 1
  2. This Draft is a product of the copy/pasted Server Code of Conduct used as a template. Some wording may be similar or unchanged.
  4. All attendants and occupants are expected to follow these rules to the best of their abilities.
  5. Involving yourself with this channel automatically assumes you have read, understood, agree with and will abide by the rules detailed in this paste.
  6. This includes regulars, visitors, Moderators and Administrators.
  7. This does *not* include Administrators, Global Moderators, Staff and similar, as they are above any jurisdiction and control exhibited in this channel.
  8. This Channel Code of Conduct serves as your first, final and only warning.
  10. Prevention: No fun allowed:
  11. Do you find any amount of these rules to be too strict? Unable to stretch around out of fear you may trip a wire? Afraid of getting on a Moderator's bad side? Afraid of getting on a community's watch list? Just plain afraid? Tell us! Explain what rule(s) you believe deserve some attention, what you personally believe needs to be added, changed or removed! Just remember: The base set of rules cannot be changed due to specific vulnerabilities which would rise, vulnerabilities we are attempting to prevent.
  13. Notice: Rules incomplete and subject to change.
  15. Asylum Seekers are not to be immediately targeted or assaulted, they are to be treated and must act as fairly as everyone else within the server. This also applies to Known Infiltrators; just because they have been confirmed to be seeking information outside of the server does not mean they must be ostracized.
  16. Known Infiltrators will be labeled specifically to prevent them from being added into the Spying section of the server and to warn people not to even *whisper* them information that could potentially be taken outside of the server, ruining everything. Otherwise, please treat them as you would treat everyone else within the server.
  18. Anti-Bully/Anti-Harassment/Anti-Zero-Tolerance policy:
  19. Any and all forms of bullying and harassment will be met with an immediate, indefinite, irreversible, ban.
  20. Ignoring/blocking people is encouraged, but if they have threatened you in any way before such a point, please report this to security.
  21. You may create (Sub-)Communities in which you would find comfort. Do not create gangs. Do not harass other (Sub-)Communities.
  22. At the same time, being a Lone Wolf is completely fine.
  24. No spamming, trolling in excess, flaming or harassing.
  25. No bending or breaking rules, and no technicalities, either.
  26. No immaturity. In video games, minimize it.
  27. - No Politics, Religion, controversy, gossip, rumors or Hate Speech.
  28. - No Violence, including Blood and Gore. Some vulgarity is allowed, but not in excess.
  29. - No Drugs, including alcohol, tobacco and nicotine.
  30. Nothing NSFW (Not Safe For Work) or NSFL (Not Safe For Life).
  31. If you ask for help, be as specific as feasible.
  33. Spying
  34. If you were banned from a channel, tough luck.
  35. - Unless it doesn't make sense, no breaking the same rules that led to this point. Kappa and it's variants are fine.
  36. - Bringing people here to talk about the channel more comfortably is fine. Not *too* many people, though.
  37. If you were banned from an entire site (Twitch, Mixer, Youtube, etc.), or if you are a Known Fugitive, you will not be allowed in, since that would count as Ban Evasion.
  39. What you cannot speak to me about, specifically due to controversy:
  40. Speedrunning ineptitude/history
  41. Poor community standing/history
  42. Refusal to *join* communities, as a result
  44. What you cannot ask me to do:
  45. Enter any specific room you know or believe I am whispering users out of. Whether I am banned or not is your guess.
  46. Join races in SpeedRunsLive
  47. Join group rooms for any purpose
  48. Participate in group events, unless confirmed safe
  50. If you happen to be a specific member of a (sub-)community, entering this room risks being discovered by Leaders.
  51. You do not want them to find out you are involved with me in some way.
  52. If you are a member of a (sub-)sommunity, whispering is highly advised. Otherwise, entering the room should be generally safe, just keep an eye peeled and a foot through the door.
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