Celestia Greentexts: Don't Tell Me I'm Pretty

Feb 22nd, 2015
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  1. "No, I mean it Celestia, you are the prettiest pony in Equestria."
  2. >"Anonymous, you're too kind," the sunhorse tells you shyly behind a reddening face.
  3. "What, you don't like being told you're pretty?"
  4. >"I've received praise for so much in my lifetime, Anonymous. It's hard for me to accept kind words like that."
  5. "You don't blush like that when you're told you're a good leader."
  6. >"O-oh, uh-"
  7. "Are you called pretty that often?"
  8. >"...yes."
  9. "So how come you're so shy about it? I mean, judging by how you're acting, I'd say your face should be turning violet, not red."
  10. >The crimson on her face spreads a little more, and she shrinks back.
  11. >"I just don't think I'm very attractive is all, Anonymous. When I get told I am, well..."
  12. "You get real cutsie and shy. See, you're just making it better for yourself, too!"
  13. >She looks away, still hot-faced.
  14. >"I can't be that pretty," she squeaks.
  15. "Oh come on, you're the most gorgeous, youthful looking princess out there!"
  16. >"R-really?"
  17. "Yeah, I mean look at you! Your eyes are the nicest shade of pink I've ever seen! And just look at your delicate frame! You're the perfect shape: curvy, but thin."
  18. >She looks her body over as you talk, taking note of your observations.
  19. >You gently take her cheeks in your hand and bring her face to yours.
  20. "Your face might as well have been chiseled by a master artist. You've got the most alluring face I've ever seen."
  21. >A blush once again spreads across her face.
  22. >You tickle her chin with your index finger and continue.
  23. "And your voice? Man, it's as sweet and soothing as milk and honey. I could sleep soundly if you sang me a lullaby."
  24. >She begins to smile at your praise and giggles.
  25. >"You're just saying that."
  26. "Not at all. I mean every word I've said."
  27. >Her forehooves curl together and she wears a shy smile.
  28. >"I...oh..."
  29. >She practically melts into your arms, hugging you.
  30. >"Thank you, Anonymous."
  31. "Anytime, princess," you say, hugging her back.
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