Greentext anonfilly. Rule 63 Fancy Pants. Occult Facade

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  2. Number 37, Rule 63 Fancy Pants.
  3. >Holy Shit. The richest, most influential pony just walked in to adopt the strangest, most interesting pony in to the orphanarium.
  4. >Judging by the looks and directions everyo- everypony is recommending me.
  5. >A sacrifice for the bored god.
  6. >Glee is on their faces. I can't tell if it's because they won't be picked or if it means I'll leave.
  7. >Possibly the kindness in pony hearts and minds?
  8. >Negatives first.
  9. >Rejecting the offer might mean annoying The Most Influential Pony, besides the princesses, and her followers. Earth has taught me one thing pissing those in power off can make life alot harder than it needs to be. I hope we won.
  10. >I might be a trophy to show off. A rare collectable.
  11. >I may have to mingle with nobles. No matter how stupid they are.
  12. >I would probably be in the spotlight.
  13. >Reporters, and Paparazzi all the time.
  14. >Could possibly be a pedophile. Better me than an innocent pony I suppose.
  15. >Might be even worse. Haven't actually seen the statistics here in Horsey Land.
  16. >Extremely unrealistic expectations of me.
  17. >Her peers would try to also adopt foals. May Celestia, and Luna help those kids.
  18. >Positives.
  19. >Fortune, and influence. All the power could be mine! Mwahaha.
  20. >Possibly private school or individual tutors. No slog through the public school system. No offense pony land.
  21. >She wanted the strangest one so I might be as weird as I want.
  22. >I could learn Magic. Earth pony magic, but real magic none the less.
  23. >I could test the magic stuff from Earth.
  24. >Excellent Meals.
  25. >I might be able to eat steak. Could cows talk here?
  26. >And a r- oh she's here.
  27. >"You are Anonymous, yes?"
  28. "I am, ma'am."
  29. >"Good, your peers say you are an adult male alien inside a filly. That interests me. I am sure you won't disappoint in interesting conversation."
  30. >Okay, I didn't think they would remember the rant I did for that first week.
  31. >She readjusted her monocle.
  32. >"You would deter some seeking my hoof in marriage, be more self-sufficient than other foals, assure my clients is in good hooves if anything happens, a possible mentor and guide if I actually have foals of my own, and more regular meetings with the princesses."
  33. >"In return you will have a home, with many luxuries. An education on almost anything you desire. A place to be yourself. Most things in this world within reach."
  34. "What should I call you Lady Pants?"
  35. >"Whatever you want, when not in a formal setting as long as I don't disagree to it. Mother, in formal meetings."
  36. >This may be a faustian bargain.
  37. >I shake her hoof.
  38. "Where do we start Mother?"
  39. >"Saying goodbye before hoof is in order."
  41. ........
  43. >It's Mother's Day. Being adopted three days ago did not help with the planning.
  44. >The most jarring thing is how genuine Fancy Pants is.
  45. >Like seriously what the fuck.
  46. >She has hope, and pride in her city to be a shining beacon for all of Equestria so others to obtain the highest standard. Like her triple crown cutie mark or her posh voice.
  47. >Then there is me.
  48. >The plan, She want's interesting things, meeting the princesses more often, and a filly for a cover story.
  49. >She has one rule though. Something that is difficult for me to do.
  50. >"Be yourself."
  51. >I can act like a filly, and do a cutesy Mother's Day card. She has a knowing look though when someone is putting on a mask.
  52. >I'm here in my new room, ploting, the sun hasn't risen yet. As the door is openingā€¦
  53. >The door is opening?
  54. >Fancy Pants, is here in full pajama wear.
  55. >"Anonymous you're awake, that is most excellent."
  56. "Good morning, Fancy, what's up?"
  57. >"Rustic diction, I like it. We have a meeting with princess Celestia. I have to notify her about the change in plans, I'm sure she would love to see you. Since this ought to be a private meeting, I have an inkling you will be great friends. We must make haste, the help will be in here in three minutes to have you prepared. I will be by the door."
  58. >She left.
  59. >Who needs plans anyway. Now I have to be man handled by butlers and maids to look presentable. They do a good job though. The words of being such a good filly as they stroke me is fucking weird though.
  60. >With a brush. For the fur, and mane.
  61. >In the shower, washed, dried, groomed, fluffed, slicked, dressed, and by the door. In under five minutes.
  62. >No matter how weird it is they are professionals at what they do.
  63. >"Anonymous, you're here good. We may be right on time to join her majesty for breakfast and tea."
  64. "So, Fanc- Mother, what should I expect?"
  65. >"A pony who has seen a little too much, but keeps going every day."
  66. >That's not ominous at all.
  67. >The Castle is looming ahead.
  68. >The guards quickly let us in.
  69. >"So you understand Anonymous, I'm sorry for what may happen."
  70. >Okay what the fuck.
  71. >And the door opened.
  73. >Princess Celestia, in the flesh no crown, or shoes. In a bedroom, sitting by a table with a kettle and three tea cups with saucers. A single candle lighting the room.
  74. >All this setting needs now is some blood and a few squiggly lines with circles and it would look like a cult ritual.
  75. >"Daughter, Pants, you have arrived with your new daughter."
  76. >The voice full of warm sunshine, chilled to an almost eldritch quality.
  77. >"I have returned, Mother, this daughter of mine, goes by the name Anonymous. Partake as you wish."
  78. >Oh, Fuck.
  79. >Celestia opens her equine mouth.
  80. >"Anonymous, like the others. How delightful. I do enjoy a good challenge. Son of man, Daughter of harmony come closer and speak to me your name."
  81. >Fuckity fuck. I trot closer.
  82. "I am known by many names, I can be called the son of my right hand as reliable as my staff, a victor of stone people, a saint of gifts. Righteous Staff is a good name."
  83. >She just smiled. Dazzling with horrific light.
  84. >"Daughter Pants, you always bring the best gifts. I will enjoy this one very much."
  85. >"Mother, I have much to discuss, about the plans."
  86. >Celestia smirks, "Anonymous, do stay there, I would be most displeased if you were to leave."
  87. >This better be a prank in poor taste.
  88. >They talk about the nobles, the other races pony and otherwise, about the future.
  89. >The door opens, shocking us all.
  91. >"Sister? Where is theā€¦ Sister what are you doing."
  92. >"Luna, I cam explain."
  93. >Huzza! I might get out of this unscathed.
  94. >"A mare, and filly in your 'hidden' bedroom lit by a single candle. I'm sure you have a good explanation why I wasn't invited."
  95. >"Sister, you know I wouldn't start without you. I haven't for a thousand years."
  96. >Well, fuck.
  97. >"This is, Daughter Pants, and the filly is Anonymous, or Righteous Staff."
  98. >They all sit at the table sipping quietly.
  99. >"Daughter Pants, your sacrifice is immeasurable, may the Sun"
  100. >"And Moon"
  101. >"Be your Mothers. You may leave."
  102. >Fancy Pants, bows and exits without a word.
  103. >I wonder if I'll get out of this alive.
  104. >"Sister, you take the back and I'll take the front like old times?"
  105. >There is nothing in the room, I could use. They put the damned tea sets away.
  106. >"Luna, that sounds wonderful. Mother will be most pleased."
  107. >Magical chains grip my being. I'm a puppet with strings.
  108. >They move me to the bed.
  109. >"Anonymous, it pains me to say that your vist to Equestria has been cut so short. I really do think we could have been friends, but family comes first."
  110. >They cast spells on each other and me. I'm not even sure what they cast.
  111. >"You said this, filly was a male of a different species, right sister?"
  112. >"Well, young, yet old and experienced, with a talent in magic even if it is out of this world. She fits the criteria."
  113. >This has gone from bad to worse.
  114. "Do I get a last meal or something?"
  115. >"Hmmm, no."
  118. ...........
  120. >My day has gone from hopefully good, to ruinously bad.
  121. >"Celestia, move her a bit closer to the head rest would you?"
  122. >Glideing to the top of the bed, I'm raised in the air.
  123. >"Quite a shame how you lost your manhood, Luna always liked the twigs."
  124. >Well, on the bright side I'm losing my V card sooner than my last life. Might as well do my best to ruin their day when the time is right.
  125. >The door opened. Yet again shocking everyone in the room.
  127. >It's Fancy Pants!
  128. >With a strapon.
  129. >"Mothers I couldn't just leave without helping any in way. It just wouldn't sit right with me."
  130. >"Of coarse daughter, prepare me."
  131. >Fancy Pants, hands her the toy, and prepares herself, by stripping.
  132. >That's actually kinda hot. Damn it all, I didn't want another fetish before I died.
  133. >Fancy gingerly, but expertly, licks Celestia's clit with an enchanting grace.
  134. >Luna licks my forehead, and whispers.
  135. >"You'll break like others have before you."
  136. >Slowly she swirls downard not quite reaching my virgin genitals, just out of reach.
  137. >"Oh! Fancy you are quite good. You can fuck my sister, as we eat your daughter."
  138. >Celestia, now on the bed boops her snoot to my rump. Her horn glowing brightly as a minty freshness fills my mouth, everywhere tingles slightly.
  139. >Fancy still attached to Celestia's pussy, lines her feminine hips to Luna.
  140. "Oh! Fuck!
  141. >The sisters plunging into my depths, with no foreplay. Tongueing my special filly place, and anus.
  142. >"Mother of ancient darkness, and beyond primal light accept our offering!"
  143. >Somehow they are still able to speak clearly.
  144. >Woah! The tongues slithering deeper and deeper, trying to find something. Thrashing.
  145. >Fancy's thrusting is becoming more violent, more chaotic. Sending vibrations through the horse tongues, helping the pleasurable search.
  146. >Ow! Fuck! Son of bitch. The moon whore is jabbing my cervix. Celestia isā€¦ wrapping my insides around my cooter, giving Luna the internal equivalent of a hand and blow job.
  147. >I can feel her t- tongue combing my stomach. No area left unmolested.
  148. >Something, happened to Luna as she just reached the innermost chamber. The tongues stopped vibrating.
  149. >I heard the squeak of the bed, then a sickening thud. Out of the corner of my eye Fancy Pants lay still neck and spine with too many twists and bends.
  150. >Sun cunt's tongue still growing, still stroking, eached my mouth.
  151. >They started getting more violent, not finding what they wanted.
  152. >"Oh! MOTHER, of the Night! We bring you this offering! Devour, Consume, Enjoy this Foal!"
  153. >Sun bitch's tongue explored ever inch. The only place left was outside my mouth.
  154. >Moon dyke, finished probing my left ovary, and is prodding the right one.
  155. >Celetia's tongue flapped wildly in front of my eyes.
  156. >I bit down with all my filly strength.
  157. >"AHHH! YOU CUNT!"
  158. >They both thrashed my insides as though bones and physics didn't matter.
  159. >The Door Opens once more.
  161. >"Creatures of nightmare you shall perish! For your transgressions!"
  162. >Another Luna? Nightmare?!
  163. >Is this my mind? This is a damned, fucking dream. A nightmare!
  164. >This is MY MIND.
  165. >THEY ARE IN MY MIND! They have entered the realm of an enraged god.
  166. >The roof splintered into prime fractals as the infinite stary eyes gazes into their soul.
  167. >I Judged Them.
  168. >The intruders shuddered as they realised how baddly they fucked up.
  169. >The apparently real Luna blasted them into nothingness. Aw, how merciful.
  170. >"How are you feeling? Did they say anything?"
  171. "Something about a Mother of ancient darkess. Well, since your here princess. Oh, right could you invite Fancy Pants to a dinner or something, for Mother's day."
  172. >The princess of Dreams and I a human turned filly chatted for a while. Remembering Earth, and the sights.
  173. >Luna crafted times of old, things she missed.
  174. >We both mourned togther, of things lost.
  176. >Soaked in sweat, I bolted upright. Well, damn I actually remembered that dream.
  177. >I should actually have a plan for a Mother's day present, but first writing down that lucid dream.
  178. >I take a nice shower in the big bathroom. Real, Equestrian magic is awesome.
  179. >Here in my new room, plotting, the sun hasn't risen yet.
  180. >Doesn't Luna actually check dreams? I should at somepoint try to convince Fancy Pants to let me talk to her about that dream.
  181. >The sun, creeps across the window.
  182. >A knocking on the door catches my attention.
  183. >"Anonymous, are you awake?
  184. >She sounds giddy.
  185. "Goodmorning, Fancy Pants. You can come in if you want?"
  186. >Fancy Pants is half prancing inside as soon as I finish.
  187. >"Anonymous, Princess Luna personally invited both of us to the castle for breakfast! She said it was your idea for a mother's day gift. Thank you!"
  188. "I still need to breath."
  189. "Fancy, I seriously can't breath!"
  190. >"Sorry, I just haven't been personally called for by Princess Luna. Thank you!"
  191. "I thought you ran companies or something?"
  192. >"I do that too, but the main this I do is walk around Canterlot. Sometimes the princesses have requests for me too."
  193. >Hold on. That means her job is to be a mascot for Canterlot.
  194. >"We have to get ready."
  195. "Alright. Happy Mother's day, Fancy Pants."
  197. .........
  199. >I have to say bring near the princess is bringing up some of the lewd things that happened in the nightmare also an urge to always be armed.
  200. >Being a foal doesn't help when the princess tells your parent the reason, she has a cool present is because someone diddled the filly.
  201. "I'm fine. It's not like it's the worst thing that's happened in my mind."
  202. >"Anonymous, anon, I- y- my conscious would not sit right with me just letting my daughter-"
  203. >I slightly twitch. Hmm, that's a problem.
  204. >"be ravaged by a terrible creature as she says it's just fine. This absolutely is not fine! It's a miracle the princess came when she did. I'm glad she eradicated that thing. Princess Luna, if you could have done something worse to it I-"
  205. >Oh, this is serious.
  206. >"Fancy Pants, you must calm down slightly."
  207. >"Oh- buck it all. I know I ought to keep my temper, but the thing just raped her! I may have not known Anon for all that long, but she is kin and holds a special place in my heart."
  208. >I did not expect to have those feels. Her horn is sparkling furiously.
  209. >"Fancy, We have in our long time as princess seen horrific acts done. We have a strong intuition that this is just a start of a resurgence of foes, new and old. We are depending on you more than ever. You have to be alert, and do what you do best."
  210. >I'm glad this is a fairly bright room really changes the tone of the cultt rapey tea party. Looking out of the window thw sun is shining. A little bit wavey, like how a horn glows.
  211. "Look out the window. Does it look strange to you?"
  212. >Luna turns. Fancy Pants is ready to blast a bitch.
  213. >A brick breaks the window, and Fancy Pants obliterates the red solid. A fast moving spell is shot into the room.
  214. >It hits me.
  215. >"Anon are you okay?"
  216. >I look down at my hooves, and I love me so much. I don't want stop loving me. I love me, I need me.
  217. "I'm bucking sexxy."
  218. >Those mares are drooling, over me.
  219. >Understandable.
  220. >"Anonymous, have I ever told you how stunning you look. You outshine the princess of love."
  221. >"I agree Fancy, so delectable. We could just eat her up."
  222. "I could eat me too."
  223. >My eyes are burning, I love myself way too much to make me go through that pain.
  224. >I close my eyes.
  225. >What the damn hell.
  226. "Luna, Fancy you need to close your eyes."
  227. >"Removing my gaze from your perfect figure? I think not. A refreshing eye spell should do the trick. After all this isn't the stareing contest."
  228. >That's not good.
  229. "How about dispelling the spell on me to let my true perfection shine?"
  230. >"Oh! Yes. I unwrap you from all the spells you want."
  231. >A cold a brisk chill settles over me.
  232. >"Fancy Pants."
  233. >"Princess."
  234. >"Did we almost molest, and skin your daughter?"
  235. >"Indeed."
  236. >I finally open my eyes, scissors and sharp pointy objects are scattered across the room. A notebook on how to maximize healthy beautiful skin, and fur growth. Detailed notes and estimates on how long making an entire body suit for both of them would take.
  237. "Oh."
  238. >"This is now part of a classified emergency. I personally will be teaching Anonymous how to use magic like an equestrian. The report for the other princesses will be sent to them as soon as possible."
  239. >"Princess, this has been a shocking day. I would like to go home, but it's safer here with you."
  240. >Following Luna on a path heading to Celestia.
  242. ..........
  244. >Seeing the princess multitask is a bureaucratic force of nature in action.
  246. >There she is sitting on the throne. Listening to a pony talk about yachts.
  247. >"An important matter has just come up. The yacht fund has potential, however the implementation has a few flaws. I look forward to the improved proposal."
  248. >The propaganda at the orphanage didn't quite describe how being near the princesses feel.
  249. >A gentle overpowering presence of the celestial objects personified.
  250. >It could just be the shock of almost being turned into a onesie.
  251. >"Sister, Fancy, and little one let's head somewhere more private."
  252. >She brought us to a janitors closet. So what's the twist? She's opening it.
  253. >It's just a janitors closet, entirely full, there is no way an adult pony could fit in there let alone the princesses.
  254. >Celestia just walked through the back wall. Right, illusions are a thing here.
  255. >Walking in is a bdsm fetish lovers wet dream. It would have looked like a normal dungeon and torture chamber if not for the fact the walls were covered with sex toys.
  256. >Sun butt pulled a lever, the door closing behind us.
  257. >"This is the closest private area. What happened Luna?"
  258. >Damn, that's alot sex toys. They are engraved too.
  259. >Luna, and Fancy are talking from shouting to whispers.
  260. >Red Light District, Floozie Flow, Little Sun, Quick Apple, Baby Batter, Pepper Supreme, Quacking Good Time, and Discord.
  261. >What.
  262. >"Anonymous, you need to get on the examination table to see if the nightmare left a clue."
  263. >There's the step stool. This is actually kinda comfortable.
  264. >A physical examination.
  265. >"This should just take a moment, take a deep breath."
  266. "Fucking cocksuckers!"
  267. >It's like a small fire cracker exploded inside me.
  268. >"Luna get the Clydesdale Cylinder, it's resistant to magic. We're going in."
  269. >Three things I didn't want to hear.
  270. >"Fancy Pants be a dear and get the Slip'n Slides slip in side lube. The big container."
  271. >That thing is big enough the princesses could stick their heads in and turn comfortably. Holy fuck.
  272. "I'm not sure that's going to fit. I mean for fucks sake it's at least thrice as big as I am!"
  273. >"Anonymous, we have a little thing in Equestria known as magic, It's enchanted to easily, and painlessly put objects inside ponies. Very helpful if a toy get's stuck. For actual medical uses, it can be put inside a small incision, to make surgeries less invasive. Or for tough deliveries."
  274. >Less invasive.
  275. >"I will also cast something that will make this easier."
  276. "I would ask for at least a dinner date, before handing away my virginity. I even met your sister and everything."
  277. >"Daughter you can't just hoof over your filly flower for just any pony that says they are a princess or a prince. I know the princess is a good pony though. Princess Luna can you believe how fast they grow up."
  278. >"She already had a life before even being born. They sure do grownup fast."
  279. >An uneasy chuckle.
  280. >"Let's begin."
  282. >Fancy Pants drenched the Clydesdale Cylinder in the lube. Luna is scooping the slippery stuff out. Massaging it on my intact flower.
  283. "That's really cold."
  284. >Celestia is lineing the big thing up. Holy shit, I now know how hentai girls feel like. She touched the tip to my muff.
  285. >"Luna, I need help pushing this in nice and slowly.
  286. >Feeling my body expand without sensation, legs spreading cartoonishly I can't even see them by looking down.
  287. >"Fancy, could you put the protector on my horn and mane. The one that looks like a fuzzy sock and a condom. I have to retrieve it without magic.
  288. >Celestia is crawling inside my cave. Her voice muffled by the muff.
  289. >"I need some light in here to find it!
  290. >As commanded by the sun pony, light touched where it should not. The baby chamber bright enough I could see her outline inside.
  291. >"I found it!"
  292. >Her horn bumping and sliding as she twists into position. She licks and nibbles the soft, tender, and now defiled flesh.
  293. >"Erif gahih Eh gahd id!"
  294. >They pulled Celestia out of my cargo sized cootch.
  295. "Well, what is it?"
  296. >Sliding the Cylinder out I could see what she got out of me.
  298. >Celestia wearing a wool sock on her head. Held a wiggling shadow with a hellish design using her teeth. Both are slicked with fluid, probably the lube.
  299. "What the fuck."
  300. >Spitting the thing into a jar Luna brought. Princess, I'll just use my mouth, Celestia starts to talk.
  301. >"How about you both join us for dinner, and arrangements for the marriage can be discussed then."
  302. >My eyes widen.
  303. >They all burst out laughing. I try to chuckle.
  304. >It doesn't quite reach my eyes.
  306. ...........
  308. >The guest room in the castle is spacious, but most importantly is the TV the perfect way to drown the feeling of imminent doom.
  309. >I might even find out Equestrian social norms.
  311. >I can't be Anonymous anymore.
  312. >So many Anons got adopted. The world is entirely boned.
  313. >An actual name, is there a dictionary in this place?
  315. >Be Fancy Pants.
  316. >It has been, three days since adopting one of those Anonymous fillies. Problems and chaos just seems to follow them.
  317. >I've grown attached to the living paper weight.
  318. >My Daughter was quiet. Just watching, and listening. No mischief, acted like an obedient normal filly.
  319. >Then she gets, molested in her dreams.
  320. >Uses that to get a personal meeting with Princess Luna.
  321. >We almost did terrible things to her, because of that unknown pony.
  322. >Then, we opened her up.
  323. >I don't like admitting this, but that dark desire I thought I stomped out years ago awoke.
  324. >Being under the tin-
  325. >"Hey can you get me a dictionary please?"
  326. "Of course dear."
  327. >"Thanks."
  328. >Just knowing that she used to be an adult stallion eases some of those worries.
  329. >Being the ideal of Canterlot, having some fools exposing their dirty laundry. If the princesses and guards find out before they can do anything is one of the highlights.
  330. >But I'm as dirty as they are. Fleur certainly helps keep the darkness at bay.
  331. "Here's the dictionary Anonymous. What do you need it for?"
  332. >"Just figure I should get a more pony name."
  333. >Oh? I wonder. The TV is on.
  334. "FaƧade sounds like it would fit."
  335. >"It really would."
  337. >"Occult Facade."
  338. >How ominous. Must be hard being seen for who you are.
  340. .......
  342. >>221606 (You)
  343. >Be me.
  344. >Occult Facade. It'll take some getting used to.
  345. >Being on the couch snuggled by Fancy is just alien. The contentment from doing so must be the pony biology, at work. It helps that almost all the things in Equestria is cute.
  346. >Fancy's fur and belly is so soft and squishy. Watching the TV.
  347. >Just bizarre.
  348. >The chances that I'll be in the perfect position to do this again to an innocent pony is slim. Plus she's thinking troubling thoughts.
  349. >The thought police will put a stop that.
  350. >I raise my hoof,and I slam it down with the grace and weightlessness of a feather. I shout my war cry!
  351. "Boop."
  352. >Mission Success. Her scrunched snout, and confused looks are all the pay I'll ever need.
  353. >One more time for the road.
  354. >"Boop."
  355. >She got me I can feel muscles I didn't know I had contracting.
  356. >"Honored Guests. You are invited to dine with the Princesses."
  357. >We look at each other and laugh.
  358. >Walking there I swore I saw a foal in the palace.
  360. >Dinner was excellent the only thing that put me for a loop was that. Princess Celestia adopted a foal.
  361. >We were requested to stay in the guest suite for tonight.
  362. >The suite has one bed.
  364. >"Well Anonym- Occult FaƧade, this has been a memorable Mother's day. Sweet dreams."
  365. "Good night, Fancy Pants, Happy Mother's day."
  366. >Laying on her belly I drift to sleep.
  368. >"Anonymous, wake up. Mommy wants to play!"
  369. >Everything is Neon White. I just know there is something awful behind me.
  370. >"Such a good filly. My daughter marked you as mine."
  371. >It's just words shoved into my skull. This is a dream.
  372. >"You are aware. That makes this more fun. This is not your mind. You are in mine. I will remove your terrible stain from my world. First I will enjoy you, in every way I can."
  373. >Oh, fuckity fuck. The thing can read my mind.
  374. >"Yesss, you monster. I can. Now turn around."
  375. "Counter offer, we talk and sort out our differences that way?"
  376. >"Mud Ape, do not play coy with me. Simply turn around, it will be far less horrific if you disobey."
  377. "Counter counter offer. If you explain why you want to terminate me, I'll consider turning around."
  378. >"You are a blight on my world! An illness, a cancer. You and your ilk bring me farther from my daughters! Your existence is a hindrance to utopia."
  379. "The choices of extremely painful death, and a painless death isn't all that great. So correct me if I'm wrong-"
  380. >"You are wrongness incarnate! Turn now and die!"
  381. >That sounds like a really shitty option. Time to do some magic.
  382. >"Don't defile me and mine and further!"
  383. >Everything is saying don't turn toward the pissed off thingy.
  384. >"A THINGY! I am The Mother of The Darkness beyond Order and Chaos! Feel my wra-"
  385. "Done, I have a little song for you. I shamelessly stole it from Earth. It goes something like this ancient roasty."
  386. >I can feel hairs getting shaved. I stomp my hooves to a shitty beat. Loud and sort of clear in my mind.
  387. "We will, we will rock you!"
  388. >Absolutely livid now.
  389. "We will, we will rock yo- urk"
  390. >I'm grabbed by and turned to face the creature. It couldn't have been primordial.
  391. >"WHAT DID YOU SAY!"
  392. "Gasp- Something had to have come before you."
  393. >"Speak."
  394. "Something must have hit you with the ugly sti-"
  395. >Slamming me to the invisible ground a phallus that looks to be made for pain and suffering rises.
  396. "Wait, please do you know about ancient power of Bofah?"
  397. >Clearly about to snap she inserts words painfully into my mind.
  398. [b]>"What is Bofah?"[/b]
  399. "It's Bofah deeze nuts! AHHHHH!"
  401. >Holy Cheese grater batman. I'm being turned into chunky salsa.
  402. "AHHHHHHHH!"
  403. >I mean it could be worse.
  404. "AHHHHHHHHH!"
  405. >Here, I'm a meta-physical dream construct.
  406. "AHHHHHHHHH!!"
  407. >Clearly, experiencing pain is entirely optional. Is that my spleen? It's going in deeper each time.
  408. >It is. There goes another spleen.
  409. "AHHHHHHHH!!!"
  410. >I'm fairly sure people, or ponies only have one spleen. It's spinning now, how scary.
  411. "AHHHHHHH!!!!"
  412. >"You have brought this upon yourself."
  413. >That hurts to even think about.
  414. "AHHHHHH!!!!!"
  415. >Hey! There goes another one.
  416. "AHHH!!"
  417. >Focus. I mean the things I would have done to the daughter that invaded my mind would have made this look like G rated content.
  418. "AAHHH!!!"
  419. >Seriously, this is amateur hour stuff. It's like you put broken glass in a dildo, and stuck that on a drill. An ape can do that.
  420. "AAAHHH!!!!"
  421. >I need to Focus. I mean you weren't a good Mother.
  422. "AAAAHH!!!!!"
  423. [b]>"I will break you slowly."[/b]
  424. >Your daughters are in the same profession as you. A whore.
  425. "!!!"
  426. >Ow. Have to focus. You aren't even good at this. I as a superior human.
  427. "!!!!"
  428. >Would show them to others, as I would break into their mind.
  429. [b]>"Foolish parasite!"
  430. >"I am not so easily tricked! Despite my daughter's temperament and weak flesh."
  431. >"I AM Mother!"[/b]
  432. >"Pain alone doesn't seem to be working Mother what will we do?"
  433. [b]>"This is what we do."[/b]
  434. >"Really?"
  436. >I woke up. That was not a dream.
  437. >Fancy covered in my sweat slept.
  438. >Trying to get up, I urinated. Well shit.
  439. >"Anonymous? Is that? We have to get clean."
  440. >Fancy Pants, bringing me to the shower with a smile.
  441. >"We have to get clean. Little filly."
  442. >The warm water wicking away the accident.
  443. >"You know what made me feel better after a nightmare?"
  444. "What?"
  445. >"Having fun with my mother. She played with me until I forgot about it all."
  446. "No offense Fancy, I would rather not. Not now. Plus having sex with a foal is illegal."
  447. >I can't open the shower door. Damned glass door won't budge.
  448. >"It's fine Anonymous, We are all adults here."
  449. "Fancy Pants, let me out of here. Please."
  450. >"That reminds me of what I said to my mommy."
  451. >I charged her going to hit the pony equivalent of the solar plexus. I slipped on the soapy tile. Slamming into her legs she fell on me.
  452. >"Ow! You have been a really naughty filly. It's a shame you aren't a unicorn. It's playtime now."
  453. >All of my legs are pinned down. She's heavy. It's a struggle to breath.
  454. "Don't do this. You're better than that."
  455. >"Oh, I am. Just relax."
  457. .......
  459. >>221752 [Spoiler]Changing the spoiler to bold when Mother speaks[/Spoiler]
  460. >This has been a real shitty day.
  461. >"Daughter, the struggle just makes me more moist. Unf."
  462. >Oh, that's not water.
  463. "If you stop. I won't talk about this Fancy."
  464. >"Who will believe you? The princesses? There is a reason why the adoption went through so smoothly. It's time to get clean, Anonymous."
  465. >I can hear a bottle filling up. Fuck this let's see if my rantings on the paranormal actually work. The best outcome is mine!
  466. >"This may sting a little Anonymous."
  467. "Wait, please. Just call me by my pony name once."
  468. >"Oh. Sure. Green Bean prepare for the soapy train."
  469. >What the hell. I could faintly hear cussing.
  470. [b]>"That's the wrong name! Next time decline don't give the thing more information."[/b]
  471. "Ow! You incompetent bitch thats my peehole!"
  472. >"Just take it like a big filly."
  473. >Yelling increases adrenaline, ponies should be close enough to humans the same should apply.
  474. "RAHHHHH!"
  475. >"Stop that."
  476. >I free my right foreleg, and whack above my head. Right where the bitch button should be, the clit.
  477. >"Buck!"
  478. >I see her jump in the air. Falling face first into the tile.
  479. [b]>"Daughter, I trained you better than that."[/b]
  480. >Everything around me seem to be turning a Neon White. Well shit. I'm not awak-
  482. >"Wake up! Anonymous it's the first day of school."
  483. >I know I have a fairly spotty memory, but this is too much.
  484. "I'll be right there at the breakfast table!"
  485. >A quill is at my bed side. I put it in my mouth. Ready.
  486. >I see Fancy there by the stairs waiting.
  487. >"I see your ready for your day at school!"
  488. >I nod my head with a smile. Making sure to wag my tail as well.
  489. >I walk over. My heart is pounding.
  490. >"Are you ready?"
  491. "Yeah."
  492. >I tackle her legs. We crash down the stairs. I think I hear sickening snaps as everything fades to white.
  494. >"Mother! It's not working."
  495. [b]>"The reason is because you are weak. I should have possessed one of my other daughters."[/b]
  496. >I run away through the white void.
  497. >I don't escape.
  499. >"Anon are you okay?"
  500. >I see the broken window, and specks of red dust from the brick that broke it.
  501. >Bolt out of the room.
  502. >"Anonymous wait! We need you! Princess Luna, and I need you!"
  503. >I need to find Luna's room. I should be able to use some voodoo to get in contact with the real Luna.
  504. >"Stay still! We love you!"
  505. >They are hot on my tail.
  506. >I don't know where her room is.
  507. >I circle back to the tea room. I'm going to jump out the window, and hopefully get cut in the process.
  508. >It's at that step of the plan, everything fell apart. I'm not a physically fit foal.
  509. >Instead of making the leap of faith I head butt the wall.
  511. [b]>"Daughter, The door does not open. Your will is much stronger than this ape creature.[/b]
  512. >"Yes! Mother, it's just hard to expect what the cancer is thinking."
  513. [b]>"Enforce your will! You are one of my daughters. The monster will succumb."[/b]
  515. >I'm chained to a wall. The place I'm in is dark.
  516. >I try pulling the chains out. They are obviously old and worn.
  517. >"None of that. Those chains are new, and perfect."
  518. >Hunh, Oh? Ooooh.
  519. "You stupid cult sacrifice. You are trapped in here with me!"
  520. >My voice echoing on every wall.
  521. "And I See You~!"
  522. >Blood is now dripping from the ceiling.
  523. >"Stop, it I- I'm not scared!"
  524. "Your Mother calls me a monster. It's because she fears my power."
  525. [b]>"I do not fea-"[/b]
  526. "She is saying, she doesn't fear me. She lies."
  527. [b]>"The blight is obviously a liar."[/b]
  528. "Tell me your name, daughter. I will be merciful."
  529. >The blood is now glowing a hellish red. It's easy to see the cultist.
  530. >"I- I- I'm not scared. Mother will protect me."
  531. "A Mother that is most displeased with your failures. This is just a convenient way to remove the excess. An Impossible task, she wants you to fail to inspire the others."
  532. >"Tha- That- That's not-"
  533. "Entirely wrong is it? Tell me your name. Does Mother even respect you enough to not just be one of her pawns? I respect you. I know more than I let on."
  534. [b]>"The ape is a liar!"[/b]
  535. "Mother isn't helping you now is she? I for all my immense power am not doing terrible things to you am I?"
  536. >"B- but you said you would do something awful to the others."
  537. "Yes."
  538. [b]>"I told you![/b]
  539. "I would have told them the truth."
  540. >"The truth?"
  541. "Yes, the truth is a terrible, awful thing to know. If you know it though..."
  542. >The blood is pulsing and moving.
  543. >"I ca- can handle it."
  544. "Bond yourself to me! Then I can share the hidden knowledge with you! You may call me Occult FaƧade."
  545. [b]>"Daughter! Don't do it!"[/b]
  546. >I pull myself from the wall, and give the cultist a hug and I whisper.
  547. "What do you say friend?"
  548. >"Friend? But I tried to kill and rape you. I- I- what?"
  549. [b]>"The parasite is a liar!"[/b]
  550. "Is Mother giving you a hug right now?"
  551. >"I- no she isn't. I'm Flakey Crust."
  552. "It's my pleasure Flakey Crust. Will you become mine? All of yourself to me with your mind, body, and soul?"
  553. >I take step back and hold out my hoof.
  554. "Do we have a deal?"
  555. >"I- yes. Yes I will."
  556. >The unicorn mare reaches out and shakes my hoof.
  557. >The faustian bargain complete.
  558. [b]>"NOOOO!"[/b]
  559. >I feel amazing. Such power that tiny fragment, that was attached to Flakey Crust, called 'Mother' contained. It's all mine now.
  560. >I can feel all of Flakey like my own body.
  561. "So This is the power Equestrian Magic can have."
  562. >"What's the truth that you'll tell me?"
  563. "Don't make open ended agreements with beings that might not have your best interest at heart."
  564. >The room changes to an open meadow with a night sky. I Whisper.
  565. "I completely own you Flakey Crust."
  566. >Her eyes widen and starts to shake.
  567. >"Oh."
  568. "Yes, 'oh' indeed."
  569. "Time for business. Did you break the window, and cast the spell? I can just look through your mind, but I want to hear it from you. You matter to me."
  570. >"Y- y- yes I did. Have mercy, please."
  571. "I'm not cruel. Now, tomorrow we are going to the princesses, and my parent to explain the situation."
  572. >"Yes, Mistress."
  573. "No need to call me that. I am sure we will be the very best of friends."
  574. >I rest on the shaking mare.
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