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  1. You were named after 2 of the bravest men i ever knew,
  2. Naruto naruto,
  3. But what about sasuke,
  4. Sasuke gets punched and cries,
  6. The mandalorian, isn’t that beach the powerhouse of the cell,
  8. When you wake up and your teddy bear is on the floor,
  10. Don’t downplay the things that give you joy, if graverobbing is important to you, you can be a professional quality graverobber even if you only do it as a hobby,
  11. Truth,
  13. I’m opening heaven l o l and i am not responsible for whatever falls out,
  15. Pronouncing the, e, at the end of, testosterone, makes it sound like a pasta,
  16. In your orbit, thoughts from the shower, water based introspection, shower thoughts, showery contemplation,
  18. I couldn’t find my headphones and it’s late at night,
  19. Solution, get a stethoscope and put it up to the speaker with the computer on low volume,
  20. If i can’t find my headphones what makes you think i’m going to find a stethoscope just lying around,
  22. Protagonists, protagonists, shove, gome gremlin, shove,
  23. That one’s the favorite, some gremlin,
  24. Every time,
  25. Some gremlin is best,
  26. Some gremlin,
  28. Stop, you are not welcome in the castle, go now or abandon all hope of seeing the sun again, you stop that we have permission to visit this castle, scary mummy sounds, shoo, go away,
  29. Velma was fricking fearless,
  30. Velma, the abyss is gonna be the first one to look away, dinkley,
  32. Archery is just dabbing before you murder somebody,
  34. Puddin, at this point he probably is,
  35. Bruce, seriously, too soon, it’s what the joker would’ve wanted,
  37. Whisper, now that we understand his tragic past, let’s go remind him of it,
  38. My friends planning to hurt their o c s,
  40. You’re not interested, but cheese is what makes life worth living,
  41. You’re right and you should say it,
  43. Lab safety but the teacher just wants you to die,
  44. Lab safety,
  45. 1, drink whatever's in that beaker, i know you fricking want to,
  47. Me putting all my music on shuffle,
  49. oh , no, six armed mercs wearing night vision goggles, whatever will i do, klik,
  50. The sarcasm is astounding, legendary,
  52. Want a slutty costume, dress up as my professors, they barely cover anything important,
  53. We’re gonna need a couple dozen buckets of cold water here,
  55. Do you ever wonder if anyone else in the world is listening to the exact same song as you and on the exact same lyric as you, no, i’m already familiar of the concept of f m radio,
  57. Love adding, e d, to the dumbest crap, love unnecessarily conjugating verbs, popped corn, oranged juice, that corn, popped, the juice, it’s been oranged,
  58. Wakes up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night, cheesed burger,
  60. Damascus was a bad man at the vet and was very bitey so he got put in the lizard straight jacket for his x rays,
  61. Imprisoned for his crimes,
  63. Can you give me a random fact about something,
  64. Brussel sprouts grow like this,
  65. Young me would eat that like corn on the cob,
  66. You’ve grown cowardly in your old age,
  68. Look into the void, the great and terrible thought of nonexistence, and ask yourself if you are worthy of the gifts bestowed upon you,
  69. I call them, existential pranks, and they’re gonna be the next big thing,
  70. I have been informed that this is psychological warfare,
  72. If you’re ever feeling sad just remember that tom hiddleston drew loki and he was so proud of his work that he took a picture of him and the drawing, he looks so pleased with himself, he even name it, loki, by loki,
  74. I have got some rope up here, but i do not think you would accept my help as i am only waiting around to kill you,
  75. That does put a damper on our relationship,
  76. The dialogue in this movie was instrumental in shaping my sense of humor as a child, i swear,
  77. One of the best movie scripts ever,
  79. Dude, it’s like someone chipped a chunk out of a sunset,
  81. I put a heating pad out for the neighborhood cats, i think they like it,
  82. This is so sweet and so good,
  84. Frozen is the first disney movie to deal with sibling relationships and not romance,
  85. Is that an example or a reaction, yes,
  87. My parents just told my nine year old brother that he should call me by my chosen name instead of my birth name, my father said, so, birth name, won’t be said anymore, and his first response was, so like darth vader isn’t called anakin skywalker anymore,
  88. Our chosen names are just out sith names, welcome to the dark side,
  90. Look at niagara falls oh my god,
  91. I love this because it’s like canada is pouring gay into america,
  93. I feel pressure when i have to go to the dentist, it doesn’t take much for me to be overwhelmed,
  94. Did you feel strong pressure when you agreed to embody the legacy of darth vader,
  96. Wii wheel, rock you,
  98. My favorite thing about the spanish harry potter translation is that instead of calling voldemort, the dark lord, they call him, senor tenebroso, which basically means, mr spooky,
  100. Math teacher, clalcullus,
  101. Me, thinking about disappearing into the woods to become a mushroom,
  103. Gothic, abba,
  104. My last 2 brain cells deciding what my style is today,
  106. Whatever soaks your goaks,
  108. New research finds jupiter is flinging asteroids at earth,
  109. T g, yes sir, earth is literally under seige by planet fricking jupiter,
  111. If you give this to your plants, then why do you give this to your children,
  112. Plantkins are right,
  113. Fingolfinnish said, if you fertilize your plants with cow crap, why don’t you rub crap on your fricking kids,
  115. Banished for poop related crimes,
  116. Would you like to file a report,
  117. The thin brown line, experience poop crimes in your communiy, leave an anonymous tip at 3 1 2 2 0 1 9 0 0 0,
  119. Man tells police he stole food truck because he’s a dumb as,
  120. Vibes,
  122. I am a peddler of chubby cat pics,
  123. Pray, show me your wares,
  125. Vibe check, ruins your dream journal,
  127. Ah frick, l o l whoops,
  128. Oh frick, i’ve made an irreversible fatal error,
  129. Aw frick, i can’t believe you’ve done this,
  131. Master wayne,
  132. What is the point in all those pushups when you can’t even lift a bloody log,
  133. Do you even lift mr wayne,
  135. Me at 3 a m lying in bed thinking about juicy human as,
  137. Mr sandman was playing in this gas station and the cashier and i both sang, man me a sand, at the same fricking time without hesitation,
  138. Mr sandman, man me a sand,
  140. Dear sirs, i am young man 21 years olf who want to find a friend in united states of america on 40 to 55 years old, i am very blond with blue eyes and my hobbies are music, theater and ballet, if your magazine can help me with this should i be very grateful, i am a member of the homosexual club in norway, but i still want a friend in the states, i speak german, french, and a little bit english, if there are any chance for it do put my photo in my announce, mr d, nofodden, norway,
  141. This kid was straight up living in 2020 back in the 50’s using one magazine as his personal grindr to find a sugar daddy,
  143. I got a valentine this year,
  144. What cheat code did you use,
  145. Blackmail,
  147. Since the ocean has meat, salt, and veg in it, it is technically a big thing of soup,
  148. But it’s cold,
  149. The ocean is gazpacho,
  151. Steel ball run anime leaked screenshot,
  153. Today i learned in the six week lifespan of one single bee, she will only produce a quarter of a teaspoon of honey,
  154. Only, how much honey can you produce you self aggrandising cunt,
  156. Turn down for what,
  157. The baby is sleeping,
  158. Oh, sorry,
  159. Turn down for what,
  161. He’s got a ham and he’s mewing like a cat, mew,
  162. As one does,
  164. Is it possible to live as a cow,
  165. Yes if you are born as a cow,
  166. Ah, frick,
  168. I ate chef boyardee and began to cry bro that crap was so bad, i had noodles i could have eaten those,
  169. Somewhere a can of chef boyardee just dropped off a store shelf and is now rolling to your house to kill you,
  171. At what point in history do you think americans stopped having british accents,
  172. Actually, americans still have the original british accent, we kept it over time and britain didn’t, what we currently coin as a british accent developed in england during the 19th century among the upper class as a symbol of statue, historians often claim that shakespeare sounds better in an american accent,
  173. What the frickm
  175. Rudolph was the first clown reindeer,
  176. By the time i put you in your coffin you’ll be relieved to finally be there,
  178. Who wants to get married our wedding cake will be this,
  180. Me after doing anything nice for a woman, i have failed you,
  182. These koi are really aggressive, but look at the markings,
  184. I hope this image helps you cope with any problems you may be having,
  186. Suspect with a shooty,
  187. Unlike y’all i get my news from a reliable source,
  189. Me opening the spotify app,
  190. This is where i come to yearn,
  191. Cool,
  193. It’s so funny when someone follows you for a few hours only later on unfollow it’s like being inside a store high as frick with an entire grocery list and ending up not buying anything,
  195. Bevolio, yeah that’s juliet her family is like our sworn enemy,
  196. Romeo’s one brain cell,
  197. Interested,
  199. Dvjdjchhshch,
  200. What does that mean,
  201. Oh it’s like haha,
  202. Bro i hate texting straight people,
  204. Fun story, my grandma lives in a city that was currently taken over by drug dealers and gangs and it’s now divided in two and my grandma is the only citizen in the whole city who can go walking freely through both sides of the town because she used to do community work and feed the poor kids and those gang members were all fed by her so they let her come and go as she wants to, what we learn today is to be fricking nice to kids because you might be dealing with future gang members,
  206. So i see this,
  207. And all i can think is,
  208. Who wanna play dodgeball,
  210. I love this channel this guy just reviews and picks different locks in a very unbiased, low energy way and every time he gets one open there's 100 comments of people just roasting the heck out of the lock,
  211. The fingerprint padlock with a literal open switch,
  212. It was probably harder getting it outta the packaging,
  214. I don’t trust the media, too many acronyms, what does c n n stand for, literally no one knows the answer,
  215. Cable news network,
  216. Could be, literally no one knows,
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