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  1. In my opinion, the best syntax is as follows:
  4. Username
  5. pa [Just the first two or three letters of your password]
  8. Username2
  9. pa1 [Just the first two or three letters of your password. By the time you made Username2, implemented a new policy where all passwords must contain both numbers and letters. Because of this, for Username2, you used your regular password, but added the number 1 to the end of it. You make a note of this by writing down "pa1" instead of "pa" under this account.]
  14. UnrelatedName
  15. pa [Just the first two or three letters of your password]
  18. Did you notice the two lines worth of empty space between Abcwebsite and Bcdwebsite? This is for readability. You'd be amazed by how much easier it is to read and navigate between your different account names, passwords, and email addresses on various websites when you add two lines of empty space directly above each website name. Meanwhile, using one space between your account names is a good practice, especially since you could easily wind up with ten or more email accounts over the years under a single email service.
  20. Notice that three different usernames, three different email addresses, and two different email providers (gmail and yahoo) were used across two different websites. This was used to maintain anonymity. When your stalker uses a search engine to find more information about you and they only know your "UnrelatedName" username, the only results they'll find are places where that name is mentioned - so they shouldn't be able to find you on Abcwebsite, only Bcdwebsite. Even if they do find you on both, they'll see the many differences in your accounts, and could very well think that those three accounts belong to different people.
  22. The main reason why you should always add your email address when keeping track of your usernames and passwords is because some websites don't have usernames; you log in with your email address and password instead. A secondary - but still important - reason is to recover your account in case something goes wrong, and you don't remember which of your many, many email addresses you used when registering that account. You should always write down the phone number you use, if you even use one, for similar reasons.
  24. The final good practice in this example is itself. The two equals signs around it make it a hundred times faster to find certain websites in your text file, especially when using ctrl+f. Need to find the password to log in to one of your gmail accounts? If you use ctrl+f to search for, you're going to have to slowly go through every single website that you've signed up on using that email address in alphabetical order, until you reach "g" for "gmail." By throwing == around Gmail, all you have to do is type =Gmail= or simply =G to jump straight to your list of gmail accounts when using the ctrl+f command. Not familiar with ctrl+f? Try using it now to see how it works!
  26. (And have you made your text file yet? If not, do so immediately. You'll be glad it exists every time you have to reference it.)
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