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  1. SET @date_A = '2019-10-01';
  2. SET @date_B = '2019-10-31';
  3. SET @Category = ''; -- Для отчета по конкретной категории, вводить полное название одной категорий или часть названия в формате %фильтр%
  4. SET @Categories = 'old'; -- all, new, old для отображения Всех, Новых или старых категорий.
  5. SET @Motornoe_maslo = 'no';-- yes или no для отображения масел
  7. SELECT Category, pa_id, sku, brand, mask, char_name, char_unit_name, char_value, ceil(avg(price_torg)) price, round(avg(out_price_for_1),2) avg_price,
  8. count(distinct o_id) orders, sum(count) Qnt, round(sum(total_price),0) Revenue, round(sum(margin),0) Profit
  9. FROM
  10. (SELECT o_id, op_id, pa_id, ba.name_brands brand, ga.name_ru Category,
  11. char_id,
  12. ct_name.text char_name,
  13. ct_unit_name.text char_unit_name,
  14. ct.text char_value,
  15. pa.price_torg,
  16. if(max(if(ch.cha_type="t",cht.text,NULL)) is null, pa.art_num,max(if(ch.cha_type="t",cht.text,NULL))) sku,
  17. if(pm.mask_for_id is not null,pm.mask_for_id,CONCAT_WS(" ",ga.name_ru,ba.NAME_BRANDS,pa.art_num)) mask,
  18. op.count,
  19. op.out_price_for_1,
  20. op.count*op.out_price_for_1 total_price,
  21. IF(in_price_for_1 = 0, op.out_price_for_1*0.3*count, (op.out_price_for_1-op.in_price_for_1)*op.count) margin
  22. FROM yii_doc.orders o
  23. LEFT JOIN yii_doc.order_cars oc ON
  24. LEFT JOIN yii_doc.order_product op ON
  25. LEFT JOIN yii_doc.prices_all pa ON
  26. LEFT JOIN yii_doc.brand_all ba ON
  27. LEFT JOIN yii_doc.dok_ga ga ON pa.pa_ga_id=ga.GA_ID
  28. LEFT JOIN yii_doc.dok_razdel dr on
  29. LEFT JOIN yii_doc.dok_izdelie di on
  30. LEFT JOIN yii_doc.dok_podrubrica dp on
  31. LEFT JOIN yii_doc.dok_razdel_template drt ON = drt.razdel_id
  32. LEFT JOIN yii_doc.char c ON drt.modifier =
  33. LEFT JOIN yii_doc.char_text ct_name ON c.cha_name_id =
  34. LEFT JOIN yii_doc.char_text ct_unit_name ON c.cha_name_unit_id =
  35. LEFT JOIN yii_doc.char_art ca ON ( and drt.modifier=ca.ca_char_id)
  36. LEFT JOIN yii_doc.char_text ct ON
  37. LEFT JOIN yii_doc.pa_mask pm on
  38. left join yii_doc.char_art cha on
  39. LEFT JOIN yii_doc.char ch on
  40. LEFT JOIN yii_doc.char_text cht on
  41. where date(o.date_create) between @date_A AND @date_B
  42. and o.order_status_id IN(5,14)
  43. and o.domain_id IN(2,3,4)
  44. and
  45. and
  46. and if(@Categories LIKE "new",dp.parent_id=9,if(@Categories LIKE "old",dp.parent_id<>9,dp.parent_id is not null))
  47. and if(@Motornoe_maslo LIKE "yes", is not null, not in(521,562))
  48. and if(LENGTH(@Category)>1,ga.name_ru LIKE @Category, ga.name_ru is not null)
  49. group by o_id, op_id, pa_id, ba.name_ru, Category
  50. order by o_id, op_id, pa_id) a
  51. group by Category, pa_id, sku, brand, char_name, char_unit_name
  52. order by Category, brand, mask, char_value
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