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  2. 22:14           *** ndoiron joined #popcorn
  3. Welcome P2PU! "A channel for discussions about the popcorn.js open video library: | Bug tracker: | Style Guide: | Workflow:
  4. Topic set by humph on Thu May 05 2011 13:06:36 GMT-0300 (Montevideo Standard Time)
  5. 22:14   ndoiron blujconcepts: yes, the new study groups concept is going to be what we use in the course
  6. 22:15   ndoiron I didn't get to see if you posted something else after that... computer froze up
  7. 22:15           *** MikeMc joined #popcorn
  8. 22:15   blujconcepts    no one posted just yet, so if i wanted to sign up for the course where should i go??
  9. 22:16   ndoiron just write a little on the study group's Sign-up page and I'll accept you.
  10. 22:17   ndoiron let me find the link
  11. 22:18   ndoiron for all the P2PU people here, I'm Nick, the course organizer, and we're here on the Popcorn channel to meet some of the interactive video developers
  12. 22:19   ndoiron in the chat feel free to ask questions and share ideas, and in the last bit we'll go over a simple working example
  13. 22:20   blujconcepts    great, Nick as the web progresses and browsers are updating the media tags are becoming heavily interactive, my goal is to implement a podcast type interaction that links in with Google Maps API
  14. 22:21   ndoiron blujconcepts: there's a Google Maps plugin to the Popcorn system, so you could start off with something like that
  15. 22:21   ndoiron I found your signup link:
  16. 22:22   blujconcepts    awesome, im learning php, and mysql, and have a basic grip of javascript but feel a bit overwhelmed with it all...going to start a blog/podcast on learning everything
  17. 22:23   MikeMc  Hey Nick, I am in here as well, from the P2P group. Unfortunately my time is limited, but I wanted to be able to check in, eavesdrop, and learn what I can, while I can
  18. 22:23           *** Mattzilla1 joined #popcorn
  19. 22:24   ndoiron MikeMc: that's great
  20. 22:24   ndoiron do we have some Popcorn / Mozilla people online as well?  I'm working on a plugin but I don't have their expertise
  21. 22:25   ndoiron we had a few in the chat earlier today
  22. 22:26   ndoiron well MikeMc, since your time is limited, I'd like to know if you have any questions about Popcorn and what we're doing with the course
  23. 22:26   blujconcepts    Nick do you have a transcript of that chat earlier??
  24. 22:27   ndoiron yes; will post that chat and this one, with main topics highlighted
  25. 22:27   ndoiron also it was sent out to the Popcorn list already,
  26. 22:29   ndoiron we shared a lot of good examples using HTML5 video - all the links will be posted and explained too
  27. 22:30   ndoiron Mozilla is interested in using video plus something else, like 3D experiences with WebGL
  28. 22:31   blujconcepts    yeah the 3D and gaming development has my interest for sure...
  29. 22:31   blujconcepts    im trying to learn more about the media tags, geolocation and how they can interact with one another
  30. 22:33   ndoiron well I'll show you an example of Popcorn and see what you make of it
  31. 22:33   ndoiron here I have an example where the video plays, and an image is set to appear at a certain time in the video
  32. 22:34   blujconcepts    indeed!!, im currently reading up on the past chat as well
  33. 22:34   ndoiron we'll be using almost the same example; I cut some optional lines out of the example
  34. 22:34   blujconcepts    okay, ill stay here im viewing the jsfiddle link now...
  35. 22:34           *** MikeMc quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  36. 22:35   ndoiron in the HTML section (top left) that's where I have the link, and then I use the <video> tag to embed the video file
  37. 22:35   ndoiron in the JS section (bottom left) that's the really interesting part, where Popcorn receives the video and I set up the image plugin
  38. 22:36   ndoiron image plugin is just - when to start, when to end, what the source (src) file is, and what part of the HTML to put it in
  39. 22:36   blujconcepts noticing the .play function below...
  40. 22:37   blujconcepts    as im reading the code i understand the start end and source, but the target is where that image will show in the CSS coding??
  41. 22:38   ndoiron at the bottom of the HTML is where the image goes (the <div id="imagediv"> part)
  42. 22:39   ndoiron so for target I send "imagediv"
  43. 22:39   ndoiron most of the plugins have a similar idea - you send them the idea of the <div> where you want the content to go
  44. 22:40   ndoiron like if I had <div id="mapdiv"> I would send the target "mapdiv" to the Google Maps plugin
  45. 22:40   ndoiron the real reason I'm using this is example is that it's easy to switch out the image, video, and times
  46. 22:40   ndoiron you can make some changes and click Run on the top to see that
  47. 22:41   blujconcepts    Ah i see so question, is there anyway to embed say using CSS and using the Z-index right on top of the video? that is something i shall have to experiment with
  48. 22:42   ndoiron yes - that's one of the benefits of using HTML5 instead of YouTube
  49. 22:42   ndoiron the video is like any other part of the page
  50. 22:42   blujconcepts    great cause im seeing heavy usage of the <video> element on boxee and i like that example here's the link
  51. 22:44   ndoiron there's also an example using Popcorn inside the video here:
  52. 22:47   blujconcepts    So my next question is what's our main goal or focus for the course is their an outline posted yet
  53. 22:49   ndoiron no outline -- in fact we just went back under development
  54. 22:49   ndoiron I got the feeling from the first chat - and people's posts - that I could go through the basics of setting up Popcorn examples
  55. 22:50           *** blujconcepts quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  56. 22:51           *** blujconcepts joined #popcorn
  57. 22:51   blujconcepts    sorry i lost connection
  58. 22:51   ndoiron from talking with the real Popcorn developers at Mozilla, there's potential for high-quality projects.  Maybe helping the less technical people get some support from the more technical people
  59. 22:52   ndoiron and everyone is interested in the games and glittery HTML5 examples but those are quite advanced
  60. 22:53           *** Mattzilla1 quit (Quit: Leaving.)
  61. 22:53   ndoiron maybe, like the mapping course, I'll plot out a basic need-to-know, and then people who want to go further will do that
  62. 22:53   blujconcepts    yes, im a beginning programmer and sometimes feel overwhelmed but the example you provided with jsfiddle was right on target
  63. 22:54   blujconcepts    I think if the advanced technical part published in jsfiddle and everyone followed their documentation we all would gain more insight on how popcorn evolves
  64. 22:55   blujconcepts    The reason i found popcorn.js was an intrigue for youtube's annotations and felt there was an untapped world waiting for that type of feature
  65. 22:56   ndoiron agreed
  66. 22:57   ndoiron do you have some screencasts or videos in the right format for this?
  67. 22:57   ndoiron you can get a Miro video converter or the like, to convert to OGV and WebM
  68. 22:58   blujconcepts    Sure, im a interactive media producer for a Surgeon here in Texas and would like to explore more possibilities..ill convert a few videos for OGV and WebM  
  69. 22:59   blujconcepts    im starting my podcast this monday and will use that to publish my screencasts... for exploration
  70. 23:00   ndoiron there was someone else in the group interested in medical videos!  maybe you could swap ideas on that
  71. 23:01   ndoiron if you can't make OGV or WebM there's YouTube support in Popcorn, but it isn't completely open video.  I explain that a little bit on the study group page
  72. 23:01   blujconcepts    Indeed, because he's starting a plastic surgery channel and will be including surgeons around the world on innovative procedures!!
  73. 23:02   blujconcepts    But you remember game shows that allowed the audience to participate, with popcorn.js it would be great to get live user feedback and experience data while making the "gamification aspect" fun for the end user
  74. 23:03   ndoiron kind of like... in the Hulu ads there are sometimes little quiz questions or something
  75. 23:04   ndoiron or something more subtle, like keeping track of when a user decides which video option they're going to select to watch next
  76. 23:04   blujconcepts    Exactly, Hulu has a GREAT HEATMAP example of when inside the video people playback the video it gives insight on what content is working or interesting
  77. 23:07   blujconcepts    i have a few ideas but they are only ideas...i need to piece my ideas together and publish it for discussion
  78. 23:09   blujconcepts    Will we have these chat's weekly??
  79. 23:09   ndoiron I think we'll find a time next week or weekend that's earlier than this, and later than the earlier time
  80. 23:10   ndoiron that way we can have you talk with the people in the other group as well
  81. 23:11   blujconcepts    great...i won't hold you any longer you've provided me with alot of great links...and I have alot of thinking and planning to do but i look forward to the course heavily
  82. 23:12   blujconcepts    I must get going Nick, but i shall make a blog post on my theories and ideas and will use popcorn.js to test some ideas out...until next chat..!!
  83. 23:12   ndoiron thanks!
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