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  4. [1] makes most of these points:
  5. Most drugs cause vomiting. To help stop this, take one or two anti- histamine tablets (travel sickness, allergy, hayfever tablets etc) about an hour before, on a fairly empty stomach.
  6. If the drugs are in tablet form, take the first 20% as they are, and the rest crushed and dissolved / mixed in with strong alcohol / food. This helps the drugs to hit at the same time.
  7. Alcohol helps dissolve the drugs. Don't drink any beforehand, but wash the tablets down with vodka or similar, and then drink afterwards while you're still conscious.
  8. Use a large airtight plastic bag over your head, + something around your neck to hold it on. This transforms a 90% certainty method into a 99%...
  9. Friday night is a good time if you life alone - nobody will miss you until Monday if you work. Bolt all the doors you can. Say you'll be out over the weekend visiting someone, so people don't expect a reply to telephone.
  10. Some painkillers etc have less effect if you use them normally (tolerance).
  11. In general, you need to stay away from medical help until you actually die, but there are exceptions to this (that have been pointed out in the text).
  12. Common drugs:
  14. Cyanide (HCN, KCN)
  15. Dosage: 50 mg Hydrogen Cyanide gas, 200-300 mg Cyanide salts
  16. Time: seconds for HC, minutes Cs (empty stomach) hours (full s)
  17. Available: very difficult to get hold of
  18. Certainty: very certain
  19. Notes: It helps to have an empty stomach (since the salts react with the stomach acids to form H.C.). A full stomach can delay death for up to four hours with the salts. Antidotes to cyanide poisoning exist, but they have serious side effects. What you can do, is instead of taking the salts directly, drop 500mg or so into a strong acid, and inhale the fumes. This will be pure Hydrogen Cyanide, and you should die in 10 to 20 seconds.
  20. [3]:
  21. "Hydrocyanic acid is one of the most poisonous substances known; the inhalation of its fumes in high concentration will cause almost immediate death. Hydrogen cyanide acts by preventing the normal process of tissue oxidation and paralyzing the respiratory center in the brain. Most of the accidental cases are due to inhaling the fumes during a fumigating process. In the pure state it kills with great rapidity. Crystalline cyanides, such as potassium or sodium cyanide are equally poisonous, since they interact with the hydrochloric acid in the stomach to liberate hydrocyanic acid. This poison has been used for both homicide and suicide; in recent history, a number of European political figures carried vials of cyanide salt for emergency self-destruction and some used them. Death resulted from amounts of only a fraction of a gram. A concentration of 1 part in 500 of hydrogen cyanide gas is fatal. Allowable working concentration in most of the United States is 20 ppm. Two and one-half grains of liquid acid has killed. The acid acts fatally in about 15 minutes. The cyanide salts kill in several hours. The average dose of solution is 0.1 cc. [1, DGHS talking about KCN]: on an empty stomach, take a small glass of cold tap water. (Not mineral water nor any sort of juice or soda water because of it's acidity). Stir 1 -> 1.5 grammes of KCN into the water. More than that causes irritation to the throat. Wait 5 minutes to dissolve. It should be drunk within several hours. Consciousness will be lost in about a minute. Death will follow 15 -> 45 minutes later.
  23. Aspirin (Acetylsalicylic Acid)
  24. Dosage: 20-30+ grammes (too many cause vomitting)
  25. Time: hours to days, variable
  26. Available: easy to get hold of (get soluble ones, & dissolve them)
  27. Certainty: unreliable
  28. Notes: Not recommended, fatal dose varies wildly, could cause liver & kidney damage instead of death. OD causes strange noises in your ears (like a video arcade) & projectile vomiting after about 10 hours. Medical help generally effective, so stay out of hospital for a couple of days. May cause bleeding in your stomach/upper intestines. Take with sodium bicarbinate (eg, bicarb. of soda), which speeds up the absorption (sp?) significantly. Take 1 or 2 antihistamine tablets.
  30. Paracetamol (Aka Acetaminopren / Tylenol)
  31. Dosage: 15+ grammes, 20+ is better
  32. Time: 10 hours fatal damage, but 2 weeks to actually die
  33. Available: easy to get hold of
  34. Certainty: fairly reliable
  35. Notes: Once 10-12 hours is up, you've had it, but you still live for a week or two after that. Probably better to wait 15 hours just to make sure. Horrible side effects during this time (some of which are: acute toxic hepatitis, renal failure, cerebral oedema, intra-abdominal bleeding, aspiration pneumonia, haemophilia). Too small dose causes severe liver damage. Accidental deaths are very common. There are few if any side effects before the damage becomes fatal; occasionally vomitting and nausea.
  37. Sleeping Tablets (See Specific Notes For Each Kind)
  38. See later entries for
  39. amobarbital
  40. butabarbital
  41. diazepam
  42. flurazepam
  43. glutethimide
  44. chloral hydrate
  45. hydromorphone
  46. meprobamate
  47. methyprylon
  48. meperidine (pethidine)
  49. methadone
  50. morphine
  51. orphenadrine
  52. phenobarbital
  53. [also check trade names in same entries].
  54. Alcohol (Spirits Preferably, Your Choice)
  55. Dosage: 1/2 litre vodka?, similar. Varies from person to person.
  56. Time: about 8 hours
  57. Available: good
  58. Certainty: unreliable
  59. Notes: will cause liver and kidney damage if 'rescued' before death. Drink it all at the same time, quickly as possible. Dosage is questionable, I don't have any figures. Taking the spirits as an enema is supposed to be a very quick way of absorbing alcohol, but a less unpleasant way is to inject it. The dosage it takes to kill you depends on whether you drink normally, the state of your liver, whether you pass out on your back or not. [3]: "The fatal dose of pure alcohol in an average adult is 300-400 mL (750-1000 mL of 40% alcohol) if consumed in less than one hour. Apart from the effects of overdosage, death after alcohol consumption can occur as a result of choking on vomit while unconscious. ..... Consequences such as liver damage occur after chronic consumption." Alcohol helps other drugs to dissolve. Don't drink it in advance, wash down tablets with it, & follow by drinking another few glasses of spirits.
  61. Water
  62. Dosage: 14 litres mentioned
  63. Time: 12 hours or so?
  64. Available: always available
  65. Certainty: unknown
  66. Notes: works by washing out the salts in your body, until the cells fail (osmotic balance buggered up). You need to keep drinking continually until you collapse. Unusual method. Someone suggested it would also cause cramps. The following is something from [2]: "About a year ago a local newspaper carried a story about a woman who had drunk herself to death. Apparently she had ingested something mildly poisonous, and when she called her doctor asking him what to do, he told her to drink lots of water and see him in the morning. She got to it and managed to drink no less than 14 litres of water before the osmotic balance in her body was so upset it could no longer function and she died (don't know how quickly)".
  68. Calle: The above anecdote originally came from me, and the death described occured in Växjö, Sweden. Unfortunately I no longer remember which newspaper I saw it in.
  70. Recently, I was told about a similar case in San Antonio. It supposedly happened a couple of years ago and was reported in the local San Antonio Express/News.
  72. Bleach And Other Corrosives (Lye, Drain Cleaning Fluids)
  73. Dosage: A bottle (litre or half litre)
  74. Time: Hours/days
  75. Available: Easily available
  76. Certainty: Uncertain
  77. Notes: Bloody painful - depends on your stomach getting corroded, the stomach acids escaping, and doing their dirty work in your vital organs. [1] says: "I have heard of people throwing themselves through plate glass windows in their death agonies after drinking lye."
  79. Insulin (Injected)
  80. Dosage: No idea
  81. Time: death in hours to days
  82. Available: Difficult to get hold of unless you're a diabetic or a vet
  83. Certainty: reasonable
  84. Notes: Supposed to be quite pleasant (eg insulin shock treatments used for some psychiatric condition).
  86. Petrol (In Lungs/Injected)
  87. Dosage: "A Thimble-full" -20 ml?
  88. Time: Seconds/minutes
  89. Available: Common
  90. Certainty: I'm not sure of the dosage, but fairly certain if correct
  91. Notes: Can also use LPG (propane/butane) on skin surface (since these are light enough to go through the skin). Stick your hand in a bucket of propane and see how many seconds you last...
  93. Oil Of Wintergreen/Methyl Salicylate (In Lungs/Injected)
  94. Dosage: Probably similar to petrol (20 ml)
  95. Time: Don't know
  96. Available: Not available in concentration
  97. Certainty: Don't know
  98. Notes: Don't have enough information on this one to be able to say anything about it. If it is just taken normally, it is the same as aspirin.
  100. Malathion (Insecticide) (Entry Revised By Calle)
  101. Dosage: A few bottles, at least
  102. Time: 2 to 3 hours
  103. Available: From a large garden centre or DIY shop
  104. Certainty: not so good
  105. Notes: A correspondent mentions that the LD50 of this stuff is 1 g/kg in rats, and adds that there is not nearly that much in a bottle. He also mentions that it is treatable. Instead of this, he recommends parathion, if you really want to use an insecticide.
  107. Phosphine Gas From Aluminium Phosphide Pesticide (ALP)
  108. Dosage: Single 3 gramme tablet (".. is enough to kill 10 people")
  109. Time: About 2 hours
  110. Available: Difficult. Used in India, sold on black market.
  111. Certainty: Without medical help, and using fresh pill, very good
  112. Notes: This is a common way of committing suicide in Indian villages. There is no specific antidote to this. The pills are 3 grammes of ALP, which produces lethal phosphine gas when it comes in contact with hydrochloric acid or water in the stomach. After severe vomiting, the victim loses consciousness, the blood vessels rupture, and body cavities fill with blood. While the pill is exceedingly lethal, some escape death because the rate of the gas' release declines with the pill's age and use, and exposure to moisture. Trouble with this one is the availability, and it also looks like a rather unpleasant.
  114. Rat Poison (Warfarin)
  115. Dosage: not known
  116. Time: Hours to terminal damage, days to actual death
  117. Available: Available
  118. Certainty: Certain given suffient dosage. Most probably treatable.
  119. Notes: This is one of the truly unpleasant poisons, along with Paracetamol/Acetylminopren. I think it causes cerebral haemorage (rat poison works by giving the unfortunate rat haemophillia). Doctors can't do anything about it, they just leave you to die in agony on an intensive care ward. Calle: Since human haemophiliacs usually live quite ordinary lives, the above sounds rather improbable.
  121. Caffeine
  122. Dosage: 20 grammes (someone said 8 -> 10 grammes)
  123. Time: not known
  124. Available: Caffeine tablets available in Chemist shops
  125. Certainty: don't know
  126. Notes: I don't know very much about this. There isn't all that much caffeine in coffee, maybe 200 mg.
  128. Potassium Chloride (Injected In Solution)
  129. Dosage: not known (try 20cc injection of strong solution)
  130. Time: Seconds to minutes
  131. Available: Widely available
  132. Certainty: Certain given correct dosage
  133. Notes: Causes heart attack (which is painful). May be difficult for coroner to realise it was suicide rather than a natural heart attack. An excess of K+ in the blood interferes with nerve signals, and stops muscles and nerves from working. So when it reaches your heart, the heart stops.
  135. Nitrogen Gas (Or Other Inert Gas)
  136. Dosage: Several litres uncompressed is minimum
  137. Time: Minutes
  138. Available: Try plumber, or welding supplies company
  139. Certainty: Certain
  140. Notes: This is really a form of asphyxiation, (see later), but is particularly good since you don't experience the lack of oxygen (what people really experience is the EXCESS of carbon dioxide).
  142. Nitrous Oxide (N20? NO2?)(NO2 /Ingvar)
  143. Dosage: Unknown
  144. Time: Minutes
  145. Available: Dentists supply would be good
  146. Certainty: reasonable
  147. Notes: Asphyxiate yourself with laughing gas. Nice.
  149. Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  150. Dosage: 5% concentration or so?
  151. Time: Minutes to hours depending on concentration
  152. Available: You get it out of a car exhaust, you used to be able to use "town gas" (eg, stick your head in the cooker) but this is no longer available
  153. Certainty: Fairly certain, as long as you aren't "rescued"
  154. Notes: Causes brain damage.
  156. Calle: A correspondent from Denmark, where you still can use "town gas" to kill yourself, says that even though it's possible it's not a good idea. He tells of an incident where a family committed suicide by turning on the gas and waiting. Apparently, the heavier-than-air carbon monoxide leaked through the floor and reached the people in the apartment below. Not nice.
  158. The actual cause of death is asphyxiation, since the carbon monoxide binds tighter to haemoglobine than oxygen does (the oxygen gets crowded out, so to speak).
  160. Chlorine Gas
  161. Dosage: not known
  162. Time: not known
  163. Available: tricky
  164. Certainty: Good
  165. Notes: This was used in the first world war in the trenches. Probably very unpleasant, does something to the lungs.
  167. Hydrazine
  168. Dosage: As produced by reaction
  169. Time: Not known, fortnight?
  170. Available: Bottle of bleach & bottle of ammonia
  171. Certainty: not known
  172. Notes: [2]:
  173. "This is no joke, D----. Several years ago at my high school, one of the janitors innocently mixed together half a bottle of bleach with half a bottle of of ammonia in a small closet where the cleaning fluids were kept. He passed out due to the hydrazine (not chlorine) gas released in the reaction between the two chemicals. This man was in agony for two weeks in an intensive care unit in a local hospital with the majority of the inside surface of his lungs damaged and untreatable before he got lucky and died."
  175. Chloroform
  176. Dosage: not known, just put a splash onto a rag
  177. Time: several minutes probably
  178. Available: not known
  179. Certainty: good
  180. Notes: If you tape the rag over your mouth so that you get knocked out, you should die as you continue getting the stuff into your lungs.
  182. Digitalis (Foxglove, Digitalis Purpurea)
  183. Dosage: not known
  184. Time: not known
  185. Available: extract from foxgloves
  186. Certainty: bad due to vomiting
  187. Notes: [4]:
  188. Gives you a heart-attack. Symptoms: nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, headache, and slow irregular pulse. Also sometimes trembling, convulsions, delirium, and hallucinations. Its difficult to take a fatal amount because vomiting usually gets rid of it.
  190. Yew (Taxus Baccata, The "English Yew")
  191. Dosage: not known
  192. Time: Can be very rapid (minutes), occasionally 3 or 4 days.
  193. Available: Grows wild in the UK, don't know about elsewhere.
  194. Certainty: not sure, but it sounds good if you eat enough
  195. Notes: [4]:
  196. All parts of the plant, _except_ for the fleshy red bit of the fruit, contain poisons. The seeds are poisonous, so if you eat the berries, chew them. Symptoms: nausea, abdominal pain, coma, death. The mode of death is a heart attack which occurs rapidly after eating sufficient. If no heart attack occurs, you'll probably survive. Sometimes the sudden collapse leading to death is preceded by lethargy, trembling, staggering, coldness, dilation of the pupils, rapid pulse that becomes weak, and convulsions. Other species in this genus are said to be equally poisonous. See "plants in general".
  198. Mezerein, Daphnetoxin (Mezereon, AKA Daphne Mezereum, AKA D. Laureola)
  199. Dosage: "a few". Probably 10 or more.
  200. Time: not known
  201. Available: Garden plant. Seeds are particularly poisonous.
  202. Certainty: not known, dosage is questionable.
  203. Notes: [4]:
  204. The berries taste horrid, but you only need to eat a few to cause death. Symptoms: burning sensation in mouth, nausea, vomiting, stomach pains, diarrhoea, weakness, disorientation, convulsions, followed by death. The seeds can be dried and stored without affecting the poisons. Don't confuse this with laurels in the Prunus genus, Rosacea family. See "plants in general".
  206. Atropine (Atropa Belladonna AKA Deadly Nightshade. Also Potato Fruits)
  207. Dosage: 5 berries in young children.. maybe 30 in adults?
  208. Time: 6 to 24 hours
  209. Available: from fruits of some plants in the potato family.
  210. Certainty: unknown, particularly dosage is questionable
  211. Notes: [4]:
  212. AB also contains hyoscyamine and hyoscine (scopolamine). Symptoms: dry mouth, flushed face, dilation of pupils, rapid pulse. Possibly also breathing difficulties, constipation, convulsions, hallucinations, and coma. AB is often confused with other Nightshade species, which aren't as poisonous. The berries are black in AB, and red in Woody Nightshade. In addition, the flowers are larger (1.2 in) in the true Deadly Nightshade. Present in unripe deadly nightshake fruits, fruits of potato, and fruits of other members of this family (not tomato though!), but stick with AB. See the "plants in general" entry.
  214. Calle: A correspondent mentions that Jimsonweed will also do, and that a specific antidote exists.
  216. Oleander (Nerium Oleander. Poison Similar To Digitalis)
  217. Dosage: not known, but fairly small amounts.
  218. Time: unknown.
  219. Available: leaves, wood of the plant. From garden centres.
  220. Certainty: unknown.
  221. Notes: [4]:
  222. Deaths have been caused by using wood from this plant in fires, and making tea from the leaves. In a few hours there is abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, bloody diarrhoea, rapid pulse, and visual effects. Later, a slow, weak, irregular pulse and fall in blood pressure, followed by failure of heart. See the "plants in general" entry.
  224. Death-Cap / Destroying-Angel Toadstool (Amanita Phalloides)
  225. Dosage: Fraction of one can kill, but eat 1 or 2 just in case.
  226. Time: Week or so
  227. Available: Have to know what it looks like.. similar edible ones
  228. Certainty: Definite without med. treatment; unknown with.
  229. Notes: [5, Volume 7, pp591-592]:
  230. "Poisoning by toxic Amanita species is characterised by a delay in onset of 4 to 12 hours. At this point, nausea vomiting, colic-like pain, and diarrhea occur. There then follows a period of respite, which can last for two to four days. This phase does NOT signify recovery: damage to the liver and kidneys continues to develop and the respite gives way to hepatic and renal failure. Death usually occurs a week or so after poisoning.". See "plants in general".
  232. Ricin (Castor Oil Plant, Ricinus Communis)
  233. Dosage: death has occured from eating 1 bean, but take more than 10
  234. Time: within 3 to 5 days
  235. Available: From eating the castor beans
  236. Certainty: depends on ricin content of the beans. Pure ricin is deadly
  237. Notes: [2] and [4]:
  238. Symptoms begin within a few hours with abdominal pain, vomiting and bloody diarrhoea for several days. Decreased production of urine and a fall in blood pressure. Note that people have survived eating more than 10 beans, *with treatment*. Presumably the fatal dose without medical intervention is less. Surviving more than 3 to 5 days usually means recovery. Ricin is described as "..one of the most potent toxins known".
  240. In 1978 a Bulgarian journalist (Georgi Markov) was assassinated in London by being prodded with an umbrella. The umbrella had a tiny ball coated with ricin on its tip, which lodged into the dissident. He died a few days later in hospital. See "plants in general".
  242. Colchicine (Acetyltrimethylcolchicinic Acid, Autumn Crocus, Royal Lily)
  243. Dosage: 7 mg to 60 mg (why so wide variation?)
  244. Time: symptoms in about 4 hours, death in about 4 days
  245. Available: Easily available (from large garden centre)
  246. Certainty: certain
  247. Notes: [New Scientist article:]
  248. From the Autumn crocus (Colchicum Autumnale) / royal lily (Gloriosa Superba). One flower of CA is about 12 mg, so take at least five of them. 20g tuber of GS provides 60mg, single seed of CA provides 3.5mg (so take 18). Damages blood vessels and nerves, and stops cell division. Don't know whether its painful or not, but that bit about damaging nerves is worrying. I just _love_ the name of the acid! See See the "plants in general" entry.
  250. Aconitine (AKA Wolfsbane, Monkshood, Aconitum Napellus, A. Anglicum)
  251. Dosage: "a few grams"
  252. Time: 10 mins to few hours
  253. Available: Garden plant, so get from garden centre
  254. Certainty: unknown (can be treated in hospital)
  255. Notes: [2] and [4]:
  256. The poison is concentrated in the unripe seed pods and roots. During winter, the roots are particularly poisonous. Symptoms develop in less than an hour. Burning sensation, feelings of coldness, sweating. Later, numbness, vomiting and diarrhoea with abdominal pain. Finally, slow pulse, convulsions and coma. Death may occur within 2 hours. The poison kills by causing a cardiac failure, and it is painful. See the "plants in general" comment.
  258. Cicutoxin (Cowbane, Cicuta Virosa)
  259. Dosage: ".. a few bites .. can cause serious poisoning or death".
  260. Time: a few hours or more.
  261. Available: rare in most parts of UK, don't know about elsewhere.
  262. Certainty: good, but resembles wild carrot & wild parsnip.
  263. Notes: [4]:
  264. The poison is strongest in the yellow juice of the underground parts. Symptoms after half an hour: burning of mouth, excessive saliva, flushing, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, dilation of pupils, and later a bluish tinge to the skin. Muscular contractions and convulsions, with difficulties in breathing are followed by unconsciousness and death, often within a few hours of eating the plant. See "plants in general".
  266. Coniine, Gamma-Coniceine, Others (Hemlock, Conium Maculatum)
  267. Dosage: unknown
  268. Time: unknown
  269. Available: Grows throughout UK, except north. Don't know about elsewhere.
  270. Certainty: unknown
  271. Notes: [4]:
  272. NOTE: There are many plants called "hemlock", some of which aren't poisonous at all. It can also be mistaken for wild parsley and carrot, and is in the same family as Cowbane. Symptoms appear in 15 mins to 2 hours. Initially burning and dryness of the mouth, muscular weakness leading to paralysis that affects the breathing. Sometimes also dilation of pupils, vomiting, diarrhoea, convulsions, and loss of consciousness. If this is survived, birth defects may be caused in pregnant women. This is said to be the plant that Socrates took in 399 BC.
  274. Oenanthetoxin (Hemlock Water Dropwort, Oenanthe Eroeata)
  275. Dosage: "..dangerously poisonous, even in small quantities".
  276. Time: Two to twelve hours.
  277. Available: Grows in chalky wet areas, particularly S and W Britain.
  278. Certainty: Fairly good, if you get the right species.
  279. Notes: [4]:
  280. The tubers contain more poison than the rest of the plant, particularly in winter and early spring, and may be cooked or dried. Symptoms within an hour or two, nausea, salivation, vomiting, diarrhoea, sweating, weakness of legs, dilation of pupils. Later loss of consciousness with convulsions before death. See "plants in general" entry. Same family as Hemlock.
  282. plants in general (hemlock, foxglove, oleander)
  283. Dosage: N/A
  284. Time: N/A
  285. Available: garden centre
  286. Certainty: questionable
  287. Notes: [1] says:
  288. "Everything I have ever read about death from plant poisoning indicates that it is risky and painful. Symptoms range from nausea and vomiting to cramping and bloody diarrhea. .... .. Altogether, I consider poisonous plants as a means of exit far too unreliable and painful. No matter how desperate you are, don't even think about it!"
  290. Nicotine (Rewritten By Calle)
  291. Dosage: extract from 100g tabacco? 40-60 mg pure.
  292. Time: Several hours, coma may set in much earlier. Much quicker if taken in large doses.
  293. Available: Easily available
  294. Certainty: Fairly certain, given a large enough dose.
  295. Notes:
  296. This is what Mike wrote:
  298. "Soak 100 grammes of tabacco for a few days. You get a brown mess. Strain off the tabacco, then simmer slowly until most of the liquid has gone, leaving about 2 teaspoons of brown treacle-like stuff. Add it to your night-time drink, and never wake up. Someone said the other day that 150mg of pure nicotine would be fatal in seconds. See the "plants in general" entry."
  300. It is correct, as far as I have found out. It can be added that the effects include violent convulsions and that the direct cause of death is respiratory failure. Smokers should use larger doses than non-smokers.
  302. Iron (Diet Suppliments)
  303. Dosage: unknown
  304. Time: unknown
  305. Available: diet, health food shops
  306. Certainty: good
  307. Notes: [2]:
  308. "Well it seems that iron pills achieve death. They oxydize in the stomach and eat a hole in it. The only reason I know this is that someone at my school just recently OD'd and died from this. It was ruled suicide since no person could accidently take that many iron pills. They didn't say how many she took or how many it takes to kill yourself though." [sounds unpleasant]
  310. Cocaine
  311. Dosage: 1 ounce (don't know what that is in real weights..)
  312. Time: 2 to 3 hours?
  313. Available: Difficult
  314. Certainty: not known
  315. Notes: Read something in a newspaper... a coke dealer died after eating an ounce of it, when the police raided his house. Cause of death was a cardiac arrest 2 1/2 hours after the overdose. However, a cocaine OD is painful, and causes paranoia / breathing problems. One form of cocaine smuggling is to swallow condoms filled with the stuff. From time to time, a "mule" has a condom burst inside him, and dies in pain reasonably quickly.
  317. LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) Nonfatal
  318. Dosage: infinite!
  319. Time: never
  320. Available: who cares?
  321. Certainty: will not kill you
  322. Notes: LSD can't kill you by overdose.. you might go psychotic if you take tens/hundreds of thousands of times the normal dose, but thats hardly surprising, since you'd have to be insane to take that much in the first place. General warning - even for normal use, if you are depressed, it'll just amplify the depression, not lift it, and the chances of a bad trip are probably higher. Probably, the only way to kill yourself with this stuff is to drop two tonnes of it on yourself.
  324. Calle: I don't quite believe in what Mike is saying about psychosis here. As far as I have been able to find out, LSD works by catalyzing certain substances in the brain, and thus vast overdoses have no more effect than merely large ones. Once all the stuff in your brain is used up, there will be no more effect.
  326. A correspondent points out a case reported by The Journal of Clinical Toxicology where eight people snorted pure LSD Tartrate, beliving that it was cocaine. The amounts ingested was estimated to be from 1000 to 10000 times an ordinary dose. Half of them lapsed into comas, but all of them came out of it without any treatment. Some were given Valium for anxiety efterwards.
  328. On the whole, it seems that LSD is about as safe as a drug can be, despite much propaganda saying otherwise.
  330. Heroin (Morphine)
  331. Dosage: 120 to 500 mg in non-users.
  332. Time: unknown
  333. Available: From your friendly neighbourhood drug dealer.
  334. Certainty: unknown
  335. Notes: Combine it with alcohol, since a combination of alc & H is much more dangerous than alc or H alone.
  337. Rotenone
  338. Dosage: very low, similar to cyanide
  339. Time: depends on dosage
  340. Available: extremely difficult
  341. Certainty: probable
  342. Notes: Rotenone is used by microbiologists to kill potentially dangerous bacteria cultures. It is extremely poisonous.
  344. Calle: A correspondent believes this entry to be erroneous, since in the litterature he consulted rotenone was mentioned as being used as an insecticide and not being all that toxic.
  346. Mercury (Salts, Soluble)
  347. Dosage: 1 gramme of salts
  348. Time: unknown
  349. Available: unknown (what are the _soluble_ salts? how to make?)
  350. Certainty: good
  351. Notes: Note that contrary to popular opinion, pure mercury metal isn't all that poisonous. The soluble salts are, however. The "mad hatter" story refers to brain damage that hat makers used to get from using mercury salts.
  353. Amobarbital (Amytal, Amal, Eunoctal, Etamyl, Stadadorm)
  354. [this entry from [1]]
  355. Dosage: 4.5 grammes, typically 90 50mg tablets
  356. Time: unconscious in 5 -> 15 minutes, death in 20 -> 50 minutes
  357. Available: needs to be prescribed
  358. Certainty: very reliable
  359. Notes: use an airtight plastic bag, and a rubber band to get a very effective method. Alcohol speeds it up and makes it more reliable. Take an antihistamine about 10 minutes earlier. Empty stomach. Dissolve most of them in drink / food, and eat the remaining ones first so that it all peaks at the same time.
  361. Butabarbital (Secbutobarbitone, Butisol, Ethnor) [this entry from [1]]
  362. Dosage: 3 grammes, typically 100 30mg tablets
  363. Time: unconscious in 5 -> 15 minutes, death in 20 -> 50 minutes
  364. Available: needs to be prescribed
  365. Certainty: very reliable
  366. Notes: use bag & band. Alcohol as well as antihistamine on an empty stomach.
  368. Codeine (Combo. With Aspirin: Empirin Compound No. I -> IV)
  369. [this entry from [1]]
  370. Dosage: 2.4 grammes, typically 80 30mg tablets
  371. Time: unconscious in 5 -> 15 minutes, death in 20 -> 50 minutes
  372. Available: needs to be prescribed
  373. Certainty: reliable with plastic bag and rubber band
  374. Notes: use bag & band. Alcohol as well as antihistamine on an empty stomach. People can become tolerant to this drug, and it will no longer be effective.
  376. Diazepam (Valium, Apozepam, Aliseum, Ducene)
  377. [this entry from [1]]
  378. Dosage: 500 milligrammes, typically 100 5mg tablets
  379. Time: N/A
  380. Available: needs to be prescribed
  381. Certainty: unreliable, use in combination with something else (alcohol?)
  382. Notes: use bag & band. Alcohol as well as antihistamine on an empty stomach. Valium is not effective by itself, but by mixing it with other drugs or alcohol it makes it more certain.
  384. Flurazepam (Dalmane, Dalmadorm, Niotal) [this entry from [1]]
  385. Dosage: 3 grammes, typically 100 30mg tablets
  386. Time: N/A
  387. Available: needs to be prescribed
  388. Certainty: unreliable, use in combination with something else
  389. Notes: use bag & band. Alcohol as well as antihistamine on an empty stomach. This is not effective by itself, but by mixing it with other drugs or alcohol it makes the other drug more certain.
  391. Gluthethimide (Doriden, Doridene, Glimid)
  392. [this entry from [1]]
  393. Dosage: 24 grammes, typically 48 500mg tablets
  394. Time: N/A
  395. Available: needs to be prescribed
  396. Certainty: unreliable, use in combination with something else
  397. Notes: use bag & band. Alcohol as well as antihistamine on an empty stomach. This is not effective by itself, but by mixing it with other drugs or alcohol it makes the other drug more certain.
  399. Chloral Hydrate (Noctec, Chloratex, Somnox)
  400. [this entry from [1]]
  401. Dosage: >10+ grammes, typically 20+ 500mg tablets
  402. Time: N/A
  403. Available: needs to be prescribed
  404. Certainty: unreliable, use in combination with something else
  405. Notes: use bag & band. Alcohol as well as antihistamine on an empty stomach. This is not effective by itself, but by mixing it with other drugs or alcohol it makes the other drug more certain.
  407. Hydromorphone (Dilaudid, Pentagone)
  408. [this entry from [1]]
  409. Dosage: 100 -> 200 milligrammes, typically 50 -> 100 2mg tablets
  410. Time: unconscious in 5 -> 15 minutes, death in 20 -> 50 minutes
  411. Available: needs to be prescribed
  412. Certainty: very reliable with plastic bag and rubber band
  413. Notes: use bag & band. Alcohol as well as antihistamine on an empty stomach. People can become tolerant to this drug, and it will no longer be effective.
  415. Meprobamate (Miltown, Equanil)
  416. [this entry from [1]]
  417. Dosage: 45 grammes, typically 112 400mg tablets
  418. Time: N/A
  419. Available: needs to be prescribed
  420. Certainty: unreliable, use in combination with something else
  421. Notes: use bag & band. Alcohol as well as antihistamine on an empty stomach. This is not effective by itself, but by mixing it with other drugs or alcohol it makes the other drug more certain.
  423. Methyprylon (Noludar)
  424. [this entry from [1]]
  425. Dosage: 15 grammes, typically 50 300mg tablets
  426. Time: N/A
  427. Available: needs to be prescribed
  428. Certainty: unreliable, use in combination with something else
  429. Notes: use bag & band. Alcohol as well as antihistamine on an empty stomach. This is not effective by itself, but by mixing it with other drugs or alcohol it makes the other drug more certain.
  431. Meperidine (Pethidine, Demerol, Dolantin)
  432. [this entry from [1]]
  433. Dosage: 3.6 grammes, typically 72 50mg tablets
  434. Time: unconscious in 5 -> 15 minutes, death in 20 -> 50 minutes
  435. Available: needs to be prescribed
  436. Certainty: very reliable with plastic bag and rubber band
  437. Notes: use bag & band. Alcohol as well as antihistamine on an empty stomach. People can become tolerant to this drug, and it will no longer be effective.
  439. Methadone (Dolophine, Adanon)
  440. [this entry from [1]]
  441. Dosage: 300 milligrammes, typically 60 5mg tablets
  442. Time: unconscious in 5 -> 15 minutes, death in 20 -> 50 minutes
  443. Available: needs to be prescribed
  444. Certainty: very reliable with plastic bag and rubber band
  445. Notes: use bag & band. Alcohol as well as antihistamine on an empty stomach. People can become tolerant to this drug, and it will no longer be effective.
  447. Morphine (In Brompton'S Mixtures)
  448. [this entry from [1]]
  449. Dosage: 200 milligrammes, typically 14 15mg tablets
  450. Time: unconscious in 5 -> 15 minutes, death in 20 -> 50 minutes
  451. Available: needs to be prescribed
  452. Certainty: very reliable with plastic bag and rubber band
  453. Notes: use bag & band. Alcohol as well as antihistamine on an empty stomach. People can become tolerant to this drug, and it will no longer be effective.
  455. Phenobarbital (Luminal, Gardenal, Fenical)
  456. [this entry from [1]]
  457. Dosage: 4.5 grammes, typically 150 30mg tablets
  458. Time: N/A
  459. Available: needs to be prescribed
  460. Certainty: unreliable, use in combination with something else
  461. Notes: use bag & band. Alcohol as well as antihistamine on an empty stomach. This is not effective by itself, but by mixing it with other drugs or alcohol it makes the other drug more certain.
  463. Secobarbital (Quinalbarbitone, Seconal, Immenox, Dormona, Secogen, Seral, Vesperax (Combo With Brallobarbital))
  464. [this entry from [1]]
  465. Dosage: 4.5 grammes, typically 45 100mg tablets
  466. Time: unconscious in 5 -> 15 minutes, death in 20 -> 50 minutes
  467. Available: needs to be prescribed
  468. Certainty: very reliable with plastic bag and rubber band
  469. Notes: use bag & band. Alcohol as well as antihistamine on an empty stomach. [Vesperax is Humphry's favorite]
  471. Propoxyphene (Darvon, Dolotard, Abalgin, Antalvic, Depronal)
  472. [this entry from [1]]
  473. Dosage: 2 grammes, typically 30 65mg tablets
  474. Time: death in an hour or so. Does not make you unconscious
  475. Available: needs to be prescribed
  476. Certainty: suggest combine with something to make you sleep, then use bag.
  477. Notes: use bag & band. Alcohol as well as antihistamine on an empty stomach. Since this one doesn't make you unconscious for a long time, try combining with one that does, so you can use the good old bag method.
  479. Pentobarbital (Nembutal, Carbrital Only If In Combo With Pentobarbital)
  480. [this entry from [1]]
  481. Dosage: 3 grammes, typically 30 100mg tablets
  482. Time: unconscious in 5 -> 15 minutes, death in 20 -> 50 minutes
  483. Available: needs to be prescribed
  484. Certainty: very reliable with plastic bag and rubber band
  485. Notes: use bag & band. Alcohol as well as antihistamine on an empty stomach.
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