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  1. 14:03] [user]Maeve Kiley Murphy[/user]: *Maeve strolled around the rather palatial entryway of her teacher's mansion, looking at the elaborate columns and artwork as she waited for Ms. Atherton to make her way down.  After several visits to her teacher's home for "training", Maeve by now had a sense of what to expect.  Ms. Atherton would focus on what she perceived as flaws, and she'd be a total bitch about it in the process.  Maeve wouldn't tolerate anything close to such behavior from her peers, or from other teachers for that matter, but this teacher was...  different.  Where other students saw a tyrant, Maeve saw a delicious prospect.  Ms. Atherton was certainly an upgrade from the girls Maeve usually kept around.  So she'd humor her teacher, continue to draw her in, and maybe have a little fun in the process.  There was already a bit of a bond developing... sort of.  Maeve continued to wander in circles in an [url=]outfit[/url] that blurred the line nicely between professionally appropriate and deliciously alluring.*
  2. [14:14] [user]Weak Domme Evilena[/user]: (Annnd back )
  3. [14:21] [user]Weak Domme Evilena[/user]: (*licks my lips excitedly*)
  5. I catch sight of you from the balcon upstairs immediately. Then again, prancing around in heels you were as tall as I was. . . and hard to miss at that. God help me - had you learned nothing from the last three times you'd been here? If my husband Charles were here, I'm sure he could have straightened you out. But it wasn't exactly as easy for me to lay down the law. Part of me regretting having taken on this assignment in the first place. . . but the other all the more determined to get through to you. Somehow.
  6. I toy with the idea of simply refusing to come down for today's lesson. To simply send you back home without an explanation and then mark you as having failed in your make-up. But no...that wouldn't be fair. You deserved an explanation. My eyes lingering perhaps a minute too long as I took in the ostentatious outfit that housed that rebellious little body before, at length, making my way down the stairs. My own intense bust and tight figure [url=]sequestered far more tastefully[/url]. If you didn't know what lay beneath you could almost mistake it for an average bust and body.
  8. "Good evening, Maeve." I say in that slightly disappointed, patronizing air I can assume oh so easily. Making my way to the guest room and taking a seat on the couch as I beckon for you to follow.
  9. [14:26] [user]Maeve Kiley Murphy[/user]: I smirk as I follow, thinking all the while that nobody could possibly be such an uptight bitch.  Either it was all an act or this woman was seriously damaged.  Either prospect held its attractions, I have a thing for both actresses and damaged goods alike.  "Yes, Ms. Atherton."  As my teacher sits imperiously on her overstuffed leather couch, I tilt my head upward slightly, looking down at her, hands on my curved hips.
  10. [14:31] [user]Weak Domme Evilena[/user]: I can't help but catch that hint of a stare. It was always the little things with you, always a look here or a word there that made me oh-so-sure of my own instinct. Something wasn't quite right. What was really more telling though was the way you seemed to have this magnetic charm that I simply did not. Even my own servant I'd had to be sure to send away today when he'd seemed to hang around you during the last session rather than treating you like the in-trouble girl you were.
  12. Not realizing the subtle shift in position as I find myself looking up at you standing . . .and in so doing having to look right at the impressive span of cleavage. A hint of distaste curving over my lips,
  14. "Maeve. . .I must say, I'm a little disappointed. " My tone crisp, cold as I can muster, "After four of these little extra-credit days I'd have thought you'd begun to learn proper decorum." My eyes flitting for a moment, pointedly, judgingly over your sweep of exposed leg up to the hem of your skirt and then back at you. A quick motion . . . only it wasn't [i]quite[/i] so quick as I'd meant it to be. (e)
  15. [14:37] [user]Maeve Kiley Murphy[/user]: I purse my lips in a barely perceptible smirk.  "I'm very sorry, Ms. Atherton.  Are you referring to my top?"  I run my hands along my taut midriff, pushing the shirt up another inch or two.  "Is it distracting?  Surely it's nothing that would bother a happily married woman.  You're not like the girls in class,"  I giggle and bat my eyelashes, pulling the top securely over my abdomen, which in turn pulls it VERY tightly over my ample breasts, which now jut forward even more proudly than ever.  "I'm ready to be instructed Ms. Atherton.  Please.  Tell me what to do, make me better."
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