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@cecilbug''s story into uwu 2

jackymcjack Mar 30th, 2020 88 Never
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  1. I gwab mwy bag and mwy bow as i hop off the boat and step onto the iswand. I wook awound, soaking in aww of it's beauty. "wow" i fink. I wawk deep into the jungwe and then find a twee with vines i couwd easiwy use to cwimb up the twee. Once im at the top, i find an abandoned tweehouse, i wook awound checking to see if thewes anyone awound. I open up the doow and see a bed, a chest, a fuwnace, and a wowkbench. I cwose the doow and wawk ovew to the bed, i tuwn mwy head to the side weveawing a human head on the waww. At fiwst i was awawmed but then i just shwugged mwy shouwdews and put mwy cwothes in the chest. I wook out one of the windows to see the sun setting. "tomowwow is going to be a good day fow hunting, i guess." i say to mwysewf as i set mwy bow and awwows on top of the chest. I cwimb into the bed and swip undew the sheets twying to get cozy fow mwy fiwst night awone. Mwy eyes stawt getting heavy as i dwift off to sweep.
  3.                                                    **in the mwowning(o dam a timewap)**
  5. when i wake up i fiwst gwance ovew to the cwock and sit up in the bed whiwe mwy eyes awe stiww hawf open. I notice it's 1:24 pm and gwoan "ugh, esmy!! why didn't chu wake me up eawwy!" i yeww as i wub mwy eyes and fowce them to open. I wook awound and weawize i'm not home, not even cwose. I'm somewhewe deep in the jungwe up in an abandoned tweehouse which i now caww home. "oh..yeah, wight. I fowget.." i fink. I get up out of bed and change into mwy hunting cwothes. I put on mwy boots and mwy jacket and then gwab mwy bow and awwows. I cwimb down the vine and then stawt to wandew off, but not too faw. I weawwy don't want to get wost wight once i settwed down somewhewe. I see a fwock of sheep. I've nevew ate sheep mweat befowe, but i guess nows the time to twy it. I can awso use the sheepskin to mwake a wug ow even some boots. I take out an awwow fwom the bag and aim mwy bow at the sheep. I wewease as it hits it wight in the eye. I take out anothew awwow, and anothew, and anothew. Wewease. Wewease. Wewease. Wewease. Wewease. Untiw aww five of them awe dead. I wun ovew to the dead fwock and begin to skin them. I'd wathew not teww dis to chu guys in fuww detaiw, unwess of couwse, chu want me to twain chu but i doubt it. I put the mweat and sheepskin in mwy bag and decide to wawk ovew to a wake dat's cwose by the tweehouse. I get out mwy canteens dat i found in the chest and fiww them up with watew. I'ww puwify it once i get home. With mwy bow in mwy hand i wawk back to the tweehouse and then put the bow awound mwy shouwdew and cwimb up the vine. I wawk into the house and cook up the mweat and then sniff it. "mhm?" i say to mwysewf. I don't know if i'ww wike it ow not, sheep nevew woamed in the mweadows by mwy viwwage. I go outside and cwimb up onto the top of the twee cowwecting some appwes and then taking a bite in one. Yum, i haven't had an appwe in ages. I head back inside and puwify the watew in the canteens. I take out the haiwband and then bwaid mwy haiw again. Just when evewything is going gweat i fink to mwysewf "how am i going to get back?? how am i going to get to anothew iswand?? am i evew going to weave dis pwace?? wiww i be stuck hewe fowevew?" i sigh as i weawize i'm onwy going to be sane fow a whiwe. I heawd stowies about othew peopwe who wan away fwom ouw viwwage, they went compwetewy insane in undew a week. I buwst into teaws, i wegwet weaving, i wegwet wunning away. I weawwy wish i hadn't cwashed, i just want to go home now. But the wowst pawt about wunning away is knowing dat mwy famiwy doesn't even cawe dat i'm gone.
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