[FEELS][RGRE] Celestia Talks to Statue-Anon

Oct 13th, 2016
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  1. Prompt:
  2. >A Alicorn that tends to the statue of her lover and talks to it endlessly and promises he'll get better and that they'll travel the world together some day.
  4. Paste (posted anonymously):
  6. -Celestia-
  7. >"Princess?"
  8. >You jump at the sudden voice and nearly spill your tea.
  9. >You tear your eyes away from your Beloved and turn to meet the intruder.
  10. >Twilight Sparkle stands in the doorway, a classic "Twilight" look of confusion and curiosity on her face.
  11. >She takes a few hesitant steps inside and peers around the immaculate room.
  12. >She looks over the enormous bed (enormous by pony standards, anyway), frozen in time under a glowing stasis field.
  13. >If one were to look closely at the unmade bed, one would see a deep imprint on one side, made by a body that has spent an unnaturally long time in bed.
  14. >She glances at the clothes dresser (glowing much like the bed) with foreign articles of clothing spilling out over the edges; clothing that hasn't been seen or used by any other race in centuries.
  15. >She passes over piles of preserved books, and gadgets, and all kinds of photos that line the walls and sit on almost every available surface.
  16. >Pictures of you and your Beloved, of course.
  17. >Finally, her eyes rest on the centerfold of the room.
  18. >The thing that ties the room together.
  19. >No, not the rug.
  21. -Twilight-
  22. >It's a statue.
  23. >An incredibly detailed statue.
  24. >A bipedal figure is crouched down on its knees, steadying itself with one hand and reaching out with the other.
  25. >Its clothes are ruffled and ripped, its hair is messy, and it's missing a shoe.
  26. >It's face, though, is what makes it look so life-like.
  27. >The face is twisted into a mournful, pleading expression.
  28. >When you get closer, you can see tiny twin rivulets of stone tears running down its cheeks.
  29. >This moment in time captured in stone was clearly one of great loss.
  30. >It looks like it's begging somepony not to go.
  31. >You cannot bear to look at it for very long.
  32. "Princess, what is this?"
  34. -Celestia-
  35. >You put down your saucer and cup, and make sure that your Beloved's is left undisturbed by his feet.
  36. >He used... he always chides you when you spill on the carpet.
  37. "This, Twilight, is my Anonymous."
  38. >You stroke his leg fondly.
  39. "He's been with me for so long... longer than any pony I know, except for Luna.
  40. >Twilight's ears flop down and she doesn't say anything; you suppose she must have too many questions and doesn't know where to begin.
  41. "I can tell you ALLLL about him, Twilight, if you promise that Anonymous and I remain a secret."
  42. >You giggle at the sudden memory of Anonymous and you dodging the paparazzi way back.... ago.
  43. "Could you imagine how the press would react if they found out I had a mate? Oh, they'd just have a field day with it! I'd nev- We'd never hear the last of it."
  44. >You lean in close to your student who, for some reason, takes an uncertain step backward.
  45. >You know that Anonymous can cut an intimidating pose, so you try and reassure Twilight with a wink and a mischievous smile.
  46. >"P-princess?"
  47. >Twilight speaks slow and clearly.
  48. >Is she really that afraid of your partner?
  49. >Really, now; he isn't THAT intimidating.
  50. >"You know that that's a... a... STATUE, right?"
  51. >You giggle and stand up, and you walk around to the front of the statue to get a better look at Anonymous' face.
  52. "Oh, I've said the same thing. Pale, smooth features... chiseled cheek-bones..."
  53. >You smile and boop your Beloved on the nose.
  54. "He's a real charmer, isn't he?"
  55. >You turn to Twilight and she looks... worried.
  56. >Why would she be worried?
  57. >Is it becau-
  58. >"No, Princess. That's a statue."
  59. >You don't know why, but you can feel your heart start to pump a bit harder.
  60. "No, Twilight," you state with conviction, now starting to get a little bit upset at your student's attitude, "This is Anonymous."
  61. >Twilight moves towards Anonymous.
  62. >"Prin-"
  63. "He's a little sick right now, Twilight." you snap, taking a possessive step towards your lover, "And I don't think he wants to be bothered right now."
  64. >You turn to face your Anonymous and cup his cheeks with your hooves, gently stroking his face and gazing into his eyes.
  65. "He's... he got ill."
  66. >Twilight doesn't say a word, and you continue.
  67. "It was something from his world. Kan-serr. He said that it was untreatable here in Equestria, but that was a lie."
  68. >You don't hear the sound of retreating hooves on carpet.
  69. >You don't hear the click of a door quietly being shut.
  70. >"It was a lie," you mutter to yourself reassuringly.
  72. -----------
  73. epilogue
  74. -----------
  76. -Celestia-
  77. >You've been staring at Anonymous for... you don't know how long.
  78. >He looks so gaunt, now.
  79. >You don't know when he started looking this way, but you try your best not to bring attention to it.
  80. >Stallions are so sensitive about their looks.
  81. >Your tea is probably cold by now - Anonymous will be so upset that you wasted his favo-
  82. >The door behind you swings open, hitting the wall behind with with a loud slam.
  83. >"Girls, now!"
  84. >Twilight?
  85. >Your vision turns white as a wave of pure rainbow envelops you and Anonymous.
  86. >What are the Elements doing here?!
  87. >You try and raise your wings to shield your lover from whatever it is your student is doing, but you feel paralyzed.
  88. >You feel absolute horror pool deep in your belly when your Beloved begins to glow.
  89. >What are they doing?
  91. >They're going to KILL him!
  92. >They-
  93. >"Celly?"
  94. >......
  95. >What.
  97. -Twilight-
  98. >You've never seen Princess Celestia cry until now.
  99. >She's sobbing like a little colt, cradled in the arms of.... whatever it is that Anonymous is.
  100. >The creature looks so much different than it did in the statue.
  101. >Its hair is cleaner and thicker
  102. >Its face has smooth skin instead of wrinkles
  103. >Those weird bulges in its flesh are all gone too
  104. >You and the girls share a look at leave
  106. -Good End-
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