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  6. This is for anyone who isn't aware of the workaround for what happens when two separate rigged mesh objects with an alpha channel are worn in layers. One of the more common examples of this being alpha hair worn over see-through clothes causing this to happen: 􀀀
  7. I believe this information to be useful for anyone who creates rigged mesh that can be made using alpha textures (clothes, hair, body parts, etc).
  9. It turns out second life load worn objects that have both a normal and specular map last, every time, forcing the priority of how the alpha textures are displayed. For example, if you want to wear rigged mesh hair over a see-through dress, the hair must have both a normal and specular map, while the dress shouldn't. The dress may have one or the other, but not both. You also need "advanced lighting model" enabled in your graphics settings, or you won't render normal and specular maps.
  10. This isn't just a local fix, other people will see it correctly as long as they have advanced lighting model enabled. Also, note that there's no need to use visible specular and normal maps for it to work. You can use blank maps (black/purple/grey) which would in no way alter the object visually.
  12. I hope you feel no obligation to use this method, as we all have our reasons for creating things the way we do. But I would like for this information to become common knowledge among creators so that everyone has the option to choose what order their alpha channels are displayed in. So, feel free to share this notecard.
  14. Sabina Gully,
  15. Magika
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