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  1. You thought you had found the perfect girl, a lovely young lady that was dressed in a school uniform, with the blazer, miniskirt and all. Despite what her clothing suggested, she was much older than she looked, but a few years younger than you were.
  3. She was perfect, and so was her body: her breasts could easily fit into your palms; just the right size, her waist and hips flared seductively, and the lining of her legs would cause any man to fall directly at her feet. Including yourself. With long hair that cascaded down to her mid-back, an endearing personality that would have melted the coldest of souls, and as a plus, some *really* nice assets, you didn’t think anything could go wrong.
  5. But little did you know… her “kind” exterior was just an act, and she was waiting for the moment to catch you off guard. And when she did have you in her malicious grasp, you didn’t expect to wake up in a chair, your wrists bound tight enough to leave bruises with the tie of her blazer to limit your movements, or her panties stuffed into your mouth. You tried to wriggle your hands free to no avail, confusion and panic written all over your face as you tried to make sense of what was going on.
  7. Then you saw her standing before you, arms crossed against her breasts and a deceptive smile on her face, one that only sent chills down your spine, yet you find yourself being turned on at the thought of what she had planned.
  9. Now the *real* fun was about to begin...
  11. Tapping a finger on her chin and chewing her bottom lip, she pondered where to start before noticing your disgruntled look.
  13. "Oi." Her eyes narrowed to slits and lips straightened to a firm line.
  15. "What's with that shitty look?"
  17. Raising her hand backwards, she slapped you across the cheek hard enough to turn your face sideways, stunning you for a moment, your cheek reddening from the stinging impact as you try to decipher what just happened, but your thoughts come to a halt when you feel a stabbing pain tear through your groin, a yell of pain erupting from your throat that was successfully muffled by the panties she’d stuffed in your mouth. You take a quick gander below with hooded eyes, and see her heel digging into your now aching crotch, half-wishing she would remove it, but the shameless, degenerate part of you wanted her to turn your balls into mush, along with the rest of your pride. As if she read your mind, she only applies more pressure, and you can only yell from the pain while she giggles at your reactions, your body along with the chair jerking from the force.
  19. "Do you think," she grabbed a fistful of your hair while ignoring your pained groans, forced you to look into her eyes; beautiful, crystalline pools of aqua you could bathe in that contrasted her current personality.
  21. "You can stare at me in such a condescending manner when your weak ass got bested by a girl? Aha ha!" Your head jerked backwards when she pushed you away and removed her foot, your skull pounding from the adrenaline and pain when she grabbed your hair.
  23. The logical part of you wanted to badly break free from the damned bindings she locked your wrists with, so you could show the conceited little bitch her place: on her knees with her dirty mouth wrapped around your cock, your fingers knitted in her silken tresses as you face fucked her like you would pound her cunt. The thought was appealing, oh very much so, but you cannot help but feel helplessly absorbed as her gaze and harsh words pierces you like a steel blade cutting through paper. You enjoyed having your worthless pride crushed like a maggot under her formidable, domineering visage. Your burgeoning length could only twitch in agreement.
  25. A dark flush rose your cheeks at the tightening sensation below your belt, but you could do nothing to hide it now, nothing to hide your pitiful erection as the brutal woman's predatory gaze traveled from your upper body to the lower part where the proof of your embarrassment stood proud...
  27. Smiling devilishly, the woman knelt down on her knees to prod at the swelling down there. You tensed, your mind reeling from her treatment, and you cannot help but wonder what she was going to do now.
  29. "...I should have known. You disgusting masochist. You enjoy being treated like dirt under my foot, isn't that right?" She groped and pinched you through the fabric of your pants, eliciting a whimper from deep within your throat. Then her fingers found the zipper and tugged down until your throbbing dick sprung free, a contented moan escaping you because of the cold air hitting the sensitive caressed it gently after being imprisoned for so long.
  31. "Wow, it's smaller than I thought! It's almost cute!" she flicked her forefinger out and tapped it, watching in awe as it waved back and forth as if it were a tree branch caught in a ferocious storm.
  33. You jumped from the sudden impact and almost cried out.
  35. *'Gah! What the fuck!'* Your eyes squeezed shut and your head jerked backwards as she repeated the motion over and over, your entire frame shaking like a seizure overwhelming you as the sadistic woman turned your poor dick into a seesaw, but she took little notice of the chorus of pained groans and choked sobs that you provided. Her entire focus was fixated on your tortured member and bringing you to climax, and when you finally came, you might as well have *exploded*; silky, white cum spurted from you like a volcano erupting, some of it splattering on your clothes and her face, much to her dismay and to your embarrassment.
  37. "Too easy, you pig. Look at the mess you made." She smirked, your now hooded eyes following her every movement as she gathered the strings of cum on her face and suckled her fingers clean, the pad of her thumb dragging across her bottom lip to collect your flavour.
  39. Your breath caught in your throat at how seductive she looked as she cleaned her fingers one by one, her overpowering gaze never leaving your's as she savoured every lick as if it were a delectable dessert.
  41. This woman would be the death of you and crush whatever shreds of your pride remained. You were sure of it.
  43. Your entire body shook with feverish ecstasy from the aftershocks of your intense orgasm. You felt filthy and disgusted with yourself for relishing the sick way she treated you, but you wanted more. Wanted her to punish you for soiling her clothes and face. Your mind and vision blurred, as if you were about to pass out.
  45. But you had already come this far, and after everything she had put you through, there was no way you were going to give in now. The minx would have her fun now, but when the time came, *she* was going to be the one begging for you to stop, and no way in hell were you going to show any mercy.
  47. Your thoughts were pushed back into your head when you felt her hot breath tickle the sensitive flesh of your shaft and a shudder rippled through you, but before you could regain your senses and see what was going on, she grasped your rod in a vice grip and leaned her head down before she took the bulbous crown into her hot orifice.
  49. Every logical thought in your mind short-circuited as you gave into the heavenly warmth of her mouth, and you immediately bucked your hips, trying to resist the instinctive jerking of your body as she swallowed you whole. She pulled you nearly completely out of her mouth with an audible ‘pop’ as she leaned back on her legs and ran her wet muscle down the entirety of your length and towards your sack, cupping it with a free hand and tugging on the hypersensitive skin with her fingers as if it were a rubber band until you swore viciously at her painful ministrations, your eyes squeezed shut so tightly they hurt and your breathing uneven. While still performing the same motion, she engulfed you once again, and this time slid you all the way inside to the back of her throat, moaning as your girth widened the inside of her mouth, the vibrations rattling through you and sending you to high heaven.
  51. A familiar tightening sensation in your gut signaled your imminent release, and you cursed your lack of self-restraint, cursed this minx, this succubus as she made you absolutely powerless with her masterful tongue, delicate touches and slide of her lips, and deadly teeth. You cursed the tie she used to immobilise you, because you badly wanted to grab her pretty head and gag her on your cock, then bind her hands instead and have her ride you until her juices overflowed and her mind broke.
  53. But the deadly seductress had you cornered like a ravenous dog that had found a juicy bone to lick and chew on to its heart’s content. And you wouldn't have it any other way.
  55. She could tell you were only seconds away now with the salty sweetness of your precum overwhelming, heightened her own arousal that flooded and clenched her body. She imagined you lurching into her greedy mouth and your hot, sticky cum flowing down her throat, the image turning her on to the point she thought impossible. Swiftly, the hand toying your balls slithered behind, fingers pressed on the sensitive spot directly behind your testicles.
  57. That did it.
  59. You screamed.
  61. *Screamed.*
  63. Gallons of your cum shot down her throat and she did her best to accommodate every last drop, because the hell, she was going to suck you *dry* until you had nothing left to give. That was her intention from the very beginning. Her tongue swirled around you, eager to take it all, to drink, punish, and *savour* everything you had to give her.
  65. Then it was done, and so were you. Your now flaccid cock hung pathetically when she pulled away, dripping with her saliva and remnants of your semen.  
  67. She steadied herself before standing to her full height, brushing back the long strands of her hair that were plastered to her alabaster skin from the perspiration that clung her. Slowly… ever so slowly, she looked up. Her eyes followed the lean trail of your body until they finally rested on your face. You were well beyond spent and panted while you hung your head low, still trembling from the surfeit of pleasure after your powerful release, exhaustion written all over your features.
  69. She only grinned.
  71. “That was quite fun, hmm? We should do this more often.” She stalked towards you with the gracefulness of a cat and popped the makeshift gag out of your mouth before casually tossing it aside. A sigh of relief escaped your parted lips, but you couldn’t find the voice to say anything, just gaze in raw, stunned arousal at the dangerous seductress.
  73. “Although, next time…” She began, her voice low and husky at your ear, delighted when you groaned. She raised her body over yours and trapped your head between her ample breasts, her delicate fingers tousling in your hair gently. You were far too tired to say anything about the cushiony softness pressed against your face, but you weren’t going to complain in the first place.
  75. “Next time, you will be the one to make *me* scream.”
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