Poor Little Human Boyz 2

Jan 28th, 2018
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  1. ~Chrysalis~
  4. >Be Chrysalis
  5. >The last few years had not been kind to your royal self
  6. >It had all started with that setback during the Canterlot wedding
  7. >You had barely been able to lick your wounds from that little fiasco before your kingdom had been invaded
  8. >Instead of laying down their lives to protect their queen, your worthless subjects had defected, transforming themselves into what could only be described as a mockery of a Ling
  9. >You had been forcibly removed from your throne, forced to flee like some lowly criminal
  10. >For months afterward you had been on the run, never staying at one place for too long
  11. >You no long had just Equestrians chasing you, but your traitorous subjects as well
  12. >Love had been hard to come by, sleep came even less
  13. >But in your darkest hour there had been a beacon of light
  14. >A new world had been found
  15. >Magicless, strange, and filled to the brim with lonely males
  16. >Males filled with the exact same love as any Equestrian, or Gryphon, or minotaur
  17. >It had been an easy matter of securing one of the scrolls that would transport you to this "earth"
  18. >A simple transformation had changed you from the glorious queen that you were to a simple earth tribe girl
  19. >After that, all that was needed to do was find a suitable supplier of love
  20. >For nearly a month you had shopped around, looking for the perfect victim
  21. >Eventually, you had settled upon a very ordinary human male
  22. >Nowhere near as large as most earth tribe males, nor as powerfully built
  23. >He was handsome enough however, and after some discreet digging, you realized a ocean of untapped affection
  24. >It had been surprisingly difficult to earn this "Anon's" affection
  25. >You had heard that most human males were thrilled to be paired up with an Equestrian, but
  26. all that you had sensed from him for the longest time was uncertainty
  27. >Master of emotions that you were, you had eventually managed to get him to warm up to you
  28. >A set sit-downs had turned into dates
  29. >These dates had then turned into him allowing you to move in
  31. >With each day you had found yourself growing stronger and stronger
  32. >It eventually came to a point where it would have been beneficial to "dump" your boyfriend, so that you could being to rebuild your hive, but oddly enough you never could quite execute that part of the plan
  33. >Perhaps all of the running you had been doing made you want to let your roots grow for awhile longer
  34. >Maybe after so long of being at the brink of starvation you weren't willing to relinquish a steady food supply
  35. >Anon also made some of the best cheesy fries that you had ever eaten, and while he had HORRIBLE taste in movies, having him fall asleep against you always made you smile...
  36. >...
  37. >It also wasn't like you were in a hurry at all
  38. >Equestria would be there to conquer when you finally went back to it
  39. >For now you didn't see why you couldn't enjoy yourself...
  40. >And enjoy yourself you did
  41. >For example, today you found yourself walking down the streets of "Baltimore", hand in hand with your "little heart"
  42. >For weeks the news had been warning Equestrian/human couples about steering clear of this city
  43. >Dozens of riots had broken out
  44. >An air tribe girl had been found with a broken wing
  45. >Two earth tribe girls had had to fight off a mod with metal garbage cans
  46. >Threats of violence such as these meant little to you
  47. >It would be a cold day in Tartarus before a mighty queen like yourself ran from some magicless bumpkins
  48. >Still, you had no desire to put Anonymous in any sort of danger, little of it there might have been
  49. >If some mob tore him to pieces it'd take MONTHS for you to find a new candidate
  50. >So, at first, you had voiced your protest
  51. >Anon, though far more nervous about the whole thing than you, had insisted
  52. >Though the city was a preferible shithole, it did have one of the largest aquariums in this part of the country
  53. >Anon and his family had gone there dozens of times with his family when he was younger, and now he wanted you to experience it as well
  55. >Of course, the city was unlit match even as you both walked its degraded and broken sidewalks
  56. >Hate and anger hung in the air so thickly that it took some effort not to gag
  57. >Many businesses were closed, and the few people that were up and about did so quickly
  58. >More than once you were forced to "accidently" lead Anon into some backstreet to escape cluster of hate that was no doubt a mob
  59. >Still though, you both were nearly there
  60. >A block or two more and you'd be off the streets
  61. >Then you could look at these silly fish, hug your boyfriend, and get him to make up all of this nonsense to you with cuddles and kisses...
  62. >As distracted as you were with your thoughts, you didn't notice Anon stop until you had nearly bumped into him
  63. >"Hey hon, I think I'm gonna see if I can use a bathroom before we get there," he said
  64. >You frowned
  65. "Bathroom? But we're nearly there? Can't you wait for a few minutes?"
  66. >Anon grimaced
  67. >"I've been waiting since we left the hotel."
  68. >You rolled your eyes
  69. "That's why you could have let me call us a cab."
  70. >"It's not my fault! I was just too excited!"
  71. >Despite feeling annoyed, you couldn't help but crack a grin
  72. >You had felt Anon's excitement since this morning
  73. >It had been so powerful it had almost drowned out all of the fouler emotions rift in this city
  74. "If you can't hold it then go," you said, gesturing toward one of the buildings that lined the street. "I'll wait outside for you
  75. >Anon smiled that smile of his
  76. >"Thanks hon," he said gratefully, leaning up to kiss your cheek before he took off
  77. >You chuckled quietly, shaking your head as you watched him go
  78. >What a silly man...
  79. >Not wishing to lose him, you began to make your way down the sidewalk at a liesurely
  80. pace
  81. >Anon sprinted down the row of builds for some ways before sharply turning into one
  82. >You could have sworn that he smashed against the door in his haste, but even so he managed to get inside with little trouble
  83. >Upon closer inspection, you saw that the building was a "Subway
  85. >You knew it as a place that made lackluster meat tubs with a side of chips
  86. >Leaning against the side of the building, you waited for Anon to finish his business
  87. >Quickly finding him amongst the other patrons in the store, you could feel relief flooding him
  88. >It seemed that he had made it in time...
  89. >"HEY!"
  90. >A small frown came to your face as you cracked an eye open
  91. >There, glaring up at you, was a short human woman
  92. >Three other women were standing behind her, as were five human males
  93. >Each and every one of them had hatred pouring from every pour
  94. >Many also, upon closer inspection, were holding a weapon of some kind
  95. >...
  96. >Dammit...
  97. "Can I help you?" you asked, trying to act as casual as possible
  98. >"Are you one of those fucking Equestrians?" one of the women asked, her grip tightening on a piece of lumber
  99. >Trying not to smile, you let your eyes slip closed
  100. "Nope. I'm just a simple country gal from the sunshine state," you said, in your best earth tribe hick accent. "How ya'll doin?"
  101. >The anger amongst the crowd grew more concentrated
  102. >"She's one of 'em alright..."
  103. >"Let's get this fuckin' freak..."
  104. >"FUCK Equestria!"
  105. >...
  106. >Alright...
  107. >Let's see if a bit of diplomacy might do you some good...
  108. >Pushing off Subway, you stood up to your full height
  109. >The women glaring up at you took a few paces backward
  110. >Doing your best to be as non threatening as possible, you slowly made your way into the middle of the group
  111. "Now why don't ya'll just calm down," you said. "I don't know no Equestrians. Me 'an my boyfriend are just here ta--OH DAMNATION!"
  112. >Someone stepped out of the crowd, baseball bat at the ready
  113. >With a growl, they swung it as hard as they could, hitting the small of your back
  114. >Thankfully, you were no weak human woman
  115. >As filled with love as you were, what would have broken one of those weaklings spines only stun
  116. >And, since you were disguised as a woman from the earth tribe, your cover wouldn't be blow because such an attack would have the same affect
  118. >That didn't mean you were at all happy with this turn of events, however
  119. "You little..."
  120. >Whipping around, you saw your attacker
  121. >It was some scrawny little male with a bandana wrapped around his face
  122. >A bolt of fear shot through him as you advanced on the fool, teeth gritted
  123. >"C-Come on! Someone help me--URK!"
  124. >Grabbing him by the throat, you hoisted him up into the air
  125. >Since he was just a male, and you liked to think yourself a gentlewoman of the highest order, you didn't crush his throat or disembowel him
  126. >Instead, with a click of your tongue, you cocked your arm back and tossed the idiot across the street
  127. "Now. Will you just--OW!"
  128. >You winced as a pipe hit your shoulder
  129. >You were about to reach around to snatch it up when a chain hit your leg
  130. "That's it! No mister nice queen!"
  131. >Now thoroughly upset, you began attacking indiscriminately
  132. >Both men and women were hit, headbutted, thrown through the air
  133. >Still though, despite your best efforts, the crowd seemed to be getting larger
  134. >You winced as someone smacked you in the mouth with a bike chain
  135. >You rewarded that feat of heroism by dislocating their shoulder and grinding the joints together until they passed out
  136. >By the Thousand Eyed God...
  137. >You had to get rid of these fools quickly before--
  138. >"Chrysalis!"
  139. >Wincing as a bat hit the back of your head, you were able to watch as Anon threw open the doors of the Subway
  140. >Even amongest the throng of envy and hatred, you could feel his absolute terror
  141. >This made you pause for a moment
  142. >Shit...
  143. "Anon! Stay right--"
  144. >Before you could even begin to finish your thought, Anon darted forward into the crowd
  145. >There must have been two hundred people around you...
  146. >So many that somewhere you had found yourself in the middle of the street...
  147. >"Get away from her!"
  148. >Moving faster than you had ever seen him, Anon bowled over men and women left and right
  149. >There was some sounds of outrage at the mob watched him force his way toward you
  150. >"He's with her!"
  151. >"Get him!"
  153. >Fuck that sicko up!"
  154. >Your stomach tightened as the mob attempted to turn their weapons on him
  155. "No!" you snarled, throwing humans aside. "Anon! Get away from here!"
  156. >Anon did the best that he could, dodging, weaving, and pushing through the crowds
  157. >But your boyfriend was no paragon of speed and fitness
  158. >A piece of lumber was broken across his back
  159. >The wooden end of the broom hit his leg, causing him to stumble
  160. >A pair of woman swung LED lights at him
  161. >One missed, hitting a man
  162. >The other, however, hit him on the side of the face
  163. >You gasped
  164. >Channeling your magic, you grabbed the light just before it could explode in his face
  165. >But the damage was already done
  166. >Anon, now dazed and with blood pouring from his face, pushed both women aside, closing what little distance there was between you
  167. "Anon--"
  168. >The mob let out a great shout, surging forward
  169. >Anon, using strength that surprise you, pressed your head against his chest and pushed you both to the ground
  170. >A roar filled the air
  171. >Blinking, you felt Anon tense and whimper as blows were rained down upon him
  172. "D-Don't worry," he yelled. "I'll"
  173. >You heard a hollow thud of wood hitting skull
  174. >Anon's body jerked to attention, and he let out a scream that rang in your ears
  175. >...
  176. >White filled your vision
  177. >Magic that you had been so carefully storing within you exploded outward
  178. "YOU DARE?!"
  179. >Dozens of bodies flew through the air as you rose to your feet, your body shaking
  180. "YOU DARE!" you roared again, shattering windows with your voice
  181. >Raising a hand, you grabbed the nearest things that you could find
  182. >These things happened to be cars
  183. >With nary a thought, you lifted three of them into the air
  184. >Closing your fist, you crushed all them into balls
  185. >Growling, you also bathed each in green hellfire
  186. >The mob was already running, but you couldn't care less
  187. "GET BACK HERE!" you demanded, striding toward them
  188. >A flick of your wrist sent a car in the mobs direction
  189. >Screams filled the air as it bounced across the pavement
  191. >You were about to toss another car, or at the very least level the entire block, when a hand grabbed your wrist
  192. >Whipping around, you saw Anon
  193. >"C-Come on, Hon, we gotta go!" he shouted
  194. >You tried to yank out of his grasp but he held firm, half leading, half dragging you through the streets
  195. >For the first few blocks you were at a death sprint
  196. >A few blocks after than Anon slowed down, stumbling even few feet
  197. >By the time you could care you had properly escaped the scene Anon was leaning against you for support, barely conscious
  198. >"We g-gotta... I can't... I n-need to..." he murmured
  199. >The fear in him was gone, as was his panic
  200. >In fact, you could barely feel anything at all from him
  201. >Grabbing your bleeding, half dead boyfriend, you have him a once over
  202. >A jolt of panic shot through you as you looked him over
  203. >He's eyes were half-lidded and glassy
  204. >Bits of glass and wood stuck out of his back and arms
  205. >The back of his head was covered in blood, no doubt cracked open
  206. "Damn them," you snarled, cupping his face as carefully as you could, shaking with anger. "Damn them!"
  207. >While lings weren't known for their healing magic, you knew more than enough to get back
  208. >You let your magic flow through your hands, feeding it into Anon's body
  209. >You could hear bones popping back in place
  210. >Blood flow stemmed and the glass and wood started to fall to the floor
  211. >Anon let out a groan, his knees shaking
  212. >He tried to fall over, with you were quick to hold him up
  213. "None of that," you chastised. "Now relax, I'm almost done..."
  214. >With your incredible skill, your boyfriend was as good as new
  215. >He still seemed very out of it, so you gave his cheeks a few pats
  216. "Anon? Beloved? Are you alright?
  217. >Anon blinked slowly
  218. >He looked around, obviously exhausted
  219. >His eyes finally settled on you
  220. >"...Chrysalis?" he murmured. "What the heck happened to you?"
  221. >You have him your best smile, though it was extremely difficult for you
  222. >To make matters worse, it also began to rain
  224. >The rain only grew more force as he cupped your face
  225. >"Are you alright?" he asked, not bothering to wait for your response. "No one hurt you or anything, right?"
  226. >A sob came from somewhere very near you
  227. >You ignored it, however, wrapping Anonymous in a hug
  228. >To add an extra layer of comfort and protection, you wrapped your wings around him as well, which he seemed to enjoy
  229. >"...Hon? Did you evolve or something?" he asked, as the sobbing grew more and more frequent
  230. >You said nothing, shaking like a leaf as you held onto him
  231. >He was alright
  232. >He was fine
  233. >Your love was fine
  234. >You had saved him
  235. >He was fine and he was never going to get hurt again
  236. "Y-Yes, my love. I evolved," you said, rubbing your cheek against the side of his head. "Oh you, poor, dumb man. I love you so much..."
  240. ~Gilda~
  243. >Be Anon
  244. >It was late
  245. >You had just come from a very long, very bullshit shift at work, and all you wanted to do was go to bed
  246. >Fuck eating
  247. >Fuck bathing
  248. >BED
  249. >So there you were, in your bathroom, taking your last pee of the day when you heard a knock on the door
  250. >It was a loud knock, the kind you'd usually see on TV with police officers that were about to knock down a door
  251. >You jumped a bit at the sound
  252. "What the fuck was that?" you asked no one in particular
  253. >Silence reigned in your apartment for about a minute before you heard more knocking
  254. >This was even louder
  255. >You were also pretty sure you could hear your door cracking too
  256. "I'm coming, I'm coming!" you called, giving ol' Dennis the Menace a shake before tucking him back into your pants
  257. >You flushed your toilet, yawning as you made your way toward your door
  258. >You swear to god it better not be fucking Jerry coming up here to bother you about some shit...
  259. >No one in this damned complex knew why the plumbing stopped working every once in awhile dammit!
  260. >Half-heartedly brushing yourself off to look a bit presentable, you opened the door to see a giant woman standing out in the hallway
  261. >A giant woman with golden cat eyes
  262. >And this crazy white hair with purple at it's edges
  263. >...
  264. >And wings
  265. >...
  266. >And was that a fucking lion's tail?
  267. >The woman jumped in surprise as you opened the door, taking a few steps back
  268. >"T-There you are. I thought you weren't home," she grumbled, a blush coming to her face even as she glared down at you
  269. >You said nothing, just staring at her
  270. >Like everyone else, you had heard about the Equestrians
  271. >But this one looked like one of those other ones that the news talked about
  272. >Started with a g...
  273. >Fuck, was this not the best time for you to be greeting aliens...
  274. >The woman's face contorted as you continued to say nothing
  275. >Huffing, she took a step toward you in a manner that might have been considered less than friendly
  277. >Which was probably not a good thing, since she was pretty close to eight feet tall, and those teeth of hers looked a lot like fangs
  278. >Even so, the combination of living in a shitty place and having a shitty job had giving you the lack of self preservation required to see how this would turn out
  279. >"I-I... um, I'm G-Gilda," the woman said, half growling, half mumbling. "I'm here to... Well, I was gonna... I wanted to ask..."
  280. >She growled, fully baring her utterly terrifying teeth
  281. >Wew boy...
  282. >She reached into a wing
  283. >You braced yourself, quietly hoping that someone wouldn't look at your laptop after they found your boy
  284. >All of your weird porn was on there...
  285. >Thrusting her hand up, your possible murderer all but shoved something into your face
  286. >Blinking, you leaned back to see that they were a bouquet of flowers
  287. >Crushed, broken flowers
  288. >"H-Here. I got these for you," Gilda said, doing her best to smile
  289. >Your eyes went from the flowers, to her, to the flowers again
  290. "...Thank you?" you replied, still a bit unsure what was going on
  291. >Gilda's eyes flicked to the flowers in her hand, immediately widening when she was what condition they were in
  292. >The bouquet was pulled away as the woman's expression turned furious
  293. >"Celestia dammit! Those damned flower morons said that these would be able to stand a bit of flying," she snarled, her tail whipping around angrily.
  294. >She took a step away from you
  295. >"How the Tartarus am I gonna--FUCK!"
  296. >You watched as the little bow around the bouquet went undone
  297. >This sent some of the flowers onto the floor
  298. >A lion-like growl escaped Gilda
  299. >"Celestia damned, horse apples!" she said, bending down to get the fallen flowers
  300. >As she did this, one of her large wings smacked against the inside of your doorframe
  301. >She shot up, dropped the bouquet altogether, eyes wide in pain
  302. >"Dammit!" she yelled, her face beet red
  304. >You might have thought seeing such a large woman being so awkward would have been cute, if not for the fact that she spun around and put a hole in your neighbor Steve's wall with a fist
  305. >...
  306. >Alright, it was still cute
  307. >And fuck Steve and his wall
  308. >Fucker always tried to poach your wifi...
  309. >"Stupid, stupid!" Gilda growled, pulling her fist out of the wall so she could use to to smack herself in the head. "Why didn't I just get fucking chocolates? Or bits? Guys love fucking bits! Or, or... Or maybe I c-could..."
  310. >You looked into your apartment, running a hand through your hair
  311. >Thinking as hard as your exhausted mind could, you stepped out into the hallway
  312. "Um... Gilda?"
  313. >Gilda stopped hitting herself for a second to look at you
  314. >You could see tears threatening to overflow from the corners of her eyes
  315. >This wouldn't do
  316. >Giant bird women shouldn't cry...
  317. >You offered her your hand
  318. "I think I know why you're here," you said. "And I'd really like to sit down and talk with you and stuff, but I've had a really, really long day and I need to get some sleep."
  319. >Gilda looked down at your hand dumbly
  320. >You wiggled your fingers, trying to entice her to grab into you
  321. "I know this might be a bit fast, but I wouldn't mind some company," you said with a smile. "I've always wanted to know what sleeping with someone feels like."
  322. >Gilda sucked in a lungful of air, hope coloring her features
  323. >"Really?" she breathed. "You'd... after I...?"
  324. "Yep," you said. "Now why--"
  325. >You weren't able to finish your sentence
  326. >With a happy chirping sound, Gilda rushed you
  327. >Your face was smashed against two gigantic boobs as you were lifted bodily into the air and carried into your apartment
  328. >"Oh my fucking Celestia!I can't believe--
  329. >The door was slammed shut behind you as Gilda practically skipped through your pad
  330. >She was oddly soft for a woman as strong as she was, you noticed
  332. >An odd, woody, mountain-y scent clung to her
  333. >"--I told Greta that I'd be able to get you! I can't wait to show that dyke--"
  334. >She also didn't seem to be wearing a bra
  335. >All of this, along with her being so shockingly warm, made it a bit hard to keep your eyes open
  336. >The final nail in the coffin was when you felt one of her large wings wrap around you, holding you against her firmly
  337. >"--All of the girls are gonna
  338. be so fucking jealous when I bring you home! They'll all be like,"Gilda, you're guy's so fucking awesome!" and I'll tell them, "Yeah, but you should see his dick though, it's really big and--"
  339. >By the time Gilda had found your bedroom, you were already fast asleep, nuzzled in between her tatas
  340. >Hopefully, not for the last time...
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