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  1. [00:09:44] <Giantree> lemme think of
  2. [00:09:51] <Giantree> how this will go
  3. [00:09:57] <Giantree> ...
  4. [00:09:58] <Giantree> hmm
  5. [00:10:00] <Nagare_Shinobu> horribly
  6. [00:10:02] <Giantree> no, tell me your plan first actually
  7. [00:10:35] <Giantree> we're talking about a top-level assassin under the government's direct employ here, he's probably better at ninjaing than a ninja
  8. [00:10:49] <Giantree> (and he uses most of his stealth skills to do stuff like peeping on girls changing, but you don't know that yet)
  9. [00:11:49] <Nagare_Shinobu> Have a nice, """casual""" conversation with Vena's boss, see what kinda guy employs a psycho like Vena. Likely examine places that Shinobu would think of hiding, but Nix wouldn't, like a dumbass.
  10. [00:12:20] <Giantree> ok good answer i like it
  11. [00:13:28] <Giantree> Well, even though there are still tents, I kinda forgot to mention that Lord Milton is grateful for stopping his servant's evil plot, so he lets you spend the night in the haunted manor if you want.  But cleaning it would be pretty cool.
  12. [00:13:43] <Giantree> So you look inside the broom closet, and it's just brooms in there.
  13. [00:14:11] <Giantree> "Looking for someone?" Comes a very suave voice from behind you.
  14. [00:15:44] <Nagare_Shinobu> Shinobu's not sure what he actually expected from examining the broom closet. Maybe that annoying skeleton? Holds his ground, though. "I might be. What about you?" Doesn't turn yet to face whomever it was, though!
  15. [00:19:52] <Giantree> "No, not really.  Just had a hunch.  Well, see ya then."  Smirking smugly, the man waves and walks away.
  16. [00:22:28] <Nagare_Shinobu> Oh, the fucker. Shinobu turns around with a rather annoyed expression. "Hey, I said 'might'. Not 'didn't'." He begins pursuit of the suave sexyman! Wait, that's Luke's codename in his B Support with Eily.
  17. [00:22:31] <Nagare_Shinobu> fuck
  18. [00:22:34] <Nagare_Shinobu> LUCAS
  19. [00:22:43] <Nagare_Shinobu> jfc im mixing names up
  20. [00:22:47] <Nagare_Shinobu> i need sleep
  21. [00:22:51] <Nagare_Shinobu> or a shower
  22. [00:22:52] <Nagare_Shinobu> brb
  23. [00:24:01] <Giantree> KAWAII
  24. [00:24:02] <Giantree> DONKEY
  25. [00:24:51] <Vena> he was asking for the names to be mixed up to begin with, they're both tacticians and the names are practically the same
  26. [00:25:43] <Nagare_Shinobu> he was worried that he'd name the tactician here luke so i suggested lucas
  27. [00:26:00] <Nagare_Shinobu> PSI LOVE
  28. [00:29:12] <Giantree> oh damn i parsed that as you LITERALLY going for a shower
  29. [00:30:13] <Giantree> "Didn't looking for someone?" The sexyman looks back and smirks, but keeps walking as he goes.  "Oh, do tell then.  I probably know where they're at."
  30. [00:34:21] <Nagare_Shinobu> I like this guy already, but you already knew that. Shinny, however, does not. "You know what I mean. You're Vena's employer, right?" Can't help but admit that the guy's probably a lady-killer... metaphorically, that is. Or maybe even literally.
  31. [00:36:35] <Giantree> "Oh," his face turns bored, "You her boyfriend? Well don't ask ME about marrying 'er, I'm not her dad. But if you get freaky, at least try to not do it on work days."  It's both, by the way.  Both metaphorically and literally.
  32. [00:39:34] <Vena> (She's cleaning the mansion, by the way.)
  33. [00:39:49] <Vena> (She may also be hiding body parts in the walls.)
  34. [00:40:26] <Nagare_Shinobu> Oh yeah, forgot to include that option. "Are you serious? Who in their right mind would want to marry a psycho like her? Hell if anyone knows her age, too. 29? 13? 17? 588?" She still a cute, though. Shuku made a pretty good non-loli shukugirl, I guess. "I'll admit that she's pretty strong, though. You taught her all that, or...?"
  35. [00:40:37] <Nagare_Shinobu> FUCK SHES A BRANDED ISNT SHE
  36. [00:41:24] <Vena> 1,1maybe0,0 maybe not
  37. [00:42:15] <Giantree> "Hmm?" If he had a cigarette now he'd smoke it.  He doesn't. "She's my underling, kid, not my squire.  I give her the jobs to do, she does them, she learned most of how to do it on her own.  Not to say she didn't pick up a few tricks from me, but..."
  38. [00:43:27] <Giantree> Now he looks a bit more serious, leaning against the wall.  "What brings on all this curiosity?  The countries ARE still at war, after all, and it's not like I don't know where you came from."
  39. [00:47:11] <Nagare_Shinobu> "Well, yeah, not all all that," Can't pick up murder fetishes off of training with a top assassin. "But using a crossbow and that armor-piercing technique of hers, I'd understand." Okay now to look casual-- "As for me... know much about Sirrolant?"
  40. [00:52:49] <Giantree> "More than you'd expect.  And besides, I said it's not like I DON'T know.  The shinobi aren't exactly common knowledge, so I doubt there's anything you could tell me that I'm not already aware of."  Nix scratches his chin, looking contemplative.  "Anyway, I'm not much for answering questions.  If there's anything you need to know about her, you should ask her yourself."
  41. [00:56:46] <Nagare_Shinobu> oh fuck i overlooked a "don't" in the last post
  42. [00:56:55] <Nagare_Shinobu> parsing 101
  43. [00:57:28] <Giantree> yeah don't you love when that happens
  44. [00:57:37] <Giantree> (you should go to sleep soon)
  45. [00:58:03] <Nagare_Shinobu> "Nah, didn't really mean to ask about her that much. Wanted to know about you, considering you employed someone capable of killing a uh, gigantic demon. The hell have you been, anyway? I've checked every possible tactically advantageous spot for hiding for a good distance around here."
  46. [00:58:10] <Nagare_Shinobu> i should
  47. [01:02:17] <Giantree> "Yeah, I know.  I was watching you do it, since it seemed like that's what you were up to.  Why would I need to hide?  Or rather, who would I need to hide FROM?"  He ponders.  ".. Well, I guess one of the God-Generals is around, but lucky for me it's the one whose brain is mush so no problems on that front."
  48. [01:03:28] <Giantree> And then a sigh.  "Anyway, speaking of cute girls, you don't really seem up to my standard to talk to.  Don't get me wrong, I respect what the Shinobi do and the history they have, but an afternoon with you isn't really my cup of tea if you catch my drift.  So, catch ya later."
  49. [01:06:10] <Nagare_Shinobu> "... point. At this point, if the war blows over, none of us would bother with someone as important as you, and if the war still goes on, more jobs around for you and I," Never hurts to be sneaky, though! See: Acaian-Sirrolant Border Pass. "... though yeah, Mina is harmless to us at this poi- wait are you gonna go do what i think youre gonna do"
  50. [01:07:51] <Giantree> "Disappear?  Yes.  Nin nin!"   He throws a smoke bomb and runs away.
  51. [01:08:06] <Giantree> But it's a very small, harmless smoke bomb.  Like something out of kung pow.
  52. [01:10:09] <Nagare_Shinobu> "... was meaning something else, but that works, too," rip no peeping "Well, that was a productive waste of my time. I should get back to practicing the Shooting Star Sword. Krauss is gonna keep his end of the deal, too."
  53. [01:15:44] <Giantree> Yeah, don't worry, he is indeed getting a good glimpse at some bathing little girls, but you weren't invited with.
  54. [01:15:47] <Giantree> 1,1Yet.
  55. [01:17:42] <Nagare_Shinobu> A diagonal slash, another diagonal slash in the opposite direction, two horizontal slashes, and one vertical slash... altogether, it made one whole SHOOTING STAR SWORD!
  56. [01:25:17] <Nagare_Shinobu> ... but yeah, nighty night.
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