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Dragon's Prophet EU Patch Notes 1.0.1073

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  1. Dragon's Prophet EU Patchnotes 1.0.1073
  4. New Content  
  5. • Improved the Achievement and Title System;
  6.      Main achievement and the relevant title
  7.      Adventure achievement
  8.      Daily PE achievement
  9. • The player will now have the ability to jump back onto their feet immediately after they fall on the ground by activating a skill. (Space bar)
  10. • Implemented a Dragon Summoning Icon for the player to add to their hotbar.
  11. • New basic enhancement feature - sub-field is changed with 'fusion stone' now.  
  12. • Recipe (Rarity 1 - white) would only craft green equipment. Beyond green recipe (rarity 2) could craft over stage 2 rarities.
  13. • Dragon equipment now has attributes.
  16. Bug Fixes
  18. • Fixed numerous Client crash issues.
  19. • Increased game performance.
  21. Combat  
  22. • Fixed some mastery strings:
  23.  Guardian: Multiple Sword Aura and Conqueror Stance.
  24.  Ranger: Master of Survival and Gunblade Mastery.
  26. Guardian
  27. • Fixed skill description of "Parry ".
  28. • Fixed the learn-able level of mastery skill "Purple Meteor” from 35 to 25.
  29. • Changed the "Slash" Combo skill "Leaping Strike". It will no longer follow the ‘Bash’ skill but now it will be after the ‘Slash’ skill.
  30. • Fixed an error message when using ‘Battle Cry’
  31. • The skill ‘Battle basic’ can now add Triple Strike.
  32. • Fixed an issue with the effect of ‘Defense Mastery’
  33. • Increased Attack power and attack speed of the skill ‘Berserker’.
  34. • Fixed multiple issues regarding ‘Defense Mastery’, ‘Guardian’s Flame’ and ‘Berserker’ as they were not increasing as intended.
  36. Sorcerer
  37. • Fixed Sorcerer mastery skill "Dimension Rip"
  38. • Fixed the "Teleport" effect.
  39. • Changed "Zero Dimension" Combo Skill "Ice Shard" and "Frost Shatter". They no longer exist in left click skill but in  the Zero Dimension skill.
  40. • Fixed an issue regarding ‘Magic Source’.
  41. • Fixed an issue regarding the skill ‘Perish Star’ as it could be casted by a single-handed staff.
  42. • Fixed an issue that lead to a decrease in damage when using ‘Perish Star’.
  43. • Fixed tooltip for ‘Intelligence Aria’ and ‘Magic Source’.
  45. Ranger
  46. • Reworked the tooltip of ‘Heavy Blow’
  47. • Reworked  the tooltip of ‘Nimble Situation’
  48. • ‘Agility’ will now affect the walking speed when using ‘Shredding Shot’.
  49. • Characters equipped with a Gun Blade and Shield now has improved animations when being selected in the character selection screen.
  50. • Rangers will now move slower while attacking.
  52. Oracle
  53. • Updated tooltip for ‘Magic Arrow’.
  54. • Updated tooltip for ‘Concentration’.
  55. • Modified Oracle combo skill effect "Dark Night Fang ". Originally the speed of recovery only used your Magical Damage, but now it uses both Magical Damage and Natural Damage.
  58. Quests
  59. • Fixed quest reward for accessories that did not bind on equip.
  60. • Improved the Quest Tracking display by improving packet loss.
  61. • Fixed an issue that caused players to crash when opening a dialogue.
  62. • Fixed an issue causing the Daily Quests to not reset.
  63. • Fixed an issue with the ‘Captain of quest’ message.
  64. • Improved the description for the following quests;
  65. o If one wants to do well
  66. o Special Material
  67. o Warrior’s Trial: Strength
  68. o Hero’s Trial: Wisdom
  69. o Hero’s Trial: Challenge
  70. • Fixed a restriction issue for ‘Fledgling Care’
  71. • Fixed items rewards for ‘Fledgling Care’
  72. • Players can obtain the quest item for;
  73. o Musical Express Delivery
  74. o Calming Spirits
  75. o Healing Wounds
  76. o Aqua Dragon-like Smile
  77. • Fixed multiple issues with ‘Ancient Spirit Servant’ in regards to self-destructing.
  78. • Fixed a dialogue issue with ‘Youngster’s Hesitation’.
  79. • Removed Blood Bar for ‘Tahkar Sweet Yams’
  80. • Fixed an issue that caused the player to attack hidden ‘Corrosive Mud’ when in Tahkar Mountain Pass.
  81. • Reduced HP for PE Boss in Satuma. (Golden Shield)
  82. • ‘Save Harry’ can now be completed.
  83. • Fixed an AI issue with ‘Sharp Claw and Devouring Dragon Blood’.
  84. • Fixed an issue with ‘Capture Tretton Alive’ which caused an NPC to become stuck.
  85. • Fixed multiple issues upon dying in an instanced area and teleporting the player underground.
  86. • Updated subtitles in multiple cutscenes.
  87. • Improved NPC AI for ‘Unexpected Enemy’.
  88. • Fixed an issue which lead to players crashing when flying into the pit to accept a quest from ‘Muller Dig’ to ‘The Next Move’.
  89. • Fixed triggering issues with multiple quests.
  90. • Removed multiple quest items from;
  91. o Eliminate the Contamination
  92. o Miracle Cure
  95. Dragons, Dragon Lair & Dragon Stable
  96. • Fixed an issue when summoning different dragons.
  97. • Dragons can now be changed during combat with alt+F1/F2 etc.
  98. • Modified the following Dragon Soul skills:
  100. o Angel's Embrace
  101. o Downpour
  102. o Life Calling
  103. o Holy Light
  104. o Cure
  105. o Healing Light  
  106. o Soul Feast
  107. o Lightwell
  108. o Revelation    
  109. o Squama Protection
  110. o Shell Protection
  112. • Fixed Dragon skill ‘Current Strike’.
  113. • Fixed an issue that caused messages to appear in Region chat when your Dragon would attack.
  114. • Dragon Lair attributes now update correctly when using Dragon Equipment
  115. • Fixed an issue regarding the Dragon Affinity and maximum Taming showing on the interface incorrectly.
  116. • Fixed an issue regarding using the speed boost while jumping on a dragon and it going on CD without activating.
  117. • Fixed an issue regarding the Skill Display under the Field Training tab showing as Lv0.
  118. • Fixed an issue regarding the conversation windows not closing when moving or releasing the dragon.
  119. • Fixed multiple issues regarding the maximum skill levels for dragon skills preventing other skills from scheduling the process.
  120. • Reworked how Skill Processes are displayed.
  121. • Players will now be prompted with a message before using the maximum fodder to obtain the next dragon level.
  122. • Dragon icons have been implemented when releasing a dragon.
  123. • Messages will now appear when the player has insufficient fodder.
  124. • Tooltips have been added to abilities within the Dragon Training interface.
  125. • Fixed an issue with Knowledge Mastery.
  126. • Taming Level and Dragon Power has been modified.
  127. • Fixed an issue regarding distributing points in the Dragon Lair.
  128. • Fixed an issue with the dragon gathering introduction.
  129. • Dragon Gathering Skills will now increase the yield by 10%/15% for mastery level 1/2.
  130. • Players will no longer have a casting bar when mounting a dragon that is already summoned.
  131. • Players will now be knocked off their mount when hit by a mob.
  132. • Fixed a crash that was caused by clicking on the dragon equipment in the dragon stable and dragon lair.
  133. • Fixed an error in the ‘Squama Protection’ tooltip.
  134. • Reworked the tooltip for ‘Shell Protection’
  135. • Increased CD of ‘Blood Pumping’ to 28 seconds.
  136. • Fixed a bug with ‘Bright Armor’ that was increasing Magic Damage instead of Magic Resistance.
  137. • Increased damage of ‘Dragon Print Delay’.
  138. • Fixed a display error for ‘Squama Protection’ buff.
  139. • Fixed the tooltip for ‘Angel’s Embrace’.
  140. • Fixed an issue with the rare dragon ‘Bulger’.
  141. • Reduced Gold cost for creating a schedule.
  142. •‘Cyclone’ will now deal damage correctly.
  143. • Dragon’s Attributes will now correctly display such as;
  144. o Critical Hit Chance
  145. o Critical Hit Power
  146. o Physical Damage Reduction
  147. o Magical Resistance
  148. o Physical Penetration
  149. o Magic Penetration
  150. • Fixed the error message when clicking Taming Fodder.
  151. • Fixed an issue when expanding Dragon Stable. If there is a LAG issue which causes the expansion to fail, the spent currency will be restored.
  152. Equipment & Items:
  153. • Fixed an error that would show insufficient balance when you have a Basic Strengthening Crystal but no diamonds.
  154. • Added the animation for the Attribute Transfer in equipment enhancement.
  155. • Fixed a texture of armor Vermillion Flame Linen Trousers  
  158. Dungeons & Instanced Areas
  159. • Modified dungeon difficulty;
  160. o Before: If the level of the dungeon is level 7 and the players is level 5, the mob’s level will be level 5 if you chose the second difficulty.
  161. o After: The mobs minimum level will be level 7.
  163. • Modified the attack damage of mobs.
  164. • Fixed waypathing for the boss in Omati Gorge.
  165. • Fixed waypathing for the boss in Avanah Omen.
  166. • Changed ‘Omati Gorge Raiding Caravan Bandit’ from elite to normal.
  167. • Modified ‘Consus Cave’ Boss difficulty and reduced the agro range of small bosses and decreased attack damage.
  168. • Modified the power of Arboran Ruins Red-Eared Goblin.
  169. • Modified starter zone boss levels from 10 to 7.
  170. • Fixed an issue with the Avanah Omen Giant in regards to grabbing the player and not letting go.
  171. • Changed the revive position in dungeons.
  172. • Fixed a server crash caused by Ash Catacombs.
  173. • Fixed multiple string issues when selecting difficulty.
  174. • Fixed the barrier door in Ash Catacombs.
  175. • Fixed a trigger point with ‘Mutant Horn’ in Juno Crystal Gallery.
  176. • Fixed an issue with invisible alchemists in ‘terminator’ within Juno Crystal Gallery.
  177. • Changed ‘Horned Specklewing Dragon’ and ‘Young Spirehorn Dragon’ from elite to normal mobs.
  178. • Improved effects in ‘Seething Cave’.
  179. • ‘Well of Prophecy’ will no longer add DOT damage during movement but will now reduce movement by 10% and reduce AP per second.
  180. • Improved AOE and attack frequency of ‘Moraku’.
  181. • Reduced damage of ‘Breath Attack’ for the ‘Vicious Raptor Dragon’.
  182. • Reduced NPC’s HP from 30% to 15% in difficulty 1 dungeons.
  183. • Fixed a bug that caused some bosses to be killed in 1 attack in the harder difficulty settings.
  184. • ‘Gaze of Undead Dragon’ will now play death animation correctly when summoning mobs.
  185. • Fixed an issue that caused no items to drop when in adventure zones.
  186. • Fixed the debuff in ‘Consus’ and ‘Seething Cave’ to be removed after the next attack.
  187. • Low level difficulties will now display correctly when searching for a party.
  188. • Adjusted price for equipment over level 30.
  189. • Changed the amount of Gold given for a quest.
  190. • Reduced price of Transportation Center fee.
  191. • Adjusted the reward for party achievements and daily PE events.
  192. • Ekane Atlus’ in Dunar Temple has had its AI improved along with the AOE skills.
  194. Guilds & Leagues
  195. • Guilds can only edit a single line in the League interface now.
  196. • Removed ‘Leave League’ from the portrait menu.
  197. • ‘Lyar brotherhood Receptionist’ will now show on the map.
  198. • Added ‘Lyar Brotherhood Clerk’ in Hunak Tavern.
  199. • Added ‘Lyar Brotherhood Clerk’ in Siberna.
  201. Title System + Achievements
  202. • Players will no longer need to re-log to receive rewards.
  203. • Added time related achievements. (Day, Week, Month)
  204. • Fixed the description of ‘Pride of the Osira’
  205. • Fixed PE achievement;
  206. o Star of Puresha
  207. o Star of Laedis
  208. o Star of Satuma
  209. o Star of Wynnadia
  210. o Star of Korhala
  213. Equipment & Items
  214. • Price of ‘Invocation Orb’ reduced.
  215. • Fixed multiple localization issues regarding the different food ingredients.
  216. • Fixed an issue regarding the enhancement of LV1 equipment.
  217. • Fixed an issue causing the player’s body to disappear when wearing;
  218. o Skett protective jacket
  219. o Laubianc Jockstrap
  220. o Annhilating Dill Pants
  221. o Lutto Tunic
  222. o Latinop Robe
  223. o Terls Tunic
  224. o Rhythm Greaves
  225. o Payne Wizard Pants + Scythe
  226. • Fixed an issue with the Armor Merchant in Arteicia selling the wrong goods.
  227. • Fixed some equipment which displayed the required class incorrectly.
  228. • Adjusted the formula of Healing Power on equipment;
  229. o Single Heal will add the Healing Power directly
  230. o HOTs will be Healing Power/Healing times (The minimum is 1)
  233. Crafting & Extraction
  234. • Increased success rate to extract a recipe during the extraction process.
  235. • The extraction rate for a Green Recipe from a White Recipe changed to 5%.
  236. • Bonus crafting material from enhanced equipment has dropped from 100% drop rate to 60%.
  237. • The level of ‘extracted Invocation Orb’ must be higher than the equipment.
  238. • Players will now be dismounted from dragon when attempting to craft.
  239. • Fixed an issue regarding crafting and extracting at the same time.
  240. • Improved names for production items.
  241. • Added ‘Available Recipe’ to the crafting list.
  242. • Fixed multiple issues regarding incorrect displaying of ‘Bound on Pickup’.
  243. • Fixed a bug that was showing the wrong rarity of advanced recipes when extracting.
  246. Monsters
  247. • Adjusted mobs physical defense, magical defense and HP.
  248. • Reduced the HP of ‘Greenarm Wanderer’ (lv32).
  249. • Reduced HP of ‘Glutton Guapapa’ from 130% to 105%
  250. • Reduced HP of ‘Guapapa’s Beloved Pig’ from 130% to 105%
  251. • Reduced HP of ‘Wet Hoof Raider’ and ‘Wet Hoof Witch Doctor’.
  252. • ‘Raiding Marauder’ will not use all of their skills in combat.
  253. • Fixed arrow speeds and hitbox detection for archer-type mobs.
  254. • Improved AI for ranged mobs.
  255. • ‘Aquan Dragon’ will no longer float in the sky.
  256. • ‘Shax Trainer’ will now use all of its skills during combat.
  257. • ‘War Pig’ will not correctly disappear once killed.
  258. • Fixed an issue regarding ‘Ambush the Camp of the Mudtooth Trolls’ PE Event.
  259. • Fixed the PE Event ‘The Financial Power of the Droan Mines’.
  260. • Level 20-24 mobs will drop potions with the correct level.
  261. • Increased skinning rate of Dragon’s Scale.
  262. • Fixed the positioning of armor on the ‘Horned Bristleback Dragon’.
  263. •'Hard Horn beetle’ will no correctly drop items when killed.
  266. Color Mixer
  267. • Color Panel will be moved with the character interface.
  269. Shards
  270. • Fixed the Shard fusion interface as it did not display the price.
  271. • Fixed the value of a Shard to display as a decimal.
  273. Mailbox
  274. • Fixed the display error for German and French language.
  276. Tool-Tips
  277. • Modified the value of the spell to be a decimal.
  278. • Added marketplace item string.
  279. • Moved the price of an Item in its tooltip to the left side. (Previously on the right)
  281. Groups
  282. • Added tooltips to the items during the loot roll.
  283. • Modified the group member name display issue. (The name will now disappear when you make a group with a person you never met)
  284. • Fixed an issue regarding multiple messages upon adding a player.
  286. Auction House  
  287. • Expanded the search scope of the Auction House.
  288. • Fixed a crash when using the Auction House.
  289. • Fixed an issue regarding the ‘Search’ feature.
  292. Other Mechanics and Interface
  293. • Fixed black screen issue when login.
  294. • Fixed deleted character cannot be restored issue.
  295. • Fixed black screen which was caused by players without the client.ini file.
  296. • Added group mate number in both world map and mini map.
  297. • Fixed player icon arrow direction on the minimap to show the current direction.
  298. • Fixed the error that default display setting was set to the minimum display mode.
  299. • Removed the hyperlink of the spell name under combat record (combat channel)
  300. • Zone names now appear when you record a position by using the transport book.  
  301. • Fixed a bug preventing players from using ‘Translocation’ within a dungeon.
  302. • Extra bonus from the Title system.
  303. • Fixed syncing issues with Crafting EXP.
  304. • Fixed the display error for the amount of quest items in the Quest tracking system.
  305. • Fixed the failed issue when receiving a title from an achievement.
  306. • Fixed female mining animation.
  307. • Decreased the gold reward for the guild achievement.
  308. • Added a smoother animation at the end of a sprint.
  309. • Improved character sync with the server to prevent rubber-banding.
  310. • Players will now continue to glide upon hitting an object.
  311. • Dodging will no longer consume AP.
  312. • Added more battle sound effects.
  313. • Fixed an overlap issue for multiple cooldowns such as potions, fodder, Demon Realm Flute of Merchant and the repair hammer.
  314. • Fixed a description issue for potions, food and fodder.
  315. • Fixed the issue that speed potion could not be stacked.
  316. • Fixed the quest "Hermit Bat".
  317. • Reduce the amount of mobs that have knockdowns.
  318. • Increased CD time of some crowd control skills for some mobs.
  319. • Fixed the boss respawn in Omati Gorge and Avanah Omen.
  320. • Fixed Thundereous Ragewing Dragon King skill "Tornado Breath". AOE range has decreased and Boss attack speed has been reduced.
  321. • Decreased Boss attack speed for Dragon Slayer and the boss in Omati Gorge.
  322. • Modified dragon soul skill dropping. Dragon skills dropping rate:once players tamed the dragon, the dragon will obtain at least  3 dragon skills.
  323. • The system will now properly refresh the player's diamond count after clicking on the Marketplace.
  324. • Added new sound effect and special effect in equipment enhancement.
  325. • Players will obtain a special title after taming a rare dragon. If the player has already tamed that dragon, they will only need to summon that dragon to obtain this title.
  326. • Modified the respawn time for the thief goblin to 900 seconds.
  327. • Added sound effects for when accepting a quest, finishing a quest, and entering PE.
  328. • Added an icon to titles under the achievement interface.
  329. • Fixed a Crafting Interface string that overlapped the “Start Crafting” button and Recipe List.
  330. • Fixed the Refinement Interface string overlap bug of the “Start Crafting” button
  331. • Changed the cost of creating a Guild.
  332. • Fixed an issue regarding teammates not properly showing on the minimap.
  333. • Upon right clicking on a player, the text ‘Invite to join a Guild’ is now present.
  334. • The Marauders in Kleios Sanctum now respawn in 180 seconds.
  335. • Fixed an issue that made players sometimes get stuck in 'Character is saving'.
  336. • The player will no longer get stuck in the wall after rolling in to it.
  337. • Fixed an issue that caused players to drop through the ground.
  338. • Fixed multiple RENA Application crashes.
  339. • Fixed an issue that while using a Catalyst and diamonds, it would show that you had insufficient Diamonds.
  340. • Refinement - currently can only put one type of Synthesis. Also, you can only put one Synthesis.
  341. • Changed flash effect in attribute transformation and transfer.
  342. • Improved dragon AI.
  343. • Fixed an issue regarding LUA.
  344. • Players will now receive a message if the Frontier is not open.
  345. • If a player logs out during death, they will be revived after logging back in.
  346. • Fixed a bug that caused the death effect to persist through death.
  347. • You can no longer extract while mounted.
  348. • Food can no longer be consumed during combat.
  349. • Fixed the abnormal shape of some female models.
  350. • Fixed a crash regarding the Friend Interface
  351. • Fixed collision issues regarding weapons clipping through the head.
  352. • Players are unable to spring when under 50% stamina.
  353. • ‘Leap’ will now have a quicker animation.
  354. • Fixed multiple string issues regarding being fatigued, knocked down, exhausted etc.
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