Artificial Academy 2 /aa2g/ Recommended Mods List

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  1. --Artificial Academy 2 /aa2g/ Recommended Mods List--
  3. This list is intended for new players or those who have been away from the game for a while and are looking to see what is new or worth downloading.
  4. It's recommended that when installing these mods you are using the preinstalled version of the game ( This version contains all the dlc, append packs, english translation as well as the preferred mod installation tool (AA2install). Manual game installation at your own risk.
  6. --AAUnlimited--
  8.     This program unlocks the true potential of AA2. Body adjustment sliders, POV H-Scenes, H-Ai, card by card mesh editing, tans not restricted to finite slots with colorability, additional hair slots with advanced sizing and positioning, and an in-game poser to name only few features. The program is being regularly updated with new concepts and ways to push the game further and further. While not a mod, this program is a must have and immensely enhances the game. The newest version of AAU patches your vanilla game launchers and integrates many features directly into your exes. Refer to the literature specifically written for AAU if you have questions related to installation and troubleshooting.
  10. --AAFace--
  12.     Relying on only the base game maker, you are presented with a dismal amount of options. The developers never intended for more than a set amount of choices for the various customizable selections so AAFace removes the slot restrictions on many different maker components allowing you to utilize extra faces, hairs, glasses, and and many more provided by other mods. Don't bother creating without it. If you are using AAU this will be integrated with your new AAU launcher as long as you enable it in the scripts tab so you wont need to download it.
  14. --Uncensor--
  15. HEXA 3D MK-III:!X8syhJwK!VUW5XrJv-_KFA6LnMHSrzQ
  16. HEXA EX Series II:!Xwt32CqL!yAiZ0dcR71UaimaQfV2O7g
  17. SVII 2D:!1RFl0YxB!a7rlEU1FShH9r7Qbwq6L3g
  19.     When choosing an uncensor you have a few options.
  20.     HEXA:
  21.     SVII:
  22.     Pick whichever you think looks the best. EX Series II is the same as MK-III but with significantly more pubic hair. Simply install this mod with AA2install. Whatever you decide will determine what Clothing Collection you'll need from the next section.
  24. --HEXA/SVII Clothing Collections--
  25. HEXA:!L9MmGaoC!pXkM_b2kybkgAHWhZFTaCQ
  26. SVII:!1RFl0YxB!a7rlEU1FShH9r7Qbwq6L3g
  27.     While the base game comes with about 10 outfits, the clothing collections add over 150 additional choices. Both collections contain the same outfits, the only difference is how each one is uncensored. Only download the collection corresponding with the uncensor you installed. Install this mod with AA2install. For additional outfits not found in these collections refer to the googledoc clothing directory.
  29. --HEXA Hair Pack--
  31.     This pack contains around 400 additional front/side/back and hair extensions to be used in the character creator. If you are downloading a card from the database or the thread this pack is most likely going to be a requirement to display the character correctly. Aside from that it allows you to greatly improve your character creation. Install this mod with AA2install. Must have.
  33. --HEXA Override Collection--
  35.     This collection contains over 300 new faces and hundreds of additional hairs/glasses/lips/nipples to be used in the character creator. Like the hair pack this is commonly required to make cards you download from other people display correctly in game. AAFace is required to make use of these new additions in the maker. As another mod that enhances the potential quality of your characters this is a must have.
  37. --3D Rooms--
  39.     When starting H with your partner the base game floats you in space over a faded background and, if you are lucky, you might get a little piece of furniture as well. The 3D Rooms collection adds fully 3D environments to all private areas and a few specific outside locations for use during H-scenes. Since H-scenes are a big part of the game this mod is one of the most important ones if you want to seriously improve your game experience.
  41. --More Cumming Positions--
  43.     The More Cumming Positions mod translates most of the normal sex positions into additional climax positions while also adding a few new sex positions and slightly tweaking the layout. Like with 3D rooms, this is a big improvement to H-scenes so it is a strongly recommended mod. Note that if you are using MCP with 3D Rooms you are going to need the compatibility patch located on the 3D Rooms mega.
  45. --Texture Folder Hard Linker--
  47.     Most outfits have the option to reference a folder in your data directory and freely change the texture of a piece of clothing, most notably the underwear and skirt. The problem with this is each outfit requires one unique folder for underwear and one unique folder for skirts. If you have 200+ outfits your texture folder size starts to increase excessively. The hardlinker improves this by having a single folder containing all of the textures you'll ever need and then uses a batch file to create "hard links" for each outfit's specific skirt and underwear texture folder that point to the root texture folder. This cuts the overall folder size to a fraction of what it could be to save significant disk space. The hardlinker also comes with most if not all of the released textures for underwear, skirts, shirts etc. and the batch file makes it so enabling textures for all your outfits is painless. Simple and extremely useful tool. Get this if you are interested in customizing your uniforms even further.
  49. --HEXA Personality Pack--
  51.     This pack contains about 30 unique personalities either ported from Artificial Academy 1 or various other sources. While the quality of the personalities aren't as good as the default ones in Artificial Academy 2, this pack will broaden your creative possibilities by giving you more options. This pack may also be required for many girls you find on the database so it is worth downloading.
  53. --Replacers--
  54. Hair Highlighter:!5Zsw2Kqa!xg3WvXN8tIgTRULu7pg63g
  55. Low Poly Hair Highlighter:!JdVjjRqJ!-6KlZ7df-r3NEPljnql0PA
  56. Sclera Replacer:!g8RhRa7Y!E6d_zlSXAaWvycPWkhuInQ
  57.     These three tools are used to replace the default highlight/sclera textures. Utilizing SB3Utility and batch file scripts these replacers take a texture of your choice and mass edit the default sclera shadow, hair highlight, and low poly model hair highlight respectively. While not necessary, these tools are frequently used and are considered staples of good character creation.
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